The Flaming Lips


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GET THE SOFT BULLETIN. That has to be one of the best CDs I've ever heard in my life.

>>By ssjchubtoad   (Wednesday, 9 Apr 2003 22:10)

once again,where are you people?
you shoud be here dicoussing about one of the greatest bands of all time!!??
wayne coyne is,beside luke haines,my idol.
get not only the soft bulletin(which is the greatest "flaming" album) but all discografy.
believe me,you won't regret!!!
forza hajduk split

>>By baader gaalio   (Wednesday, 30 Apr 2003 01:56)

these guys changed my life forever...its weird to say that about music,but i can make an exception when it comes to the flaming lips

>>By Jus-10   (Wednesday, 7 May 2003 21:42)

does anyone know anything about the mars movie by the lips? sounds interesting!

>>By LAURA PATERSON   (Tuesday, 15 Jul 2003 16:55)

global internet government is

>>By charles webster baer   (Thursday, 18 Sep 2003 13:52)

Looking into space it surrounds me.
Thank you for everything, boys.
Klyph Scurlock kicks ass. You are lucky to have him. Treasure him.
Never give up the ghost.

>>By Seward3   (Thursday, 29 Jan 2004 12:52)

Yoshimi battles the pink robots destroys everything in its path! It is undeniably awesome! And if you don't agree then yoshimi is gonna destroy you because she has been taking her vitamins!

>>By etsubucs23   (Friday, 13 Feb 2004 05:24)

Wow, nobody ever posts in here. So, chances are, this won't be read for a couple of months, if that. Just wanted to say, the Lips are great. First got into them when I heard the track from the Batman Forever soundtrack, favorite song on there BTW. Then, when they were promoting Yoshimi, I heard just a tidbit of "Do You Realize??" on MTV2 (before the song was on every show, commercial, and movie) and bought the CD from just that. I also decided I'd pick up Soft Bulletin even though I'd never heard any of the songs on it. I was not disappointed.

OK, bye.

>>By The Walrus   (Friday, 23 Apr 2004 17:04)

the flaming lips are great. I was around when she don't use jelly burned up the charts, and i remember seeing them on beverly hills 90210. It was great. then they kinda disappeared for awhile and then i picked up the soft bulletin and was absolutely blown away. since then i've picked up a lot of their stuff, i even splurged and picked up the four disc set that you have to listen to all at the same time. It's alright, but i had to do it.
and yoshimi will always remind of me when my first son was born. We would rock to that album when i took off a couple of months to take care of him. it was magical (wow, that sounded corny, but true)

>>By r.t.   (Sunday, 20 Jun 2004 18:40)

i've just discovered the lips, 3 of their cds are packaged together for the price of 1 here in Australia so I got that. So far I really like Hit To Death.... especially the deathporn track and felt good to burn. the band has nice melodies. haven't had much chance to listen to the soft parade (whoops, that's a Doors album) or Clouds Taste Metallic. but i do really like this band

>>By spikee   (Friday, 25 Jun 2004 16:38)

Fast forward a month and I am now ADDICTED to the Flaming Lips. I mean, these guys rule. Gorgeous melodies and arrangements mixed with ridiculously loud feedback guitars. Anyway, of the 4 CDs i currently own (see above + Yoshimi), I'd say Clouds Taste Metallic is my overall favourite. Its an incredible pop album with some of the catchiest songs I've ever heard in my life (This Here Giraffe, They Punctured My Yolk, Brainville USA, Lightning Strikes The Postman, Evil Will Prevail, so on). Sounds REALLY great with the volume cranked up. I don't quite love their 2 most recent CDs as much (with the 'mature' sound) although there is at least one INCREDIBLE song on each. Do you realize I'm talking about Race For The Prize and Do You Realize? Do you realize...that you have the most.....beautiful face... I'm getting carried away, but I'm really excited because I haven't felt this way about a band for a long time. I'm a flaming addict

>>By spikee   (Saturday, 24 Jul 2004 08:35)

Come on folks, talk about the smiling deathporn immortality blues. Or at least the Flaming Lips. I just bought Transmissions from the Satellite Heart.

>>By spikee   (Saturday, 7 Aug 2004 13:40)

I've just bought the box sets Taking Acid and Jesus Egg. I guess all I need now is the 4-discs-at-once thingomajig.

Has anyone noticed that the guitar line from Bag Full Of Thoughts (from the EP) is the same as that in Nirvana's About A Girl? Did Kurt Cobain rip off the Lips?

>>By spikee   (Friday, 27 Aug 2004 04:54)

The first time I heard them was back in 2003, and the first song was "Fight Test", and since then I have bought Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, and right after that I bought The Soft Bulletin... They both tremendously impacted my life... They are one of the best bands I have ever heard... Their Instrumental and Lyrical genious is just too powerful to control... This is a band to follow...

>>By Grazyl   (Friday, 10 Sep 2004 13:11)

Oh yeah... The Flaming Lips' movie Christmas on Mars is going to be great!! It stars Steve (Steve Burns) of Blues Clues...

>>By Grazyl   (Friday, 10 Sep 2004 13:12)

I was a bit disappointed when Wayne said in an interview that the most regretable record he has ever bought was Sonic Youth's Washing Machine.What was he thinking?

>>By thom   (Friday, 10 Sep 2004 15:46)

Grazyl, Yoshimi and Bulletin are lovely albums, but you really should check out the Flaming Lips early-mid 90s albums for their true genius. Start with Transmissions

>>By spikee   (Monday, 13 Sep 2004 05:21)

Well... I planned on getting... The Day they Shot a Hole in the Jesus Egg, Zaireeka, The Clouds Taste Metallic, Hit to Death in the Future Head, In a Priest Driven Ambulance... And a few others...

>>By Grazyl   (Monday, 13 Sep 2004 13:15)

Thats a very good idea Grazy, I have all of em except Zaireeka which I purposely plan to get last

I even bought 1984-90, then had to sell it when i found out it was just a compilation with no new shit

>>By spikee   (Wednesday, 15 Sep 2004 04:32)

Heh heh heh... Thanks!!

>>By Grazyl   (Wednesday, 15 Sep 2004 12:25)

How old do you reckon the guy is one the far left of the ACID cover? He looks about 12 to me!

>>By spikee   (Thursday, 16 Sep 2004 15:03)

Do you realize?....

>>By CHARLOS   (Thursday, 16 Sep 2004 23:21)

That everyone you know someday will die. Except me I'm immortal

>>By spikee   (Saturday, 18 Sep 2004 01:24)

Hmmm... The person on the cover does look very young... Maybe 16...

>>By Grazyl   (Saturday, 18 Sep 2004 05:41)

Its funny to read the liner notes of Finally The Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid. The members of the Lips talk about their own experience with acid, which has got me kinda curious.

Sorry to ignore you before Thom. I know very little about Sonic Youth and 80s alt rock in general. I'm too young :(

>>By spikee   (Sunday, 19 Sep 2004 12:12)

Somebody told me to try a band called pAper chAse since I liked the Lips. Has anyone else heard of them?

>>By spikee   (Tuesday, 21 Sep 2004 06:55)

Hmmm... Paper Chase... Never heard of them... Will look into though...

>>By Grazyl   (Tuesday, 21 Sep 2004 12:17)

I have just heard aboot them... And read a bunch of reviews... Go to

>>By Grazyl   (Tuesday, 21 Sep 2004 12:45)

Will do. Mercury Rev are a good band too if you like Soft Bulletin. Try Deserters Songs. Jonathan Donohue of MR was in the Lips in the early 90s. You probably knew all this, right?

>>By spikee   (Wednesday, 22 Sep 2004 02:24)

Yes I did... As I read the Bio and everything... I also looked into MR... They seem awesome...

>>By Grazyl   (Wednesday, 22 Sep 2004 02:30)

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