System Of A Down


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System of a down .......what else can i say except they out did them selfs in the second album and their gonna out do them selfs again.....i'm high too i love you sergj and darron

>>By felicia tim's girl   (Friday, 8 Nov 2002 23:40)

system of a down are fucking sweet ass sheet. I love them. I liked there new stuff but there old stuff was even better. Why dont you guys drees up and shit anymore. Ive never been to a more energetic show then you guys. HEll yeah LOng live

>>By pooboo kitty fuck   (Saturday, 9 Nov 2002 01:29)

system is the coolest band around... thier songs seem to have some kind of meaning to them which i really can't figure out though... but they are sweet no matter

>>By MR BINX   (Saturday, 9 Nov 2002 07:49)

We love the guy with the long none of yall even think about liking him!!!!
We love them and their lyrics!!!!

>>By Michelle and Nina   (Saturday, 9 Nov 2002 20:43)

I like System Of A Down they sings grate and they are ARMENIANS like me !!!!!

>>By Aram   (Sunday, 10 Nov 2002 16:40)

SOAD is fucken greatest music I ever heart!! It's blowing in my mind like a Hiroshima madafucken atombomb!!!!

>>By Kac from Poland   (Friday, 15 Nov 2002 11:22)

SYSTEM RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when r they comin back 2 glasgow??? awww i luv daron, hes sooo cute!!!

>>By ????????   (Saturday, 16 Nov 2002 23:17)

i think that system is the coolest band and will be aruond from long time.

>>By frogstopper1   (Wednesday, 20 Nov 2002 18:04)

I want to marry you @$$E$ in hollywood
and have little kids w/system of a down

I only listen to hard core rock/&/roll>>>><<<<< :)...(:..

>>By buskee101   (Wednesday, 20 Nov 2002 20:21)

i love system... they are the best. everyone tells me i am obbest with them... my hole fucking room is done in them I LOVE YOU DARON MALAKIAN   (Friday, 22 Nov 2002 21:52)

System of a down have got to be best band of this era. Fantastic group, fantastic rythm, fantastic lyrics and fantastic music. I just wish they played more like they did in their first album, which is purely SOAD at its best. But nevertheless their recent stuff is really great and I can't wait to see them live on stage for the 3rd time when they come to Australia again.

>>By stranger   (Saturday, 23 Nov 2002 07:49)

this is silly but SOAD is fucking awesome... who'd have thought, literate metal? lol!

>>By morgan   (Tuesday, 26 Nov 2002 06:49)

System is the best group I have heard in a long time. Other than System I usually listen to TOOL and thats about it.

>>By Orestes   (Thursday, 28 Nov 2002 10:11)

their sounds fucking great!style..and smart

>>By razak   (Sunday, 1 Dec 2002 16:23)

Steal this album is the best

>>By Vinch8   (Monday, 2 Dec 2002 22:45)

I think this is the best group in the world.What a shame that i live in Poland...I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!

>>By DRAGON GIRL   (Saturday, 7 Dec 2002 22:51)

Serj has great fucking lyrics. FUCK THE SYSTEM!!!

>>By SYSTEM DESTROYER   (Monday, 9 Dec 2002 22:46)

I love SYSTEM OF A DOWN !!!!!!!!!
It's the best group ever. When are THEY coming to POLAND ????
Please come to my country and STOP ME CRY !!!!!!!!!!

>>By maiena   (Tuesday, 10 Dec 2002 13:02)

They are the best band ever!I love them!You should see my room...I love u Serj and Shavo!!!

>>By Hanna   (Wednesday, 11 Dec 2002 09:56)

s.o.a.d. is bad azz. i pop their cd in every saturday night when i go car racing with my brothers and friends. much luv to ya!

>>By baby boricua (A*K*A) Ciara   (Thursday, 12 Dec 2002 00:52)

System of a Down is Awesome, they are the craziest mofuckers to ever walk this earth, and I don't know how they think of their lyrics but there is just something about them... My Dad also thinks they kick ass and he's 40. I think that you guys should put the song Shame on a Nigga that you did with the Wu-Tang clan on your next album because that song kicks ass and everyone that I have showed it to thinks it is the best song ever. Peace Out.....

Whoever thinks that S.O.A.D. is gay,
thay can suck my motherf*cking dick...

>>By Cpt. Psycho   (Thursday, 12 Dec 2002 06:58)

The best thing about them is that they are original.My mom thinks they are great,and she's also 40.I love them...............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By SOAD girl   (Thursday, 12 Dec 2002 16:06)

System of a Down is the best group in the world.... meaningful lyrics, totally awesome vocals....I LOVE SERJ TANKIAN FOREVER!
p.s....i love Daron's guitars...

>>By JuSs CaLL mE VeRo   (Thursday, 12 Dec 2002 17:24)

Hey everyone! i just wanna say that SOAD is so fucken tight!!!! They are the best band ever and I listen to them in my car, at home, at work. They are fucken awesome!!!!!!!!!

420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420 420.....I wanna get high..........

>>By 420 Girl   (Thursday, 12 Dec 2002 17:28)

The best disc of all is "SYSYTEM OF A DOWN" then "steal this albuem". another great disc is ive in london 20/12/99 is "fucking great". I think there slipknot and soad are the 2 big band of the nu-Metal
they are the best
Abajo el sistema!!

>>By Wait and bleed temper   (Saturday, 14 Dec 2002 03:52)

Toxicity is the best of all. I love it. It is very super. Please mail me . Slovakia is champions in ice hockey (2002).Thanks

>>By jerrycho   (Sunday, 15 Dec 2002 13:13)

Anybody here from Croatia? P.S. I love SOAD!

>>By SOAD girl   (Sunday, 15 Dec 2002 19:38)

Hello, i need some help for my website!Im making a sytem of a down lyrics site, but i need a cool logo with sort of a reddish black tint to it. I have on but the blue and white doesnt look good with all the red. This site is SWEET, im not even lieing. I would give u the link but its not finished, and i still need to get a .com link so it looks good. My AIm is TSoaDK and my e-mail is . Please send me a picture or a link of where i can get one! THANKS!

>>By TSoaDK   (Monday, 16 Dec 2002 00:03)

system of a down. well whats to say thee great with there great lyrics put together with there great nonstop changing beats there the perfect idol rock band of this century. They fit in with other bands like flaw, Mushroomhead and Mudvayne along with Slipknot. There lyrics are like nirvana lyrics but more political and also wierd. The lead singer who writes most of the songs could really give a fuck about what we are all typing about them though. he has that i dont give a fuck about you or do i thing about him. He seems like he was the kid in school that really didnt have a minority and didnt really have a catagory. Like he wasnt popular but he wasnt a geek. In my opinion he's a genious. I write lyrics and try to get bands to sing them and i write similiar lyrics that ive been writing sense before i new them if you would like to see them email me at

>>By GoAheadJudgeMe   (Tuesday, 17 Dec 2002 20:08)

I would like to first say what's up to all the SOAD Core fans out there!!!

SYSTEM rules! Everyone who isn't down with SOAD can SUCK THIS! I really can't wait for their next release. I know that shit will be sick tight! As soon as you put any of their CD's on your on a coaster . Lyrics, Sound, Personalities everything rocks about them. It was an honor for me to be in the "Chop Suey!" shoot and the biggest honor for me to get their graphs at the Burbank, Tower Records the day Steal This Album was released.


Peace Out!

>>By SOADdicted821   (Wednesday, 18 Dec 2002 02:32)

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