The Rasmus


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She didn't exactly name him after him, she just stole the name because it's cute...........

>>By i_love_lauri   (Tuesday, 22 Jun 2004 14:57)

im usxing the rasmus page as a way to say...i still cant get opn the ville valo discussion....plea\s4e make it up to page 43

>>By ***your sweet 666 godess***   (Tuesday, 22 Jun 2004 15:05)

Lauri is really cool though i heard that he's gay n married with Eero... o.o... anyway Funeral Song, In The Shadows and Still Standing are very cool and makes our soul fly away... Lauri's voice is very nice and in F-F-Falling when Eero sings a lil with him its very very cool... what do u ppl think? is lauri better with his old blonde hair or with the dark one? I like him dark ^^ uuh hes more devilish now ^^ msg me if u want any of their musics

>>By GothPetty   (Tuesday, 22 Jun 2004 19:06)

I think the spiked hair looks better than the crazy feather thing, but his hair does look best in black. I heard that Eero is married but I'm not sure if it's with Lauri, you're crushing the hearts of all the little girlies out there that love him so, you are so mean GothPetty, lol. Though it would explain why Lauri wont say if he's single or not XD
I love F-F-F-Falling, its way better than In The Shadows but I think my fave songs would have to be Chill, Bullet and F-F-F-Falling. Oh! Has anyone seen the video for Guilty yet? They just released it as a single and I have to see the video, their vids are always so cool ^_~

>>By PatchworkDove   (Tuesday, 22 Jun 2004 21:10)

And yes, it was me who named my cat after Aki... kind of. Though it's more like stealing the cute name, as i_love_lauri has already pointed out ^_^

>>By PatchworkDove   (Tuesday, 22 Jun 2004 21:12)

Hey, did you guys know there's apparently a Swedish group called 'Rasmus'? Does anyone know what this word means?

>>By Jaxx   (Wednesday, 30 Jun 2004 08:17)

Stop talking about The Rasmus. No-one cares about them. And if they do, they're stupid.

>>By Undertone   (Wednesday, 30 Jun 2004 10:23)

It doesn't mean anything, they just made up a random word.

>>By i_love_lauri   (Thursday, 1 Jul 2004 14:47)

Oh, by the way, Undertone, why did you click onto this board if you don't like the Rasmus? And, in case you haven't noticed, there are 6 pages of people who care about them! So Har! Nobody cares about you!

>>By i_love_lauri   (Thursday, 1 Jul 2004 14:48)

What? Really? Aww, this is terrible. Excuse me while I cut my wrists with a surgical razor blade.

>>By Undertone   (Thursday, 1 Jul 2004 17:27)

What is it with people who get offended over bloody music? You like rock, I like rock, we all like rock, whats the god damn problem? Lets just kill all the the prepps and dance on their graves, yay!

And you would go and use a surgical one wouldnt you... not very hard core is it? You should just bash your face into a mirror and slit your wrists with the broken shards. Poser.

>>By PatchworkDove   (Friday, 2 Jul 2004 23:07)

Shut up, Rhys.

>>By Undertone   (Saturday, 3 Jul 2004 00:46)

I loooove the Rasmuns. I can´t stand pop like, Atomic Kitten, Britney...

>>By Naughty Girl!   (Saturday, 3 Jul 2004 12:39)

Can someone answer??????

>>By Naughty Girl!   (Saturday, 3 Jul 2004 12:40)

Yes, Atomic Kitten do suck, Britney sucks, pop definatly sucks, but The Rasmus do not ;)

>>By PatchworkDove   (Saturday, 3 Jul 2004 21:49)

Have you asked them to?

>>By Undertone   (Monday, 5 Jul 2004 03:34)

I agree with patchwork dove what the hell is all this fighting about, right yes undertone you shouldnt be in here if you dont like the rasmus but this isnt exactly an i love rasmus page its a discussion page, there are bound to be people who dont like them expressing there opinions. It all comes under the same damn catagory, however much you disagree with that the rasmus are still put in the rock catagory with him and whoever else, pop is really shit so shouldnt we be fighting with them instead of eachother.

>>By spookygoth   (Monday, 5 Jul 2004 16:53)

In the Shadows is a rip-off of a Children of Bodom song.

>>By Undertone   (Monday, 5 Jul 2004 16:57)

I see there is discussion going on here the pop is shit and rasmus is not. For those who missed out the last decades: Pop is short for popular, which is anything that hits the charts and makes singles to do so: thus Rasmus is shit according to your own theory. and I must say I do agree with that... To me Rasmus is one of the most redundant bands of the moment, I prefer to hear the danceable music of atomic kitten above the rip off "no we are not commercial" commercial sound of the rasmus... and believe me: atomic kitten isn't very high on my list of favorite bands.....

>>By Joris Spikkelaar   (Monday, 5 Jul 2004 17:17)

yes that is true about the pop meaning popular and although it may have hit the charts it is still not as popular as regualr pop if you get me? I think the rasmus are better than atomic kitten and i would much rather be listening to them and "dancing" to them. And if it is true that they ripped off a children of bodom song (who rock by the way i love them to death they are talented) then that would sugest that they are better than pop coz they listen to something with taste.

>>By spookygoth   (Monday, 5 Jul 2004 20:07)

Unfortunately spookygoth, they only ripped it off because there is a song called In the Shadows by CoB. But the two songs don't sound alike at all.
Anyway, my serious opinion of The Rasmus: they are very pop, and obviously aimed at a specific audience. But they are much better than the bubble-gum pop they have been compared to, E.g. Atomic Kitten. In the Shadows is really quite good, but I'm not really impressed by anything else from their album.

>>By Undertone   (Monday, 5 Jul 2004 20:42)

Maybe, but at least bubble gum pop doesn't have the pretence to be something more then that... I Agree with Joris on that. I believe that bubble gum acts as Atomic kitten have more to add to music then The Rasmus who claim to be something more then the rip off band they are. At least Atomic Kitten is honest in their flatness

>>By Campking   (Monday, 5 Jul 2004 23:43)

oh no i agree with you underone the album was abit of a let down too be honest. In the shadows was the best song on it and it wasnt a great song, it was good and better than bubble gum pop but the album wasnt anythng like it.

>>By spookygoth   (Tuesday, 6 Jul 2004 12:57)

It is a little annoying that they are viewed as an alternative act.

>>By Undertone   (Tuesday, 6 Jul 2004 19:33)

i suppose but i guess its alttle annoying the get classed as pop too. They arnt exactly pop but then again i wouldnt have put them with rock or alternative either. But yeah i just finished reading this article in a magazine on them and well they seem to think what they have done is pretty heavy compared to older stuff they have done so perhaps that is what rock is like in Finland. If thats the case its really kinda unfair to class them as pop here, they might have worked really hard to get classed as rock in Finland so it might not be there fault.

>>By spookygoth   (Tuesday, 6 Jul 2004 23:04)

I know much rockier bands from finland, and I don't think they use another classification system then the rest of the world of what is Rock and what is not. And Rasmus is defenatly not. First of all their songs don't rock, it doesn't make you wanna tap your feet, nod your hear or for that matter have a beer when you listen to it. Next to that it is to easy listening, then numbers are all written in the pop formula: not longer then 4 minutes, "catchy" refrain, easy to remember-semi-intelectual lyrics that you can also use in bars as "emotional one liners" to make a 16 year old girl go weak for you. There are no rough corners, no shocking breaks, no daring chords changes nor unexpected changes in the flat voice line. So therefor it is not rock, but pop brewed especially for all those who wanna follow the stream........

and only dead fish do follow th stream........

>>By Joris Spikkelaar   (Wednesday, 7 Jul 2004 11:59)

What do you classify as rock?
They may well not be Metal, Nu metal, Grunge etc.
But those are just more common types of rock.
And rock does have to make you want to "tap your feet" and If you drink beer every time you listen to it i fear for your kidneys. And the so called "pop formula" of songs being under four minutes... that is a rather pathetic argument. have you heard System Of A Down? their songs are frequently under two minutes, often under three. Are they pop?
And as for the "emotional one liner" part... I really need to hear the Rasmus songs you have heard.
And incidentally, rock music is defined better as music that was written with MEANING, and not for corperate profit.
Bear in mind that the Rasmus are FAR from mainstream. They are more like old-fashioned British Rock and Roll. Have you ever listened to Elvis Costello? That is a good comparitive.

All, in all.
Not a good argument thus presented by you Joris Spikkelaar.

I suggest you learn the definitive of "good music."
Only then dare you impune what you do not understand.

>>By Der Gothmann   (Wednesday, 7 Jul 2004 13:41)

This forum is funny... Everyone in Finland knows that they´re crap, I wonder how long it will take for you guys to realise that.

>>By NoNations   (Wednesday, 7 Jul 2004 13:51)

Oh and spookygoth, they´re not classified as rock in Finland, just as that lousy pop band that appears in every free consert..

>>By NoNations   (Wednesday, 7 Jul 2004 13:53)

I realize.........

As for Gothmann, though I might not agree with Joris's idea of Rock, I don't think that he doesn't know what is good music (he did some very fine remarks in other forums, so there must be something good about the guy. And he seems to believe I have a good taste, so..). Actually defending that The Rasmus is good music and people who don't see that don't know the defenition of Good Music for me proves that you don't know what is good music.

Though I start having a small doubt when you name Elvis Costello, but to bad you have to insult him by comaring the rasmus to his early work. They might have some wet dreams in ever achieving his level, but Elvis costello is really a different league then the copy cat leagua The Rasmus is moving around in, and they don't even manage to be the best in that competition.
But then with this comparison you do state that The Rasmus is POP, since Elvis Costello is not Rock either, but good POP (which does excist).

As for the Remark of Joris Spikkelaar about the 4 minutes songs. I believe you mean to say the 3.30 to 4 minute song. When you listen to the pop charts most songs are indeed no longer then 4 minutes and barely shorter then 3 and a half minutes. Singles therefor always or almost always have a radio edit. When your song is longer then this 3.30 to 4 minutes the effect is that you don't get or hardly any airplay, or you must be Michael Jackson, Madonna or another already fixed name.

And then using Rasmus lines as pick up lines wouldn't be to smart. I don't know which ones you would wanna use, but I am sure that if you make up something yourself, you'd probably get more success and you might even pick up a more adult woman. For everything you make up yourslef must be more original then a line written by The Rasmus.

And then last, but not least: drinking every time when you hear certain music sounds like an excuse for alcoholisme to me. But yeah, Rock is often related to beer and booze, and to drink while I have to hear The Rasmus would be very liable. I have to get rid of the depression some way (not an excuse for alcoholism: I don't need an exzcuzse, hip)......

>>By Campking   (Wednesday, 7 Jul 2004 15:19)

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