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I agree.
Aesop came to POrTland, OR and tore up some shit! People were all crowded outside begging folks for extra tix. I got the best photos of Aesop I have ever seen. It was an awesome night.

>>By Mere_C   (Tuesday, 30 Dec 2003 01:51)

Now, I didn't read all 5 pages of discussion about Aesop, cus, my god that's a lot of f*ckin reading. But from what I did read, you guys are all dissin on each other; telling each other how much of a fan the oposite person is'nt. Well, I can tell you one thing:hip hop is not about who's the bigger fan. Who cares if someone wants to know what city Ian's from or where he went to school. What does it matter. Hip hop is for everyone, from the stalker to the peeper. You're all waisting your time trying to tell others what Aesop Rock would think of each others comments, I'm sure he appreciates all his fans.

>>By ladynubility   (Sunday, 11 Jan 2004 04:23)

oh yeah, and god that boy is fine!!! Yum!

>>By ladynubility   (Sunday, 11 Jan 2004 04:25)

i believe being "fine" has nothing to do with intelligence or artistic ability. i appreciate the point you're trying to make about fans fighting amongst themselves due to things that Aesop himself probably wouldn't care about, but you decreased your credibility to zero in your second post by coming across as some teenybopper pop chick... just recognise his mind and his creativity, it's demeaning to comment on someones physical state (especially an artist such as aesop rock). he's not a male model or a spunky boy band member.


Aesop Rock is coming in 10 days. first time in australia. crazy shit.


>>By silhouette   (Monday, 12 Jan 2004 12:41)

yo whats up...anyone here catch the bazooka tooth tour? shit was rediculously ill..Ian put ona great show..along with mr lif c rayz wallz and others.

>>By n0r3gr3t5   (Monday, 12 Jan 2004 16:06)

yo silhoette...dont hate. along with being extremely talented, and prophetic, aes is good looking.- and he is a human being who accepts compliments just as much as the next person. i met him at a show and told him he was hot...he replied with a smile and said thankyou, not a cocky attitude. i dont think he found it "demeaning" at all...but yes i understand your point on physical appearance having nothing to do with artistic ability. anyways enjoy the show. :)

>>By n0r3gr3t5   (Monday, 12 Jan 2004 16:14)

Hey Yo silhouette, When you see Aesop live. you will appreciate his talent as well as his looks. Damn, the way he moves when he's freestylin. I wish I could download the pics I got of him and show you. they're even better than the one on Def

NE way, Its that boy's skills that make bitches and girls want to touch and suck all over him. I'm far from a groupie. But that night when he came to Portland, I had to question myself again. I hope you have a good time at the show. Their all super dope funky fresh!

Remember were not here to Critique. Only here to enjoy positve comments on common interest.

People don't be haters!

>>By Mere_C   (Tuesday, 13 Jan 2004 01:39)

sorry i offended you with my "only human" comment. I forget that most big aesop fans think that they are all musical sevants. That's too bad though, cus you know you all want that boy. PEACE!

>>By ladynubility   (Thursday, 15 Jan 2004 08:25)

Looks like i've caused a bit of a stir here... I apologise for any bad vibes =) I'm in no mood to argue because I'm listening to Even Shadows Have Shadows by Eyedea, so i actually feel like hugging you all... This song has that effect on me. I just get a bit irritable sometimes, because I know people (and im not saying ladynubility is one of them) that only like bands or artists because of what they look like. People who listen to a band because the lead singer is hot or something, it really gets under my skin... I see art as something pure, and I dont like to think of that being taken away by appearances of any sort. I appreciate you all for being Aesop fans, it really is something special, and something only a special sort of person can appreciate. Peace and love to you all. 4 days til Aes Rock. =D

One last statement.. *ahem* :
I'm Not A Hater!
("I'm a genius I just think a lot...")

I hope someone got that reference, or I'm gonna seem like a damn fool.
Take Care.

>>By silhouette   (Sunday, 18 Jan 2004 13:25)

Hey I finally got around to getting signed up for this flork.
Aesop has been to Seattle twice since I last disscussed. Bumpershoot and then for the Bazooka Tooth tour. Didn't see him either times ( I hate crowds. )

So hopefully I'll hear from Grandma.
Speaking of Grandmas, wheres grandmasrocks and CAE? With all these Euro's up in the disscussion, we need a few good origin-als to create some sort of balance. Congrats' to Aesop on his first solo production album, congrats' to Defjux for all the money they've pulled in and they've still managed to keep their heads below the clouds.

About this whole Aesop and his looks thing: I agree with all of you to a point. He is what? Around 28? 29 yrs. old now? He should pull off some urban fairytale and have all the women of the kingdom who wish to become his princess, attend a somewhat of a modern-day ball. From there he can pick the best and finally become the space cadette he's always wanted to be. ( Just an idea.)

>>By Lindsey(The one & only)   (Friday, 30 Jan 2004 01:51)

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When my hands jitter among the bantering patter of large crowd synthetics I jog an extra milestone circumfrence to nudge warmed between brain chemistry polarity like locked antlers introvert, no? But alas, attraction fed off asceticism pushes past hypocritical pretensions to oogle nature's most fit instincts where now I suppose the worrior wins the princess!-Let's pray she don't feel trapped and leashed by the mere fact her actions were tacitly somber toward addictions pleasant in well dreamt but fucking hot a season up-in northern California lack there of a Spring. We backlash... and what a way to die in the unfelt arms of an artist who burnt your will as his fuel... who drank your hope quinching his thirst... who's intimidating from out feirce pulse pacifism driven isolation bated luck to the line-hook like it was an idol to bite prize recycle... Perception amalgm melted down around a whick, we see a life inside a prayer's wish to burn forgotten art-forms which our minds cannot describe in lack so loud of such a kindle spoke.
peace and selah

>>By By Ear   (Wednesday, 24 Mar 2004 00:07)

It damages my soul to see that no one's given Aesop his rightful props in so long. This man drops knowledge denser than black holes. The connections his mind makes are a thing of wonder, his imagination roams unhindered by conventional rhyme schemes.

"There's banana peels in your hamster wheels!"

>>By granther   (Sunday, 25 Apr 2004 08:40)

Dude- I had the Mondays at work today sucked... then randomly I belted out at lunch...

"I wanna see the 2 week forcast 14 days in advance so I can give my two week notice everytime the sun dance"

unfortunately my basic cable has been diconnected...
feel me

Aes Rock has so many saying's its like he lived a thousand lives..... and rapps about all of them...

>>By Mere_C   (Tuesday, 27 Apr 2004 08:14)

i think aesop rock's shit was better when he was hooked up with blockhead. his new shit is exactly that for the most part. he still has some real lyrics, but when you slow down the beat he seems to be more mentally stimulated.

if you check out def jux 3, though, he's doing some of his own beats now. check track 2, all in all & track 11 he produced for murs, titled you're dead to me.

as far as line-ups are concerned...i like his work with vast aire from cannibal ox. i wouldn't mind seeing a full-length LP collaboration with those two...or even just an EP so vast wouldn't have to feel like he was selling out on megilah.

but megilah would probably turn it out nice solo...or better yet with tes one of embedded.

>>By orc   (Saturday, 29 May 2004 09:47)

When I first heard Bazooka tooth I also felt like the "mental stimulation" of his lyrics had declined. After listening to it over a few times, I realized it's beauty, and what separates it from his other shit, is the form. I don't know musical terminology, but the sounds he puts together and the fluctuation and rhythms redeem whatever lack in content the CD may have. I'm too drunk and tired to clarify what nonsense I just typed. But give it a second chance and pretend you speak no english and so have to focus solely on the sound.

Como se dice "Aes Rock" in espanol??


>>By granther   (Sunday, 30 May 2004 11:42)

you have a valid point in saying that his lyrical manifestation on bazooka tooth is good and decent in it's own right. after reevaluating my opinion i'm in agreement that he stills brings some obscure metaphors to the forefront in hopes that they might be conjured into a certain form of reality by his fanbases vivid imagination. i guess what REALLY made me feel less impressed with his most recent release was the nails on chalkboard soundwall the beats threw up in the background. some of those beats were ill...and some of them just made me FEEL ill. blockhead was his musical soulmate and their seperation isn't just affecting aesop, but their children in the form of indie rap bassheads across the globe. long story short...too late...but here goes...

if the lyricist has a "busy" style and the producer pursues the album creation with the same vigor and determination for cramming instrumentals like sardines in a can when i hear the end result it feels like sensory overload. so i guess what i meant wasn't that aesop sounded any less stimulated, but that i felt too much so to really enjoy the album as much as i felt i should have. keep droning, buddy. piss on my yard.

>>By orc   (Monday, 31 May 2004 00:14)

I definitely feel you on the overload of sensory information.

What's interesting is that Aesop produced 11 of the 14 songs on the album (maybe 9/14). According to your logic maybe he tried to make his beats just as "busy" as his lyrics and that's what clutters everything up. Blockhead had the wisdom to give Aesop slow, simple and melodic beats to complement his raspy and asynchronous delivery.

>>By granther   (Monday, 31 May 2004 06:50)

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