Good Charlotte


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Oh, my love, please don't cry
I'll wash my bloody hands and we'll start a new life
I ripped out his throat
And called you on the telephone to take off my disguise
Just in time to hear you cry
When you mourn the death of your bloody valentine
The night he died
You mourned the death of your bloody valentine
One last time
Singing...Oh my love please don't cry I'll wash my bloody hands
And we'll start a new life
I don't know much at all, I don't know wrong from right
All I know is that I love you tonight
There was...
Police and flashing lights
The rain came down so hard that night and the
Headlines read "a lover died"No tell-tale heart was left to find When you mourn the death of your bloody valentine
The night he diedYou mourned the death of your bloody valentine
One last timeSinging...Oh my love please don't cry I'll wash my bloody hands
And we'll start a new lifeI don't know much at all, I don't know wrong from right
All I know is that I love you tonight
Tonight...He dropped you off I followed him home
Then I stood outside his bedroom window
Standing over him he begged me not to do
What I knew I had to do 'cause I'm so in love with you
Oh my love please don't cry I'll wash my bloody hands
And we'll start a new lifeI don't know much at all, I don't know wrong from right
All I know is that I love you tonightTonight...

>>By PunkernuterGC

Good Charlotte is the best band ever benji, billy, joel, aaron, and paul are the best especially Benji, Billy, And Joel but i still care about Paul and Aaron. There self titled cd and their Young and the Hopeless cd well all that i can say is that BOTH CD'S KICK MAJOR ASS.BENJI IS SO FUCKIN HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I AM GONNA MARRY HIM ONE DAY AND NO ONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, HAHA, too bad for you guys. And i wouldnt mind marrying joel either because its like THATS HIS TWIN. They are both really sexy. I hate posers asking everyone what the twins full names are joels is " Joel Ruben Madden And Benjis I Benjamin Levi Madden" and they illegally changed there last name from Combs to Madden " There mothers maden name " and the posers heres some info for you " look in magazines or even the internet there all over the fuckin place unless you fuckin dumb. You guys get me through the horrible days that i am very depressed. ok if there are any guys that are punk have lots of tattoos or peircings(i'll pefer either of them) or you are gothic and you need to have black hair (not blond i hate blondies) well if one of you guys have aol im me at benjisluver6663 and ill get back to you with that . Anyone that has a resembelance to benji or at least dresses like him you'll be on my waiting list. but if you guys are just posers fuck off and dont even bother with me. All the people that dissed good charlotte they can go fuck therselves. Because if you dont like them well why the fuck are you even on this site " you fuckin dumbasses" you know that you can just go onto one of your favorite band websites. Well if anybody wants to e-mail me and talk about good charlotte, korn, ozzy, rancid, or anything just e-mail me at so anybody that fuckin disses good charlotte will have something coming to them. I cant stan any of the fucking punk and gothic posers and if you talk tome about that or say something about that on this website i well fuckin kill you. I dont care if good charlotte gets any air-play on the radio or if they arent on any countdown i will still love them until i die. All day i think about good charlotte when i wake up, when i go to skool, and when i go home. Yeah i know most people say that but do you have hundreds of poster pin-ups do you have a tattoo of the good charlotte and do you have a shrine of all of them, well i do, haha, too bad for you.well bye

>>By Erin

I love good charlotte too. I got into them when I first saw their video, "little things". I loved that song. Now it turns out that there my favorite band of all time now.
if anyone wants to talk about gc, just IM me at, gcgirl209.bye

>>By gcgirl209

Benji's dogs name is Cashdog.I could answer more questions.

>>By gcgirl209

No offense but do you only like joel or something? What about Benji , Paul or Billy?
I love ,"wondering " too! But i also like every other song they released.I love every single word they say. Do you ever take time listening to there instruments? Like the guitar, drums, base, or joels voice? Do you do that huh? Well all i'm trying to say is that, there are alot of Gc fans out there! You are not the biggest gc fan.

>>By gcgirl209

i liked good charloote since i first saw the little things video i was like omg is that mandy mooore?! then i couldnt remember who the artist was n im like agh! no one knew who they were then i saw then on a tv show <im in australia> and they were like awsome and so i bought the cd and have bin in luv since. they inspired my band and i to actually do somfin and 2 write songs and not just covers.

>>By jenga

Ok i found out about Good Charlotte through my friends. They went to an autograph signing and they would always talk about them. So decided check it out for myself and i was hooked instantly! So i went out to the store and bought their CD thats all i listen to now! I love Benji and Joel they are soooooooooooooooooooo hott! Some of my friends dont like punk rock so they make fun of me but i could care less cuz GC is awsome and ill love them forever! I wanna meet them so bad! Oh and i am also getting guitar lessons! Kick ass! I luv u joel and benji u rock! and ur hott as hell!

>>By GC rox baby!

itz me again just had to ask a question. Does anyone know if the tatoo on joel's arm is the italian flag????

>>By GC still rox baby!

GC is freakin' awesome!!! I can really relate to Benji and Joel's songs about their dad (yep, my dad was an asshole as well!!) and the music that goes with the lyrics is even more awesome. One of my friends is teaching me how to play the bass and then we're gonna start a band- I hope oneday we can be as awesome as GC!! If ya wanna talk about GC or anything, just IM me on AIM (PNutGallery29), MSN (, or Yahoo! (leahpepper). Cool beans!!! Oh and I wanna do my hair like Benji's except with a green "chunk" instead of pink...... and I wish I could spike my hair (**sigh**) and for all of the mean and bigoted people out there----you really make this world suck sometimes!!!!!-Toodles, L

>>By GCPepper

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I didn't realize this many people loved Good Charlotte! Yes! you are all my favourite people (yes that's how you spell "favorite" in Canada so shush) I used to be a total baggy clothes Treble Charger fan, but then I decided that Justin Timberlake was hot and my coolness factor went down from there...Anyways, Good Charlotte saved me from becoming some boyband fan preppy little girlie. I was into NSYNC (don't beat me up please it was all a big mistake) and then a couple years ago my friend Kylie, this total punk, was like "you damn prep, get your ass over to the TV and watch this video." and it was LITTLE THINGS!!! yay! So I said, Kye, who are these people? I love them and their awesome ways! and Kye said "Dude, you suck if you don't know who Good Charlotte is." hahahahahaha ok i'm rambling forgive me. Anyhow, thanks to GC for reminding me why I love being punk and thanks to Benji for inspiring me to do awesome things to my hair colour (yes that's "color" to you Americans) and thank you to Billy. Looking at his face makes my friend Caitlin a very happy girl and Paul, the bass rocks watch out world! Joel just kicks ass. That is all thank you and goodnight.

>>By The Damned Prep

Oh yeah, the new album so kicks ass!!! The writing abilities have definitely improved not that they were bad before just now they are twice as kickin' as two kickin' things!!!

>>By The Damned Prep

ok so everyone loves good charlotte!Good im glad!They are awesome and they are hott but there are alot of other really good bands out there!Like rufio nfg etc so if you really like punk check them out!and ITS A CRYING SHAME WHEN GOOD BANDS GO POP! BUT I STILL LOVE EM!

>>By LiL Punker

good charlotte is the best band i have ever seen and heard,there so hott too(BENJI IS THE BEST), they have inspired me to start a band with my peeps,and my bro.and i just wanted to say that so...............ROCK ON!!!!

>>By benji's riot gurl

I never really had a fav band until i went out and bought gc. i listened to the cd over and over without skipping any songs...i fell in love with benji...and went out and bought their 2nd cd which rocks my world more than the first one and i never turn it off....some kid stole my discman from my locker with the gc cd in it and i flipped! i found who it was and made sure they knew that if they ever take my discman again to leave the gc cd...*\o/*

>>By DazedByGoodCharlotte

oh ya and it is a HUGE shame when good bands go pop! (not gc) but i love em anyways! (like lil punker said!)

>>By DazedByGoodCharlotte

these guys our tight i think there of 2 a good start. espeacially "lifestyle of the rich and famous" is a tight song

>>By lil leaf

Ok, I got into Gc b/cause i was in Alexandria LA this past weekend, like 11/16, and i met this totally hot girl named Miranda and she loves their music, and i listened to it and im hooked! next wknd im gettin Lifestyles of the rich and famous! Or The young and the hopeless, i havent decided yet!

(Miranda, i love u baby!)

>>By RyMtUrNa

Benji's dogs name is cash dogg

>>By Benji's Riot Gurl

Good Charlotte is the best. They are the star of our school everyone is talking about them like they know them. All the girl and me of couse are talking about how Hott Benji is!
I love Good Charlotte keep rocking

>>By Tiffe

ok in my last message i dont want to seem like a girl who just thinx these guyz are hott. even tho they are! but i luv the music thats what got me hooked then i got hooked on their looks! But the music is what its all about!!!!!!

>>By GC rox baby

I love GC so much i draw G.C on my hand everyday. I took the young and the hopeless to school and a guy said GC is gay and i said well i dont care what you think and the next week he said hey do you have Good Charlottes record and i said to him what he said last week and then he told me they weren't that bad so you dont really know if people are trying to impress their friends or if they are really being themselves but no matter what always Represent GC!!

forever representin'

>>By in_luv_with_gc



>>By joels grl

Good Charlotte it the best band in the whole world. I can relate to all of their songs because I have experienced many of the same things as Benji and Joel. I was a twin myself but my identical twin sister died 3 months after we were born. I was the older one. My dad took the whole thing really bad and he couldn't stand being around my family, he got so depressed when he looked at me one day he packed his stuff and just left. All my life I struggled to fit in with everyone else, but eventually when everything I tried failed I only tried to make myself happy and didn't care about what anyone else thought of me. I did everything I could to be different. I have me lip pierced 3 times, my nose pierced, each of my ears pierced 4 times, and my eybrow. I have 4 tattoos even though my mother hates them. She was so angry at me but I told her I had to do it to make mysekf happy. I fell in love with Good Charlotte before had seen them. I was walking through a store in D.C. and someone was walking in front of me with their headphones blasting and I was just one of those songs that just gets stuck in your head. So asked the person what they were listening to and without listening to more I ran to the nearest record store and bought their cd. Later that night I listened to their cd 8 times nd memorized all the words to all of their songs right before falling asleep on my bedroom floor. Not only do they have thebest music but they speak about real things, not just about "love sticken little teenagers" but what they had to go through in their lives. And I think when a band can open up to their fans about their lives it makes people fall in love with them even more. Since the first time I saw them I have been to 16 shows and have found a way to get to them wherever they may be. I just can't get enough of these guys, I love them with all my heart and have dedicated my entire room to them. I have a band myself and I am a background singer and a guitarist and Benji you have enspired me. I love you guys, never stop doing what you do best. I Love You (Benji and Joel most of all).

>>By Riley~their biggest fan ever

omg i love good charlotte they are so hott. i love joel. i want to one of gc's conserts and touched joels hand

they are sooooo hotttttt

>>By gc rocks

hey its me shannon agen whats up ? hey i wanted to say that i saw benji and joel
on "All things rock" and they got this letter from some one and it asked if they would take off there shirts and they did..........omg there so hott,every one says benji and joel are like piggys but there really not.....they ahve nice tummys & chests!!
so i g2g C-ya laterz

>>By Benji's Riot Gurl

Jesus Christ, who the hell CARES whether or not they're punk? Fuck, what disgusts me most is the fact that the controversy between what label they are is being taken so damn seriously. Music is music, no matter what label it's given. A label is just a word used to generalize something. It means nothing.

Let the people listen to their fucking music and get over it. There are bigger things in life than whether or not Benji is gay or if GC is punk. It's not worth getting stupified over.

One message in particular is really striking.

"LOOK, little preppies and poseurs, GC is a pop band. Not punk. They APPEAR punk because of their 'radical look'. They sold out from the very beginning. They are POPular. They are poseurs."

Firstly, starting your flame with two labels isn't very smart. Myself, I don't fall into either category, if you really want to use that crap.

Secondly, nobody asked YOU whether or not they're punk, and personally, I could give a shit less what you think of them. Nobody's forcing you to listen to them, so get over yourself, move on, and grow some brain cells while you're at it.

Punk has no set definition, so just because you say one thing, doesn't mean it's fact. It's called opinion, genius.

Like in MY opinion, GC used to be punk. They used to be underground music that nobody's heard of. Now, they've gone mainstream. They are POPULAR (which is the word 'pop' is derived from) now because they've gone MTV, radios, et cetera. I consider them pop-punk now. Do the math. But I'm not TELLING you that's what they are. That's my accepted 'label' for them, if I must label them at all. See how it works?

If anybody's a fucking poser in here, it has to be you. Nobody's an all-out, set-idol of punk, so nobody truely knows who's punk and who's not. Nobody meaning YOU, and everybody else on this planet.

Make that two posts.

"i agree with fucking annoyed by u losers. i mean stop liking a band cuz there cut (or so u say) i sick u guys saying IM SO PUNK ROCK CUZ I LIKE GOOD CHARLOTTE OMFG I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH THEM AND CUT OF THERE WANGS AND KEEP AS MY PUNK ROCK SUVENERS!!!!!

when this band breaks up punk will be back to normal"

I agree with the fact that I too am sick of hearing people talking nothing but of their superficial appearances and shit, but punk going back to normal? If you agree so much with the other post, aren't you saying you don't think they're punk to start with? Again with the label thing, who the fuck cares? Maybe somebody out there doesn't think "true" punk bands are punk.

Take The Ramones for instance. They are actually a very common, well-known punk band. I've heard some of their songs being redone and used in TV commercials. Are they suddenly pop now? Does anybody particularly care?

Then there's The Distillers. I saw them in a magazine recently (as in, the past few months). I forget which it was, it could've been either YM or Teen People. Their name seems to be pretty common, and Brodie Armstrongs' as well. Are they pop? Does anybody care?

By saying "punk will go back to normal" is also contradicting the punk lifestyle/etc. as well. Punk is not normal. Punk is diverse, different, and has no set definition. The day punk is normal is the day that punk will no longer be punk, but a different label such as 'pop' or 'preppie'.

>>By X

Obscure Sanity
like i had already said. i know i cant spell. so what is your point you still understood all the shit and babble that i wrote that is all that matters. at least you can admit to yourself that you are a nobody because i know im a nobody. but hey i dont give a shit. well i will give you praise because you are not singing your own praises. which i do like. still if you want i could be really sad and rewrite all that i have said to you. still not sad enough yet. i will leave that to others.

>>By whatever


yes i am from the States.. i am from New Hampshire... i am fine.. about to go swimmin..

what about u ?

>>By billys luvr for life! 6t9

billys luvr for life! 6t9:
im from london. im fine. having a week off im going to greece for the week. have you ever been there before? where abouts have you been on holiday? how old are you?
sorry to ask so many questions its just nice to get to know things about the people on this board.

>>By paper doll

have you got no more shit to say or are you going to just sit there looking at the boring computer screen? so how old are you then?

>>By whatever

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