Blink 182


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Punk can be popular, but not by means of MTV and corperate radio. That's considered selling out, because punks are against that kind of stuff.

I don't want complete anarchy. I am more into the philosophy.

Do you think that real punk doesn't exist? LMAO!!

The Virus, The Unseen, Oxymoron, A Global Threat, The Exploited, Total Chaos, etc. There are lots of real punk bands today! NOFX is basically punk, and they are popular. However, they didn't sell-out. Punk can be popular, as long as they did it without the help of what we are against. Punks don't force anything on anybody. We just speak our mind.

You have refered to my age ebfore, but you're only a year older. That's stupid. With that logic I could call you boy. I didn't call you stupid, I called what you said is stupid. I don't think you're stupid, just wrong. I think you lack understanding fo teh true essence of punk. Many people don't know about real punk today, I don't blame them. It's because we don't exploit ourselves like buffoons on MTV. I don't care if a band I like gets popular, as long as they don't contradict themselves. AFI got popular, they were ok. They sold out now though.

"Such a short time". I guess a year makes a big difference, doesn't it? You? Smartest person? How conceited. Seriously, I have meet some pretty smart people. I'm probobly on "par" with you.

I don't speak of the past. I speak of now. True punk hasn't changed much, believe it or not. True punk is everywhere. MTV bands are nto punk, because they are teen angst. Punk is not about teen angst.

I don't care what you have to say about the past. I listen to old bands, but I also listen to new. Punk is alive, and they are still touring around america. Punk is not as big, because mainstream things have hurt it. That's why I don't like Blink-182. They don't believe in punk rock, they don't live punk rock. They just play music that sounds punk.

>>By Goatt   (Saturday, 3 Jan 2004 02:18)

BTW, I listen to more new punk bands then old. So no, I am not living in the past. I am living in the now, because punk hasn't changed much.

>>By Goatt   (Saturday, 3 Jan 2004 02:23)

Sk8a H8a. You said punk is not a lifestyle, its a style of music. You know nothing about it, so why don't you shut up.

On a lighter note, I like Blink 182, despite their reputation. They stay true to themselves, and that earns my respect.

>>By Jonny   (Saturday, 3 Jan 2004 07:59)

What do you mean, I know NOTHING about it? It's been scientifically proven that we can't know anything about anything, but that's not the point. You're just being very hypocritical because although I don't know nothing about punk, you don't know anything about me. For all you know I could be a living encyclopedia on punk.

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Saturday, 3 Jan 2004 14:03)

Dude, what you've said proves you hardly know anything about punk.

>>By Goatt   (Saturday, 3 Jan 2004 21:29)

No, it proves that nobody know anything at all about punk, child.

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Saturday, 3 Jan 2004 22:03)

You are a riot, you know?

You're not half as smart as you think you are. "Nobody knows anything about punk". What a load of bull. Just because you have a certain tone of voice and call me child doesn't make you smart. You're a year older than me.


Punk is definate. So fuck you. Oh no I cussed. [runs around screaming]

>>By Goatt   (Sunday, 4 Jan 2004 01:46)

punk is a lifestyle, but it doesn't mean it's not music either. lifestyle includes music, but punk isn't all music. listen to the clash and you'll get what i mean. i listen to punk, but i know that doesn't make me a punk. i believe that punk means being yourself, having your own opinion and not caring what the hell everyone else think or say about it, but after all everyone defines 'punk' differently, so get over this argument please. i've seen way too many of this

>>By forgetmenot   (Monday, 5 Jan 2004 10:38)

BLINK182 IS A GOOD BAND bt if u dont like them every1 has different opinions so who cares :D

>>By Linkin park Rules   (Wednesday, 7 Jan 2004 04:38)

ok im not a massive obssesive blink fan...theyre old stuff is much much much better than their new stuff. their new album just isn't them...ok but thats not why im talking on this thing...this is to everybody who actually can be bothered to spam this chat. ok i wuz gunna say that if u truly are a "punk rocker" or watever u want to call it, you wouldnt have to care about other ppls music and you woulldnt actually be bothered with it! but why you come on here just to diss other peoples music justbecause you don't particularily like it... and to look "hard" is completely beyond again, i don't particularily like blink and they did sort of sell out but im not gunna go on and say "oh they suck theyre absolute posers theyre pop!" why must all of you label music? wut is the point? so if you don't like it thats fine but u don't have to go on and make other people feel bad just for your benefit...thank done now.

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Saturday, 10 Jan 2004 21:33)

just wanna thank goatt for his many ppl come in here and just "scream" back and forth at eachother meaningless things without really even having a point, or reasons 2 back themselves up. thank you goatt for making sense, having a point, and a brain :-D

oh yea and i like some of blink 182's stuff...mostly their old stuff...the girl at the rock show and those kinda songs suck though

>>By callme_8675309   (Monday, 12 Jan 2004 07:17)

Ok first i wanted to say for all the people who dont like blink thats fine but why oh why waste your time saying they suck I dont understand.Well Blink 182 is a good band because not only do the have funny music but they can be serious.I love tom delonge more than any guy but,I also disagree with the person who said he was the "maddest" player they have ever herd.when you think that you have never listened to RUSH or Zepplin.....
dont get me wrong i LOVE blink more than those other bands but you cant compare tom delonge to geddy lee(rush),it doesnt work.NOW let me make this PERFECTLY CLEAR....YOU FUCKING ROOBS THAT COME ON HERE AND PUT PEOPLE DOWN FOR LOVING A BAND, ARE GAY!! you are allowed to like who ever you want to like those are your rights. BUT dont come on to a FUCKING SITE where people are trying to express how they feel about a band and put them down!
if you dont like the swearing tell mommy im sure she will make every thing better
i LOVE thomas matthew delonge and i want to fuck him.......
and if any one doesnt like it they can eat CHODA....cause i dont give a fuck!
P.S.if you dont like blink i dont care keep it too your self!!

>>By erinlovestom   (Sunday, 29 Feb 2004 03:12)

ok im not here to put any one down but erinlovestom are u fucking gay or something.u want to fuck thomas delong,man thats sick.but i agree with idontknowdotcom23.he's right.u shouldnt be out there trying to put down other people about there bands.if they like a band who fucking cares.why should u make there stuff part of ur life to worry about.but i do think blink sucks.there new stuff so totally sucks.there old stuff like budda,chasard,dude ranch and even enama is good but there new stuff like take off ur pants and jacket and there newest cd sucks.i use to be the biggest blink fan around.i thought they rocked but man once they came out with take off.........i totally lost interest in them.but i love there humer.they crack me up.there always messing around,thats what a punk band should be like.but i dont consider blink to be punk at all.i think there leaning towards hip hop.but thats only my apeinin(sorry cant spell)so dont get all worked up and get mad.but if u guys want to get into a good band with some talent try rancid.later.

>>By rancid   (Friday, 26 Mar 2004 02:12)

i think travis rocks.hes the best drummer out there.he rocked in transplants thats where he belongs.i was reading some of the pages and someone said blink broke that true?could someone clear that up for me i would apereshate that thxs.

>>By rancid   (Friday, 26 Mar 2004 02:28)

Well... a good way to know what Sk8a H8a knows about punk is to tell you all that he thinks Avril Lavigne is punk. According do Sk8a H8a, MTV makes a band punk...

As for the dictionary version of punk... who the hell looks in a dictionary to find out about punk? That alone means you know nothing of punk. A dictionary sets rules and guidelines, it may tell you what the word 'punk' means, but it won't tell you what it is. While I don't listen to punk (metalhead here) I have been arguing for a long time in the Avril Lavigne form about it. She claims she is punk, I disagree... and Sk8a H8a, like a good MTV drone, believes that she is punk because Carson Daily told him so.

I don't really like Blink-182, but I did respect them for doing their own thing. I think it is time to educate Sk8a H8a:

MTV- Money obsessed company that will tell you anything to gain a buck. What they say is a lie and butchers music. For example: MTV Metallica Tribute- They had Avril Lavigne perform Fuel, They had Snoop Dogg rap a song, and many other artists who nothing of Metallica performed. The only band that was metal was KoRn. Do any of these bands have anything to do with metal (other than KoRn)? No, MTV didn't make a tribute... they made a money scheme, they don't care about the music.

Punk - Opinions, lifestyle, Attitude, Music (in whatever order you want)... oh yeah, if you read this and believe it, then you aren't punk.

Sk8a H8a - Obviously knows nothing about music. Thinks intelligence level depends on age, obviously a weed smoking jackass. My advice to him: Shut up cunt.

You look like a major skud Sk8a H8a, shave the peach fuzz you consider facial hair. Stop smoking the weed and whacking off to Carson Daily and form your own opinion, don't follow the masses and believe what MTV tells you.

>>By HomeInTheCoal   (Friday, 26 Mar 2004 06:05)

when you guys are done with your ego stroking this is a blink 182 discussion

>>By therion   (Saturday, 27 Mar 2004 06:29)

they roc they rule they r so fit i love them

>>By Sexy Bunny   (Tuesday, 30 Mar 2004 17:35)

Blink 182 is an awesome band... Their song "Adams Song" is an awesome song... My history teacher called Blink a "sissy pants" band... Not really sure what a sissy pants band is bu I didn't like the fact that it had the word sissy in it... Just because Travis broke his foot and they cancled the tour doesn't mean any thing... People say "So what... The drummer of Def Lepord drums with one arm... And he couldn't play with a broken foot?" I don't get it... Oh well...

>>By LilHottieCowGirl   (Tuesday, 30 Mar 2004 17:58)

it might have been the foot that he used for the bass drum.... i dunno haha blink is an ok band but what are they trying to pull with their new "serious" stuff? ok cool

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Tuesday, 30 Mar 2004 22:08)

i think blink has no talent except for travis.hes the only resone there still there.and when he broke his foot they didnt cancel the tour.he played with his left foot. and for all u people argying about punk and its life style,its what u make of it.people try to be punk to be cool but its what u think it is and theres no point in argying about stop all this horse shit about it.there is no defantion of punk.its what u think it is.

>>By rancid   (Friday, 2 Apr 2004 04:23)

Blink182 is awesome. They win alot of people with the personality, but they have some how changed there way. Miss you, the song is too strange, and I cant believe they would make a music video like that. Some dumbass weird german punker guy created the idea for it. I dont know y they made it like that or even put it on. Its crazy!

>>By Redwhiteout   (Friday, 2 Apr 2004 04:30)

Even though miss you the song is pretty good.

>>By Redwhiteout   (Friday, 2 Apr 2004 04:32)

Ummm.....I think Blink 182 is okay...I don't really listen to them a lot...but my friend let me listen to them on his ipod today. I guess I sort of like them because they remind me of an early forerunner of Simple Plan...they're not bad I guess...I'll have to listen to more of their music....then I will decide if they are comparable to the best...uh...CLAY AIKEN!!!

>>By Hermione   (Wednesday, 14 Apr 2004 04:35)

an early forerunner of Simple Plan? aren't mark and tom in simple plan? and im confused..... is mark and travis in box car racer? or is it just travis? or did mark do a few songs with bcr? i think blink 182 are really trying too hard now. what happened? they were so much better as a joke band or whatever you want to call it! they had a few serious songs (adams song, man overboard) and that really evened out all the funny stuff that they had. people could really relate to their music because, even though they were sometimes meant to be funny, they were really very true! nobody wants or at least i dont want to hear "i miss you, i miss you, where are you and im so sorry etc etc" because its all just way too cliche.... so many of these serious bands sing about that kind of stuff, and now blink has just kind of faded into all that. theyre not different anymore! they were the comic relief, the teenage band that many people could really relate to... i personally think their only good new song is "feeling this" let the abuse begin!

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Wednesday, 14 Apr 2004 12:57)

you people are crap. you don't know who Twiggy Ramirez is?! What's wrong with you? and to whoever was mean to him about his name, look at the music that you listen to!! Honestly. tsk tsk. enjoy your disgustingly simple and tedious pop music, love Miss Twiggy.

>>By miss_twigglet   (Thursday, 15 Apr 2004 11:18)

lol twiggy ramirez? i havent heard of it... what kind of music is it?

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Thursday, 15 Apr 2004 11:48)

Twiggy isn't a type of music, he's a person. and a sexy one at that. He's the cutie in the dress with the long black dreads who plays bass for Marilyn Manson. damn good bassist aswell

>>By miss_twigglet   (Friday, 16 Apr 2004 06:56)

oooh cool! sorry i didnt know :)

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Friday, 16 Apr 2004 23:54)

going back to blink, i have a question. ive heard a lot of rumors and heard people debating about the "best drummer in the world" is travis, in fact the best drummer in the world? because thats one of the rumors i have heard.....i have also heard that dave grohl is the best in the world, which seems more likely.... does anybody know the truth?

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Saturday, 17 Apr 2004 00:00)

Ok i love Blink, Travis has influenced my drumming to no end, they know how to take a simple riff and a solid beat and turn it into a great song, a lot of their lyrics are top shelf and funny, but fuck me why, of all the tours theyve ever done did travis decide to break his foot a week before their sydney show. Motherfuck i been waiting 4 months for this shit, they arent back here till september so Rancid, if you were worrried about them breaking up i doubt its true. Also a drummer playing with one foot will still have an effect but theres no double bass or hihat accents, that kinda takes the edge off it.

>>By Squire   (Saturday, 17 Apr 2004 00:18)

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