Good Charlotte


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i love gc so much n its great to find a bunch of ppl hoo can relate 2 how how i feel bout them. at first their music got me into them and then once i saw music videos and pics i began to absoutley adore billy <3. i love u billy!! i might just b another crazed fan but i'm not one of those fan's that just like a band for how the guys look. i love GC soooo much n onli a tru GC fan can under stand that. i love u gc! xoxo
Superbitch: if u don't like gc then y r u wasting ur time on a site bout gc?
Brazilman: if all of the guys of gc weren't hot maybe they might not last too long but i would still love them neway n thats wat makes a true gc fan! and it doesn't matter bout drummers they're just searchin for the perfect one.

>>By gcbabe   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 05:05)

Look at my profile, i hate them. im intitled to an opinion and so are you. all i can say is good charlotte need to stop complaining. "lifestyles of the rich and famous?" all they say is how rich people still complain even thoe they have money...Hmm have thet looked in a mirror in a while (probally not because of how those poser punks dress) well they complain alot in the song, and there rich!

>>By Going_Under   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 06:23)

oh and i dont care if they are punk or not they coould call themselves potatoes and i would still hate them, i hate is when people put labels on eachother!

>>By Going_Under   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 06:28)

I like that new song that they just came out with, eccept, I don't like cars and money. But I don't like boys either...I like men. Preferably with cars and money.

>>By MindyLou   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 07:00)

You obviously care, or you wouldn't have said anything.

>>By Superbitch   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 07:02)

ok..haven't read this posts in a long time...anyway.... the going_under person...i know you have your oppinion and all....but...i can also argue with your GC being posers.....have they ever called themselves punks? and said you don't like labels....hun...poser is a label.... and also... benji is the only one that talks about punk...and the only thing he truly says is that he loves punk rock.... and if you would actually bother finding out who he would know he actually likes bands like the misfits and the casualties and other stuff like that....OH!! and the GC guys have to go vote for them...they got nominated for the VMA's...(like i said earlier) so if you guys would be willign to vote for guys can just go to like and look around in there...PLEASE VOTE FOR THEM!..ta ta people!

>>By AcidTears   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 08:39)

Billy actually said in an interview he didnt think of himself looking punk (kerrang).
Mindylou: Girls and Boys
There is a GC email that sayz if you vote for them so many times you win something. You doing that or something AcidTears?

>>By Riot Girl   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 09:23)

woa, how many people call themselves gcbabe or **GCBABE** or anything relates to "GC" and "babe". I think although Joel and Benji appears in TV or radio all the time, fans still love Billy because they want to marry him. remember all the 79+ pages of bullshit that went away? all those girls said they want to marry joel, benji, or billy (and some other girl mentioned Aaron). I do think the ones that will be left behind will be Paul and Chris, because Paul already have a girlfriend (according to someone in the last page) or maybe the teenies don't find him attractive. while Chris...I don't know, maybe because they predict that Chris will leave the band sooner or later (?). HELL!! Uh, what else... everybody, please remember that I'm NOT a GC fan, because I don't sound like a hater. and Superbitch, your name fits you

>>By cyber_eyes   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 11:01)

gcbabe and **GCBABE** are the same person i think.

>>By Riot Girl   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 11:15)

gcbabe: Maybe you're right about the perfect drummer. I guess that until they find the right guy they won't be absolutely perfect. And yeah, it's a shame that bands have to resort to "being hot" to get popular instead of playing good music. I won't deny that Good Charlotte's music is good, but if they were not hot, some other band that didn't play as well would take over their place.

>>By Brazilman   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 11:36)

Yeah, I don't like Good Charlotte's music too much, but I can just as easily got back to listening to Metallica(like right now). But I'm trying to get rid of poser fans that want to marry every guy that looks "hot". Make the experience less miserable for real fans.
And I don't think **GC BABE** and gcbabe are the same person. Look at their grammar and you'll see gcbabe's is much better.

>>By SoccerFreak   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 19:39)

what are talking about?

>>By Suyen X   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 20:59)

oh yeah my birthday is in 15 days!!!!

>>By Suyen X   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 21:01)

im watching GC right now!!

>>By Suyen X   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 21:02)

Suyen X please make one post don;'t make 50 million detailing every small thing in your life. And does anybody watch all things Rock on MTV? All they do is advertise themselves I mean doing it like once during a show is ok but before and after every commercial pretty much is pushing it.

>>By Emoboy2.0   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 21:05)

ok sorry but whose seen the video or heard the song of mest:jaded benji is that song i like that song

>>By Suyen X   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 21:28)

Superbitch: Please leave, now. I know everybody has a right to say what they want but the first thing you posted here already got you disrespected. Who cares if you think Good Charlotte stinks? I don't like Good Charlotte but you don't see me bashing at every little thing I don't like about them(instead, I like to bash poser fans in a civilized way, if that makes sense).

>>By SoccerFreak   (Wednesday, 6 Aug 2003 22:50)

What you said makes sense SoccerFreak I have been doing it long before Flork.

>>By Emoboy2.0   (Thursday, 7 Aug 2003 00:05)

SoccerFreak, shut up. GC doesn't really suck, I just wanted to see how many losers would waste their time commenting on my comment. Loser.
*Nikki* better shut the hell up.

>>By Superbitch   (Thursday, 7 Aug 2003 01:36)

hey! i am really a big fan of good charlotte! when my spet sister showed cd of them i was listening to it every night i really liked it! I think Joel, Benji and Billy are really hooot guys well paul is very pretty as well. I just found some pictures of him he is really cute. I think joel and benji are the cutes guys ever i love them sooooooooooo much!! they are really hot! It doesnt mean that i like the band only cause of there is cute guys, i really like their music i have all cds of them and i listen to it every time. I feel sad for joel and benji cause of their dad my dad was reallly asshole and fucking idiot as well so my mom divorced. oh well! I really like benji's dog Cashdog. tell him hi from me.
I have a question, in clip " Girls and Boys" who was the drummer? im just wondering.
I loooooooooovvveeeee uuuuu guys!!! u r really wonderfull!!! u r awesome!!!!
i forgot i am actually russian, well i live in luxembourg!
joel, benji love u forever!!! ok guys hope u will do some more cd and clips!! (hearts..hearts..hearts) xxxxxxxlovexxxxxxjoelxxxbenjixxx

>>By sexy_slut   (Thursday, 7 Aug 2003 01:58)

hey sexy_slut
quit saying how hot they are ight? cuz obviously you only like them because of their looks, even though you say you don't.... otherwise you wouldn't be writing all the shit about how hot benji and joel are.... and work on the english... it's pretty bad.... no offence... i'm from holland, and you can see i can speak english just fine... unlike you!

>>By *Nikki*   (Thursday, 7 Aug 2003 02:03)

You should leave sexy_slut alone, *Nikki*. It's not fair to attack her because of her english. Besides, you can't tell how well a person speaks english by READING what they WRITE or TYPE. How stupid are you? I think she TYPED her english just fine. At least she's not stupid.

>>By Superbitch   (Thursday, 7 Aug 2003 02:24)

Ok, first of all..y would you ask us trivial questions? I love GC for the music and the guys. Benji is hott, i agree but remember... his twin brother looks the same. So.....I cant believe some of you call yourself FANS?! save the OMG HES SOOO HOTT!!! xoxoxo..... stuff for Justin Timberfake and all the other popstars who just want money and fame. These guys are here to sing and personally i like them for their music. song No. 13 by the way made me cry. I dont feel bad but i know how it is not seeing your father for years. I didnt see mine for 13 years and he showed up out of nowhere. Plus my friends dad died so i can see her pain as well. I just wanted to show you "FAKE FANS" what a real fans like and ive read every post and half are real fans.... ppl like *Nikki* i can understand about being fans but not the part where she disses sexy_slut for her english....although sexy_slut is a bit phsyco with the xoxoxox all over... im not here to diss ppl... im here to set thigs straight

>>By GC_Lover_15   (Thursday, 7 Aug 2003 05:14)

(srry bout the spelling error from the last entry...its.... things*....)From the 1st page.... how i got into them. I saw them on The-N, Direct TV a video for "Anthem" I then heard them all over the radio and from my friends and saw pics online. so i bought the cd after downloadin a few songs from Kazaa...(my bro no longer has it) And fell in love with the music. They are cute and im gettin a poster this summa for my room. hehe....umm but anyway. i do have to admit they are awsome and im totally obsessed but not so obsessed that i have their name tattooed on my body.... lol well i figured id let you kno how i got into them. i kno my posts are long and im sorry.. i jus have lots to say....

>>By GC_Lover_15   (Thursday, 7 Aug 2003 05:27)

This is FutbolFreak(formerly known as SoccerFreak, I learned my lesson).
*Nikki*:Her spelling wasn't that bad(notice I'm not bashing you like everybody else)
Superbitch: I'm just going to ignore you from this point on.

>>By FutbolFreak   (Friday, 8 Aug 2003 18:34)

This forum is starting to look like those 79+ pages that got deleted...

>>By FutbolFreak   (Friday, 8 Aug 2003 20:31)

You should of expected it FutbolFreak. Anyways Good Charlotte should change a little bit for their next cd. They might be good then. Their first was average and the second one sucked but I think they can bring themselves back.

>>By Emoboy2.0   (Friday, 8 Aug 2003 22:49)

I agree, it would definitely be a good idea if they were a little more original and mature with their sound, it would certainly get rid of a bunch of poser fans.

>>By FutbolFreak   (Friday, 8 Aug 2003 23:03)

Im not a poser fan am i? i really like them and all....but im not obsessed with them like sexy_slut....i like linkin park and in fact i listen to linkin park a bit more than GC but when i do listen to em... its not like i get up and stare at pics of em....or that i got posters from one end to the other.. i have 1 or 2 and some of linkin park and blink 182....

>>By GC_Lover_15   (Saturday, 9 Aug 2003 03:52)

Nobody said you were a poser fan GC_Lover.

>>By Emoboy2.0   (Saturday, 9 Aug 2003 04:35)

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