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Wowies doodles. That was a whole lot of pages. I read through all of them though and finally got to this page.

I'm happy that this message board has finally got a truce. We were getting waaaaaaaaaay off-topic. I feel though that I must thank "Benji's Girl 4 ever". I'm putting quotation marks in your name, dearie, because I think you shan't ever be Benji's girl unless he bumps into you, thinks you're extremely hot or whatnot and decides that you're the person he has been looking for all his life.

That's not likely to happen though so you should "get over it" like you've been telling the other people in this forum to get over themselves.

Anyways, back to thanking "Benji's girl". Thank you. For giving us a single person and/or thing to hate. YOU. All I can really say is that you're an ignorant person diving into the world without anything in your head and therefore contributing absolutely nothing for your well being AND ours. You're an immensely annoying twit that people would love to whack around with a giant mallet. I'm sure I would.

Oh yes, to Obscure. This isn't an insult or anything. I'd just like you to split your long paragraphs in half or more because I know you've got some very good points in your post and I would most certainly like to read them but since they're so long and the sentences are all in one para, I can't. It'd be really helpful to the people-with-horrible-eyesight (i.e me) if you have more spaces.

That's about all I have to babble about.......

So, GC anyone?

>>By Young Mad One   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 09:23)

My parents are always mad at me. my dad especially. i always isolate myself from everyone. im usually in my room listening to music and playing playstation 2 or some shit like that. but i am depressed most of the time. i cry myself to sleep. i hate the fuck offs at my high school. thank god i'm a senior now, one more year. my mom smokes and she doesnt even try to quit. i want her to quit because i love her so much i wouldnt be able to live this world without her. she even yells at me if i ever bring it up (her quitting smoking). my dad has a bad temper, and he passed his temper on to me. i get so mad i talk back to my parents, which i NEVER used to do. my anger gets harder to control the older i get. i failed my math regents so now i'll be stuck in a 2 hr. math class in summer school. there are even times when i dont even know why im upset. i just am. there is no reason.

>>By Knoxville grl   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 16:08)

I LOVE GOOD CHARLOTTE EVER SINCE LIFESTYLES oops caps soz people!! (lol) i have both there albums but i am not the world biggest fan even though i am totally in love with benji (aaaaaaaaaaah) oh well but am i dreaming or what??? too rite even so those guys are my heroes and i love them to death. kez xxx

>>By KidViciousVixen1306   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 16:10)

I'm always depressed. my high school sucks too. the people there are all basically gangsta rappers, wiggas, chiggas, snobby preps, posers, etc. i do dress preppy. not overly preppie like abercrombie or anything like that. just basic jeans and tank top i guess. but i love punk music. not good charlotte though, cuz we all know that is NOT punk. Pennywise, anti-flag, the misfits, the ramones, etc. thats what i listen to.

>>By Vicki   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 16:12)

Avril iz angry 2. all da time. n' she putz it in her songz. her anger iz in her songz and datz also y she smashes da guitar. 2 get some of her anger out.
Avril 4 punk prezzie wezzie!!!

>>By Sk8ter gurl   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 16:14)

Avrils not angry. she's just TRYING to be a bad-ass and rebellious. she has no real anger. her mad? at what? being turned down by a "sk8er boi" or something like that? as far as her perfect pop star lifestyle and her little cute town home and all that shit is concerned, she doesnt know what anger is. oooh she curses in interviews, thats soo punk and rebellious. no. she curses to seem all bad-ass. i curse, yea, but its cause im really angry. a majory of my life sucks. punk music and the message behind it is what gets me through.

>>By Knoxville grl   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 16:18)

I've heard of Onesidezero..i actually picked up is this room getting smaller? awhile ago because i heard 'new world order' at a friends house and i liked i bought the cd..and it rocks.

>>By First.Day.Of.Never   (Monday, 30 Jun 2003 18:50)

Good Charlotte is the best band in the world! their music is really good! I listen to their cd every day! they rock;) and all you people saying that they suck are idiots! their music has helped me through many difficult times and without their music I couldent have made it! and I own them alot! and if you guys from good charlotte read this I just wanna say that your the best! and I hope that you can come to Norway some day;)

>>By issin from Norway   (Monday, 30 Jun 2003 20:54)

Hey guys
hows every1? i'm glad no1 is fighting 2 much like be4. it's good to c new people in the room. i think i'm seein gc on july 5th i'm so excited!!!! i've only seen them once in concert. it was great tho. they r so real and sing about things that a lot of people go thru.

i have a step-sister that is really punk rock. really. she's my age. the only problem is is that she's been depressed b/c she went to a teen club and somebody drugged her. tham all these people were mad at her and threatining her becauz she could have sued the place and shut it down. nobody wanted it to b shut down. she didn't sue the place. then after that her friends were starting to turn against her and say all these mean thigs about her. she than started cutting her arms. she hasn't cut her arms for a littl while now. she's coming to my house to visit for a couple of weeks and i don't really no how to act. i mean i'm gonna b myself but i don't no how to act towards her. i mean i'm not scared of her but she's just totally different than me. how should i act?

>>By Sprinkle   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 02:30)

Act your normal way. Don't change for certain people and what was the point of including that story as when it got down to the question it seemed to hold no relevance to your topic.

>>By Emoboy   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 02:36)

wow, just because people are turning against you will never mean to change for them. That will never solve anything, people will see through your front. and i agree with emoboy..what did the story have to do with you not knowing how to act...?

oh well..back to good charlotte considering this is ..a gc board. hmm..

I heard that Good Charlotte was going to come out with a 3rd cd, i'll be interested to see if anyone else has heard different..

Has anyone heard any news on Flashlight Brown?

>>By First.Day.Of.Never   (Tuesday, 1 Jul 2003 04:24)

I love Good Charlotte but, if you don't like them thats fine. Just don't make fun of the people who do. I like Good Charlotte because I love rock, I like Billy, their music is kewl, alot of my favorite songs come from them, and I just love Good Charlotte. For all you people who don't like Good Charlotte, don't rub it in other peoples faces.I just stating my opinion. You have your own and I have mine. Billy and Joel are my favorite. Visit my online diary dedicated to Good Charlotte at: !!! Please sign my guestbook, bye!!!

>>By Sk8ter1235   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 16:24)

Does anyone have the lyrics for GC's Christmas By The Phone?
Has anyone heard The Innocent? Isn't it just great? And what about Jaded by Mest? Don't you just love it?
(yea I'm very aware of that I sound like a posuer, thank you very much!)

>>By diskborste   (Saturday, 5 Jul 2003 20:09)

diskborste, have you tryed letssingit? theyve got loads of lyrics.
well the innocents ok but overcomes better!!!!

>>By Overflow   (Saturday, 5 Jul 2003 20:13)

"X- I like Good Charlotte's old stuff better too. I mean there new stuff is really good but there's just something about there first cd that just...... I can't think of the words to describe it. There is just one song that i don't really care for. It's "The Anthem." I just got tired of hearing it after the few hundred times they played it on the radio. They over-exposed that song. What are some of your favorite songs? Mine are Seaseons, The Click, Screamer, Hold On, and The Yong and the Hopeless. When and how did you start liking Good Charlotte? My friend introduced me to them."

The first stuff is always the best for the simple fact that it's the start of their career and it's either make or break. There's not a lot of pressure because they don't have an image yet, and nobody knows them. It's a first impression.
Some of my favorite songs are Little Things (classic GC), East Coast Anthem, Walk By, and Bloody Valentine.

I first heard of Good Charlotte because there's a really nice lady who lives here who used to live in Waldorf and babysit Paul. She helps do lights for their shows and stuff, and gave my father (who works at a local radio station) a demo of Little Things to play, which is how I got hooked.

"X this isn't really relevant but are you a girl or guy?"

The truth comes out. I am female.

To the rest of you --

Why don't you come out of your closeminded, 'like t0tally hardk0re' shells for a moment and just listen?

What makes you people the experts on all things punk? I can agree that having some background with the culture gives your words some merit, but there is no set definition of punk. My definition may differ from yours. Try expanding your horizons once and look past the petty labels. Labels are just words and nothing more. They're just simplistic ways of categorizing things and people, and although nearly everybody uses them (Hell, I do), they're not something to be taken very literally and seriously.

Stop your fucking arguing over whether or not they're punk, and for the love of Mike, stop being conceited assholes and telling people what they should and shouldn't listen to. It's not a fucking dictatorship being run. Hell, yesterday was the July 4th. Day of Independence. Which means we have the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE, or at least we should. Accept that people have different opinions from yours and just get the hell over yourselves. You're all squabbling like a bunch of sugar-deprived three-year-olds and really...What does it matter? Fuck what's punk and what's not. If you like it, listen to it. Broaden your horizons.
I'd be what you could label as 'gothic-punk'. But I listen to music from all over. Gothic, Rock, Indie, Emo, Classical, Punk, Pop-punk, (very little) Pop...It's all music. It's music that's diverse and different and if you weren't allowed to listen to it, they wouldn't make it. Now move on.

Now, for those of you claiming each band member as "your own", you especially need to punch yourself in the face. Who the hell are you trying to fool? Who's going to be dumb enough to believe that bullshit? Everybody knows you have no chance in hell with anybody from Good Charlotte, so stop your horrible pretending.

People dating famous people probably wouldn't go out and scream it to the world, because then they'd have the paparazzi all over their ass. Unless they're starved for attention and are really pathetic and want that to happen. Dumbshits.

And so, X speaks again.

>>By X   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 00:40)

i havent only heard 1 or 2 songs, i fuckin had their first cd. It was way more punk then their 2nd in many ways. They werent all huge and shit and didnt have videos in heavy rotation unless you used to watch much music canada (which you probably didnt know about). I didnt buy their 2nd cd but i heard it all the way thru and it was pretty gay so i didnt buy it, then the video came out. I knew id had enough.

>>By youfuckssickenme   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 02:12)

oh yes there is a definition for punk, check the dictionary, several definitions actually. but not being an ass (yeah right). Also, how can good charlotte write a soung like 'Lifestyles of the rich and the famous' and criticize people with money when we know damn well that they are making quite the living off cd sales.

>>By im done   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 02:23)

their new cd actually went multi platinum which is like 2+ million cd's sold. so at the average of 16.00$ ,thats over 32 million dollars. so if u think ur different and shit cuz u listen to those punky good charlotte guys, your not. real punks dont have videos, or much radio play, (unless its college radio).

>>By im done   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 02:30)

i love all their albums and cd's, the way benji and joel can just write whatever songs is awsum. they are the perfect band when together and the people when apart. so basically, good charlotte rock (which they are, rock).

>>By gc_rock   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 13:09)

Oh great. Perfect.
Now that's the thing to discuss again.
"GC's sooo punkyy!!!!!"
"Naww gc's RAWK!!!"
"stfu, GCs not more punk than Britney Spears!!!"
I'm telling you guys, I've had it up to here with this bullshit. I mean so what if they're not punk, or rock, or what if they're even pop, I don't care, I'm not listening to their music because of what they're labeled. I like it because they have so much talent, their music is awsome and I don't give a shit if they're as punk as Westlife is.
I love them for their musical talent, not for their looks and not because I think they're punk/rock.

>>By diskborste   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 15:09)

20 pages since i last wrote and the discussions are still the same
Emoboy:i hope that your band is ok and is their word that you have split up with your gf?
Riot girl: i hope that you are ok. what has the weather been like her ive just got back from greece.
i hope all is well at home and that you still have your friends by you.
Billys luvr for life 6t9: thanks for asking how i am. i hope that you are ok.

>>By paper doll   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 17:51)

"oh yes there is a definition for punk, check the dictionary, several definitions actually. but not being an ass (yeah right). Also, how can good charlotte write a soung like 'Lifestyles of the rich and the famous' and criticize people with money when we know damn well that they are making quite the living off cd sales."

I never said a definition didn't exist. I said there wasn't a concrete one. My concept of punk probably isn't your concept of punk.

Wow, short post.

>>By X   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 19:11)

hi.. every body... i just wanted to say that I like Good charlotte. one qustion for all u girls thata says that u date Bejie. I don't belive. And If U really wood date him i don't thibkj that her wood arpisate taht u are spreding it out. and by the way. LPfreak, christina it's me Felicia.. your soulmate .. love u! and to all u guy in the band I DONT think u will see this but I don't care anyway. I LOVE GUYS! ur music has helped me alot. number 8 on your last record has reeeeallly helped me and do mean it. i sorius. I'm not so good at spelling as u can see. but I'm trying.... and one morr thing. I hope all Good charlotte fans apriate there mucis Cuse there worth it... thax and peace out to all the fans out here..

>>By Lpfreak2   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 19:45)

I'm back. (Felicia I know you're great at English so I'm writing to you in English if that's OK?) Yeah, I was kind of wondering why you didn't turn up today ... I waited outside my house, cause I thought maybe you forgot wich number I lived in ... (64). You live on ... 84, right? *embarrassed cause I forgot*
We really got to write that song together ... our last one rocked!!! *lol* Really, *what* was it about, seriously!? :)
mm ... Felicia (that's LPfreak2) isn't called Daja and I'm not either. My name's Christina (they call me Chris) so ... sorry mexloserkid if I dissapointed you, but so what, is there somebody else with the same name as me? Wow, then I should prob. change it in that case.

>>By LPfreak   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 23:10)

Wait!!! Felle!!! Uhm, I almost forgot, tomorrow me and my family will be going to Kista to see Anger Management (yea that's a movie!! lol) It's not untill 6.30 (18.30)... but we have to get the tickets at 5.30 ... so we'd be going around like 5 ... so maybe you'd have to call me ... do you have my phonenumber? (I don't have yours)

Everybody ... I'd like to know, is Chris really the *real* drummer of GC? I mean is he going to stay? I hear lots of romours, but no true facts.

>>By LPfreak   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 23:15)

good charlotte isn't punk!!!! god damn you teeny boppers!!!

>>By kill all the posers   (Monday, 7 Jul 2003 02:49)

to: Punk Girl 182

u just dont listen to thier music like all us other gc fans do.... and they rnt posers. i like blink 182 too but they r also punk-pop like gc is so u shoodnt be sayin that kind of s*** about good charlotte ight? think about it. how wood u fell if some one said... "I HATE BLINK 182 THEY ARE POSERS....." just wht u said bout good charlotte. yes u wood be offended to. juss think about it c how u wood feel... and before u argue back... think about this k?

::Sarah Madden::

>>By benji lover 4 ever   (Monday, 7 Jul 2003 06:48)

Knowing that there are people out there pathetic enough to dedicate eighty plus pages to Good Charlotte is encouraging, in the sense that humanityís days are numbered and maybe we wonít do enough damage to leave a lasting mark on this beautiful planet. But in any other context itís enough to induce a comma in anyone with an IQ over twenty.

Now I didnít read all eighty pages as I have a life and donít have that much time to spare but I imagine that you all remarked over how much you loved Benji, wanted to marry him and what true punk rockers (excuse me punq rawkers) you all are.


Anyway, I have to admit that deflating the self-involved and acutely pathetic dreams of pubescent thirteen year olds can be more fun then it should be. But anyway more to the point I canít imagine that any of you will ever sleep with much less tie the knot with any of the members of Good Charlotte. Not for a long while anyway as I doubt any of you have reached the age of fourteen yet and thus it would be statuary rape.

Furthermore I doubt even the elements in this manufactured pop group are desperate enough to begin dating minors. Maybe if you were only a few years younger then them and not preppy little eighth graders who have caught on to the latest trend of being ďpop-punkĒ (note that there is no such thing as being pop-punk, this is contradictory and an oxymoron) and shop at hottopic because they desperately want to be popular.

But anyway this is taking to long to write so Iím going to have say good-bye and urge you to go back to the Limited Too you came from and let the rest of us be.

>>By Priss   (Monday, 7 Jul 2003 08:37)

This is quite a bit sad. I was gone for a night and look at that, three pages of worthless insulting and yelling back and forth occured.

Benjis future wife a.k.a. Benjis girl 4ever, face it. You're never going to meet Benji let alone marry him. He's also, what, how old? You really want a man that old screwing you just because he looks "hot?" Really, now, don't be so shallow. Plus, I'm sure, in ten years or so, he's not going to be that "hot" anymore. Some people age nicely, others don't. You need to get a grip on yourself and realize you are a pathetic loser who will never get within a five foot radius of Benji. Actually, considering had you gone to a concert, I'd make that a fifty foot radius.

I also must say, a "hoe" is a gardening tool. Please learn your usage of words before you start correcting people, Jazmin. "Ho" is the correct slang spelling, if that's what you had been looking for.

All of you idiotic argumental users have some sort of problem, I believe. I suppose you can't admit when you're wrong or when you're beaten, so we have to listen to your bitching on this board. If you want to bitch at each other, why don't you exchange screen names and instant message each other so we don't have another twenty pages added onto the already eight-four we have.

Plus, Benjis future wife, it'd be much appreciated if you would stop calling things "gay." I find it extremely hard for an inanimate object/word to be homosexual or even happy. Go back to grammar school.

>>By Azrael   (Monday, 7 Jul 2003 19:00)

I get the distinct feeling people at Kerrang donít like Gc.

>>By Riot Girl   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 15:32)

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