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is it true that aesop went to nothport high school on long island, can anyone give me any info on where his begginings were?

>>By northportUG   (Sunday, 10 Nov 2002 00:35)

well, i..personally...feel you should leave the guy alone. Y'know? he's just chillin, havin a time. Who cares where he started. All i care is where he might end up. Fan's like you ruin the music. Turn up the volume on your headphones, and leave it alone. I bet aesop hates fans like you.

>>By Girl_Aesop_Fan   (Saturday, 16 Nov 2002 03:24)

oh yeah, its me again. um if you want to reply, you might have to email me because i just happen to stumble across this page and had to put my 2 cents in ....

>>By Girl_Aesop_Fan   (Saturday, 16 Nov 2002 03:25)

theres something about "1 to 4" that makes it worth having to hold down the seek button for about 3 minutes... if you dont know what that is, you're not an Aesop fan

>>By Latis_King   (Monday, 18 Nov 2002 01:38)

aesop rock is my biological father. he left when i was born, he owes me child support!!!

>>By luks   (Tuesday, 19 Nov 2002 00:59)

....your all talking bullshit....if u enjoy listenin to aesop rock then listen to him...wats all this true fan bullshit...people like music on different levels maybe not everyones understands it aswell as others do but still just listen to his music and enjoy whoever u are and on whatever level

msn: collizhun

>>By collizhun   (Tuesday, 19 Nov 2002 10:54)

......aesop is the one emcee who really inspires me to write and take my peice of the pie...if you no anything that he's went threw ? then i'll tell you that i can compair its an insperation

>>By Prophet   (Monday, 25 Nov 2002 14:30)

First off, to the cat from NorthPort. Yeah, its interesting to know where sick emcees like aesop began, but if yer lookin to envy the guy, that shits just hurtin. People need to focus on where they are going to begin rather than where there inspirers began, cuz that way you will end up with something unique rather than what someones already done. I dont know if yer into writing and shit, but myself, i try best to keep away from lookin up to others so that way, i will have no accusations of trying to bite someones style. Second to the girl who was cuttin him up, look at yer name. Girl_Aesop_Fan? Damn, i think its fans like you that the hatred is towards. You couldnt even think of a nickname to post a message on here, you had to use his name and put fan beside it, like fuck, get yer shit straight. Third, to the cat talkin this biological father shit, shut the fuck up. I think this site is here to post ideas and input, not bull shit. Collizhun, nicely put, i agree.

>>By Sav-Savant   (Monday, 25 Nov 2002 16:50)

Yeah dude I loooove Aesop Rock. When I enjoy an artist I try to find out everything I can about their background, who've they've worked with and what they're up to just because I'm a trivia nut and I feel that it helps me understand certain aspects about them a little better. There's nothing wrong with being interested in an artist's upbringings. I don't understand what that girl aesop rock fan's deal was. And the funny thing is Aesop Rock is my father as well. Luks and I should hang out

>>By vacantbass   (Thursday, 5 Dec 2002 01:28)

Aesop is the sickest rapper. And that's coming from one! I just recently heard some of his stuff and, I see how much skill this dude has. But I noticed his style is very similar to mine. Now that sucks. Thats gonna make me look like biter. Any ideas hit me back----

>>By LoGiK   (Friday, 6 Dec 2002 23:05)

To begin wit, cats who dictate how big a fan they are of someone's work and compares themselves to others, at the same denouncing anothers worth as a fan simply have an ego problem and need to look at why they really are a fan. Is it cause of the music, or is it cause you are looking up to an individual you wish you could be like, and get all ass hurt when someone else is a bit more humble about it? Second, Aesop is a tormented, variable carrying product of a quantum event where his perspective was built to drive the humon emotional circuit. In other words, this fool keeps your fucking motor going even when all the belts are broken and you ain't got a steering wheel. Third, rep your piece. This is not the first person on the planet to inspire, and surely not the last. Where he came from is just as important as where he is going for in all our lives, both the past and the future define the present state of being. So like others said, listen, and listen good. You might have to lay down half way through one of his albums, so get your beds ready.

>>By Wel Sed   (Wednesday, 11 Dec 2002 20:33)

Hey there's nothing wrong with a little humor. People need to lighten up. This post is a free forum, and i expect a variety of posts. What if Aesop Rock did owe him child support? Its mean to make fun of this victim. I tolerate taht much more than people trying to present themselves as "true fans". gimme a break. Aesop rock is extremely talented, as well as most other artists on def jux

>>By Hugh G. Rection   (Wednesday, 11 Dec 2002 20:48)

yeah..uh,you people are making such a big deal over this cat..dont get me wrong..he is one of the most influential/talented mc's out there right now..but he is just a regular guy..hes not to be idolized,ill bet he is reading all of these messages and laughing to people make this guy out to be a fucking messiah,or the next great white hope or something..leave the guy alone..i like him just as much as you all do..but you should quit jockin his all of you who say he is your father..thats stupid backpacker shit..hes gettin his time in the light,then the next cat will jump in and take over where he left off when he is all i have to say about/to him is..keep up the good work,good lookin out for the REAL heads...pce
recon recordings
seattle/206/the emerald city/the badlands
be on the lookout for shit from..
master ghetto
drugsoe..the mad chemist
mc matter
comin to your ears for the first time summer 2003!

>>By dontidolizejuxheardem   (Saturday, 14 Dec 2002 04:00)

did anybody answer the question?
i think the cat just wants to know if he went to the same high school as a rock. no big deal. and a rock is the messiah! ha ha yeah he's tight though.

>>By angel   (Sunday, 15 Dec 2002 06:40)

honestly this seems like much ado about nothing. a real fan is anyone who actually pays for his music instead of just downloading mp3s. because a true fan supports the artist they like. any other definition is self rightous and arrogant.

i have the best idea since deep puddle dynamics...
doseone, ox, el-p, slug, aesop rock, and eyedea (and maybe eligh). all in one super dope hip hop squishy... have abilities and blockhead produce it and call it ... shit with emcees like that it don't need a name. paint it white, stencil "hip hop" in big bold black letters on the cover and sell it for $10 at your local amoeba records! million dollar
p.s. i don't care what that aesop_girl_fan said i still wanna hit it. any girl whose down for aesop is worthy of being dissapointed sexually by me.
p.s.s. sole (mr. i created anticon) yur a bitch and overated!! pass the mic to doseone and shutthefuckup.

>>By vagina beef   (Sunday, 15 Dec 2002 07:09)

---alright okay alright okay---

okay i ranted and raved.... and i still have a thing or two to say about a thing or two.

i've been anxiously awaiting true hip hop to emerge from the cracks of popular music and basically show all the master p's and 2pacs of the world how its done but i, of course, realize you have to be careful what you wish for... money corrupts. but i would like to see it nonetheless. thus far people like to hear songs about 20" rims and gold teefesis but only cause they don't know any better. i mean okay fine i'll admit it, dre dog makes me laugh and ghetto boys (somehow) remind me of my childhood and nothing breaks the ice like an old school too short song but nigga please!!!
not for me, for the kids. let the next generation be reminded of thier childhood by "big bang" and "it's them" not "she swallowed it" and "sweet black pussy".
droppin science

>>By vagina chicken finger licken   (Sunday, 15 Dec 2002 07:36)

aesop is the shit! Before I heard Aesop I was in to that main stream bullshit. Ever since I started listening to aesop my whole preception on hip hop has changed. Thanks man!

>>By strath fucking roy   (Monday, 16 Dec 2002 20:45)

Does anyone know the actual spelling of the other group Aesop's in, I think it's called the controllers but i cant find it anywhere. The copy i had got stoled from mt girlfriends car and that copy wasent even mine. TO WHOEVER HELPS OUT>>> GOODLOOKINOUT

>>By Fraggle-rock   (Wednesday, 18 Dec 2002 03:06)

aesop rock is dreamy.

>>By yep.   (Wednesday, 18 Dec 2002 04:48)

yeah sure hes good but if u want the dope realness listen to tribal revival [obatrator,caligulator,verbal meter and anubis] all u fans who like to bitch fuck u!!!!


>>By obatrator   (Saturday, 21 Dec 2002 02:50)

Would anyone like to review the ticker tape of my mind? Chew opium thoughts while breathing on children? I could laugh at these words, these words could laugh at me. One day dirt, another day a man called Aesop Rock. So on and so forth.

>>By Human on humanity   (Wednesday, 25 Dec 2002 08:00)

To vagina beef: Think about how dose would feel!
Posting is so easy! It's addicting!

>>By Human on humanity again   (Wednesday, 25 Dec 2002 08:11)

I just wanna say that Aesop is a genius. Theres alot of tight emcees out there but hes got a truly unique style, and the things he comes up with are so simple yet no ones ever thought of 'em before. it amazes me
"All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day, put the pieces back together my way" -Aesop

>>By Alie   (Wednesday, 25 Dec 2002 16:52)

he got mad flows on the M I C his lyrics some FOLKS dont know wit the
fuck hes sayin but he do folkluv

>>By sqeezey G.   (Thursday, 26 Dec 2002 19:13)

"One Brick" thats a tight song

>>By Alie   (Friday, 27 Dec 2002 20:09)

Too much bickering and bicthing. I'll set it straight aesop is not only a genius he is a robot from the future, android if you will, and he is also a representative from pepsi. ha. fucking around about that pepsi shit. but its like some terminator shit coming back to the future to save the bullshit state that most hip hop is in today.

>>By MustKnotSleep   (Saturday, 4 Jan 2003 09:30)

yea Aesop is from northport and went to northport high school, i go there

>>By Asbestos   (Sunday, 5 Jan 2003 00:11)

hey, i hate mainstream rap and all the mtv crap on the air, but i got into AR an he just blows me away............ He's not an inspiration to me or anything, hes just someone to admire. nobody should get too caught up in their favorite people tho, cuz you should focus on your life, and make the most of it. who knows, maybe youll be the next aesop........

>>By dale   (Tuesday, 14 Jan 2003 01:54)

i dont know anything about Aesop Rock, i just listen to his music because i like it, and i think thats all anybody needs to do. who gives a shit about the facts, just sit down and turn it up and enjoy the music.

>>By just a person   (Wednesday, 22 Jan 2003 04:47)

Why is everybody on this page so concerned who is the real fan? Just enjoy his music and do your own things. I don't think that Aesop is going to start an army or run for president anytime soon, so there is no position of vice aesop rock or secretary of the most downest fan department, so relax and take it for what it is.

>>By 513 design   (Thursday, 23 Jan 2003 14:59)

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