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Let's get this right, Blinky 182 are not punk. Punk was a name/Label given too the bands of the 1970's. Some wankey journalist in London, after seeing the Sex Pistols [1976] said they were PUNK,Meaning Worthless Person,Because of the way they dressed and portrayed their act on stage.The clothes thay wore at first was'nt Punk It was all they had,They were poor so they had to rearange the clothes they had. The Pistols never said they were punk .They were four kids who formed a band, to play Their music their way. So my point is, Fucking MANIQUIN Bands, it dos'nt mean any thing no more,The shock horror factor has finished[1978] Blink 182 are more folk Music than the label PUNK they want to be thrown in the trash with the rest of the crap bands ,Like that supid little girl who sings about skater boys.They take your money ,live in massive gaffs [Houses] how can that be PUNK......P. S. EVER GET THE FELLING OF BEING CHEATED [John Lydon 1978]

>>By Hedgie   (Saturday, 27 Sep 2003 01:08)

yes blink 182 IS punk! no they DONT suck!
And Mark is hott!!!
i love Mark!
Mark i love you and im gonna marry you and have your love child!

>>By Marks_future_wifey   (Wednesday, 8 Oct 2003 17:47)

Eww, that's sick. You groupies are annoying. I bet Mark would hate you if he met you. How can you have your husband's love child?
In my opinion Blink 182 are punk. Punk is a style of music, not a lifestyle. The people who turn it into a lifestyle and call bands like Blink 182 posers for making lots of money are posers themselves. The difference between Blink 182 and a "real" punk band is that Blink 182 are playing punk music to a mainstream audience. Music should be played to lots of people rather than restricted. Big up to Blink 182, even though what they're doing isn't very original.

>>By Sk8er H8er   (Wednesday, 8 Oct 2003 21:12)

Yes, touche, Sk8er H8er.

>>By Jack_is_hot_12   (Thursday, 9 Oct 2003 04:44)

the classifycation of a type of music is not chosen by the band itself, but the public who buy and listen to their music. since this is the case, Blink 182 must be classified asw punk. punk is a very broad term, so to clarify, i am speaking of modern punk music, not 70's punk music. examples would be green day, anti-flag, and AFI. However, evry genre has subgenres, and blink 182 would have to fit in the "emo" category. this is simply because their lyrics are about girls, and not about the problems of society.

>>By Edwardo   (Thursday, 9 Oct 2003 06:45)

Edwardo, you are one of the only people I know that knows about the public sticking a genre to a band. Punk is a very broad, and widely used term. It is used to often, and everyone want to be punk. Why? Isn't cool? I'd rather like myself for being myself than trying to have the "cool" fashion statement, if that's what punk is. I don't understand why people always talk about bands not being "punk" and how the "pop-punk" bands are soft. What the hell is that? It's called playing music you want to play. We shouldn't even use the term punk, it's a crappy word with a multitude of meanings (from the fans). If you hate blink-182 so much, don't listen to it then. I'm not complaining about your music. There is no point in complaining, on most occasions, it doesn't change the person's view. Also, blink-182 writes about girls, love, divorce, and all those human emotions, mainly because it's easier for people to relate to. Most people like music where they can relate to the lyrics.

>>By Atticus   (Saturday, 18 Oct 2003 22:25)

Oh, plus did blink-182 say they're punk? I doubt they did. The world calls them, punk, when infact we haven't even heard their opinions. So stop whining about how they aren't punk! Does it matter what genre it lies in? Would it matter if you liked a song and it wasn't in the genre you usually listen. I hope not.

>>By Atticus   (Saturday, 18 Oct 2003 22:27)

I think this whole label argument is bit of a waste of time myself. Personally it does irritate me that crap bands like Blink 182 and Greenday and all the little clones of them that have sprung up recently are called punk, but does it really matter what we call them? As long as people can understand the difference between the punk of the 70's, which was a genuine attempt by bands like the sex pistols and the clash to express frustration with society, and 'modern punk' which only aims to produce catchy, adolescent lyrics sung to easy to listen to, boring bar chord riffs, the name 'punk' doesn't matter that much.

P.S. all these fans of modern 'punk' music should listen to "Know your rights" by the Clash. Then maybe they will understand why the music called punk these days is a joke.

>>By ScottyG   (Sunday, 19 Oct 2003 02:43)

The trouble is that people don't recognise the difference between 70s punk and modern punk. To modern punk fans it's all the same.

>>By L8er Sk8er H8er   (Sunday, 19 Oct 2003 14:52)

And that's the problem. We have so many subcategories of punk, when we say it we could mean about 5 well-known meanings, and then on top of that we've got other peoples opinions.

>>By Atticus   (Sunday, 19 Oct 2003 20:56)

oh shut up ur all a bunch of posers discussing how "punk" blink182 about how much u all love em 4a change and quit dissin em cos its fucking gay but NEHU their nu sound aint too diffrent but its sommit2think about when ur depressed cos u just got dumped in highschool.while drinking.again.

>>By skitzo_hater_inMe   (Thursday, 30 Oct 2003 19:46)

After ready various posts, i must let it out and put in my input regardless if anyone reads this.. its just an urge, that has to be met.

1. The word poser, should go in the same catagory as whatever (snob term i call it..), they both annoy the shit outta me.. aswell poser is another way of judging someone, which no one has no right to do.

2. who cares what is punk or not punk, its not about the label its about the music, its eathier you enjoy it or dont enjoy it...when someones in a band they write,sing whatever they want.. and if they write it themselves its usually from a personal expierence..... and its more enjoyable and you really get into the song if it relates to you... so no one has any right to say what sucks and what does.. there is something for everyone..

3. i myself when i was younger use to think blinks music was too depressing for me, but then again i never actually listened to all the songs, i just assumed.. and thats what most people do who think they hate something.... .Now iv listened to all the songs they have, and read the lyrics..its very deep, touching, and inspiring. and thats what makes good music, and there one of my most favorite bands..

im sure there are a few people who can relate to me on this..

Music is a form of art, a long with pictures or books..
there enjoying doing it, and your enjoying listening/looking/reading...

So all you power tripping kids who come on the board just to talk shit,...its really pathetic.. go outside and enjoy your youth.

Keep up the good work blink ;)

>>By SpicyBubbleGum   (Saturday, 8 Nov 2003 08:53)

I think that everyone can choose to like what they want to like. as for me i like blink 182 im 13 and blink 182 was the first band i ever listened to (apart from aerosmith and the beach boys and kiss but thats old when i was 2-5) but i should admit that they have been gotten.........a little worst its probably because they havent been practicing much. but theyre cool. and i just got here but that one chic.........skater_gurl or whatever avril lavitch is not kool she hates that her fans all "copy" her. ok laterz

>>By punk_rock_looser_01   (Friday, 14 Nov 2003 02:03)

blink sold out and turned emo

>>By Thad   (Monday, 17 Nov 2003 05:54)

all the bloody townies insult blink182s fabulous hidden track "i wana f***k a dog up the a**se" and then they go around bloody singing it because they think that they are cool.

>>By kurtcobaintomdelongegirl   (Wednesday, 26 Nov 2003 22:29)

Oh, well, fancy that.

>>By Jack_is_hot_12   (Wednesday, 26 Nov 2003 22:46)

its not an insult hasnt anyone noticed its a trend?

>>By your_name_here15   (Sunday, 7 Dec 2003 16:40)

I am in love with Blink 182's new album. It seemed like they were influenced by the Cure a lot in this one and I don't just mean the song "All of This" with Robert Smith. The song " I Miss You" also seemed very Cure-ish as did many others. I have always loved both Blink 182 and The Cure so this is great. Oh and come on people can't we just discuss the actual music rather than it's punkness. I already made one comment about labels on a Green Day discussion and I am already weary of it.

>>By throwme2thedogs   (Tuesday, 9 Dec 2003 04:59)

isn't "stockholme Syndrome" the name of a muse song!!?

>>By your_name_here15   (Sunday, 21 Dec 2003 21:41)

To blink....

I fucking hate all of you and your pathetic fucking image. If you think your such fucking punks then why are you in the mainstream music industry, you all can fucking suck my balls Blink and all your faget fans.

>>By whitedevil   (Monday, 22 Dec 2003 18:54)

oh wow your so fucking scary!!!not jesus christ give us reasons that YOU hav the right to label blink fans you sound a bit like a wantobe goth-minimosher!!!

>>By your_name_here15   (Monday, 22 Dec 2003 20:14)

i don't need to read all the pages but i know some people say "blink sucks ass!", "blink aren't punk", or some sort. well, i'm tired of replying to those kind of messages, so i usually say "shut up, man (without annoyance)", which i'll do right now. shut up, man (without annoyance)
anyways, i like their new album. and to be honest, i like it better than their past ones. yes, you can bash me around, but i really do. and that's because i like box car racer style more than blink 182 style, which you maybe will find out why (or maybe not) if you look at my profile. i really like "i miss you" and "stockholm syndrome"

>>By forgetmenot   (Thursday, 25 Dec 2003 19:20)

Okay who the fuck cares if Blink 182 is punk or no anyway? If you hate Blink so god damn much then why don't u no listen to it? Ever thought of that? But no instead of doing that u gotta go onto a Blink 182 site and whine about it. Basically get a fuckin life! If you don't like it, then u can suck it!

>>By Blink is Killa!   (Monday, 29 Dec 2003 11:27)

You're dumb sk8er h8er. PUNK IS A LIFESTYLE, AND A BELIEF. It is a music genre second. You cunt.

Blink 182 went on MTV and called themselves punk. they are not punk, bands that go willingly on mTV can't be punk. I'm sorry, it's one of the basic beliefs of punk.

>>By Goatt   (Friday, 2 Jan 2004 06:37)

Punk IS a style of music. If you don't believe me, look in the dictionary, child. Blink 182 ARE punk, even if they're mainstream punk. All music styles have mainstream and undergound forms - even pop because pop isn't necessarily popular. If you think punk is still what it was in the 60s/70s, you amaze me. You've only been around for 15 years, so what makes you think you know old punk better than new? (That's not a rhetorical question)
I'm shocked to see such strong language coming from someone your age, but I suppose you think it makes you punk to swear like that. So, if punk is all about swearing, tell us what else punk is about. I for one am listening. Come on, this could be your chance to revolutionize punk music! Oh sorry, you don't think it's music, do you? Sorry, it's a lifestyle. And a belief. Okaeey, this is your chance to do some serious revolutionizing in the field of punk... just punk.

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Friday, 2 Jan 2004 14:50)

Okaaaaay Mr. Big Fancy 16 year old. Big big difference there buckaroo. [rolls eyes]

You can't call Blink-182 punk by itself, there is a magical word to put in front of it. It's called "Poseur". Yes... they are not punk along, but "Poseur Punk". So, in a way, they are a FORM of punk.

Yes all music has "mainstream" and "underground" forms. Punk rock was a rebellion against mainstream. So, if you have a mainstream version of it, it is a contradiction. So I call them "poseurs".

Punk is not the same, but Blink-182 is SO far from what it was made to be, they can't even be considered punk.

I know punk better because I simply know what the meaning is. I have been listening to punk rock for about 3 years now. I have looked into what it is. Blink-182 stands for nothing that was made to be punk.

Oh baah. So high and mighty with your year over me. I swore ONCE!! Big deal. I don't even cuss that much.

Punk Rock is a rebellion. Against... alot of things. The most obvious is mainstream fashion. That's why there were all the weird clothes. Punk rock was about anarchy, or the philosophy of it. Punk rockers rebelled against the government and such... it was about absolute freedom. Punk is a lifestyle where you live and beleive such things. It is a genre second.

>>By Goatt   (Friday, 2 Jan 2004 18:55)

Punk IS a mainstream fashion nowadays child! Going against mainstream is Goth - which has NEVER been mainstream. I should know, I am one! And anyhoo, what do you know about punk? Your only fifteen years old for crying out loud! Were you around when the sex pistols don'd the world??? No.
I rest my case.

Oh, and it dosent matter how many times you swear, Its the fact that you use that language with the intent that you do is so infantile.
I rest my second case - boy.

>>By Schizophrenic   (Friday, 2 Jan 2004 23:39)

That is the problem! Punk is becming mainstream. Actually, it's mroe of a rip-off. It's really pseudo. It's not real punk.

The sex pistols suck. Real punk is alive today, and I learned from the real punks. Not the fakes.

Yes, how many times you swear makes a BIG difference. I hardly ever cuss, i cussed once. Whoop-di-doo. It's a word. Get over it.

Continue to call me boy? That's really stupid. Being a eyar older and all....

>>By Goatt   (Saturday, 3 Jan 2004 01:10)

Blink 182 ARE punk. Learn to live with it. It's not a revolution any more, even if some idiots (like you) still think it is. Go on - name some of these modern punk bands. Then name some REAL punk bands, like The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The New York Dolls and The Jam.
Let's take a look at the logic of your underground revolution argument...
1. If music is underground, not a lot of people will hear it
2. If there's such a small fanbase, it's not a popular revolution
3. If the majority of people are against these punk ideals, they're not revolutionary
4. So maybe the punks should just "fuck off" and stop trying to force us to live their way
Mainstream rules - Reason: the majority of people listen to mainstream, and in a democracy the majority makes the decisions. Granted, punks are for anarchy and against democracy. But what's so great about anarchy?? No rules, no laws... punks are either just trying to drag us back to the Stone Age or trying to seize power for themselves. How the Hell can anyone justify that?

>>By BarryMarsden   (Saturday, 3 Jan 2004 01:28)

Sure it was only once, but it's in writing. That's going to be there for anyone to read unless the post gets deleted. It'll be there forever, as though you were swearing over and over... Perhaps you actually should have sworn more than once to make sure your post got deleted. Swearing is the lowest form of speech - eww know 'tis true.
Oh, and I called you "boy" once. How is that continuing? The word "boy" is accurate, whereas the word "stupid" isn't. I am by no means stupid. I guarantee you I'm the most intelligent person you have ever heard from. Let's be honest, you're only 15, you can't have met many intelligent people in such a short time.
And you really do have a serious problem, just like those new punks you mention. Clinging to the past will get you nowhere.

>>By Schizophrenic   (Saturday, 3 Jan 2004 01:31)

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