Good Charlotte


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wats so great about them??? well their music has meaning people can relate to them (like me) like they sing about how they're dad ran out on them wen they were little and not wanting to live these steryotype lives people set us up for. i wanna be diffrent!!! they're music is diffrent and i like them not cuz they're "hot" i just like them and i respect them cuz they do wat they want and wen people like you bring them down they get stronger

oh yeah they have had three drummers the first ones name was aaron i dont know the second one and the one they have know his name is Chris

ps-i DO NOT think they are punk at all i repeat I DO NOT THINK THEY ARE PUNK

>>By jack_is_hot6   (Sunday, 7 Sep 2003 21:58)

They're trying to be "differant" is just being the same as everybody else.

>>By Emoboy2.0   (Sunday, 7 Sep 2003 22:18)

whos everybody else??? avril and simple plan??? well they copied GC !!

>>By jack_is_hot6   (Sunday, 7 Sep 2003 22:26)

omg but they R hott u dun understand! Avril did NOT copy gc cuz she got her own style and she is an original punk rawker! shes anything but ordinary!!!

Avril 4 punk prezzie wezzie!!!

>>By Sk8er Gurl!!!   (Sunday, 7 Sep 2003 22:42)

Maybe all of the drummers quit simply because GC SUCKS.

Or maybe they couldnt put up with how conceited and self centered benji and joel are.

Either way its obvious that gc is too fucked up a band to even keep a drummer. they should all just quit because theyre trendiness is beginning to fade out anyway. i think the new flavor of the week is just around the corner for all the teenyboppers. mtv is just about ready to dismiss good charlotte.

No skater girl, avril is not anything but ordinary. she is anything but original.

>>By Knoxville grl   (Sunday, 7 Sep 2003 22:50)

how is she her own style???
noone cares wat u think u cant even spell properly

>>By jack_is_hot6   (Sunday, 7 Sep 2003 22:53)

im talking to sk8er gurl

>>By jack_is_hot6   (Sunday, 7 Sep 2003 23:44)

I don't bring them down Jack is hot6..
I don't like their music, but I am trying to understand why others do like them.. I let every one do whatr they want, just as I respect them to do that for me..
If they are true in what they are doing it is oke with me.. NOT liking someone, is not the same as bringing them down...

To quote myself:

What's the use of your tolerance, when you cannot tolerated intolerance......

I don't like them that's all...

>>By Campking   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 00:35)

well they copied GC !!

and GC is not a copy?

Remeber Blink182, remember Green Day, remember.............

>>By Campking   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 00:36)

thank you i wasnt saying anyone in particular just the people that are like they suck ect,ect blah blahblahblahblah you know !! i respect everyones opinion pleez respect mine

>>By jack_is_hot6   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 00:38)

I do

>>By Campking   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 00:39)

yeah but those r good bands that dont "try" to be punk well at least green day is

>>By jack_is_hot6   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 00:39)

and i thank u for that campking

>>By jack_is_hot6   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 00:40)

Green Day I liked, for the rest I can't say much good..... Must be me..

Getting old....

>>By Campking   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 00:46)

yeah me to i like love green day i grew up with them they are so good

>>By jack_is_hot6   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 00:48)

Umm I hate to tell you but Avril and Simple Plan were on the scene before GC jack is hot because I remember seeing Avril and Simple Plan videos and listening to it on the radio before GC

>>By Emoboy2.0   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 02:48)

Knoxville grl ::: umm excuse me but good charlotte does not suck i think that there the best band ever.. and i love them .. and joel and benji arent concieded even if they were they have much reason to be

>>By **GC**BABE**   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 02:52)

emoboy-avril came out last fucking year and i hate simple plan so i do not know wen theyre poser asses came out and i dont give a damn either

>>By jack_is_hot6   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 03:26)

GC are OK but the Fight are better.They kick major ass

>>By vacanthighway   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 13:21)

I hate that moronic poser Good Charlotte shit. It makes me wanna beat my head against the pavement until my skull crumbles like a watermelon getting hit by a semi. but that's just me...

>>By ain   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 14:31)

And back we are to the level where the discussion is: i like them because they are good, an i hate them because they suck...

well to end it for me...

>>By Campking   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 18:28)

No, that's not going to happen...
Nobody has good reason to be conceited, especially those tossers Joel and Benji. I personally think they're creepy. They're probably into twincest or something...
They most certainly did copy Simple Plan, in much the same way Simple Plan copied Blink 182, who copied Green Day. Each poser-pop-punk* band is worse than the last, so perhaps what we'll see taking over as Good Charlotte fall will be so bad that only the posers like it. Maybe its discussion board will reach 100 pages, and after its collapse it will only be replaced by a thousand bands that have forgotten how to be punk but remember how to be posers. The collapse of poser-pop-punk is as inevitable as the tides.
To all GC fans: Please stop telling me that they're hot or anything about their image until they can get a drummer to stick with them for long enough for someone to remember his name. If image is that important to GC, why don't they show a little solidarity or just use a session drummer?
Sk8er Gurl!!!: Funnily enough, Avril does have her own style. It sure as hell isn't punk and she isn't pop. GC however are just the latest in a long line of poser-pop-punk bands, soon to herald the arrival of an almightily awful sound.
*poser-pop-punk: someone who calls music punk when it's actually pop. I made this hyphenated word up myself and I like it.

>>By Brazilman   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 19:56)

Knoxville grl ::: umm excuse me but good charlotte does not suck i think that there the best band ever.. and i love them .. and joel and benji arent concieded even if they were they have much reason to be

>>By **GC**BABE**


Do you really think I give a shit?

I THINK they suck, and thats my opinion. If you don't like what I post, dont read it.

NOTE: I hope you know that you wasted more braincells telling ME something pointless that you might as well tell EVERYONE. Why was your post aimed directly at me? Because I speak my mind? Well this is a message board, that's the whole purpose of one. Messages and opinions...get it?

>>By Knoxville grl   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 23:45)


Benji iz soooo hottt!!!

>>By Sk8er Gurl!!!   (Monday, 8 Sep 2003 23:55)

IF Benji is so hot, go and look at his poster.. but please only write when you have something more usefull to write... Music is not about being hot, it should be about music, prferably music with an emotion.......

If being hot is the success of GC, then I see no difference between them and the long line of boybands since the Backstreet Boys... and who still listens to them?

>>By Campking   (Tuesday, 9 Sep 2003 00:37)

hey don't dis the backstreet boys man i was a hardcore fan of them back in the day....but anyways gc isn't hott so how can they be about the look ??

>>By emogirl   (Tuesday, 9 Sep 2003 01:44)

this chat isnt about backstreet boys n krap itz about good charlotte their music has meaning i agree with jack_is_hot6

>>By devilz_angel   (Tuesday, 9 Sep 2003 02:22)

"BENJI IS SO FUCKING HOTT! I LOV BILLY! I AM GOIN TO MARRY JOEL! PAUL IS HOTT!" wow that accomplished alot about the quality of GC music
i like gc and all but i agree wiht emoboy or whatever his name is-- being different is just like everyone one else-- i dont think they are posers-- but i think they are more pop then rock~

>>By *~*knows her shiz*~*   (Tuesday, 9 Sep 2003 02:31)

Hey I know I haven't posted in a while. I have a few messages for some people:

GC BABE: Dont go bitching just because you know Knoxville grl is right. She stated her opinion. If she cant say what she wants to say, then YOU should shut the fuck up, not her.

Skater girl: I have seen your picture. I can honestly say that even a pile of dog shit looks better than you. Your posts are pointless and I suggest you go look in the trash where you left your brain.

jack_is_hot6: For the most part do you even know what the fuck you are talking about?

The only intelligent comments on this board are posted by Emoboy 2.0, Knoxville grl, Brazilman, and Campking.

>>By Umberto257   (Tuesday, 9 Sep 2003 02:34)

Umberto257- yeah i know wat the fuck im talking about and you probably dont understand my posts cuz u r not a fucking fan so piss off and who r u to talk about opinions wen u dont even respect mine??

>>By jack_is_hot6   (Tuesday, 9 Sep 2003 03:14)

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