Blink 182


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first travis is the best drummer to answer ur question idontknowdotcom23 .and im not worried if blink breaks up.there new stuff sucks and the earlier stuff is purty cool.i mean come on how can u like there new stuff.redwhiteout how can u like missing u.that song sucks.i think blink should split it'll give travis more time with his other stuff.

>>By rancid   (Saturday, 17 Apr 2004 05:37)

oh ok thanks rancid! i agree "i miss you" is probably their worst song....

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Saturday, 17 Apr 2004 11:07)

Who knows i think i like it very much!!!!!! this is the song that i think i never heard before. but inn thailand have blink 182 but the problem is it was so hard to find so i have to buy it in the America( under ground) i like the song so much

>>By Tay   (Monday, 19 Apr 2004 05:12)

Oh come on it was so nice

>>By Tay   (Monday, 19 Apr 2004 05:13)


>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Monday, 19 Apr 2004 13:17)

i dont think miss u is there worst song....i think there hole cd is there worst song lol.but thats just what i say.u dont have to believe me.its funny because plp think there punk but there nothing like it eaither.

>>By rancid   (Tuesday, 20 Apr 2004 05:40)

Guys blink regardless are a great fuckin band and do play live gigs shitty, but fuck they are entertaining, if u dont like blink see if ur dick can reach ur asshole and fuckurself, BLINK fuckin kick ass, btw any1 here into sunk loto? and rancid wat shit u into?

>>By Effected   (Tuesday, 20 Apr 2004 12:37)

Btw guys any1 into sum sick rock//heavy rockshit dig into these bands.... sunk loto///superheist///the butterfly effect, peace lads im fuckin tired..

>>By Effected   (Tuesday, 20 Apr 2004 12:38)

well its all opinion effected, i like blink i just dont care at all for their new stuff, and i would go onto a mindless rant but i've already done that twice on this page... i have my reasons for hating their new cd, but i love their old stuff so dont think i'm completely anti blink... because im not

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Tuesday, 20 Apr 2004 14:28)

ya i agree with idontknowdotcom23.only i dont love there old stuff.but i do think there old stuff is cool.but i do like rancid,transplants and operation ivy.i love thoughs bands.then i also like offspring,mxpx,3 doors down and zebrahead and also gold finger.

>>By rancid   (Wednesday, 21 Apr 2004 00:28)

i love rancid, the transplants the offspring and 3 doors down too :) but i havent heard much of operation ivy or zebrahead. thanks for agreeing :)

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Wednesday, 21 Apr 2004 16:04)

Yo no problem.if u like blink then thats u im not going to try to make u hate them or like them any less.but its cool i can talk 2 u with out agruing.

>>By rancid   (Friday, 23 Apr 2004 01:48)

....Jesus guys comeon - are we talking about REAL music here or are we gonna try and pretend that Blink IS real music? Do you not think they are just a LITTLE bit fabricated and plastic? PUNK? Dont insult the punk genre by assuming a pussy band like this even comes anywhere near it.....thats not a hrad thing to ask.

>>By Zeffa   (Friday, 23 Apr 2004 03:37)

they are a punk/pop...its a little punk...but also they have the pop side to them too...what do you consider punk Zeffa?

>>By KaylaD   (Friday, 23 Apr 2004 08:09)

i do NOT label music but i can safely say that blink are not what people consider to be punk, if put into a genre of music, they would definently go under pop punk. i hate how people who hate blink always use that argument even if the fans dont think its punk... but i dont put music in genres because its stupid..

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Friday, 23 Apr 2004 11:22)

This is the first time I have ever done that...I was just sayin...if they were to be put into a genre of music it would be pop/punk...thats all I was sayin...sry if i pissed you off...

im out

>>By KaylaD   (Friday, 23 Apr 2004 18:51)

oh no sorry i didnt mean to filter any anger at you! it was towards zeffa! dont worry you didnt do anything wrong :) you're right, it would be pop/punk!

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Friday, 23 Apr 2004 19:32)

Actually I hate punkrock and thats why i don't like blink 182...And thats why The song "miss you" isn't that bad (except the lyrics - they are pretty stupid, like all of their songs:), because it's not punkrock anymore...I think blink 182 is getting worser and worser...:)

>>By Jaunelis   (Friday, 23 Apr 2004 22:59)

worser and like that...funny sh*t

>>By KaylaD   (Monday, 26 Apr 2004 06:56)

Ok they suck, they have no musical talent what so ever, and then classify themselves as punk?? have you never heard of the sex pistols, and travis is not the best drummer in the world, ever heard of Tool?? ok their drummer Danny Carey is possibly one of the greatest drummers of all time. Blinks sinegr has no tonal range, you could imatate him by squeezing your nose and whining. They never were funny, their humor sucks and that is all they ride on, notoriouse married men pretending that they are in high school.
here ends the lesson

>>By vlad_dracula   (Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004 12:33)

Hard words..:)))But true..

>>By Jaunelis   (Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004 17:23)

vlad_dracula, i have actually heard of the pistols and love them, i have heard of tool but not too keen. yeah i dont actually think travis is that much of an amazing drummer and there are probably better ones out there.... tom (guitarist/singer), i agree doesnt have a very good voice, especially onn the new album and yeah theyre all married but sing about stuff that goes on in high school. you have a point but i dont fully agree with it

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004 17:51)

ya man i agree with except about travis.he rocks.but its true all they sing about is high school shit over and over again.dont they know anything else.

>>By rancid   (Monday, 3 May 2004 01:12)

yeah but maybe the "high school shit" is what a lot of people can relate to, which might have been why their new album isnt as good as their older stuff because they dont sing about stuff people can relate to very well but hey thats just my opinion

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Monday, 3 May 2004 13:07)

travis is really really hottt

>>By luvin mc   (Monday, 3 May 2004 19:27)

yes he is luvin mc

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Monday, 3 May 2004 23:49)

i like the high school stuff.u know how they sing about it but thats all they do.i wish they try something new.

>>By rancid   (Tuesday, 4 May 2004 04:59)

Travis should leave Blink182.

>>By nOel_x3   (Tuesday, 1 Jun 2004 23:51)

Why the Hell would he want to do that?

>>By Flake 1.6   (Monday, 7 Jun 2004 12:07)

travis leaving blink? why wud u even say that, he is the best drummer in the world

>>By luvin mc   (Monday, 7 Jun 2004 20:02)

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