The Rasmus


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I don't get the meaning of the song In The Shadows. He sings about waiting for something, and then some women gets pulled into a mirror...... What is the point??

>>By Till63   (Wednesday, 18 Aug 2004 18:51)

There's 3 videos for that song. We got landed with the crappy one.

>>By i_love_lauri   (Thursday, 19 Aug 2004 01:17)

They were all quite crappy....

>>By Joris Spikkelaar   (Thursday, 19 Aug 2004 11:55)

It is not like the Virgin Prunes were the most popular band ever. As maybe the founders of the new Wave they never got the credits they deserved, but I don't think 16 year old kids should feel ashamed for not kn owing them.

>>By Joris Spikkelaar   (Thursday, 19 Aug 2004 11:57)

I've only seen 2 videos - the mirror one and the one with the bank robbery. They are both pretty crappy, but the mirror one is better. I think the point is that she's waiting to be pulled into a mirror, after which her life gets a lot better.

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Thursday, 19 Aug 2004 13:14)

OMG! uhm... The Rasmus got bottles thrown at them at the Reading festival and they had to leave the stage. I think Aki or Eero got one in the face and needed medical attention o.o; And its all becuase of the pictures Kerrang! published of them when they were 15-16 years old and messing around with music and dressing up in uh dresses... apparently. They only got through one song. But it happened to 50 Cent too, heh, god knows what he was doing there 0_o

>>By PatchworkDove   (Tuesday, 31 Aug 2004 21:00)

I heard about that, I feel so sorry for them!! Aparently it just wasn't "the right crowd" for them or something. Maybe it had something about those Kerrang! photos aswell, they were fairly un-rock... People think that they are just putting on the whole rock image to sell more records because they used to be quite pop. People also think they are coppying HIM, them both being Finnish and what not.

>>By Affyduck   (Tuesday, 31 Aug 2004 23:33)

unmitigated arse.

>>By monkeyfeet   (Tuesday, 7 Sep 2004 11:07)

I agree with monkeyfeet.

>>By Trenounde   (Tuesday, 7 Sep 2004 15:14)

ummm - the in the shadows song is about the band as whole and how they feel, stuff like that, just to answer Till63 quetion. and stupid nz only got the mirror video - what r the others like?

>>By Lucy Lion   (Thursday, 9 Sep 2004 13:31)

No doubt that The Rasmus are really a great band... i've wrote a letter to them... hope they write back... theyre music helped me a lot... thanks Rasmus

>>By GothPetty   (Sunday, 12 Sep 2004 18:39)

it was Eero who needed medical assistance... poor Eero... I think that trowing things at the ppl on stage is such imaturity

>>By GothPetty   (Sunday, 12 Sep 2004 18:41)

he was hit on the eye

>>By GothPetty   (Sunday, 12 Sep 2004 18:43)

I think that trowing things at the ppl on stage is such imaturity

That's probably why it mostly happens to bands that try to reach a teen audience, but suck.

What are the lyrics again:

"So guilty, Guilty Guilty....................
I feel so empty...empty empty....
I feel like a carry the world upon my shoulder"

Sorry, but leave teenangst to The Smiths, and bad poetry in the pages of collegekids schoolbooks.....

>>By Campking   (Monday, 13 Sep 2004 02:19)

The Rasmus don't suck.... Ppl suck they think theyre the best because they hit someone in the stage... and Eero could be blinded! and its
"Guilty, i feel so empty, yeahhhh, empty, you know how to make me feel...i never thought that the time and the distance between us made you so much colder...ill carry the world on my shoulders...."
It touches our hearts... They feel guilty because they have no time for their beloved friends and family and when they have, they just talk about the band they have no other subjects... i understand theyr suffering...

>>By GothPetty   (Monday, 13 Sep 2004 13:31)

Lucy Lion, the other videos are:
Finnish version of In The Shadows - The Robbers
European version of In The Shadows - The Crows/Ravens
American version of In The Shadows - The Haunted Mansion

>>By GothPetty   (Monday, 13 Sep 2004 13:32)

"Guilty, i feel so empty, yeahhhh, empty, you know how to make me feel...i never thought that the time and the distance between us made you so much colder...ill carry the world on my shoulders

It may touch your heart, but it keeps mine unmoved. it is a perfect example of bad teen poetry done by every teen across the world.

I personally hate bands who complain that their success is keeping them away from their friends and their families. It is a weak excuse for a song, and when you have a band you do it for yourself, and the touring for your fans, but mostly for fun. When they are not having fun, and feel home sick, they shouldn't write a bad song about it, but just quite and be with their so beloved friends and family.

(Actually the lyrics look abit like something I wrote when I was 15. But that was a song that people expected me to go out and change the world-especially myself- but I felt to weak. That song sucked as well.)

>>By Campking   (Monday, 13 Sep 2004 13:46)

I agree.

>>By Joris Spikkelaar   (Tuesday, 14 Sep 2004 20:53)

whatever... i bet that if they could, they would be with their friends and family... as they can't and don't have the time, they say it by the musics...

>>By GothPetty   (Thursday, 16 Sep 2004 15:26)

I don't think the lyrics are brilliant, but then all you have to do to write great lyrics is write something original that's filled with clever metaphors and literary devices... I like the Rasmus solely for their music, since I agree that the lyrics are pretty awful. Still, I'd say it's better than the average teen poetry. Bear in mind that some teenagers write REALLY bad poetry.

>>By Flake 1.6   (Saturday, 18 Sep 2004 14:23)

lol maybe... but i also like their lyrics... they have something that reflects moments of my life...

>>By GothPetty   (Thursday, 23 Sep 2004 16:22)

I could write something very mean now...... :-D

>>By Joris Spikkelaar   (Thursday, 23 Sep 2004 18:20)

Yeah the lyrics really arent the best but the music is great. I wonder how much English not being their native language affects the quality of their lyrics?
But as for stuff getting thrown at them - thats pathetic. I remember these morons abusing The Strokes at the Big Day Out coz they wanted Metallica to come out. And this total loser who thought he'd scream out abuse during a Muse concert whilst Matt (the lead singer) was in the middle of a quite song. People who abuse bands should not bother going to concerts.

>>By muse junkie   (Saturday, 25 Sep 2004 06:49)

Hmm...The Rasmus...I like their music but they are becoming more and more commercialized which sucks.What's with realeasing so many different versions of the album???Also hate the fact that Lauri Ylonen will be collabarating with Ville Valo and Apocalyptica in the new Apocalyptica single that will be released next month.Hope that song doesn't ruin Apo....

>>By suomirockfan83   (Thursday, 7 Oct 2004 07:28)

I've known of Rasmus for quite some time... But I do not know their music genre... What is it...??

>>By Grazyl   (Thursday, 7 Oct 2004 13:06)

Its described as Pop-Rock although many ppl and fans consider it Goth Rock

>>By GothPetty   (Thursday, 21 Oct 2004 18:51)

There is no way the Rasmus are anything even vaguely resembling Gohtic. They are most definitely pop-rock. And I'm a fan.

>>By Bitch Fit   (Thursday, 21 Oct 2004 20:13)

Well, lets see, I've only been interested in them since last that makes me a new aquaintance of their music, howerver I really enjoy them and wish them the best! they are quite goot and apart from them I feel mean what they say despite the whole language barrier ..I wish I could speack Finnish... maybe then I could like write to them and they would actually respond; apart from that I can't find their cd, maybe I can burn some songs. Any ideas which r great. I like 'In the Shadows', and 'Guilty', but can't say I now more then that, so if no one hads a problem suggesting new songs .. I'd totally appreciate it.

>>By EILA   (Monday, 8 Nov 2004 04:28)

What band would you say sounds closest to Rasmus...??

>>By Grazyl   (Monday, 8 Nov 2004 13:04)

The band that sounds closest to Rasmus? why that would be a band of talentless children locked in a room with no lights while eight burly wrestlers threw musical instruments at them.
Pure unmitigated arse.

>>By monkeyfeet   (Tuesday, 16 Nov 2004 22:47)

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