Linkin Park


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lol, I apologize. I love LP's new single "Faint". It's so addicting. And the video's pretty cool too, like how they did the whole silhouette (can't spell) thing...anyways, yeah.

>>By skye   (Friday, 25 Jul 2003 20:26)

Linkin Park is a great crossover-band, nad i like their style. music has many levels and lyrics are great. they have also lifted the samplin' art to a whole new level. mike is a great MC and chester is a great singer, i love 'em all!

>>By Cell Block   (Tuesday, 29 Jul 2003 21:39)

I love Chester.. *sniffles*

>>By HIMGRL666   (Wednesday, 30 Jul 2003 18:56)

Yeah, Chester is the greatest singer in the world! I want to be just like him and if you look at my picture you can see I'm already half way there. Linkin Park is still one of my favourite bands and I truly respect them no matter what anyone else says. Big up to Linkin Park!

>>By Brazilman   (Wednesday, 30 Jul 2003 19:47)

I don't think Chester is the "best" singer in the world, but he really knows how to sing! And i love Linkin Park too, even though they are not so hardcore as the some other bands in this genre. They have this cool unique pop-rock-rap-electronic sound. My favourite LP song of all time is "My December", bcoz' it makes me feel all emotional....

>>By J Mann   (Monday, 4 Aug 2003 12:35)

I'm glad that there's a band that doesn't hold that typical rock star stereotype with the whole spikey head and tattoos and peircings up to their necks. Very admirable.

>>By skye   (Tuesday, 12 Aug 2003 21:33)

No matter, how "sell out, commercialized mainstream" music they are, i love 'em! They have unique style and that's pretty cool. Mike is great emcee, bcoz' he raps about real things and thoughts he have in his mind... lil' bit like Nas....

>>By cilvaringz   (Tuesday, 19 Aug 2003 14:48)

i think its amazing how they mix rap singing and screaming and it sounds perfect!!!

>>By jack_is_hot6   (Wednesday, 20 Aug 2003 06:00)

Went to see Metallica and Linkin Park last night and Linkin Park were practically booed off the stage!!
Whoever put them on the same bill as Metallica needs their head checked they're not worthy to share the same stage.

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Thursday, 21 Aug 2003 09:28)

Linkin Park don't suck, but putting them on the same stage as Metallica is a mistake.

>>By Brazilman   (Thursday, 21 Aug 2003 11:23)

Nah they dont exactly suck but their fan base is COMPLETELY different to Metallica's. At the concert there was Metal fans who just wanted to hear some good Guitar Riffs and solos and Linkin Park just can't deliver on that. I was really surprised at all the teeny Boppers who were there to see Metallica only and who were booing Linkin Park. Perhaps there fans have grown up a little and dont appreciate them anymore.

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Thursday, 21 Aug 2003 14:31)

How can you say that some kinda person is this "teeny bopper" (as you prefer to call them)? I have been down with Linkin Park since Hybrid Theory EP and i'm still with 'em! And by the way: I have been a fan of Metallica for much longer than LP's fan. But i agree with you guys in one thing: It was huge mistake to put LP with Metallica on the same road. Kinda like, when Crazy Town was in the Ozzfest, nothin' but a disaster! Don't get me wrong, i love CXT, but they are not a metal band, that should get crazy in the same stage with Sepultura, Slayer and Soulfly, you know?

>>By cilvaringz   (Thursday, 21 Aug 2003 16:47)

Ok i'm not completely dissing linkin park, they've cornered that teen angst market pretty well&that has to be admired but i don't consider the them to be a metal band. I put them into more of a pop genre. Yes it was a complete mistake putting them on the same stage as Metallica, i felt sorry for them& i'd say it would be a long time before Linkin Park re-visit Ireland they were booed so bad.
Also their music doesn't come off as well when it's Live, metal music is made for live gigs.

>>By Too Smart for a nickname   (Friday, 22 Aug 2003 17:22)

You are right. Linkin Park uses so much computer-technology in the studio, that the songs just are losin' somethin' when they are played live.... i still call LP as a metal band. I mean, nu-metal (or whatever you wanna call it) is the latest form of heavy metal and the and when numetal is in it's best moments, it's the new direction for thrash metal. So they are kinda like metal band, only with pop/hiphop touch. Hell, i'm all confused now, call it what'cha wanna call it, i'm out of here...


>>By cilvaringz   (Friday, 22 Aug 2003 20:40)

Linkin Park is one fine-ass crossover band! I love 'em, bcoz' they don't fit in the typical "rock-star" outfit, like they don't fuck hotel rooms up, they don't make themselves look like dumbasses in the media by drinkin' and gettin' wasted every night, and so on. They really care about what they are doin', wich is to entertain people who loves 'em. I'm one of those people and my favourite songs are "numb", "my december", "in the end" and "pushing me away".

>>By Plaztik   (Tuesday, 2 Sep 2003 15:48)

I think that unlike a lot of other bands, Linkin Park truly are dedicated to their fans. That really is cool.

>>By Brazilman   (Wednesday, 3 Sep 2003 23:26)

i DON'T LIKE THEIR MUSIC, BUT UNLIKE alot of other bands in the same corner they are really a band and they to me are really senceer, something quiet uncommon in modern pop...
Just my piece of cake...

>>By Campking   (Wednesday, 10 Sep 2003 11:53)

The only song I don't love is Easier to Run, because Chester does sound a bit like a pansy in it. I know that's not a crime, but Chester is not at his best in that song. He sings brilliantly in "System".

>>By Brazilman   (Thursday, 11 Sep 2003 23:26)

I like Linkin Park. Best nu-metal out there. So what if they sound commercial. My theory is; More fans, more money, better production, better quality. And every band is makin' music so they can someday get paid for it. All that "stayin' true to underground and fuck mainstream" talk is bullshit!

>>By Diseaze   (Wednesday, 1 Oct 2003 17:38)

Yea, but linkin park ISNT GOOD, there are plenty of bands out there with talent not a raspy ass scream with a cheap rapper........ that make decent money, have great quality and .... most of all the key.... TALENT, not some crap from phoenix, az .... which is where i am and i know anything that comes from here..... sucks. And plus, the whole talk is bullshit...... THEN STOP TALKING.

PS Im not mad, i just think linkin park sucks, but we are all entitled to our own opinions now arent we. Got questions?


>>By PerfektChild   (Wednesday, 1 Oct 2003 20:22)

talented, commercial, whatever.

all i know is they make good music which i enjoy listening to.

>>By Luna   (Wednesday, 1 Oct 2003 20:29)

Linkin Park is awesome! They don't do things half-assed like every other band seems to. When I buy an LP album I'm satisfied with my purchase because I never feel like anything's missing from it. It's one thing to arrange a good album, but to make it complete like LP does is incredible. They're talented, professional and altogether musically awesome.
I can't agree completely with Diseaze though. Commercialised bands try to sell singles rather than albums, which isn't like Linkin Park at all. I'm a big fan but I have only bought one single, and it was the first I bought. LP do remain true to their real fans with the LP Underground. Of course this is another way of making money (and keeping the music alive by creating more serious fans), but I wouldn't accuse all bands of being money-oriented. Some of them are just in it to play good music and if you have to sell millions of CDs to get it to a wider audience, so be it.

>>By Sk8er H8er   (Wednesday, 1 Oct 2003 20:45)

I don't think that Shellac (steve Albini) is in it for the money.. there are quiet some musicians who realy do it for the music... otherwise they would have become laywers....

>>By Campking   (Wednesday, 1 Oct 2003 22:54)

i love the new song numb chester is so hot

>>By manson_is_sexy   (Thursday, 2 Oct 2003 04:11)

damn it, do you fancy everyone in the alternative scene?

>>By Luna   (Thursday, 2 Oct 2003 14:28)

Do you like fred durst?

>>By Luna   (Thursday, 2 Oct 2003 14:29)

I really like there newist cd....Metorea its boss!!!!!!!!!!

>>By Chrissy16   (Friday, 3 Oct 2003 21:19)

Linkin Park is that kinda band, who spends much time with makin' a one song. Just so they can make it perfect. I kinda like admire that. They are professionals of music industry. There ain't so much this "Original" feel in theire music, but still it's so damn good. Sample art is on top in this kinda groups. Give the DJ some ROOM!

>>By Chromez   (Sunday, 5 Oct 2003 16:19)

I really like Linkin park Ive seen them in concert 1 but it was really good.

>>By Chrissy16   (Monday, 20 Oct 2003 00:03)

Linkin Park's first album wasn't huge. The very first LP record that came out was 6 songs long and it didn't sell shit. "Hybrid Theory EP" was also nothing in the charts, but few years later WB records got intrested in LP and signed them. After that came the huge succesful album, "Hybrid Theory". And for the lyrical question: If you wan't so badly to listen to a band that got a messages in theire songs, go find one! If you just wanna enjoy the music without thinkin' every thing they say, choose Linkin Park. I like 'em.

>>By Chromez   (Friday, 31 Oct 2003 15:15)

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