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I think it will be a repeat of the last one. It probably won't do as well, and then a few years from now when GC isn't the thing, they will put out something more mature, and thought out.

I was just kidding when I said Metallica sold out. I think they are the same now as they were 20 years ago, and I have never liked them.
But thats just my opinion.

>>By Jonny   (Thursday, 2 Oct 2003 07:31)

whatz up with our asses???
i`m a german but not a nazi...i hate nazis...i`m a punk

nice greets to all good charlotte freaks

>>By kid vicious   (Thursday, 2 Oct 2003 14:31)

that was just something that seemed quite humorous at the time.

>>By Luna   (Thursday, 2 Oct 2003 14:40)

i think that thr new album will be gr8! there last album kicked ass too. i luved it! overall GC is gr8! but blink 182 is better!! peace!!!!!

Mark i luv u!! <33

>>By Marks_future_wifey   (Thursday, 2 Oct 2003 21:20)

I hope that comment gets deleted before Campking reads it, because he's Dutch. If someone called me English I'd be extremely angry. Hey, I'd be interested to know of some Americans who know irony and deeper humour, as Campking put it. And HOW did making punk popular promote this deeper humour? Look at people like Sk8er Gurl (I know she's not American), and tell me that punk improved her sense of humour.
Seriously though, Good Charlotte's next album will really suck. They'll be unpopular faster than you think. What will replace them will be pure comedy to my mind. I find it funny that a band with as little talent as GC can be successful. That explains to some of you who have been asking why haters make so many comments on this board - it's fun.

>>By Sk8er H8er   (Thursday, 2 Oct 2003 22:40)

I think that it is a very prejudice/nationalist thing to judge people's understanding of irony and deep humour by what FUCKING COUNTRY THEY LIVE IN! it does not matter at all what country you are from it matters on your fucking personality! I am an american...not particularly proud of it but I am, and I have a deep understanding and love for humour of all kind...maybe the fact that I grew up in Hawaii has something to do with it but I highly doubt it. I don't understand how where you grew up has anything to do with your understanding of humour. It doesn't fucking make sense!!! that is probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard!

>>By nosupremists   (Friday, 3 Oct 2003 02:04)

How many Americans have you met Sk8er H8er? And how many times have you been to America?

I wonder if you can play music like the untalented GC. How talented are you?

>>By Jonny   (Friday, 3 Oct 2003 02:47)

dont even get me started with kid vicious what a copy!!!! benjis nick name is "kid vicious" like a stupid cheap copy of Sid Vicious what a poser

>>By manson_is_sexy   (Friday, 3 Oct 2003 04:39)

I wonder if Good Charlotte think they're punk and know they suck...

>>By nosupremists   (Friday, 3 Oct 2003 20:32)

well, nosupremists has an understanding of deeper humour, because he understands my description.

>>By Luna   (Friday, 3 Oct 2003 21:26)

I wonder if good charlotte know that they are being loved and worshiped by the POP-loving teenies?

>>By Umberto257   (Friday, 3 Oct 2003 22:05)

hey all im back
ya missed me? lol

GC is punk how can they be pop if they dont dress or act like popstars! they dont act like that justin timberlake or anything! do you see them doing popstar dance moves or wear fashion outfits?? no!

so how can they be pop???????

p.s. MARK HOPPUS FROM BLINK 182 IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By Marks_future_wifey   (Friday, 3 Oct 2003 22:29)

Will u be my wifey yes i'll be ur wifey!
omg dat wuz a song from da r&b group NEXT!

I looooove GC im so in love wit dem!

>>By ~Sk8er Gurl~   (Saturday, 4 Oct 2003 01:37)

what the smeg is all this about good charlotte being punks?
they wouldnt know decent punk if somebody smacked em in the face with it.
go listen to crass,conflict and discharge they might learn something.

>>By bmilo   (Saturday, 4 Oct 2003 17:30)

S8ter H8ter: i'd be extreamly offended if someone called me welsh.
I've been to America 6 times and MOST Americans arnt that bad, they just voted in a stupid president, but so did we. Umberto and Emo are from America.

>>By Riot Girl   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 08:21)

Americans are like everyone else. Theres bad ones, and theres good ones. People are people. You can change human nature by where you live. Besides, American is full of all kinds of different nationalities and ethnicities. Americans are from all over the world practacly.

GC isn't really much of a punk band, but who cares. They don't threaten punk in anyway. And they don't suck that bad.

>>By Jonny   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 10:55)

I think that it is a very prejudice/nationalist thing to judge people's understanding of irony and deep humour by what FUCKING COUNTRY THEY LIVE IN!

Stop proving my point!

>>By Campking   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 12:21)

Thinking about how many times I already wrote this: "I am judging America, not Americans in particular" In my work I have a lot of contact with a lot of different foreigners: so I met a lot of Americans, and it is true, some of them do have humor, alot of humor even... It is just that most ofthem don't understand Irony or cynism, at least not like English do, or for that fact the dutch. But then I don't see the humor in alot of so called humorous American movies (American Pie?), this doesn't make me a lesser person, nor dos make American persons lesser: the simple fact is that humor is culturally bound, you think is funny what you grow up top know as funny.. Humor is envirnamentally bound... so I can keep saying (with a lot of salt, which is away to say Irony): Americans have no feeling for Irony...

And the longer I see Americans telling me differently: you are proving me right, thanks..........

>>By Campking   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 12:30)

American is full of all kinds of different nationalities and ethnicities. Americans are from all over the world practacly.

They all go in to the MELTING POD, and lose their feels for Irony, and cynism.......

>>By Campking   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 12:32)

I'm sorry I made a misjudged comment about AMERICANS. I didn't mean that I don't like American people. I meant that I don't like American culture as a whole. The thing about assimilating immigrants bugs me a bit, because once you take away traditions and individuality, what have you got left?
Bur I wouldn't hold a grudge against any one person simply because they're American. I wouldn't choose someone from by own country as a friend over an American. I don't have a problem with individual American people, just the entire country together. So apologies to anybody, American or not, who was offended by my last post or by this one, inadvertently.
Jonny: I've never been to America, and I can't say how many Americans I've met. That would possibly explain my request to "know of some Americans who know irony and deeper humour". I'm not actually a musician (I'm a lyricist) so I can't honestly say I'm more talented than GC. I know many more musicians who are more talented and less popular. GC's music just really makes me cringe.
Riot Girl: I don't know what you're trying to suggest about Welsh people. Why would I call you Welsh? Welsh people get called English, but not the other way around. And who says I don't like George Dubya? I think the way he talks is funny - it's great.
This discussion is moving away from Good Charlotte too much.
Good Charlotte haven't really produced any memorable tunes that will kep them famous after they're gone. All bands disappear from popularity after a while, and of course GC will be no exception. Probably the only people who will remember them will be haters like myself. The only thing to remember them by will be these 18 pages of disagreement and flaming.
Please people, don't take me 100% seriously. If you did understand irony you would stop taking me seriously all the time. I don't mean everything I say, or I wouldn't have to apologise for it.

>>By Sk8er H8er   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 13:50)

haslo guys
iīm not a copy of benji...!!!iīve got this name before í know good charlotte bout many years

good charlotte had made me too?
donīt understand this wrong!it means i love them alright??
i donīt think that you all are so stupid and canīt understand this...*lol*

nice greets to

>>By kid vicious   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 18:32)

Whoa, this turned into a political thread pretty quickly...

Good Charlottes' next album will stink. I think we can all agree on that...

Let me say this again to all of you who's head is too thick to take in this piece of infO: Good Charlotte is pop. They appear on TRL every frickin' week. They have their own clothing label. They moan and whine about their life, "Bwaaa!!My daddy left me!! I never got a girlfriend!!!Bwaaaa!!! I was always picked on!! Bwaaa!!" Whiners. Take the pain and write about how f'ed up society is instead...Oh, wait, they ARE part of the f'ed up society!!!

From what I can tell, there are two types of Good Charlotte fans: The pop-poser fans that wouldn't get anywhere near rock music and want to marry that trainwreck Benji. And the fans that are now dubious about their future...

>>By FutbolFreak   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 19:11)

It would be nice if GC wrote a song about how screwed they and all the other pop-poser-punks in the world are. Unfortunately they don't seem inclined to do this. Oh well, I'll do it for them. If it turns out good I'll post it on here.

>>By Sk8er H8er   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 22:02)

omg dats so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o freekin mean sk8er h8er and y u h8 sk8erz wat they eva do 2 u? nuthin aiiiight!

omg GCs new album! very kewl and so clique!!
il4 GC! omg!

>>By ~Sk8er Gurl~   (Monday, 6 Oct 2003 04:57)

I don't know what Skaters have evr done to sk8er h8er, but I am sure that when you are a skater sk8er gurl, skate culture has gone down the drain in the last 10/15 years... I am quiet sure I never met people like you in skate parks in that time...

Do skaters actually still listen to underground?

>>By Campking   (Monday, 6 Oct 2003 10:38)

I don't think Sk8er Gurl is old enough to go to skate parks yet, Campking.

>>By Luna   (Monday, 6 Oct 2003 13:17)

I know i know i'm So0o0o0 freeekin mean, but like, chill maaaan.

>>By Luna   (Monday, 6 Oct 2003 13:18)

Oh my God Campking! You're really starting to annoy me now. I can't believe you just wont leave this discussion and let Good Charlotte fan's talk about Good Charlotte! I have nothin 2 say about the band now so i'm gonna leave. Maybe you'll get some sense and leave too.

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Monday, 6 Oct 2003 17:04)

Doesn't take much, right?

I am quiet sure you will be back, for as all Law abinding people, you will wanna get your last word.. the discussion is closed with your amen... Still don't like Good charlotte, but since some people keep writting my name in their mails, I will keep replying to that.. wether it is serious or not, is up to you....

so if you don't want me to discuss, then don't address me.....

Oh and th question I asked a few pages ago still remains..

when you think GC is good, tell me why and not only because you think they Rawk, because Benji is pretty or because they are so cool.. I'd like some musical answers.......

>>By Campking   (Monday, 6 Oct 2003 17:38)

Yeah, skaters do still listen to underground, but a lot of what they listen to is mainstream e.g. Linkin Park. A lot of people complimented me on my name when I first got it actually. Skaters haven't done anything to me. One of my friends (who introduced me to Linkin Park - that's how I know skaters listen to them) is a skater and he's cool. I don't like sk8ers, spelled with an 8. It's also a line in a song I wrote. I don't like sk8ers because they cause annoying songs to be written and they make really stupid posts on this board.
Speaking of really stupid posts, I'll assume that nobody wants to see my GC-dissing song. A song is the only other way I can think of expressing my negative opinion of GC, because I've said so much about them already.
I hate sk8ers!

>>By Sk8er H8er   (Monday, 6 Oct 2003 19:16)

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