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A beautiful group..... youll be the rose on my grave!


>>By Lia   (Saturday, 9 Nov 2002 18:31)

If it wasn't for H.I.M I don't think I would be ale to deal with the things in my life at this point. It's given me some hope....in a time when everything feels so far away.
May be cheesy but in my case...true.

>>By Rockwell   (Monday, 11 Nov 2002 21:04)

Breakthru these barriers of pain...

>>By dark   (Wednesday, 13 Nov 2002 21:51)

I love them,them music and this fucking world!Oh God....

>>By Kasia   (Saturday, 16 Nov 2002 13:33)

him is the best band out now ...considering there music helped me through tough times in my life..ville you ar3 my g0d

>>By Wayne   (Saturday, 4 Jan 2003 17:25)

HIM suck!! what else can I say. they only reason they are popular is because of CKY. I mean there name now is SHE how much fucking stupidier can they get. Fuck HIM!!!

>>By smokinallday   (Tuesday, 14 Jan 2003 03:23)

HIM is a kick ass band, I just started getting into them and I think they are great. I dont listen to music like that but the first time I heard them, I was really impressed. Im going to check out their albums soon!!

break it, smash it, motherfuckin' SNOT!!! b.r.o.e.s. C.F.H.

>>By SNOTgetSOME   (Thursday, 30 Jan 2003 05:27)

H.I.M is shit
Better:Sisters of Mercy
Fields of the Nephilim
The 69 eyes
Shape of Despair

>>By kantarcana   (Thursday, 30 Jan 2003 16:30)

Him are the best ever band in the world not to mension their brilliant gothic rock.

From the H.I.M FAn

>>By Daniel Lioneye Fan   (Thursday, 6 Feb 2003 21:29)

Him is a great band...I am glad I got their music....Nothing soothes ya like they do.....Gotta love em..... "Your love is a Razorblade Kiss"

>>By DeadlyNightMisstress   (Thursday, 13 Feb 2003 21:29)

There's nothing I can say about them... They just are the best.. that's it.. :)

>>By unfuckable666   (Sunday, 16 Feb 2003 12:21)

HIM is good but I only know them because of CKY

>>By metal_gab   (Monday, 17 Feb 2003 14:29)

him is one of the best bands in the world. him makes me think about life   (Monday, 17 Feb 2003 22:43)

him is one of the best bands in the world. him makes me think about life . the lead singers voice is powerful. In Joy and Sorrow is my fravorites song. HIM is fucking asome. Dont dis him

>>By himlover   (Monday, 17 Feb 2003 22:45)

him is the best of all. it s like a drugs it helps me in joy and sorrow there is nothing that i like more than him. and then ville his voice its sooo beautiful , the best song is gone with the sin i love them .

HIM IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

razorblade kisses jill

>>By jill sweet 666   (Monday, 24 Feb 2003 20:24)

This is the best band in the world. And they have the best songs ever!!!

>>By Black angel   (Saturday, 1 Mar 2003 11:12)

Their song 'Dark secret love' is incredible! I was never into them until i heard his voice in this song. The beat is mesmerizing. I can never hear it only once, but i have to repeat it over and over. Everyone should hear them!

>>By aquaLuv   (Thursday, 6 Mar 2003 04:44)

HIM is realy the best band I know of. The new song ''Funeral of hearts'' is the best (well, I think so). I'm waiting for their new album ''Love metal''. I hope that it will be great (but I know it will).

HIM 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!

>>By Black angel   (Saturday, 8 Mar 2003 09:43)

(HIM is good but I only know them because of CKY

>>By metal_gab)
Your a fucking disgrace to HIM and if i ever saw you i would have to kill you with a spoon, and then fuck your mom in the ear.

>>By Mikko Viljami Lindstrom   (Tuesday, 11 Mar 2003 00:34)

And it's not gothic rock it's love metal, and if another ont of you call it gothic i will kill you.

>>By Mikko Viljami Lindstrom   (Tuesday, 11 Mar 2003 00:36)

http://www.him.startbewijs.nl - The HIM site to start !

A site with as many links possible to HIM sites.
Are you looking for a site or searching for HIM stuff...here you find links to : official & fan sites - interviews - photo's - video's - bootlegs - ringtones - lyrics - bass,guitar,drum tabs and a lot more.
Also links to official sites of some other great bands.

THE site to start for every HIM fan !

>>By ~ Heartagirl ~   (Thursday, 20 Mar 2003 01:51)

him is the shit

>>By me   (Thursday, 20 Mar 2003 07:30)

I think,H.I.M are very original and the boys are the best.They 're singing love metal and is a romantic loud for me and other who understand them .So ,please don't say your opinion if you don't know their mind and their message.

>>By Lavinia   (Thursday, 20 Mar 2003 16:44)

Hey dudes, and gals, what Him song is in CKY2K when bam is skating?

>>By Burning Stone   (Saturday, 22 Mar 2003 23:40)

what else can i say about him?nothing.i just want everyone to know that there are fan's of HIM all around the world .Him are the best !!!

and by the way,Ville is the most beautiful man in the world;)but he should smoke less.

poison girl from Lithuania

P.S.love HIM

>>By poisongirl   (Sunday, 23 Mar 2003 12:22)

I Love HIM more than my own life, It is the most beautiful band I know. If I hear the sound of the guitar, then I feel so alive, and if I hear the sound of the bass, then I'm crying, and If I Hear The Voice Of Ville Then I'm Ready To Die. the drums are the beat of my heart, and the melody is the melody of my life....

P.S. Ville is the most beautiful man I have ever known;) :P

>>By 666 Cats   (Saturday, 29 Mar 2003 15:00)

H.I.M. is the best band that i know and ville valo the best singer!
their love gothik metal is the best

>>By GothikRaven   (Wednesday, 2 Apr 2003 19:02)

...what can I say?...i was waiting for all my life for green - eyed daemon, who would come and drown me in his dark secret love... and here we go... emotional lyrics, unforgetable voice... Ville is just ideal, unfortunatelly he will never find out about my existance.. or he will?... HIM is simply the best...

>>By BITCH   (Monday, 7 Apr 2003 13:10)

WEEEEEEEEELL...I'm so glad to see there are people who "LOVES HIM LIKE I DO" =)
You guys...isn't HIM like...the best band EVER???.
Jeez I just like them sooooo much. Check www.heartagram.com (their site) it has cool interviews and news about HIM and the guys, you're gonna love it if you don't know it yet.
I can't say which one it's my fave song because I like them all...well...maybe sigillum diaboli...I guess it depends...
...b y e p e o p l e...

>>By Jen   (Monday, 7 Apr 2003 23:39)

What the fuck is CKY?

>>By ???   (Saturday, 10 May 2003 18:15)

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