Good Charlotte


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jack is hot: this really is not the Pennywise board. I do like that song, but unless my eyes deceive me, there is already a lot of rubbish written about GC and if we don't stick to the subject we'll have 79 pages again. Call me a foreigner for not understanding your English but does "cllo" mean "cool" or what?
I would rather lie down in the desert breathing sand through my nose than watch Good Charlotte. They are undoubtedly the most overrated (not worst, because if they were they wouldn't be at all famous) band in existence. I think they should all get proper jobs because they are so annoying.

>>By Brazilman   (Saturday, 30 Aug 2003 19:08)

By the way, my above post is not proof of my stupidity. It's proof that I can't be bothered to say anything intellectual about such a horrible band. They are terrible posers and I wish people would stop pretending the are punk. Good Charlotte totally suck!

>>By Brazilman   (Saturday, 30 Aug 2003 19:09)

yah a lot of people say they are punk...
they are pop rock, if not pop....

>>By Nikki_12   (Saturday, 30 Aug 2003 22:06)

okay brazilman its called a "typo" i love good charolette sorta well their okay newayz

>>By jack_is_hot6   (Sunday, 31 Aug 2003 03:21)

you people are saying it yourselves what matters is their music not their videos or what genre their considered. so it doesnt really matter if their pop punk rock or whatever all that really matters is their music and if your thinking about what category there in you dont really like them for there music you just like them cause there rock or pop or whtever so once you get to think of it....

>>By Suyen X   (Monday, 1 Sep 2003 03:48)

Dude, I don't think this band is great or anything, but I gotta admit that they write some catchy shit! Who cares if they are pop, or punk, or country! They are just a couple of guys doing what they want to do. They got all these people pissed off at them, and just because they write what they want to. They're cool just cause they keep doing their own thing regardless of what all these ignorant fucks preach! And who are we to say who's punk or not. And who gives a shit? If you don't like them, then don't pay attention to them. I swear, people bitch too much about what is punk and what isn't! Just grow up! And worry about something important!

>>By Jonny   (Monday, 1 Sep 2003 10:52)

Well, people with extreme musical tastes (like me) feel they have to comment on bands such as GC. It'd be nice if Good Charlotte had no poser fans, because it offends me and any true punk when people classify music wrongly as punk. GC is an insult to punk.

>>By Brazilman   (Monday, 1 Sep 2003 20:43)

Brazilman, said it best. We have a right to talk about Good Charlotte anyway we want to. I have more of a problem with poser fans calling Good Charlotte punk than the band themselves. And it's hard NOT to pay attention to them when they are taking all the recognition from all the other good bands. No matter, their music won't survive the coming decade.

>>By FutbolFreak   (Monday, 1 Sep 2003 22:26)

Alright you have your opinion but that doesnt mean your opinion is true so other people can disagree with you so theres no problem with what your saying cause you may have a problem with what someone else has to say so theres no use on fighting over whats right and what wrong. i dont know i just confused myself?

>>By Suyen X   (Tuesday, 2 Sep 2003 02:45)

i think good charlotte iz 1 of da gr8test punk rawk bandz ever in punk rawk history!!!

>>By Sk8er Gurl!!!   (Tuesday, 2 Sep 2003 21:45)


>>By Suyen X   (Thursday, 4 Sep 2003 01:18)

yah right!!!

>>By jack_is_hot6   (Thursday, 4 Sep 2003 02:27)

the only song i like from this band is that one song i don't even know the name but it goes i don't ever wanna i don't ever wanna be you don't wanna be just like you yah i forget the name

>>By emogirl   (Thursday, 4 Sep 2003 02:51)

thats called the anthem

>>By jack_is_hot6   (Thursday, 4 Sep 2003 05:26)

Ugh, the very 1st page of this discussion board makes me want to vomit all over my computer screen. theres a story about some prep who said that she now dresses "sk8er" (spells with an 8) and "punk rawkish" and "hot topic" and all that.

And, if you go to and type in benji in the search box, definitions of this douche will show up. these are definitions defined by real mindless 12 yr old teenyboppers who need help.

Ok, once again gc is NOT punk. If they are so damn "punk" then answer me this: why the hell would a PUNK band be on a POP tv show?? Punk and Pop are complete opposites right? so, I guess gc is pop then.

I'm talking about TRL, by the way. or even just mtv.

>>By Knoxville grl   (Friday, 5 Sep 2003 03:48)

i agree with knoxville all the way

>>By emogirl   (Saturday, 6 Sep 2003 00:13)

I think all anti-GC people agree with knoxville girl.

>>By Emoboy2.0   (Saturday, 6 Sep 2003 05:34)

You'd be right there. Why can't GC fans just admit that they like pop? Then I wouldn't hate them so much.

>>By Brazilman   (Saturday, 6 Sep 2003 13:59)

If Good Charlotte is Punk, I think that Punk is finally really DEAD... This is poser pop, closer to the Glitter rock to which punk once was a response (and protest).. If you wanna hear some real new "old" time "none commercial product" PUNK, you'd better be listening to AntiFlag or any other DIY-band with an opinion that goes further then just "Do what you like, and what your parents will dislike" or "I wanna party and puke over you, because I am 'different' and thus don't like you"
If anything GC are not PUNK, they are a commercial product, for a frustrated youth, brought to you by those men in suits that controle the market that Good Charlotte says to revolt against... (and also a certain April Lasagna)...
You may like them, I don't (that will be clear), but don't think they are punk; because they are the commercial product and part of the system more then anything else...
Calling Good Charlotte Punk is the worst insult one can give to PUNK.........

And I am not a PUNK...

>>By Campking   (Saturday, 6 Sep 2003 16:45)

It is mostsly 8-12 year old fans that label GC punk, I've never read Gc saying they were punk.

>>By Riot Girl   (Saturday, 6 Sep 2003 18:47)

hi im 18
i love good charolette not for a punk band but 4 wat they are they're cool and im not saying their punk im saying there good for wat they are THEY'RE GREAT

>>By jack_is_hot6   (Saturday, 6 Sep 2003 20:36)


>>By Campking   (Saturday, 6 Sep 2003 20:46)

Can any one explain me then what is so great about them? I am guessing I don't understand why they are not 13 in a dozen.....

>>By Campking   (Saturday, 6 Sep 2003 22:16)

all that matters is there music i know i said this already but its like whats there to argue about if all you need to discuss is there music adn if you dont like them thats your problem no one elses if you dotn got noting good to say about them keep it to yourself

>>By Suyen X   (Sunday, 7 Sep 2003 05:12)

What id like to know is just how many drummers have they had? They cant even get their own drummer and im sorry but that is pretty sad once you think about it.

>>By Knoxville grl   (Sunday, 7 Sep 2003 05:48)

Hey Suyen ever think of applying your words to the Avril Lavigne site. If you can't do what you say then don't say anything. Yea Knoxville grl that is quite sad that they can't keep a drummer. I really don't like their latest drummer just something about him.

>>By Emoboy2.0   (Sunday, 7 Sep 2003 05:52)

omg but all da gc drummerz r sooo hott! omg how many did dey hav? hey every1 look @ my pic on my profilee! i am so cute lol im a lil cutie! im a cutie wit a bootie! and every hottie wit a body needs a cutie wit a bootie and datz me Avril i luve u soooo freekin much!

Avril 4 punk prezzie wezzie!!!

>>By Sk8er Gurl!!!   (Sunday, 7 Sep 2003 06:37)

Suyen X:

It is called DISCUSSION BOARD, not a sacred altar.. point in a discussion is that one can disagree... So instead of trying to keep the people out that disagree with you (something like America does with the rest odf the world: when you are not with us, you are against us) try and reply to what I wrote...
And please don't write: I like the band because they are good.... or that they have such nice looks..

>>By Campking   (Sunday, 7 Sep 2003 12:42)

Cute is the same reason why loads of kids like every new boyband.. so is GC a harder and wilder commercial variation on the boyband?

>>By Campking   (Sunday, 7 Sep 2003 13:09)

Who cares if they're hot? Being hot is a job for models. Can't you hear a song on the radio and like it without knowing what the band looks like? It doesn't matter what GC say because nobody takes them seriously and they know it. If all of their fans had their eyes burnt out, would they still like GC? Seriously, what is it about drummers that makes them quit? None of the other guys quit. Perhaps the drummers aren't "hot" enough.

>>By Brazilman   (Sunday, 7 Sep 2003 19:34)

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