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Hey, all you people who say aesop rock is the first thing you've heard better than jiggy mtv rap? I dunno where ur all from but you need to hear some british hip-hop.
The whole scene over here is like him. well, a lot of it anyway. Search for Skinnyman, Task Force, Roots Manuva, Lewis Parker, Scor-say-zee, Jehst (jehst and aesop on a track - now that would be somnething), phi-life cypher. And there's a huge american underground holding it up too: non phixion, company flow, copywrite, jean grae, dynospectrum.

keep it grimy.

>>By gringo   (Wednesday, 29 Jan 2003 23:17)

okay revision on the "super group" :
doseone (anticon)
el-p (company flow)
eligh (living legends)
eyedea (rhyme sayers)
and of course aesop rock

jel (anticon)
elusive (does alot of living legend shit)
el-p ( cannibal ox, company flow, el-p)
and blockhead (aesop rock)

abilities (atmosphere, eyedea and abilities)
kid koala (deltron 3030, handsome boy modeling school)

can anyone think of a better combination?

>>By pork fried whites ( formely vagina beef)   (Monday, 3 Feb 2003 09:41)

jel also did production on deep puddle dynamics and them (themselves)

>>By pork fried whites   (Monday, 3 Feb 2003 09:43)

aesop defines the rawlness that hip-hop has lost
his ability to combine words and his diction amazed the fuck out of me
nobody knows about "TROUBLED WATERS"

>>By jon from cincy   (Wednesday, 12 Feb 2003 18:23)

"bustin accidental dirt bike doughnuts outside the most poison tounged brain silo"

exactly my point

>>By jon/cincy   (Thursday, 13 Feb 2003 21:00)

aes rock breaths smoke and has eyes in the back of his head
never knowin' which direction the wind is blowin' exsposin' his own wind instead
this life has passed aes rock and were really hearin' a sound that's dead
so let's take a trip to heaven around seven to wake up aes on his death bed

>>By jon/cincy   (Thursday, 13 Feb 2003 21:18)

the bigest concept of halutionatin is just away to bluntly put a perspective onto the depth of concentration the observatin may be strange twisted and rearanged but the acuality of it all is that its just in diffrent refrence frames

>>By concept one   (Thursday, 20 Feb 2003 18:13)

whoever said that they dont mind the 3 minute wait while holding the skip button to get to "1 of 4" --i couldn't agree more.

Aesop is my favorite Emcee. The quality of his lyrics are so incredible.
To me, he operates on a level on his own- way above anyone else.

and thats saying something because i write a hip-hip weekly in a nationally published magazine.

>>By Fysics   (Friday, 21 Feb 2003 20:41)

okay too bad aesop retard or whatever the fuck ure name is, his closest friends dont call him 'a', the probably call him 'aes' (ace), or they just call him by his real name Ian. second of all, aesop would never fuck you and i know this by the way you are acting, he dont want to be a daddy right now, hes got too much shit goin' on. LET ALONE have a child with someone who acts the way you do...ok ? just whatever, i was just trying to say " chill off of him, show some respect"

>>By Aesop_GIRL_FAN_AGAIN   (Friday, 21 Feb 2003 21:49)

Aes Rock is a dope emcee but y'all makin it sound like hes a step ahead of the competition, like he's the only one who doesnt rap about big ass shiny rims and the money they make. Whats up with you people, havin problems finding good hip hop? I mean that pork fried guy is trippin you left out DEL THA FUNKEE in that super group of emcees, WTF! Where you guys at!!! I dont need to listen to frickin brittish hip hop theres a lot of good shit that comes from home but you cant be scanning your radio or watching mtv to find it. Aesop has got some real shit but i wouldnt put him above guys like Pharoah Monch, Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks, Esoteric, Gift of Gab, Del & The whole Hieroglyphics Crew, and i can go on and on with the illest underground hip hop but i dont want arthritis.

>>By Yay Area Raider Nation   (Sunday, 23 Feb 2003 14:45)

To Yay Area: I think that people like Aesop so much because he has guts to come out on the scene, try something completly different than the norm, and he's got his own distinked style. THATS what makes Aesop... AESOP ROCK! No doubt that theres other good hip hop, no one said that Aesop is the ONLY good hip hop around, if we only listened to Aesop...uhhhh, that would be retarded, and I don't think anyone here ONLY listens to Aesop Rock. Okay dude?? Yeah you're "hella" cool because you can name off all the emcees that you wrote down on that list by your computer, but guess what? We don't care about how many emcees you've come across in your life, this is an Aesop Rock disscussion place, not a hip hop disscussion. So, take your 'edu-ma-cation' about hip hop to some kids who listen to 3 6 mafia or somthin' cuz, we have heard it allllll.........!

>>By Girl_Aesop_Fan   (Sunday, 23 Feb 2003 22:14)

"Yallz some riggamortis-tortis babies....." Mike Seavy-Swavay

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE......!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, Lindsey   (Thursday, 27 Feb 2003 00:59)

aesop's righteous and defenitely worthy of all this discussion, but beyond an emcee he is just an every day man. no need to worship the guy. peep the shit, take in some knowledge, and push skip disk on the deck. word up to whoever it was knockin on backpackers and their bullshit. you fucks are pushin to turn aesop rock into pop, that indie-nazzi shits gotta stop. dope hip hop is just that.........dope hip hop. whether it's on 15 million discs and tv or in the nearest hip hop shop and 10,000 other cd's. give it a rest already. make way for lucid phonics.........stay up!

>>By mC grupp   (Thursday, 27 Feb 2003 08:26)

The Tugboat complex I think refers to a tugboat in a huge ocean...its like a person being lost in the middle of the ocean. Thats what I get from it...So does anyone know the release date for Bazooka Tooth


>>By Darp   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 00:05)

i think tugboat is more like a little worker (blue collar) having to pull the weight of the bigger boats (white collar) or something like that.

>>By jon juan dela-nooch   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 23:40)

Just take out your check book and donate money to Aesop for his next project if yall are such good fans. A bunch of my homies and I want to. Support starving artists. Fuck it send him loot for no reason. His music is worth more then the measly $15 you pay for his CD's. Most cats dont understand how much they're being blessed when listening to Aesop.
I think its sick how he never mentions Hip Hop in his shit. . .He's beyond the known realm.
varna dothemath crew

>>By dothemath   (Thursday, 17 Apr 2003 10:08)

this shit just doesnt make sense
we cant comprehend the diction within it
gave away there spirits to the timid
commended thieves doin' 50 over the limit
a fairy tale with a sappy ending
made me watch the movie a thousan' times but i still dont' get it
peter pan the fallen man do u understand?
can u walk away with the malidiction in a can?

>>By jd/cincy   (Thursday, 17 Apr 2003 23:52)

music should be free. send me money, i'll put it to a more justifiable cause like my car payment.

>>By cheap bastard   (Friday, 18 Apr 2003 22:40)

evolution has a taste licorice, rapped around candy plated images,
sewing messages to the peasants wrapped within it,
what do we do when the record misses?
ask for a second chance to re-boot the system,
but the volumes been turned on my image,
so i sit down in my recliner asking god for another three wishes,
but he replies with "everyone's foolish commend yourself, relax and forget it"
finally i've reached a point in which i'm not timid,
once again asking myself 'was it worth it or should i drink a guiness?'

>>By jd cincy   (Saturday, 19 Apr 2003 08:48)

OOPs, forgot about you guys, I havent checked in for awhile. So, I guess this Jd/cincy guy is trying to turn this place into a battle ground, fuck that, I hate reading your worthless lyrics. And for the post and paste prankster at the top, -Yeah, I was making jokes about how stupid that bay guy was, but I wasnt making jokes about "Thee" Bay area-AKA- san francisco, shit like that, get your info streight before you talk to me. And to this guy:

The Tugboat complex I think refers to a tugboat in a huge ocean...its like a person being lost in the middle of the ocean. Thats what I get from it...So does anyone know the release date for Bazooka Tooth


>>By Darp<----------
Lindsey says:

This guy should not be listening to Aesop. does he not know the definition of of metaphore? Damn darp, let me guess, in your CD case there is : Master P, 504 Boys, Luducris, Nelly, and can't forget, I know you are bumpin that 3 6 Mafia- HOLLA!....... Please, darp, dont respond to me, You would only be a waste of my time. Talk to yall later.

>>By Lindsey   (Monday, 21 Apr 2003 22:05)

Should I sell my signed Aesop record on E-Bay????LOL.

>>By Lindsey   (Monday, 21 Apr 2003 22:07)

man i'm not trying to turn shit into a battle, half the time i'm on this site is because i'm listening to aesop on some head phones and as for you "dissing" those worthless lyrics it's just simply closed minded of you i know i'm not aesop or blueprint,tekneek,illogic,c-rayz-wallz,eyedea,slug or whoever i smoke too much and think too much for me not to say something, so sorry for wasting your precious time an wasting half of it on someone you've never met, so bottom line don't try to team up with everyone on this page and go on some big tangent expressing your hate towards other writers who send shit in BITCH!

>>By jd/cincy   (Tuesday, 22 Apr 2003 06:36)

"This guy should not be listening to Aesop. does he not know the definition of of metaphore? Damn darp, let me guess, in your CD case there is : Master P, 504 Boys, Luducris, Nelly, and can't forget, I know you are bumpin that 3 6 Mafia- HOLLA!....... Please, darp, dont respond to me, You would only be a waste of my time. Talk to yall later."

well I kinda have to reply...because I basically get the sense that you called me stupid. Which is not really the case. I offered my opinion of what I though the metaphor(which you misspelled) stood for, I don't want anyone to interpret my opinion as fact or anything (which you did) I just stated what it meant to me. And unless you're Aes you basically have no room to argue anything other than your opinion. Secondly, who are you to be dissing me. If you want me to break it down for you 1) I don't listen to most mainstream rap(other than Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, etc) 2) I don't like southern rap( it lacks substance) 3) Even if I did, you pointing it out does nothing further but poison the well (ad hom). So when it comes down to it...You shouldn't repond cuz you would probably be wasting my time....I seriously don't know why you came after me in the first place...I did nothing to provoke you.

To the guy with the rhymes....good job should keep postin em' it give me something to read between cases.


>>By darp   (Thursday, 24 Apr 2003 09:14)

i just wanna say that i think it's time to say something...
HIP HOP CD's EVERY HIP HOP HEAD MUST OWN (feel free to add on)
1. gasdreams- eligh
2. making perfect sense/ f*ck the dumb- the grouch
3. G&E vol. 1 & 2- G&E
4. Deep Puddle Dynamics
5. THEM- themselves (them)
6. i phantom/ emergency rations- mr. lif
7. labor days/daylight/float/ect...- aesop rock
8. fantastic damage- el p
9. funcrusher plus- company flow
10. lucy ford- atmosphere
11. firstborn- eyedea and abilities
12. both sides of the brain- del the funky...
13. deltron 3030
14. '93 til infinity- souls of mischief
15. dr. octogonocoligist- dr. octogon
16. spankmaster- kool kieth
17. cold vien- cannibal ox
18. ...end of the begining- MURS
19. modern originalus- BOAC
20. MF DooM- Operation Doomsday

thats all i got for now... feel free to add on... if we all cooperate we can compile a list of the dopest hip hop cd collection in the world. i can vouge that these are all awesome albums and i'm sure most of you can too but i'm sure i missed a few.
p.s. c'mon lindsey i know you got some shit to add.

>>By have you seen my stapler?   (Wednesday, 30 Apr 2003 19:59)

Yeah, that sounds like a dope CD collection, why not own it on record? But you forgot Appleseed and Music For Earthworms by Aesop, those are his best albums. I'm not quite understanding what Cae is trying to say up there. So I'll let him explain and save myself from a headache. Right now I'm working on a story about my cat living inside a Minke Whale, anyone want a copy when I'm through? AESOP -COME TO SEATTLE SOON- ITS BEEN OVER A YEAR!!!! (Year and a 1/2 actually) I know he's busy n'all, but c'mon, Seattles' a cool vacation spot! Anyway. I have to go start getting ready now, its 1:20 pm and I haven't even jumped in the shower yet. Later.

>>By Lindsey   (Wednesday, 30 Apr 2003 22:18)

nevermind all that... but the reason i don't have em all on vinyl is cause my record player skips when i'm driving... have a nice shower... wink wink grin grin say no more.

aesop rocks!

>>By CAE!   (Wednesday, 30 Apr 2003 23:00)

All i got to say about aesop rock is that he is a beatiful lyricist, tells a great story, delivers it well over moving beats. Lindsey: I also live in Seattle. Aesop Rock's Float is my very favorite album of his, but It's all very good. I think it gets better every time I hear it, as I start to put the peices together. Some times its as if I'm hearing it for the very first time even if it is really the 70th or 370th or some arbitrary number. I often find my self walking around downtown Seattle or one if its very beautiful neighborhoods, people watching, remembering my dreams, formulating ideas, while wearing my headphones blasting Aesop Rock. I listen to a lot of other music, but Aesop Rock is simply and honestly my favorite lyricist. Unfotunately I've only been able to catch him live once at Nations/EyeSpy about a year ago. I was wondering if you know where he is touring and if he is coming to Seattle any time soon. Oh and alot of this petty arguing is bullshit. Why don't you all battle it out like true emcees, with some eloquence, rhetoric and rhyme? Love and Peace
Grandmas "E-Grubbin" Colorful Rocks heres a wee litttle sample of some of my work:"nestled in the blood rhythm circadian crescent moon belated radiance fading but awaken as if an earthquake shaded in facial emotion I derive from this linguistic potion my motion aint ihn the ocean its on the oil in the rainwater on the streets the other white meat is grandmas colorful rocks no botchilism in the can wasting away on east hastings tasting a ten mile walk mode locked into the native paraders......."

>>By grandmascolorfulrocks   (Thursday, 1 May 2003 19:48)

hey i realize that this is an Aesop Rock Forum, however when it comes to lyrics you really can't fade Mr. Lif. he may not have some abstract vocal presence, like say dose one or aesop rock, but his smooth style and beautifully articulated lyrics, that actually have plot and purpose, are without a doubt THE SHIT.
i.g. "return of the b-boy", "status" and even "success" which was done w/ aesop rock.
not to say that aesop isn't the shit, but c'mon swap the cd in your boombox long enough to miss aesop.

>>By CAE!   (Friday, 2 May 2003 00:46)

To the grandma guy- I was also at the aesop show 2 January's ago at the i-spy....was that sh*t packed or what? I only stayed for the battle between can ox and aesop and then 1 song for aesop...WHAT CAN I SAY? I DIDN'T BRING A WATER BOTTLE?!.... But I really didn't give a f*ck, I was just happy to the hell outta' there, I felt like I was going to pass out, my friend joey smoked a blunt with aesop before the show, ( we have known Oldominion for quite some time, so he had the *hook-up*) But, NAH- I don't think aesop will be coming back for awhile, that show was a sympathy show for flakin' out at the Robots show a couple years ago. You can check at J.A.M. Records on 45th in the U. District, they know everything, I bought my tickets for that aesop show there and they told me to be at J.A.M. @ 2 pm before the show, said aesop would be there, sure e-nuf, aesop was there, it was cool being able to meet him, but yeah, go to J.A.M. for all your info. AND TO CAE: I have a job...I'm your mom.

>>By Lindsey   (Friday, 2 May 2003 11:41)

I found it just randomly searching for Def Jux related sites on the web. It was at a German hip hop website. It is in German subtitles and documents El, CanOX, Atoms Fam and a couple others....just talking about the world and music and shit.... I've seen it for sale on Ebay too....

>>By Eh Sopp   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 00:47)

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