Linkin Park


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this aint music....this a bunch of white boys trying to rap with guitars....and now they usein keyboards on remix albums 2 make it more hip-hop...they say rap sucks cuz they dont play instruments...well rockers cant write one line in there lyrics thats worth hearin...bunch of suicidle low-life punks...2pac wrote real music,sure there wasnt no guitar but fuck it...linkin park can suck a big ass dick along with all other rockers..heavy metal-soft and anyone else who has made a carrer from crapy ass rock music..

>>By darkmanx_blasphemy   (Monday, 14 Jul 2003 23:14)

They were never a good band in the 1st place... not-so-hybrid theory sucked, it sounded the same as all the other (c)rapcore/nu-metal BS of today, and this CD is even lamer. These stupid talentless fucks just want your money, and thank God I didn't pay for either of their shitty cds. If I was a trendy turd like my friend who listens to crap like this, I would be just like all the other lame trendy turds that like this lame band.

Save your fucking money on both of their cds, don't even waste your fucking time.

>>By strongerthanall316   (Monday, 14 Jul 2003 23:16)

Bands like Linkin Park just go to show you the sad state music is in. The crybaby singer and donkey-boy rapper are some of the worst vocalist and lyricists ever, and yet their bar-lowering albums sell like hot cakes. Waves of mindless fans just adore this cute little band and act all badass about it. They feel like they can relate with the boys about being alone, one step closer to the edge, and confused about their sexuality. "It's so sad! I have the worst life ever!" Man just shut up about it. And let's not forget about the rest of this pathetic band. The talentless guys are so predictable, whether it be the "riffs", beats or fills. It's just so easy for them. They are probably up in their mansions, crying with their dicks in each other's asses. And they think they have it so hard. Well, in closing, it's o/k for you ignorant fans to love your hardcore metal/hip hop band, but don't go around talking about how they are the greatest band ever. They go in the same category as Creed, Nsync, and Crazy Town. It is all just crap. Thank you...

>>By carlovoneverything   (Monday, 14 Jul 2003 23:17)

Dosent anyone know good music anymore. This band was cool when they first came out but its the little girls that make it so played out and disliked by everyone else. remember when system of a down was awesome and korn for example. when these little teenagers here it the music just goes down hill form there. Bad Religion Pennywise even the Beasties all the way - thanks

>>By bpalanek   (Monday, 14 Jul 2003 23:19)

A whole lot of good comments here!
I truely love LINKIN PARK!
Everybody got different opinions. some may like linkin park, some may not.
But that's ok! Nothing really matters, as long as we know what we are talking about.
And so far, these are some really good comments.
Just keep Linkin Park the main topic here.
I don't mind peepz hatin on Linkin Park.
All I know is that i love Linkin Park.
And i dont care what anybody says, as long as i enjoy them, then i enjoy them!

>>By stacyanna   (Tuesday, 15 Jul 2003 00:23)

I really like crossover-music. Linkin Park is one of the best ones along with limp bizkit and korn. It just mixes perfectly together rap and hardrock-music. I love it!

>>By Krazie Leg   (Tuesday, 15 Jul 2003 00:53)

What the fuck is your problem? I mean, is Lincon Park same thing as Linkin Park? And if you got offensed by my question, you are the dumbass. Go home and cry on your mommas lap.

>>By Southwest Strangla   (Tuesday, 15 Jul 2003 18:20)

I think a lot of you people are very silly. I notice that Linkin Park fans on here actually have something new to say but all of you haters are repeating yourself with the same insults... By the way, being called gay is not an insult.

>>By Brazilman   (Tuesday, 15 Jul 2003 19:59)

*kinda laughing* i find u peepz very funny! especially da haters.
i was juss done reading this page, and boy i was pretty much laughing all da way!
I don't get it! if u guys don't like LINKIN PARK, den y r u guys wasting ur time here in dis discussion.
Y don't u guys find something betta to do, its betta den waste ur life on sometihng u hate! But i'm juss sayin, if u guys still wonna trash talk in here, it's none of my business.


>>By stacyanna   (Tuesday, 15 Jul 2003 21:23)

All the people that "hate" linkin park, i have a question:

Do you hate them because you actually don't like their music, or do you hate them because a bunch of teeny bopper asses like them. Lets get one thing straight. they are not like Bull Shit Boys or un'sync. they play their guitars, and have an originaly type of music. I dunno about you guys, but linkin park is the only band i know of that mixes alternative-ish/hard rock with rap. I am not saying that they are my favorite band, but they definitely don't suck. Maybe some of you actually don't like them, but where do you get the idea that you are the master of the music dictionary. Does Hard Rock, or Rap, or Punk, have an actual solid Bull shit Boys and Un'sync are boy bubble gum. Linkin Park is not. they have no similarities at all. And you so called "haters" have just as musch right to categorize linkin park as brtiney spears has right to command an army. Please, why don't all you dumbasses get your facts (and opinions) straight before you decide to put down a band again

>>By Artemis   (Wednesday, 16 Jul 2003 00:14)

hey, is it just me, or are there too many new people that have gotten into linkin park. I mean i have listened since the day this cd came out, and actually know about their EP, which i'm sure most of these people don't, it is 10 times better than this album. They have become too comercialized and i dont even want to goto concerts like family values, cause there will be a bunch of tenny-boppers that go crazy over linkin park.

>>By mogboy34   (Wednesday, 16 Jul 2003 12:27)

whatever...I'm jus tired of hearing the hatin...I could actually care less about what everyone else thinks...I personally love LP....they're my fav band ever!

>>By Karen   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 01:36)

This has got to be said: to all the haters of Linkin Park that are saying shit on here, don't waste your time. There's something to be said for every viewpoint, even yours, so I genuinely feel sorry for you. You say you like other bands and you're trying to convince us to listen to them. Considering we have completely different musical tastes, that isn't going to work. This was never meant to be turned into a Linkin Park hate agenda, so why don't you find a discussion about a band you do like? Common sense, simple common sense...
Are you just trying to annoy all the fans by telling us that they suck or that they're gay and you're calling us all little teenage girls? I'm not a teenage girl, but I love Linkin Park and I wouldn't care if they're gay. What the hell is wrong with that? You people must have pretty screwed up personalities if you can't find anything positive to say. Hell, it doesn't have to be about Linkin Park - just go on some other discussion about one of these dodgy bands from the 70s that you like.
Linkin Park rule, and I'm not going to change my mind about that. If anyone did change their mind because of your uneducated comments, they'd have to be really weak-minded. Linkin Park are a quality band with a lot of meaning in their songs, and it takes true talent to make good remixes as well, whatever you think.

>>By Brazilman   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 09:33)

If ya'll are just mocking each other in here, this site is going to turn out as the retardest discussion site ever! I mean, what is the use for all that dissing? You are saying you kick each others ass? Then do it! Stop threatning and just do it! Otherwise stop that useless bitching. All the LP fans, stay in the topic, wich is talking about LINKIN PARK and all the haters, focus on stayin' in the topic, wich is talking about LINKIN PARK! and with that haters-linkinpark-discussion, i don't mean something like "linkin park sux,they are faggs, they stink...." say something wise and seriously taken, then somebody might listen to you. I know that somebodys gonna respond to me by something really "mature" way, so i'm gonna just do it for ya.

"Blaze, you faggot. Suck my dick. Eat shit. Fuck linkin park, they suck. You are retarded gay faggot ass bitch...."

That'll do it.....

>>By Blaze   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 12:36)

linkin park is the best band ever. Their new cd is the best ever to anyone who hates them piss off and say something nice about them. To the fans of them call the ones that don't basterds. The fans are a better than the ones that don't like them. Their music is great their songs are brill and their band members are cool. So to the ones who don't like them piss off. The people in schools are their fans acept some. They should start to like them if they don't then i would't have anyone to talk to and help so try and make them like them. Linkin park rules for life and they are the very best ban d ever they should be number one if anyone agrees put linkin park rules. They are better than any band i know. So gt off the people who don't like linkin park. I'd rarther listen to linkin park then the crap other people listen to. Then their new aibum underground will be better than ever if they don't make the top ten then waht the hell at least they tried to get their.

>>By hayleigh   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 12:48)

I dunno if anyone read my comment way ^ up there. But i really would like one of the haters to answer that. I think linkin park is really good, and they have a unique style. so tell me excactly why you think they suck. Cuz if it is something like "oh, well, they are posers and your not supposed to mix rap with hard rock" thats not a very good excuse.
how are they posers
why aren't you supposed to mix rap and hard rock (personally i think it is a great idea, it is something new to listen to besides all the shitty same ole' same ole' bands like GC and scum 41)

i know haters are entitled to there opinion, but that is like going up to some old guy and saying that frank sinatra sucks. he didn't suck, you may not like his style, but in his feild of music he definitely did not suck. Same with linkin park, in their feild of music, they are brilliant. But if you prefer bubble gum pop over them, then yeah, linkin park is not a bubble gum band.

So before you say they suck, come up with a good logistical reason for WHY they suck....please!

>>By Artemis   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 19:25)

Here's a quote the haters might like to hear: "You only suck as much as you say Linkin Park suck." That's by Dr Cheri Pie, and she's an intellectual damn it!
Linkin Park rules, and the tide is turning, because all you haters suck and the fans outnumber you now! Haha!

No, I'm not an illiterate crazy teenager. Teenager I may be, but at least I can spell "illiterate", and if someone with an IQ of 160 likes Linkin Park, they must rock. Strange that most of the haters are drugged-up dumbasses who were too busy listening to Black Sabbath in the 70s to ever learn to read and write. What am I talking about? That's not strange... the fact that you hate Linkin Park automatically labels you "idiot".

>>By Brazilman   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 21:57)

Oh, and another thing... Can we talk about something else? I mean, "Linkin Park rules, Linkin Park sucks, you're a stupid twat" is all very well the first few times, but can't we have a deeper discussion about their music?
Who's seen Linkin Park live? I wish I had... Can anyone else tell me what it's like?
OR What's your favourite LP song? Mine's Faint...
Whatever, just stop being shallow idiots repeating your blunt opinions over and over, or just dissing each other because you have different musical tastes. In nine pages there have only been a small minority of people who say anything truly interesting about Linkin Park, because the rest of it is just repeated.
As for the haters, this is where your road ends. Go home now. We don't want you here. You've said your bit and to be honest, it's bloody boring to read. "Stinkin Park suck, they're all faggots, Molester Chester is a pansy!" It's all ridiculous what you're saying. What is your beef? One thing I have learned from all your hate shit is that the people who don't like Linkin Park are the gobshites who are only here to interrupt and annoy other people. If it wasn't for you, we might have managed to get on to say something sensible by now. As it is, we've wasted our time bitching about you haters. It's got to stop. Now. You can all fuck off back to your gay bars or wherever you like to spend your time, and stop harrassing Linkin Park fans.

>>By Brazilman   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 22:18)

Linkin Park sucks. Any band with a DJ sucks. Why do they need some guy scratching a frigging record player? And what do they need two lead singers for? This band has everything you need to make horrible music: rapped vocals, a DJ, two lead singers, and a DJ! Do I ever hate this band. Fu(c)k you Linkin Park and all your stupid mallcorian fans.

>>By Anti Mallcore   (Friday, 18 Jul 2003 11:08)

How the hell can anyone come on here saying that they don't like Linkin Park and we should all listen to AVRIL LAVIGNE? If you seriously think she's the Queen of Punk, I'm not with you. Oh, and why have you written your message all in caps? It makes it harder to read, you know.
Anyway, Linkin Park are one hell of a lot better than Avril Lavigne. Where I come from, Avril Lavigne is an insult for a Canadian person. Being called Brad Delson or whatever is a compliment. When you look at the influences of Linkin Park and compare them to the influences of Avril Lavigne (have you noticed how I don't bother to call her by a stupid name? I can think of loads, but I'm not going to go down to the level of you LP haters), you can see that LP have brought rap and rock forward together, but Avril is just doing the same as what was being done a decade ago.
Don't ANYBODY respond to this with a message about Avril Lavigne, because this is a discussion about Linkin Park and I don't want to be blamed for screwing it up. Feel free to say anything about Linkin Park's influences or what they've done for rap and rock, or tell me what it's like to see them live, because I want to know. Don't try to recommend another musical artist and proclaim them the Queen/King of Punk or whatever, because you're not going to get any sympathy with LP fans, and this discussion is not for haters. Probably all of these low-grade musicians have discussions dedicated to them, so you should have no problem finding people who actually will listen to what you have to say.
Once again I'm going to ask for a high-brow discussion about Linkin Park other than saying "They suck!" "No they don't you dumbass! I'm going to kill you!" "Go home and cry to your mother, when I've finished screwing her. Linkin Park are faggots." Please can we stop talking like this? It's demeaning, not only to this website but to Linkin Park and to ourselves. Perhaps someone would like to tell us WHY Linkin Park suck or WHY they're so great. I know why they're great, no need to tell me that... Screaming is cool, whatever you haters think, and the lyrics mean a lot more than the lyrics of most bands. Most of them are just stating the obvious these days, or telling us about the weather. I can tell it's a damn cold night, what are you, a frickin' thermometer? LP actually sing about they're feelings, and I can identify with that. The sounds are wicked too, and the lyrics work even better with the remixes. A lot of the time I used to feel like screaming, but now LP do my screaming for me so I don't have the cops arouund bothering me. What LP have done for me is amazing.

>>By Brazilman   (Friday, 18 Jul 2003 11:09)

Linkin Park makes good music. That's it.

>>By Blaze   (Friday, 18 Jul 2003 13:49)

That is so right. That's the most intelligent coment I've seen on these 9 pages. Big up to you, Blaze.

>>By Brazilman   (Friday, 18 Jul 2003 14:46)

Damn, I had to start a new page, didn't I? I meant "comment". And Linkin Park rocks! They are the band to listen to!

>>By Brazilman   (Friday, 18 Jul 2003 15:12)

wow...this is the first time I've came on herre and there wasn't ten thousand haters hatin..hehe..well LP ROX...thats jus it

>>By Karen   (Saturday, 19 Jul 2003 16:15)

Hey, it's been a while since any haters have said anything stupid on here - apart from the dumbass who used Blaze's name and forgot to use proper punctuation. That's kind of worrying... I hope like hell this means that you've decided to listen to Linkin Park or concentrate on your university studies. If you've started manufacturing weapons to come and kill Linkin Park and all their fans, I'd better start defending my house...
Because I think Linkin Park are totally awesome! My favourite song is Faint because it's that little bit more screamy (is that a word?) than the rest. But Hybrid Theory is my favourite album because it's the first one I bought.
I love ah Linkin Park ah!

>>By Brazilman   (Saturday, 19 Jul 2003 17:24)

All of you are ignorant. I am not about to rant and rave about wether or not i like linkin park. that is not why i am here. I am here to say that all of you are blissfully unaware of the the depth and meaning of everything around you. Do you know why i go on the internet all day? Because it is one of the only things that keeps me sane. Communicating with people in my same position. Talking about things that are worth talking about. Not having petty arguments over which band is punk and why you can't like them. You people are the reason that earth is a hell hole. All you are concerned with is trying to get every one to bow down to your opinion. And then you call eachother posers because they have their own opinion. Wouldn't they be posers if they DIDN"T have their own opinion and, instead, bowed down to yours. Most of you don't even understand half the things you type, and then when you can't think of a word, you make up a strain of curses that make no sense. i just ask you all to reevaluate the real reason why you are here arguing, because if you judge a person on wether or not they like "true punk bands" or "true metal" or "gay hip hop" then that just reveals how shallow humanity has become.

i hope you truly contemplate what i have told you.

>>By Everybody   (Saturday, 19 Jul 2003 21:01)

i think LP are just another horrible band on the radio. They're song music is repetitive, their lyrics are the unoriginal angsty garbage i hear from bands like slipknot, and they look like fairy princesses.They sing about how hard life was, on the coast of california when theyre tv remote broke and they actually had to get up and change it themselfes, and other horrifiying angsty moments. They are the boy band of "Punk Rock". it saddens me how trash like this gets on more than good bands who bring feeling and emotion to a song, as well as making it catchy.Someone like Judas priest or Iron Maiden. How can Linkin Park get 1,000,000 girls and 2,000,000 gay PUnK RokkERZ in their fanbase with their whole album an exact copy of Hybrid Theory. If anyone tells me to actually listen to them and that crap, know that i have. i actually spent $14 on HT, and that was the worst 14 bucks i ever spent. i would have felt bad for the store if i had returned this hunk of smoldering wreckage, so i stuck it in the microwave and i have to say, i like it better now that ever.
Plz criticize me and flame me to the highest extent, for i find LP fan's rants immature and full of golden lines like LiKiNPrK RluZZZZZ!!!111!!! Yu SUxKKK!!11!!!1!
i love laughing at people like that. and feel open to call my bands trash also. i dont really care.

>>By Inu-no-onjj-chan   (Saturday, 19 Jul 2003 21:46)

Is your name Inu-no-onjj-chan or inu-onjj-chan or inya-ass-hole? Learn to spell! Since you asked for it, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden sucked, and their fans are all insane. I know, I've met some of them... Many of my friends are gay , so it's not really an insult. I'm not gay, but I like Linkin Park. I have a girlfriend, and guess what? She likes Linkin Park too! If you don't like them, go to hell! By hell I mean one of the other discussions on here i.e. about a band that you like. That'd be hell for me.
You are a shithead if you think being called gay is an insult; gay people are as good as everybody else, even if they do have different taste in music. There are a lot of hardcore fans of Linkin Park, and the fact that you're asking stupid questions like "How can Linkin Park get 1,000,000 girls and 2,000,000 gay PUnK RokkERZ in their fanbase with their whole album an exact copy of Hybrid Theory" (although that's not really a question because you missed out the question mark, dumbass) proves that you are too stupid to work this out for yourself. Because you spent so much time listening to all of your crap bands in the 70s and doing drugs younow haven't got a clue what you're talking about. You're stuck in the past, inya-ass-hole!

>>By Brazilman   (Sunday, 20 Jul 2003 14:09)

haha, thank you for flaming! I see your very distrought over your band being the one thing on earth that should be shot through the stratosphere and, hopefully, never seen again. If were lucky, they might burn up in the atmosphere! oh joy!
and, i believe you are taking the word gay a bit too far. I say it once, not even emphasised in the sentence, and you crazy LP fans start going hog wild. Cant take an insult? Did i hurt your feelings? Cant you see im using sarcasm in these sentences? Obviesly not, for that is far too advanced for 2nd graders.So i misssed a question mark, geez im stupid, might as well label me as a LP one more fan would be dangerous to the nation's sanity. Oh, and by hardcore fans, you mean your badass posse that thinks putting whoopie cushions in peoples chairs is bad as hell?Oh, and for your info, just cause i listen to a band that did drugs, doesnt mean i do if you used that theory with LP, you and blaze would be on eachother in no time.

Please flame me again, its hilarous.

>>By inu-hellabetterthanyou-chan   (Sunday, 20 Jul 2003 18:16)

oh, i forgot to note, because you AND your girlfriend listen to it, it doesnt mean your gay, it just means you are femenine

>>By inu-hellabetterthanyou-chan   (Sunday, 20 Jul 2003 18:20)

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