The Rasmus


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wow...a bit more comments and goddess will rip your eyes out...
of course Rasmus isn't so good know what...but since some people like it.... (don't think it includes me)...we shouldn't be comparing them....there'll be nothing left of Rasmus when we stop.......these people will loose their idols that way....

>>By HY -   (Saturday, 24 Apr 2004 14:30)

You know what? Do you mean HIM?
I don't think many people idolise the Rasmus. Sure, they're fairly cool but I prefer HIM and they're still not in my top 20 bands.

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Saturday, 24 Apr 2004 17:49)

no i haven't really heard of HIM
i think the rasmus are more famous coz of in the shadows i think it was a great deubt song
but it wasn't good enough to get to number 1
they song that was number 1 was great ne way

>>By unearthed_jellybelly   (Saturday, 24 Apr 2004 18:26)

No, that song is rubbish... It's just that "In the Shadows" was not a pop song like people claimed it to be. Who the Hell is Eamon for crying out loud? "In the Shadows" was not their debut. It was just the first single to be released after the new album. They have loads of older stuff, you know.

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Saturday, 24 Apr 2004 21:08)

it was their debut in england u twat
eamon is a pile of shit i hate him and that song shouldn't be numba ne more
but it won't be next week thats all i can say

>>By unearthed_jellybelly   (Sunday, 25 Apr 2004 21:51)

I only heard of HIM recently as in bout a year ago and have their Love Metal album. It is better than dead letters but starts to piss u off after a while. Dead Letters very good but as i saw someone else has said before the songs are all very similar to each other part from in the shadows.

>>By Sexylou   (Sunday, 25 Apr 2004 22:10)

how come it says 22:10 when at the moment its only 21:11.

>>By Sexylou   (Sunday, 25 Apr 2004 22:11)

the rasmus are sooo cool, but people keep saying they are like HIM, who are they?

>>By Fluffy_Bunny   (Monday, 26 Apr 2004 15:17)

oh you dont know who HIM are....they are the best band in the worrrrrld!....pleased to meet yah your sweet 666 godess...HIM's biggest fan!...i live for them and worship and adore me...if you like rasmus....then you will love HIM...not because the are simaliar to one another but because HIM are sooooooooooooo much better!
check out my profile it might give yah an idea wot HIM are all about seen as my whole profile is based on them
666 kisses sweethearts

>>By your sweet 666 godess   (Monday, 26 Apr 2004 17:37)

"they song that was number 1 was great" / "eamon is a pile of shit i hate him and that song shouldn't be numba ne" Way to contradict yourself... I'm not a twat - that's a pregnant fish.
This site is based in Germany, I think, although it must be hosted in America because it's a .com. So the site is one hour ahead of us. That's why the time comes up as one hour later. Or perhaps it's because the Rasmus are from Finland, who are one hour ahead of us... I'll have to check up on that some time.

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Monday, 26 Apr 2004 18:11)

Like soooooo ace

>>By magic butterfly kisses   (Monday, 26 Apr 2004 19:51)

im lovein in the shadows it is really wick!

>>By danielle1987   (Monday, 26 Apr 2004 20:28)

I love HIM, they r definitely better than the Rasmus, but rasmus r good 2. And guess what? I am seeing the rasmus live at the astoria!!!!!!! I cant wait

>>By fish4ever   (Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004 13:07)

and a prat is a pregnant fish not a twat

>>By fish4ever   (Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004 13:08)

No it's not...

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004 17:07)

and when the rasmus came into the charts first it was mcfly who was number 1
with the do do's

>>By unearthed_jellybelly   (Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004 17:11)


>>By Fluffy_Bunny   (Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004 17:17)

Trust me i kno fish (read the name) and i am sure it is a prat that is a pregnant fish. Well fairly sure...

>>By fish4ever   (Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004 23:36)

Heh, but I'm the one who called my PE teacher a twat (Christ, three times - I can't believe I did that) and got a lecture about it. Oh well, it's a stupid argument anyway. I mean, the Rasmus have more credibility than turning their discussion board into a conversation about pregnant fish, right?
Nooo, not McFly! A pox upon McFly. They've ripped off almost every band that came before them...

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004 23:45)

Ok I will stop with the pregnant fish...And i agree McFly are ripoffs and like pregnant fish they have no place on this notice board - so please please please lets keep them off it

>>By fish4ever   (Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004 23:59)

Rasmus are already gone, theyll release the ol classic, follow up single, which will be to too weak to even strive in the money making corrupt pile of shit that is the charts. The charts doesnt mean anything, apart from how empty headed the majority of you people who want a lame excuse of something to 'rock' to, the first thing you can find on the shelf, hear on the radio, or see on some music channel. It pisses me off..a lot.

>>By Max B   (Thursday, 29 Apr 2004 23:11)

You can't predict that, you never know they may surprise you and anyway i dont listen to the charts if anything a song being on the charts is more likely to make me not want to listen to it as i dont usually listen to that type of stuff.

>>By fish4ever   (Thursday, 29 Apr 2004 23:35)

If they can produce another keyboard hook that sounds like a guitar riff, they may just have another hit. As for the synbthesized reversing truck - wahey!

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Friday, 30 Apr 2004 00:11)

I can predict it, its happened too many times..

>>By Max B   (Sunday, 2 May 2004 12:20)

Yeah but this time mite be different, or they mite fade from the charts but stay around on channels like kerrang whihc is what most deccent music does.

>>By fish4ever   (Sunday, 2 May 2004 12:41)

Hey all, I found The Rasmus music on the net about a year ago, and only began to here In The Shadows played on the radio a few weeks ago - i can't believe it took that long and its, what, their fourth album? I've never heard of HIM, then again not much Finnish music gets played in Sydney, except if you count Darude and Bomfunk MCs and that died after B boys FLy girls.
fish4ever mentioned kerrang so are you from Oz?
So far the only Rasmus song I've heard is In The Shadows so I'm hoping they'll do okay out here. But considering bloody Eamon is still number one (what a furore his lyrics caused!) I don't know if there is much hope for R&B listeners to suddenly like rock. Boo-Hoo!!

>>By Jaxx   (Sunday, 2 May 2004 15:11)

Fucking hell...

>>By Max B   (Sunday, 2 May 2004 21:48)

Don't worry Eamon is number one here too...there is no excuse for it. I'm from england not Oz we have Kerrang here too.

>>By fish4ever   (Monday, 3 May 2004 23:06)

Don't mind ignorant (or geographically challenged) me, but what sort of band are HIM? Goddess will probably scratch my eyes out but someone mentioned Linkin Park, and you've all been arguing whether they're like Rasmus or not. What's the verdict?

>>By Jaxx   (Tuesday, 4 May 2004 11:37)

They call themselves love metal. They arent at all like Linkin Park and i dont really think they're much like the Rasmus either but they come from finland too so i guess thats why people are comparing them.

>>By fish4ever   (Tuesday, 4 May 2004 14:35)

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