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I have heard that one song that they have completed on the new album makes "The Grudge" seem like a "basic-structured song" (hope you get the humor out of that), and the new album could be expected as early as around Christmas and as late as the Spring.

By the way, has anyone seen the Uranium APC special on Fuse where Maynard is dressed like a pimp? He has his hair in dreads, platinum rings on all fingers that spell "PIMP", and a silk suit and hat. One would think he had lost his mind, but he was going to the APC dvd party that was supposed to be a costume party. He as the only one who actually came in a costume. I thought it was pretty funny.

>>By juxtaposition   (Friday, 20 Aug 2004 19:21)

maynard is like so fucking small its unbelieveable. i want to he his tinyness all dressed up like a gimp, i mean pimp

>>By very cunty   (Friday, 20 Aug 2004 20:48)

Yeah, Lateralus is really one of a kind, sometimes I say to myself "I'll just listen to a song or two, I'm in a hurry", but I always end up listening to the entire cd, it's almost like a drug I'd say, but without any side effects (well, besides making my ears buzz for the rest of the day). About the upcoming album, I must say I was quite worried at first when people started saying it would be very different from Lateralus, with a heavier sound. Also the fact that it's production time will be much smaller than the others concerns me as well, but I trust their unique ability to deliver good music, so let's wait and see, or should I say hear? =)

>>By [SchISm]   (Tuesday, 2 Nov 2004 12:03)

i love Tool,
has the best voice - i find it really hard to get to sleep now if im not playing Tool or APC .
i hear they are coming to New Zealand soon :) i soooo cant w8 - feb 17 will be my fav day of the year :)
NZ is also the first on the list,
really likes it here :)

>>By nite nite   (Sunday, 7 Nov 2004 11:11)

juxtaposition, were the hell did you hear it??? and whats it called, id kill to hear that song!!

>>By cruel_portrait   (Monday, 15 Nov 2004 21:50)

whats this about a new album and a new song?! Why does tool have to be so damn quiet about shit? Please God let there be a new album/tour by next summer. And "very cunty" you cant compare anyone to tool, no one else is in the same fucking dimension.

>>By isaacbrockthelostprophet   (Tuesday, 16 Nov 2004 03:34)

tool is one of the greatest bands ever.
they are truly one of a kind, they just keep delivering to the fans one great album after the other and i am so grateful for their music.

>>By MOTU_KOAB   (Sunday, 5 Dec 2004 03:50)

Hmm, i could see maynard in a pimp outfit.
saw him do an interview in his "billy joel" outfit one time.. lol
he's got a good sence of humor and doesnt take him self too seriously, like some other artists we see out there.
all i (hear) about the new album is heresay. but i hope one comes out soon :)

>>By Eon   (Thursday, 9 Dec 2004 21:09) worried about next TOOL album,

>>By Machine_of_Undertow   (Friday, 10 Dec 2004 09:13)

I'm confident the new album will be great. Why? Because Tool aren't like any other rock band. They are being honest when they say they don't give a shit about the fame or fortune, they just want to express themselves, which means it is literally impossible for them to 'sell out'. There will come a time when (like all bands) they make a bad album, but in my view they have yet to show their true potential as a band, so that time will not arrive for many years.

Undertow introduced them as a force, Aenima proved they were a cut above the rest, Lateralus casually showcased the fact that they can make every other rock band on the planet sound weak and pathetic by comparison. This next album WILL make every other rock band on the planet sound weak and pathetic by comparison. The next Tool album will be the next evolution of music, the first step into the new century.

Or it could turn out crappy, then what a fucking fool I would look.

>>By Stinkfist   (Friday, 10 Dec 2004 13:36)

TOOL's website has been updated. Sounding damn good, 10-16 min long songs! That's what I'm talking about, and that's why bands like them and Opeth are my fav, cause they know how to write symphonies, not just songs....

>>By Machine_of_Undertow   (Wednesday, 15 Dec 2004 19:59)

"This next album WILL make every other rock band on the planet sound weak and pathetic by comparison. The next Tool album will be the next evolution of music, the first step into the new century."

I agree. It'll probably cause sudden altered states or allow anyone who listens to it to instantaneously reach higher levels of consciousness. Then again, Lateralus pretty much achieved all those things too...
Maybe you'll just burst into a being of energy and transcend this level of reality altogether. Cool.

>>By strangled_desires   (Monday, 2 May 2005 04:24)

Tool; the closest thing to being on drugs, without being on drugs.

>>By ftad   (Thursday, 27 Oct 2005 00:20)

i love Tool, by far one of my fave bands.

Maynards voice is all i need to hear when im haveing a bad day, he makes everything better.

i have just meet someone fron england, and before coming here (new zealand) he had never even heard of Tool, or, for that metter, ever even heard them!!!!
i was thinking how odd this was, and was told that new zealand has the second highest amout of Tool fans, the first being america, this was news to me, never thought my shit hole of a country could have anything worth saying, when it came to music i like.

i cant w8 for their new album, anyone know the date?
it was meant to be out my x mas 2005, thats what it said on Tool band, but i still dont see it :(

anyway, nothing more to say, so, long live Tool :)

>>By nite nite   (Friday, 13 Jan 2006 01:47)

tool fucking rocks

>>By manson_is_sexy   (Wednesday, 18 Jan 2006 04:31)

i was just re reading my post before my last post, and Maynard has been taken out of the text o_O

thats odd ...

oh, and i told another mate that nz was the has the second highest Tool fanige, and he said we have the highest, like one in 4 people over here own one, if not more, Tool album :D

>>By nite nite   (Thursday, 2 Feb 2006 08:58)

I like Tool....yeah

>>By Artemis7.0   (Sunday, 12 Feb 2006 22:35)

If this is already common knowledge, then pardon the post, I didn't really read through 6 pages of old Tool news. Keenans side project (A Perfect Circle) has been his main project recently. Releasing 3 albums, he seems to be happy with the new direction. Although Tool did play Coachella, I have no idea of a reforming.

PS: The videos that you all like was done by the Brothers Quay and have a DVD of work out as well.

>>By Johnny L   (Monday, 13 Feb 2006 09:02)

10,000 Days has fucking blown me away. Not at first. It took a week of listening to it. The track 10,000 Days is by far the most amazing song ever. I read the lyrics today and almost cried. Beautiful stuff. Except I'm not a fan of The Pot.

>>By CÆT   (Saturday, 3 Jun 2006 19:04)

And I forgot to mention that the 3-D album art is incredible. As long as you are good with magic eyes ;) I really think it reflects the encompassing sound they put out. And it's morbid. And I love that. And I love Tool.

>>By CÆT   (Saturday, 3 Jun 2006 19:06)

I heard that the album is incredible, but I never saw it.

I don't think i've listened to Tool enough. I'm seeing them in about a month. It's gonna be good. The understatement supreme.

>>By Flagg   (Saturday, 3 Jun 2006 21:11)

Johnny L, what are you on about? Not like Tool have split up or anything

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Saturday, 3 Jun 2006 21:49)

Yeah, can't wait to get hold of the new album. Ive just heard good things about it so far, and I'm sure I won't be dissapointed. They rock!

>>By Honey Bunny   (Friday, 16 Jun 2006 15:50)

Oh yeah I saw them. They were fantastic. So is 10 000 Days.

>>By Flagg   (Tuesday, 20 Jun 2006 23:15)

It seems a little less accessible than their previous stuff maybe, but it's still fantastic

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Tuesday, 20 Jun 2006 23:28)

wooo tool!

>>By antoboyo   (Monday, 1 Jun 2009 23:09)

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