The White Stripes


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there fresh inovative and the music plainly kick butt !!!!!!

>>By lost cause   (Wednesday, 6 Nov 2002 17:21)

No, I'm not Canadian.
But I really do dig their record...pity they can't come to Hong Kong in March...?

>>By eh?   (Tuesday, 14 Jan 2003 15:13)

The White Stripes are my absolute favorite band ever! They're all I listen to!

>>By Starstruk   (Friday, 7 Feb 2003 00:03)

I've heard them, but I can't pinpoint what kind of music they play. What would you call it?

>>By Gray Eyed 13   (Friday, 7 Feb 2003 19:56)

i call it Garage rock. Its awsome!

>>By meredith   (Tuesday, 11 Feb 2003 23:58)

Garage rock. Sure, I guess that could work meridith. They are real innovative. I like the fell in love with a girl video. Pure genius (if that is how you spell it).

>>By Rabbit   (Saturday, 15 Feb 2003 07:27)

where can i find lyrics to fell in love with a girl

>>By blaze   (Wednesday, 19 Feb 2003 04:36)

i love this band so much they are great their music is so different
and you can really chill out to it!

>>By steph   (Wednesday, 19 Feb 2003 07:26)

Offend In Every Way has gained so many more meanings than I ever thought it would...

>>By AmeRicanXerO   (Monday, 24 Feb 2003 02:15)

do any of you know where i can download elephant ive found 2 songs off it

>>By jen   (Thursday, 6 Mar 2003 17:54)

I dated Jack in highschool he is so nice

>>By Sybilla   (Tuesday, 11 Mar 2003 03:17)

Woah, thats freaky. Someone up there posted with my name. Only I can spell awesome and wouldn't use that word anyway. 21 Days till Elephant.

>>By Meredith   (Tuesday, 11 Mar 2003 06:36)

I love "seven nation army" off Elephant

>>By Crystal   (Friday, 14 Mar 2003 21:58)

Seven nation army out in 2 days!! and elephant rules especially its true that we love one another

>>By Dale   (Wednesday, 19 Mar 2003 22:01)

im seeing the white stripes next month, there my faveroit band, well the strokes and the manic street preachers aswell

>>By nick   (Saturday, 22 Mar 2003 12:41)

Saw them in Toronto they opened for the Rolling Stones talk about a culture shock all the blue hairs didnt get it i was one of a few who had any thing good to say

>>By mojo   (Sunday, 23 Mar 2003 05:29)

Ha Ha Ha, any americans out there, I got Elephant before you! Woooo ENGLAND ROCKS! That is allllll i listen to know, Good to see Holly Golightly featuring on Well It's True That We Love On Another. Also what does everyone think of Meg's singing voice on Cold, Cold Night, very cool i think.

>>By Rhys   (Wednesday, 2 Apr 2003 20:02)

jack white is so freakin hot he my baby i love him

>>By tws-afi   (Friday, 4 Apr 2003 02:30)

I wonder if the monkey(Jimmy) still explodes anything thats not red...

>>By lucas fleming   (Friday, 4 Apr 2003 06:54)

I seriously dont think that Heather White is a robot...

>>By lucas fleming   (Friday, 4 Apr 2003 07:45)

There's a new interview with them on the BBC website at

check it out.

>>By Jamie Smith   (Monday, 7 Apr 2003 12:14)

what kind of guitar does Jack play?

>>By JO   (Thursday, 10 Apr 2003 07:21)

Here is yet another example of an only mildly talented "underground" or "indie" band which mainstream media has sucsessfully used to manipulate the minds of foolish young consumers. Hopefully people will one day recognize that this band as well as several others are the same as limp biskit and britney spears. The only difference is that the target market is hipsters or the "underground." HINT: If there on the cover of Rolling Stone and on MTV it's not "underground" music. Odds are if you really think the white stripes are hip, you don't know shit about music and should quit thinking you do.

>>By Miles   (Tuesday, 15 Apr 2003 18:20)

Atlaaaaaaaaaaaast!! Elephant is out! love the album looooaaaaaads. How does one pronounce 'Stijl' ?!....such an annoying word...will be seeing them at Reading. I personally think everyone should go to Reading and see them. Do so or die...

>>By anna   (Wednesday, 16 Apr 2003 21:27)

If anybody knows how to get the guitar sound from Seven Nation Army, let me know. Sounds like a Gibson just plugged into a bass amp with some light distortion. Or have they fused a bass amp to a Marshall stack or something? If anybody knows, post if for me please. Thanks. And anybody who likes this should check out the new one from Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks : Pig Lib. It's an amazing CD. Everything from that "indie rock" feel that's good, from jazz and bluesy riffs to, strangely, Guns n Roses sounding guitar solos. Just an amazing CD, not the typical teenie-bopping crap out there now. Anybody who remembers when music was good would really appreciate what he's been doing. After all, he was in Pavement. Doesn't get better than that.

>>By General Tso's Puppet   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 00:59)

Does anyone know where i can get the concert at Glastonbury in audio format? If anyone can tell me i will be forever in your debt.

>>By Trentis   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 03:28)

if kim deal and frank black had a child it would be called-highly unlikely
the afterbirth would be called a white stripe

>>By tehiru   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 11:58)

Sunflower, what did you mean when you said, "HEATHER WHITE, ummm...riiighht??

>>By lucas fleming   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 00:21)

I love Jack White, Jack White's alright, pretty sexy, pretty cool, Jack White rocks my world

>>By Annie   (Friday, 2 May 2003 18:54)

yeah, why talk about the music when you can fantasize about the singer.......bleh

>>By fAnnie   (Friday, 2 May 2003 23:43)

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