Blink 182


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wow that was funny it beats def jams comedy. jkshfg fkjhagfkjbfdj,mc bcmbvjew,gfbvchmxgvhwanfdbv,mndsbvh.does that make you laugh?
how about this :mln (im giving you the finger) i hope you found that ammusing.
cause your posts are fuckn funny

>>By jazmin   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 05:06)

Does anyone know a website were you download free music?

>>By Lisa   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 05:22)

bitch you go kill yourself and your girlfriend riot whore!!!
>>By jazmin

Neither of us are lesbians
I have never even met Artemis
Riot whore-another totally original comment

>>By Riot Girl   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 16:58)

you just just fucking leave already!!! you're nothing but a dumb bitch!
do you even like blink182... cuz if you don't... what the hell are you doing here?!!?
and there's nothing wrong with gothic people....

>>By Nicole   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 17:02)

I was a goth and know loads of other goths and they are really nice people.
And they werent hated half as much as you are here, what is the point of turning on your computor every day to sit and read for hours a whole load of abuse being thrown at you I mean dont you have something better to do?

>>By Riot Girl   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 17:15)

You did the middle finger backwards dumbass, its nIm. And it wasn't that ammusing since it is very old school. And what is with the random letters, i don't speak and/or read idiot language.

Riot Girl:, she does not have anything better to do, and she is so stupid that she has now finally chosen to professionally (yet without pay) try and amuse me. She is doing a very poor job at the moment. aaahhhhhhhh wellll....cheers!

>>By Artemis   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 23:57)

Hey Artemis
did you invent the other message board?

>>By   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 02:10)

Me and emoboy created huh

>>By Artemis   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 02:33)

blink 182 has great music but like all things people should not argue over them. everybody has their own opinion this is a site to post it so dont start arguing over it.

>>By nobody important   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 03:34)

fuck you artemis!!! nichole if you've noticed half the ppl on this site don't like blink ok bitch now go fuck off.

>>By jazmin   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 04:41)

Are you a compleate idiot there is no h in Nicole. Talk about people not liking Blink more than half the people on this board dont like you. Take your own advice and fuck off.

>>By Riot Girl   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 15:05)

yah jazmin bithc! learn how to fucking spell... thanx Riot Girl!
And Artemis, yah i think it kicks ass man!

>>By Nicole   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 17:03)

Oops... i mean Bitch... lol

>>By Nicole   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 17:05)

I think not guys and gals Blink 182 like suxs bannana ass i think there album stinks due to there looks and ugly punkish rocky bulrinkle crap like it is the worst i've ever uhhhh heard like who beats BSB (back side boys uhhh i mean back street boys) or the dafney agularia or my bestes friende britany spikeys and by the way if you read those im seeing my consultant about a growth spurt like that to.

So like oh my god by the way Stink 180 poo is just not my kind of stuff you punky freaky ugly but sexyyyyyy boys by the way call me my # is 555-555-5555 =) or I.M. at anthea94 i want your pictures of your butty if you have the oranges to do it

dont forget call me at 555-555-5555
or Instant message me at anthea94

huggs and kisseys

,sweaty chick with $$$$$$$

>>By justonian14   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 17:08)


Is that all you can say..."fuck you artemis"......oh, and my name is in capitals darling, unlike yours. Man, you don't even think you are important enough to capitalize your name. But i forgive your stupidity.

>>By Artemis   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 18:32)

who the hell are you? and why the hell are you here?

>>By Nicole A.K.A *Nikki*   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 22:01)

Who am I?

Now that is a hard question.

>>By By justonian14   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 23:59)


>>By ha ha   (Friday, 11 Jul 2003 00:35)

Green Day, AFI, The Sex Pistols, and Hatebreed are way better and can sing better than Stink 182! Go listen $^@gots!

>>By commclyde07   (Friday, 11 Jul 2003 15:26)

here it is, this band doesn't give a #$*& about making good music just money, and their fans don't appreciate real music you teeny bopping @$^*ers, go @&%@ yourselves

>>By underwear_stain   (Friday, 11 Jul 2003 15:28)

Okay.. this band has no talent what so ever.. don't buy this crap.. if this is what you think music is.. I'd run to the nearest medicine cabnet and swallow all the pills, possibly try choking on them.. this bands musical talent is equlvilent to me sticking my hand up a dogs as$ and telling it to speak.. you guessed it out its a$$.. so if you want some real music .. humm buy ANYTHING BUT THIS CRAP

>>By vintagerock24   (Friday, 11 Jul 2003 15:28)

The lead singer is trying way too hard, it sounds like he's about to die or give birth or something. The drummer might as well just shove those drum sticks up his ass,he'd play much better, and that other pig, he doesn't deserve my time. Listen to something good..

>>By stonecoldchic_69   (Friday, 11 Jul 2003 15:29)

this is what music is coming to!!?? i mean come on any video that has 3 naked guys chasing each other naked sounds pretty gay to me.

>>By premiumpetro   (Friday, 11 Jul 2003 15:31)

They are a stupid band with stupid toilet humor lyrics and can't grow up.

I HATE BLINK 182!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By i_am_a_moron2002   (Friday, 11 Jul 2003 15:34)

These guys at the perfect example of a bunch of college dropouts who sing a few simple lyrics in the microphone to catch the attention of girls aged 10-20. They have no talent, they are no better than britney spears or backstreet boys, in fact they're worse, because they attempt to be funny with corny sex comments or immature streaking in their videos. I dont wish they any bad luck, as in 5 years they'll have whats coming to them, nothing, exactly nothing. $*@* blink 182

>>By devastant   (Friday, 11 Jul 2003 15:35)

go fuck urselfs god blink is not a die hard serious spill your guts band all they want is to have a gd time
fuckin hell!!!

>>By shakster   (Friday, 11 Jul 2003 18:25)

Fuck people!!
If you don't like the band... why the hell are you on here!!
Go fuck yourself and get outa here!!!!!!

>>By Nicole   (Saturday, 12 Jul 2003 01:13)

This is @%^%! Complete and total &#%@! I would rather shove a cow up my ass with no lube than listen to this garbage..They should play this crap on death row so all the prisoners commit suicide instead of us gassing them! If this is the future of music, kill me now so I don't have to be objected to this godforsaken punishment..May God save us all from this poser bull$*##..

>>By hardyz_2xtreme_fan   (Saturday, 12 Jul 2003 18:49)

oh yeah, i buy the album, hearing they got serious even though not all their dumb stuff was bad, i decided to get this album. i listen in, and i hear CRAP, POP, TEENIE BOPPERING POSERS! maybe im being too harsh there, BUT this album is nothing of what I expected and i can't stand when people say "blink 182 i soooooo punk" HA, that bull@%%^. they are pop and thats all theyll ever be. DONT BLINK MEE!

>>By backwardshatpunk   (Saturday, 12 Jul 2003 18:51)

How come you joke about suicide but cant write a fucking swear word. What is with all this @#'#^ crap?

>>By Riot Girl   (Saturday, 12 Jul 2003 21:54)

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