System Of A Down


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Seen them live need i say more!

>>By psychoneurotic_headcase   (Tuesday, 10 Aug 2004 18:30)

Why is it almost all System songs are drop B/C tuning???

>>By Tchock   (Saturday, 21 Aug 2004 19:12)

System of a Down rocks...tis a great band...tis one of my favourites...and yes i like saying tis because it's fun...

>>By ~enter_the_darkness~   (Thursday, 26 Aug 2004 07:01)

you cant help but love them can u ?

>>By Meo   (Saturday, 28 Aug 2004 03:35)

Daron it's an awsome guitar player>>>>

>>By CHARLOS   (Saturday, 28 Aug 2004 05:04)

I'm still comprehending why some of the people here, on this System of a Down discussion page, are also PRAISING Avril I Am A Clone Of The Music Industry Who's Sole Purpose Is To Make A Hell Of A Lot Of Money Doing Bugger All And Having A Crap Voice And No Idivudality About Me Lavigne.
For those of you who would like to hear further dissing of this god awful artist, please by all means visit the Avril Lavigne discussion page, and wait in line in an orderly fashion as the page loads and you are swept into the world of Hyperspace and by the end of it all come out a better person with an unusual desire to be yourself.

>>By Tchock   (Saturday, 28 Aug 2004 17:21)

System of a Down are a mainstream Nu-Metal band.

>>By Obfuscated   (Sunday, 29 Aug 2004 01:59)

I'd like to have that middle name, but it's a bit of a mouthful... Avril rocks my ass.
Obfuscated: indeed they are, and they are the best in that genre. I think nu-metal can still be classified as a type of metal though. They're more of a hybrid between generic heavy metal and nu-metal, but still, definitely nu-metal.

>>By Flake 1.6   (Sunday, 29 Aug 2004 09:28)

It is true that Nu is a sub-genre of Metal in its own right. But I disagree with your statement that System of a Down are the best of their genre. There are much better Nu-Metal bands.

>>By Obfuscated   (Sunday, 29 Aug 2004 14:09)

Name one

>>By Zombie   (Thursday, 9 Sep 2004 05:40)

There may be better nu-metal bands as nu-metal bands, but System of a Down have such wide influences that it's possible to say they're the best nu-metal band because they have something the other bands don't have.

>>By Flake 1.6   (Thursday, 9 Sep 2004 18:33)

Like brilliant, meaningful lyrics; talented guitar riffs and/or solos and the musical format.

>>By Tchock   (Thursday, 9 Sep 2004 22:22)


>>By bosco   (Wednesday, 15 Sep 2004 23:35)

Their "type" of music is quite an interesting one...

>>By Grazyl   (Thursday, 16 Sep 2004 02:38)

what's a good song by system of a down? my boyfriend likes them and it would be good if i could actually know a song by them

>>By SugarcultCrazzy oXx   (Saturday, 9 Oct 2004 23:05)

If you like system of a down look for the song "Feel Good" by System of a down, Hed Pe, and Kittie

>>By DeGraterHater   (Monday, 1 Nov 2004 07:40)

Oh, I love that song! I wrote lyrics from it on each of my four walls in my room - the most any other song has is two quotes!
Tchock: I aimagine the low tuning can be accounted for by the facts that the bass lines are incredibly minimalisitic, there is only one guitarist and the music is very heavy. Although of course, it'd be so much simpler to play a 7-string and not retune... so I'm not quite sure about that. Then again, I've not looked up SOAD tabs.

>>By Bitch Fit   (Monday, 1 Nov 2004 09:50)

I have to say that SOAD are one fine ass band. Daron is my favourite guitarist in the world.

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Sunday, 2 Jan 2005 18:44)

And playing SOAD bass lines is loads of fun.

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Tuesday, 11 Jan 2005 22:32)

SOAD is one of the only , if not THE only political bands i actually like , theyre songs aree really deep , so deep they dont have to mean a certain thing , while most are political , you could interperet their songs alot of different ways .

just thought id say that

- ME -

>>By brokenvalo666   (Friday, 21 Jan 2005 03:12)

Playing "Aerials" with bass is great!

>>By T.Montana   (Friday, 21 Jan 2005 22:06)


>>By korn,7   (Wednesday, 30 Mar 2005 08:43)

hmmm. . .so i got mezmerize a couple of weeks ago when it was released. . .and i have to admit. . .

when i first listened to it. . .i didn't care for it. . .thought it was weak. . .and sometimes silly. . .

but because system is one of the only mainstream bands i'm into. . .i thought i should give the new album at least another chance. . .

and after listening to it more. . .and taking it all in. . .i really love it! it's definitely not what i'd expect from such a talented band. . .but still exceedingly good. . .

>>By drowninginflame   (Monday, 6 Jun 2005 09:12)

I can't tell what everyone sees in them. I haven't listened to them much but...

>>By Flagg   (Monday, 6 Jun 2005 19:46)

They are playing in Oslo at the end of next week and I'm considering going to the gig. I like some of their stuff but I'm not a huge fan. Have not checked out the latest album yet, only heard BYOB, which is OK.

>>By LongGone   (Wednesday, 8 Jun 2005 05:21)

I'm still hurting inside from the time I downloaded a video of "Chop Suey," and it was AVRIL LAVIGNE singing... no, BUTCHERING the song. Her "guitar player" had the audacity to yell "look out system," into his mic.

Why do industry Barbie Dolls have the need to try and "prove" their independence and "hardcoreness" by attempting to perform the songs of much more talented bands? STICK TO KAREOKE NIGHT AT THE LOCAL TAVERN!

Anyways, drowninginflame, I totally agree. The first time I listened to Mezermize, I was wondering if I might have slipped the wrong CD in (although, I do really like the intro Soldier Side). It wasn't until the second or third time I listened to the CD that I really started to enjoy it. The lyrics are still completely random and abstract, and Serj and Daron outdid themselves with their harmony singing.

>>By RustyBlade   (Sunday, 12 Jun 2005 04:49)

Yeah, Aerials is my second favourite SoaD song to play on bass (and sing), even though it's really easy - Sugar is pretty awesome too
Gotta be said, the harmonies on Mezmerize are better than ever
And yeah, I heard that Avril cover and it's appalling - it's the only live recording of Avril I've heard though, so maybe all of her live stuff is terrible

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Sunday, 12 Jun 2005 23:34)

Still, I'd love to see the video coz I can imagine it's hilarious!

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Sunday, 12 Jun 2005 23:34)

like the new cd couldnt be more anti-republican if they tried

>>By MetalBladeRecords   (Sunday, 19 Jun 2005 05:09)

the new CD is SICK!!

>>By BRIANNA   (Tuesday, 21 Jun 2005 20:18)

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