Pink Floyd


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Dude, pure genius, thats it. Makes you wanna try more drugs. Rock wouldn't be the same without their legacy

>>By the shifty ninja   (Wednesday, 13 Nov 2002 10:22)

Animals is a triumph of western music   (Saturday, 16 Nov 2002 22:11)

i find them overhyped pretentious nonsense for people who cant play and would like to a bunch of session musicians who think if every note is played perfectly that somehow makes them great!

>>By soony   (Sunday, 17 Nov 2002 01:59)

pppiiinnnnkkkk ffflllloooooyyyyddddd

ii love'em they'r the bast thers no one like'em

no one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pink floyd rulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

>>By bnidr   (Thursday, 21 Nov 2002 21:05)

listen to the best and u want die like the rest

>>By adi   (Saturday, 30 Nov 2002 20:42)

listen to the best and u wont die like the rest

>>By adi   (Saturday, 30 Nov 2002 20:43)

they are the best

>>By azadeh   (Saturday, 30 Nov 2002 22:11)



>>By Valentin ENI   (Saturday, 7 Dec 2002 15:28)

MmMmmm...Pink Floyd

>>By Jive Kitten   (Sunday, 8 Dec 2002 21:09)

The meaning of Pink Floyd is far beyond music. There are pure feelings. The golden boys teach you how to live. They are the best thing that happened to the Rock music. They'll never die.

>>By Stefy   (Tuesday, 24 Dec 2002 01:35)

pink floyd is next to jesus. and in response to the guy up there against them. they play every note perfectly, because they can play. it's oh so good.

>>By zon   (Thursday, 26 Dec 2002 01:18)

well there is one of their songs that is my favorita , desearia que estuvieras aqui, this means , whis you where here,

>>By chava   (Sunday, 29 Dec 2002 03:57)

Pink Floyd has created an impressive range of music. And it's no surprise, given the many years they've been around and the changes in the band's membership. The different leaders of the band have had very different musical styles and it is not atypical to like songs from one period but not from another (although many fans seem to like it all).

Don't be turned of by fanatical followers who tell you every note is perfect and don't give up just because you don't happen to enjoy Dark Side of the Moon. For a sampler, pick up Pulse or Delicate Sound of Thunder. Find which songs you enjoy and then listen to them in the context of their original albums.

>>By Presumed   (Saturday, 4 Jan 2003 01:59)

I agree with Soony, The only Good thing about this band is their Light Show? Thats it

>>By reeblight   (Sunday, 12 Jan 2003 08:09)

Wow, need i say more. Can i be arsed to say more?? I want to be at the same level of drug induced GENIUS that Pink Floyd were.

>>By Lug   (Sunday, 12 Jan 2003 18:44)

pink floyd is one of the greatest bands ever, best album in my opinion is wish you were hear, gilmour's guitar track on shine on part 1, is the most beautiful ,clear guitar sound ever, it cant be beat, and my favorite songs are welcome to the machine, time, high hopes   (Tuesday, 21 Jan 2003 19:58)

PINK FLOYD will live on forever. i am 14 years old, and i listen to them every day.

>>By gerald   (Friday, 31 Jan 2003 19:59)

little you can say obviously
Wish You Were Here (the album) is one of my favorite ones
makes you want to be a musician

>>By sapar   (Monday, 3 Feb 2003 03:27)

omg i love pink floyd roger waters is the best he kicks ass all the way!!!!!!! pink floyd rocks....

love there little rock n roller<3

>>By rebel rocker betty   (Tuesday, 4 Feb 2003 22:58)

If you wanna understand where Pink Floyd was coming from then take 24 hits of liquid acid, and spend the weekend at your in-laws house. It is that crazy man, i kid you not this is some of the best shit ever to come from music, except the greats who are plentyful. People can never re-create what the Fucking Floyd had, so don't ever tyr, they were great, and deserve all the attention they got, if not more. Keep listening and so will I, PEACE

>>By The Gray Goober   (Thursday, 13 Feb 2003 03:29)

the best from england

>>By julio   (Wednesday, 19 Feb 2003 18:24)

My favourite band of all time, the early syd stuff and the later stuff too, all brilliant.

Roy Harper comes a close second (very close) ;)

>>By Ian   (Saturday, 22 Feb 2003 00:08)

yep these guys are fucking brilliant. absolute pure musical genius of which we will not see again in our lifetimes, if ever. pink floyd is timeless, people will still be taking acid and listening to The Wall, Piper, and Dark Side 100 years from now.

>>By Phil da Pill & Day Tripper   (Tuesday, 25 Feb 2003 08:48)

it's fuckin kickin it

>>By blacky   (Wednesday, 26 Feb 2003 05:56)

Pink Floyd are great

>>By RenĂ© Pehrson   (Monday, 3 Mar 2003 10:23)

Speechless, just listen!

>>By Dach   (Friday, 7 Mar 2003 11:40)

They blend sutblety, meaning, and sound into 1 attractive package. Most other bands either have no meaning behind their words or have no creativity, sometimes both. Pink Floyd is a standard to judge other music groups by, for they are legends.

It takes true talent to make music that is still popular 30 years after it is made

>>By Flyingdebris   (Wednesday, 12 Mar 2003 07:09)

O yes! Music Rock to wyjechana grupa.

>>By cul2   (Thursday, 13 Mar 2003 10:49)

Super muzyka! A.Kula

>>By cul2   (Thursday, 13 Mar 2003 10:50)

Pink floyd is a part of my life. Whether it is obscured by clouds or the final clod or the wall, i literally grew up with pink floyd..... ! 1967 to till now. no one ever has made a band of pink floyd's standard nor in future anyone can come up with this music standard........ i adore dave and roger and richard and nick.....................

>>By prabesh floyd   (Sunday, 16 Mar 2003 08:18)

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