Linkin Park


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and i totally respect your opinion. it's just that im of the opinion that you should learn form everything that you put into your mind. if your not learning, your filling up your brain with dead weight. or just putting your brain in stasis. but im a musician, and i can't help listening to any music thats on very carefully. if you can just tune it out, thats fine, but why would you want to? music is the coolest thing ever, and something that desurves your focus and attention. i just think that when you focus on music, there are better bands to focus on. it's not just the words, belive me, that i have a problam with. there is nothing new in the music. it's simply fusing two or three obvious styles, and not even three styles that havent been fused before (limp bizkit). i just want a reason to like linkin park rather than i don't like to think, or its not about the music.

>>By Agent Shiro-Joe

Who said i don't focus on the music? I do, but i said there might not be these "important" messages all over the songs. And say what you say, but linkin park is doin' great job on samplin' art! Joseph Hanh is one talented guy!

>>By Chromez

linkin park kicks everyone gonan go check them out on tour with pod hoobastank and story of the year? i know i am.. i have to see story fo the year again last show i saw them at was unbelievable...get there early to check them out!

>>By danmanlovesthestory

linkin park kicks ass....

>>By Linkin park Rules

I'm as much a fan of Linkin Park's new stuff as I am of the old stuff - it all rocks.

>>By Flake 1.6

It all sucks. It's music for cartoon films!
They sound like castrated, but smar in merchandising, children to me!
Linkin Park= Stinkin Park.

>>By oegagetmedulle

Oh yeah, that's really clever of you, to say "Linkin Park= Stinkin Park". Do you have an Oxford degree? I wish I was as clever as you. Your rhymes are almost as good as 50 Cent's.
Honestly now, what does "smar" mean? "Smart", by any chance?
Heh, Linkin Park rule, as do cartoons.

>>By Sk8a H8a

I hate 50cent too. And yes, I meant smart! Deb.

No, Linkin Park is still better than 50cent, but RAMMSTEIN is the best!

>>By oegagetmedulle

I know they called themself Linkin Park, after the park, but it's a bit of a silly name for a band don't you think? Or is there some sort of other significance behind it that I don't know about.

All I know is that they originally called themself 'Hybrid Theory' but that would have sterotyped them, so they made that their album name instead.

>>By ftad

I think every Linkin Park song sounds like all the other ones...

boooring dude...

I could write a Linkin Park song right now in 5 min.
They are so simple...

>>By Janne

I like "Numb"

>>By ftad

No you couldn't - if you can write a song as good as In The End, I'll record it and give you half the money.
I think Hybrid Theory is a way better name than Linkin Park. It's not as good as Socially Corrupt Unattractive Murderers, though.
I like Numb too, although I never used to. It's really grown on me for some reason.
I will agree, Rammstein are better than LP, but LP still rock.

>>By Sk8a H8a

Happy Birthday. in two days its your Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!11


We love you, hunney!!!!
Hilsen DG&Lotte


Jer som siger at linkin park = stinkin park er dumme!!!!!!!!!!!
Chester er lækker!!! og fuck jer som siger at han er grim for det er han ikke, nej nej!

Love Chester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. My december is the best!
og så kommer numb og crawling og with you og from the inside og sådan noget...
og vi vil også sige at CHESTER ER LÆKKER!!
nej vi er íkke syge i hovederne!


Nooo, By Myself is the best. My December is 6th best or something...

>>By Sk8a H8a

sk8...of course I cannot produce the song, sing the whole stuff and play the instruments in the studio..
I meant the structure...
It is just boring...and it sounds all the same
the melody of the refrains are so bad...
I could scream now some shit like chester
and it would sound like just another linkin park song

>>By Janne

Well, go on then. I didn't ask you to produce it - I just said write it. They really don't sound all the same though; try comparing Papercut to Faint. Where are the similarities?

>>By Sk8a H8a

well...what can i say....i totally hated it for a while then i loved it as hell and now...guess things have normalised....
i like it...

>>By HY -

i used to like linkin park but then i realized what total fags they were with no real talent and how all their music started sounding the same

>>By therion

thought hybrid theory was great. but there isnt any progress in meteora, which is sad.

>>By eatengold

thats exactly what i mean hybrid theory i thought was good when it first came out because it sounded totally different from todays music but when meteora came out there wasnt any real progress made

>>By therion

whats up with this ''new stuff'' ''old stuff'' shit? it all sounds the same.

whatever happened to creativity?

>>By ladyvenom_619

yes i agree thats the point i made in my previous statement

>>By therion

I think Meteora is a progression from Hybrid Theory, even though it is similar. I guess if you buy both albums, it's like buying one with twice as many songs on it. And an intro.
HY - getting to like Linkin Park was exactly the same with me! I used to associate them with Limp Bizkit (I despise this band), but after I listened to them properly I loved them! Now they're my 6th favourite band.

>>By Sk8a H8a

sk8 h8a, u actually RANK wat bands u like? u must haf lots of free time. but ya. i used to associate them with limp bizkit too. i just think the similarities between the 2 albums...there's just too many of them. and they do seem like they're only here to make money u noe...the reanimation thing?

>>By eatengold

I just like Linkin Park. They make good music. So what, if some songs sound same as some old ones, theyr still good tracks. But still, Hybrid Theory was better...

>>By Jaxx Bilfer

hybrid theory IS better.

>>By eatengold

how can hybrid theory be better both albums sound 95 % the same

>>By therion

So what if the two are similar. They're good (in my opinion), and that's all that matters.
People criticise too much if an album isn't new and innovative.

>>By Undertone

Maybe the albums themselves are similar, but the songs are so different. What song on Meteora is like "By Myself"? And what on Hybrid Theory is like "Faint"? God knows the songs are all different...

>>By Sk8a H8a

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