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U r_a_tard u're hysterical! lol
Nite nite I'm gonna kill you! Nah just kidding. I did accept that criticism of Muse is ok, just not pathetic insults like calling Matt a mince. Dont you agree that's a bit of a low blow?
My god when will we move on from the 'r Muse just copying Radiohead' topic?
And yeah you want diversity, listen to SS and then Unintended. Pretty damn diverse in my opinion.

>>By muse junkie   (Monday, 11 Oct 2004 22:16)

What are SS and Unitended - are they Muse songs?

Hi nite nite.

Are Muse just copying Radiohead? Is that a question? I think they are. But OK, move on.

>>By spikee   (Tuesday, 12 Oct 2004 01:52)

Hmmm... I think...

They do sound a bit different... What else shall we speak of...??

>>By Grazyl   (Tuesday, 12 Oct 2004 03:29)

i would never say anything bad bout Muse. the only point that mr pumpie had that we should listen to is that maybe we should start a Matt room - mmmmmmmm that sounds nice *gone off into a dream where im in a room full of Matt*

>>By nite nite   (Tuesday, 12 Oct 2004 08:00)

oooh! that sounds gud, a room full of matts....

>>By devon_girl   (Tuesday, 12 Oct 2004 18:07)

mmmm dont i know it

>>By nite nite   (Wednesday, 13 Oct 2004 11:15)

Doesn't sound too good to me... lol

>>By Grazyl   (Wednesday, 13 Oct 2004 12:32)

the first time i heard them, i fell in love with the singer-dude's voice.....what's his name?

>>By chi-chi   (Wednesday, 13 Oct 2004 20:55)

His name is Matt!
Ummm SS is short for Stockholme Syndrome and yes they are Muse songs, earth to spikee!!!!!
Where is the Matt room? Can i get a no-return ticket? ha ha

>>By muse junkie   (Wednesday, 13 Oct 2004 23:16)

no - they dont make return tickets - its one way or no way :)

>>By nite nite   (Thursday, 14 Oct 2004 11:39)

I said no-return didnt i? I'll take a one-way thanks

>>By muse junkie   (Friday, 15 Oct 2004 01:16)

I guess that's one difference between Muse and Radiohead.

Thom Yorke is damn ugly.

>>By spikee   (Friday, 15 Oct 2004 03:10)

yay im happy that finally people are starting to talk about muse again. I thought this forum was dead a little while ago. Maybe cuz Muse is getting more widely known. And plss people--no more talk about how Muse and Radiohead are similar. Cuz they aint

>>By u r_a_tard   (Friday, 15 Oct 2004 04:09)

Radiohead and Muse have their similarities, but only a little bit. Radiohead are a lot more varied and not just because they've been around longer. I can detect the similarities between all 3 of Muse's albums, even though they have some differences which of course identify them as different albums... all in all, I like the band, although they haevn't come up with much original stuff lately.

>>By Bitch Fit   (Friday, 15 Oct 2004 19:57)

There seems to be a big divide here between Muse fans who are obsessed with Bellamy's voice and Radiohead fans who think Muse are a ripoff.

Well I think Radiohead are by far the better band but I think Muse sound nothing like them. Cave could almost be off the Bends, but that's as far as the similarity goes I think.

Personally I think Muse are getting lazy now that they are so popular. Having said that I've never seen them live, and that would be an amazing experience.

As for arguing on the board.... I'm all for it. It's a waste of time reading the same frenetic, feverish praise again and again.

>>By Flagg   (Friday, 15 Oct 2004 21:01)

I've heard they're pretty boring live to anyone who's anyone less than an absoultely adoring fan. Apparently MAtt plays "the same piano intro" to almost every song. This is just what I've heard from friends of mine ho went to see Muse...
I do like Muse and don't think they're a rip-off of Radiohead. I'm not sure which band I like better. Radiohead as a whole are better musicians, but Matt Bellamy is one of the best musicians in the world, in my opinion.
However, I do agree that they're getting lazy, which is a great pity. Of course, a lot of bands do that. Why can't everyone be as dynamic as the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

>>By Bitch Fit   (Friday, 15 Oct 2004 21:05)

I think Muse are better than 90% of the American EMO bands. Haven't said that they have based themselves on the sound of The Bends and the harder-edge elements of OK Computer. It's a good sound, but they haven't really progressed (judging from the singles I hear on the radio).

I agree with Fit Bitch. Almost every band in the world at the moment is lazy, or else untalented. The latter is more often the case.

>>By spikee   (Saturday, 16 Oct 2004 03:00)

Oh no, I don't think almost every band in the wolrd is lazy/untalented. Well... to give an example, Metallica are pushing back the sound barriers and have a lot of talent. So are Slayer. Muse are of course rather talented, at least Matt is anyway, but they don't vary their sound. They are something freshand not entirely like Radiohead, ut they've not really changed their own sound in their career. They're still playing the same stuff as they did when they first started...

>>By Bitch Fit   (Sunday, 17 Oct 2004 00:30)

Metallica and Slayer have both been around since the 80s. They are not particularly good examples.

>>By spikee   (Sunday, 17 Oct 2004 03:09)

another thing that makes Metallica a bad example is that they suck.
sorry my bad with the tickets - but can you blame? im not allowed to leave - hard to think :)

>>By nite nite   (Sunday, 17 Oct 2004 05:44)

Metallica don't suck... but if you want modern examples, try System of a Down or Children of Bodom.

>>By Bitch Fit   (Sunday, 17 Oct 2004 12:56)

Metallica didn't suck... And System of a Down is great...

>>By Grazyl   (Monday, 18 Oct 2004 02:58)

System rock :) they are going to the big day out this year :)
lol - i still dont like Metallica - but that is just me . . . as i have found.

>>By nite nite   (Monday, 18 Oct 2004 09:57)

Nah, Metallica arent really my "thing" either, they r gud, its just not my "thing"..

>>By devon_girl   (Monday, 18 Oct 2004 21:52)

Flork deleted my last post so I will try again.

Who are Children of Bodom?

>>By spikee   (Tuesday, 19 Oct 2004 00:59)

A sorta Death Metal band...

>>By Grazyl   (Tuesday, 19 Oct 2004 01:32)

Doesn't sound like my kind of thing. Any good?

>>By spikee   (Tuesday, 19 Oct 2004 01:38)

Death Metal - im listining :)

>>By nite nite   (Tuesday, 19 Oct 2004 10:08)

Nite nite, don't listen to death metal!!!! Please?

>>By spikee   (Tuesday, 19 Oct 2004 14:36)

ok, who else here has heards bout the one off muse show in london coming up???? december 19th ppl!

>>By devon_girl   (Tuesday, 19 Oct 2004 18:04)

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