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you know what, who cares if dave mustain was kicked ot of metallica.look at megadeath now, they are so fucking awsome

>>By sam   (Sunday, 10 Nov 2002 20:09)

I have to agree with you Sam. I used to listen to Metallica religiously and thought know one was better. What the fuck was I thinking? I got into Megadeath a while later, and will never look back. Metallica are amature compared to Megadeath. Dave can play a guitar, unlike James. The whole lot of them are better musicians than Metallica. Metallica is commercial, Megadeath play for the fans, I respect that.
Anyway, got to go. Im trying to find what the French words are in A Tout Le Monde, one of my favourites! If you could maybe tell me what those words are in english I would greatly appreciate it.
Cool site!
Seeya, Keep banging that head!
Heath (ozzybungle)

>>By ozzybungle   (Tuesday, 12 Nov 2002 07:23)

U know I like METALLICA a lot more but I think mega has their own way.
I really like dave(not his character) way of playing and his lrycs.they were
great band.

>>By Koosha   (Thursday, 14 Nov 2002 17:54)

3 words.........EAT SHIT HETTFIELD

>>By GURU   (Friday, 15 Nov 2002 11:37)

i'm mad about MEGADEATH . i used to listen to that fuckin band made of fuckin gays and shits named METALLICA.
ok,NEVER MIND ! DEATH_X_666 is always the best! .) :)))

>>By death_x_666   (Wednesday, 20 Nov 2002 11:53)

Why do you all keep talking Metallica and Megadeth in the same sentence. Fuck you all! They are different bands and both got great records. I like them both. You don't have to start to hate something to like something else. F..king freaks!

>>By Tare   (Thursday, 21 Nov 2002 20:13)

I agree with T.L.N. about Hangar 18, the solos are unmatched, Dave is a musical Genious, Marty is the greatest.. Dave gets schooled by him in Captive honour lol but MEGADETH is the best band, although I like Metallica, but I love MEGADETH by far
hopefully the get back together(no chance)

P.S. MEGADETH RULEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By Ferban   (Saturday, 7 Dec 2002 10:17)

Dave Mustaine are two words that universally mean 'God' in any language, everyone else is a fucking poser.

>>By Donny/Ibex Eye   (Sunday, 8 Dec 2002 15:45)

Dave Mustaine are two words that universally mean 'God' in any language, everyone else is a fucking poser.

>>By Donny/Ibex Eye   (Sunday, 8 Dec 2002 15:47)

I have to agree with Sam who cares if Dave Mustaine got kicked of Metalica he even got better!!! but I still like Metalica and Megadeth they still play awesome kick ass music.
  (Tuesday, 14 Jan 2003 22:00)

Megadeath and Metallica play in the same metal genre . Why do people hate Metallica and love Megadeath at the same time , they are both cool .
If you hate Metallica and love Mega there is something wrong with you .

>>By Assmonkey   (Monday, 20 Jan 2003 03:11)

let me answer question far above:

A tout le monde:

A tout le monde (To all the world)
A tous mes amis (To all my friends)
Je vous aime (I love you)
Je dois partir (I have to leave)
These are the last words
I'll ever speak
And they'll set me free


a love both megadeth & metallica: early metallica is awesome (up to ...and justice for all) but i'm quite disappointed with new albums
megadeth seem not to lower their level

sorry 4 my english

>>By reaver   (Sunday, 26 Jan 2003 17:38)

fuck megadeath they are monkies of MetallicA do you want to compare the great james hetfield with little dave or KirK he is faster than dave.

>>By Niko   (Wednesday, 12 Feb 2003 01:38)

Megadeth is my favorite band, i thing dave will come back you just have to wait and see..........he is not like metallica his passion is to create good songs in every album and i thing megadeth is gonna last forever............

>>By jorge pino   (Friday, 14 Feb 2003 01:18)

FIRST it's MEGADETH not Megadeath ok wathever

Metallica was a good band but look at them this times the music changed to much
thats what megadeth never dit ok Risk but i like that album as well becours it's not a bit other like Cryptic Writings and the most albums I like is R.IP. and the world needs a hero
the guitar sound is amazing..............

still want to see megadeth i hope the are comming back soon,,
sorry for my englishsgkdf...

So far so good so what ............
greetz a big megadeth fan.....

>>By MegaretH the red boy :d   (Sunday, 16 Feb 2003 20:00)

he nico do you want to suck james his cock ??
huh ??
alright sorry but i respect you like metallica more than megadeth but
i think dave is faster @ the guitar becours james doing always the sliding thing thats the only thing he goog for is ....

>>By rude awaikening rulez   (Sunday, 16 Feb 2003 20:06)

I bet all you fucks that put down the infamous DAVE MUSTAIN like that fuck'in hettfield ass licker NIKO can't even attempt to play MEGADETH solos.

>>By By CREPPER   (Tuesday, 18 Feb 2003 04:51)

hammett will never be as technical or as savage as mustaine on lead,and hetfields rythm is average he is no dave mustaine when it comes to rythm,and that fuckstick newstead...well what can i say?jimmy degrasso kicks urlichs arse!!!

>>By mustical   (Saturday, 1 Mar 2003 06:44)

i seen megadeth when they came to australia for the world needs a hero world tour,i have never seen more awesome live guitar in my whole fucking life, mustaine played 1000 times good bye exactly like on the cd,mate i nearly blew me fucking wad!!!

>>By mustical   (Saturday, 1 Mar 2003 06:49)

Dave Muastaine and MEGADETH are Metal GODS. Nobody is the awesome, COMPLETE musician like Dave mustaine is. He sings, plays rythm, plays leads, writes the songs and helps produce and enginreer albums,...and does ALL very well. He was a major part of Metallica back in the day, (IMO) and should be credited for most of there earlier success. Fuck mainstreem, soldout, corporate metallica...they needed to hang it up after Cliff Burton died. They kicked out the best musician that they had.

>>By Sparky   (Sunday, 2 Mar 2003 23:19)

megadeth is one of the great bends i've heared...
metallica & megadeth sould be togather!
dave is king of treash music!

>>By dinky   (Tuesday, 4 Mar 2003 13:52)

Megadeth are the best band in the world. Fuckin PERIOD. And that's that. FIVE

>>By FIVEMAGICS   (Friday, 7 Mar 2003 00:25)

right on sparky,right on!!!!!!

>>By mustical   (Friday, 7 Mar 2003 22:21)

why do so many o' you folks love megadeth but hate metallica, or vice versa? I think i should settle this argument.

Hammett may be (slightly) faster than mustaine, but daves solos are way more emotive and melodic. hammett rarely matches the lead work by dave on tracks like "a tout le monde", or "she wolf" . He can get yer hair standin on end, and shivers up yer neck more often, ykno? Hammett usually just belts out some fast pentatonic solos where the notes dont even come out all that clearly, its too fast. (not always though, look at "fade to black").

Now, Mustaine vs. Hetfield. They are both masters of singing while playing syncopated rhythms at the same time. The way i see it, Mustaine can scream, get some pretty high notes, much like Bruce Dickinson, but Hetfield can growl, i mean hes got this cool, thick, coarse voice, which is perfect for thrash metal.
Metallica tend slightly towards heavier songs, which can be good, but so can more melodic tracks like "promises". And you only have to listen to stuff like "dread and the fugitive mind" to know Megadeth can match 'em in terms of heaviness.
Mustaine writes more personal and emotional lyrics, which i love. Hetfield writes darker, heavier type lyrics a lot of the time. Who really gives a fuck about some "thing that should not be", when they can really connect and relate to a song like "1000 times goodbye" or "trust" or "promises" (the list goes on....) through their own experiences.
So, in conclusion, i think both bands are brilliant in their own particular ways. I'd love to hear some responses from any fans out there who agree, or maybe think I'm full of shit.

>>By eddie   (Tuesday, 11 Mar 2003 20:37)

megadeth is by far my favorite band, someone should write a book on the history of this band, does anyone have any info on chuck Behler, the drumer on thew so far ,so good, so what album?

>>By markd4deth   (Saturday, 15 Mar 2003 13:51)

First of all, most of the best songs of the early MetallicA were written by Dave. Kirk kicks ass he is a God he has a lot of feeling but Dave is too he's got his own way his own style. They are both good and at the same time they have nothing in common.
By the way, Niko you can suck my cock with your eyeball!!!

>>By Make-a-Death!!!   (Friday, 21 Mar 2003 14:35)

reply to eddie---------what i like about megadeth compared to metallica is i have all of their albums(both bands),megadeth released "countdown to extinction" roughly the same time metallica released the "black" album,both excellent albums,however after this period metallica somehow lost the plot with "load" and "reload"(garage inc excluded,cover songs anyway!!),they were not good at all,where as megadeth released "youthanasia","cryptic writings","risk" and "the world needs a hero",thats 2 more records plus their later stuff stills sounds good,my point is that metallica had its day till"black",megadeth (mustaine) still has ideas and still kicks arse!!,if anybody agrees with me post something and let me know,

p.s does anyone know where i can get a megadeth logo for my mobile phone?

>>By mustical   (Saturday, 22 Mar 2003 23:40)

I think if it wasn t for dave mustain metellica woudn t be around , they stold some of his ideas then kicked him out of metallica. megadeth forever.

>>By DETHWISH   (Sunday, 30 Mar 2003 10:32)

I think if it wasn t for dave mustain metellica woudn t be around , they stold some of his ideas then kicked him out of metallica. Dave is a master at what he does. megadeth forever

>>By DETHWISH   (Sunday, 30 Mar 2003 10:38)

Dave Mustaine will forever be the greatest....Raise your head, raise your face, your eyes tell me who you think you are.........No one even compares, Well maybe Zakk Wylde,but he can't even replace the king...DAVE MUSTAINE!!!! You want speed and electrifing music listen to a tune called Holy Wars, now thats what i am talking about, now rattle your goddamn heads

>>By Schultzeternal   (Monday, 31 Mar 2003 21:42)

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