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>>By rear-view jesus   (Sunday, 22 Jun 2003 06:23)

I don't understand what anyone could have against this band. They are completely original, they don't compromise themselves as artists, they write good songs, they are insanely talented, and they've done this for years. How many other bands can you say that about? ..........not many.

>>By Dresden   (Sunday, 22 Jun 2003 06:42)

Not many at all.

Danny Carey is my personal drum god. Mm. Worshippy.

Yay. Yay for Tool. Let's all give Tool a giant foam finger thumbs up, shall we?

>>By X   (Sunday, 22 Jun 2003 07:54)

Anyone who has a problem with TOOL obviously doesn't have enough intellectual capacity to fully understand and embrace their spiritual messages. All these christian do-goodies are so offended by something that is so positive simply because it doesn't comply with christian views, and yet they can call those of my religion (wicca) hethens and expect it not to offend. TOOL is a deeply spiritual experiance that I am proud to have had the honor of listening to. Anyone who has a problem with them can suck maynard's dick. Thank you.

>>By jadalya_demonseed   (Tuesday, 24 Jun 2003 23:18)

By the way, that was aimed at rear-view jesus, lol.

>>By jadalya_demonseed   (Tuesday, 24 Jun 2003 23:20)

First off...

Thank you, (%)Phined(%) for the compliment. If in fact we all did get along on this freakin' rock...maybe we would advance a lot faster as a race. Can you imagine the possibilities?!? Everyone getting along, doing things for others just because we would enjoy doing so...WOW.

Anyways...maybe one of the reasons why we all don't get along is due to the fact that thousands of years ago, people who lived did not have the information and the 'science' that we have today. Hence...we have now what is popularly called RELIGION. If you don't have an answer, He must of did it...or was a part of it...or made someone do it...whatever.

I grew up in a religious, Christian based family. Good times. My grandparents are very religious. But I found the more I grew up and learned in school, I thought that "things that were real and in front of me" and "mysteries unlocked due to science" contradicted the Bible and other religions. To make matters worse, you have to sit there and ponder the fact that life is not just born-grow old-die. It HAS to be more than that. IT HAS TOO. That's where 'spirituality' comes into play. And that's where Tool kind of comes in a bit with me. Personally speaking. I wouldn't really consider myself an Atheist but more Agnostic and I can say that Tool makes me think more about other possibilities. Their music to me is very spiritual. You religious groups cannot blame a band for speaking their mind. That's not right. No wonder there are so many fucking wars.

Judge for yourself. Question authority.

I don't mean to be rude and offend anyone, that's not what this is about. Just think for a second...or two...

If they find life on another planet (which they will...bacteria is a living organism...on Mars...whenever one of those cheap spacecrafts get there)...that's going to contradict the Bible...and other religious books.

I find people who defend Catholic Priests who molest little children are NARROW-MINDED and do not set very good examples for me to believe in God.

I think that it's unfair for a person who murdered countless innocent lives ask God for forgiveness and he/she gets to go to Heaven (if they are a Christian in this example) and a "very friendly" person who is Atheist goes to Hell.

Because of listening to Tool, it makes you wonder different things. They don't 'brain-wash' you. You just go, "Hmmmm...that would fit, too." after listening to it.

Anyways...believe what you wish...if you are religious, awesome! If you're not, awesome! The problem with this world right now is that EVERYONE thinks that they're right and he/she is wrong. Who cares?!? Let's just all try to get along on the fucking planet before it's too late.

>>By Incompl...   (Wednesday, 25 Jun 2003 01:03)

really makes you sad at how starved for attention somebody must be to go out of your way to catch somebody's glance. what, did this guy just wake up, and say. i'm young, white, full of teenage angst and pent up sexual agression. so i'll go annoy some people and see how much i can offend them. i guess it's like the EMINEM plan. (i say plan because im not exactly certain how to spell strategy)
yeah, it's like EMINEMS plan to piss people off and get paid. but the loser with the racial problem did not make a dime. well. that's really odd.

*the above post had absolutley nothing to do with tool* apologies all around

>>By Malice   (Thursday, 26 Jun 2003 11:10)

This is odd.

Anyway, I'm anticipating A Perfect Circle's new album this September.

>>By Azrael Engel   (Saturday, 28 Jun 2003 20:12)

Tool,,,,, now these guys are real Artists; I love the fact that their music can have no boundries, which leaves all the room for progression; you know musically and as individuals. i mean since their debut, each one of their albums have gotten more experimental while still preserving the intensity, and they continue to be creative. And their music emmits so many emotions, i mean just with music, even with the track without maynard, it still hold up. I think its just beautiful when a song can just take a life of its own, and not have the artist feel uncomfortable going over 5 mins. And another thing that keeps me interested in TOOL i would say is not constantly watching them on MTV, like all those other bands who're being stuffed by giant corporate cocks up their ripe teenage asses. TOOL is a band who are all intelligent, with their own unique backgrounds, from architechture, math, to animation and photography.They were artists before they were famous musicians. Soo feel free to embrace the random,,and all you tool fans check out Neurosis- trust me you'll love em,,,and blow me for all the spelling errors,,,,,,, UGA RULEZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!
**Heaven is in a cow's Ass** really it is,,,

>>By NtroVrt   (Sunday, 29 Jun 2003 11:05)

Hello Malice,

Tool is more than music. Any Tool fan should know this.

And if I offended anyone (possibly you?), it should be ME apologizing...not you.

PS...My 'plan' is about Tool's music...if you can read it carefully next time.

>>By Incompl...   (Monday, 30 Jun 2003 19:41)

hmm? uhh, thank you. but i was reffering to the guy that felt it was needed to type i hate niggers a million times. if i missed something.... i'll shut up now. sorry for wasting your time.

>>By Malice   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 01:04)

My bad for not being specific

>>By Malice   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 02:48)

My bad for looking like an idiot...

>>By Incompl...   (Wednesday, 2 Jul 2003 20:05)



see ya sunday.

>>By Rear-Veiw Jesus   (Saturday, 5 Jul 2003 05:34)

Right. I don't believe in Jesus, therefore Jesus must not exist.

Good. So I can just ignore this.

>>By Azrael Engel   (Sunday, 6 Jul 2003 17:22)

I am all seeing, all knowing, and all...Jesus.
and I have something to say!
I am ripe sick of people pronouncing my name wrong!!! it's not g-sus like g-srting. it's
hey-zeus like. hey zeus my religion is better! asshole.
And another thing. stop naming baseball players after me. JESUS CHRIST! that's me =)
One more thing! why, when your pissed do you all say my name? ya know, i see and hear all. and it's a real pain in the ass when i'm trying to take a royal shit on my heavenly throne, and what do i hear? JESUS CHRIST!! so i have to drop what i'm doing (literally) and pay fucking attention. and don't think i don't know when you miss church!!! AND JERKING OFF IS NOT OKAY!!!!! your all gonna burn for the pleasures and trapping of mortality.


but if romans or whores are in short supply, just live a life of shame and deprive yourself of all manners of pleasure. and if you want to apply for platinum status in heaven, SACRIFICE YOUR FIRST BORN CHILD TO ME! if your gay, don't worry, your gonna burn anyway =)


and i'm serious about beating off. stop it or your gonna burn. i watching you. SO DON'T TOUCH YOUR COCK! it's for reproductive use ONLY. and you'd better not enjoy it. so help me if you enjoy it.

stop listening to heatenistic music! LISTEN TO P.O.D.! OR BYBLE! those bands really know how to boogy down with the LORD

>>By Rear-Veiw Jesus   (Wednesday, 9 Jul 2003 02:00)

I'm confused......very confused! Is it because of Tools complex lyrics or the 15
vicodin I washed down with my liquid lunch? Who knows!!!! And the song Sober isn't about alcohol!!!! I KNOW it has to be about a small plastic frog Maynard got in a Happy Meal!!!! I get along with most people, but I have to draw the line with people who don't like to catch a good buzz now and then. MARIJUANA IS SAFE AND FUN!
I'm about ten feet away from a window right now!! Isn't that weird!!!!!
I can't shit without it being all weird and hot like hot melting ice cream rolling out of my ass. I should maybe lay off the Vodka.
I get pissed off when people type numbers!!!
Does coffee ryme with sodomy????
Who is reading this now?? Are you queer? Are you angry??? Are you elderly and have fallen and can't reach a phone to call and have your old ass dragged to a hospital for a new hip? Are you on the shitter?
Why must we all take ourselves and the things around us so seriosly?
It is important to think, work, improve yourself, but without fun it all becomes more than we can handle and we start dressing in all black and reading alot.
May I suggest Valium to calm your temper?
maybe a seconal or six!!!
I find myself scratching my balls alot!!! Does that mean someone someplace is thinking about me naked???? If so how may I find this person????????
You people claim to be smart SO TELL ME HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By PILLZ   (Thursday, 10 Jul 2003 05:51)

Peoples opinions are peoples opinions. Theres no changing the fact that not all people will like the type of music Tool puts out. But if you were to go to afirca and find someone that has never heard a band in there life and let them listen to just the music, not the words, of tool and any different bands from 1990s to now theres no doubt they would be impressed at what tool puts out.

Umm hey cHAW

>>By WES   (Sunday, 13 Jul 2003 08:41)

Tool's music is not for everyone....the fact that there is thinking involved with their music due to its interactive nature, serves as a deterrent for the masses....I strongly belive that not everyone is worthy, nor do they possess the curiosity or the willingness to embrace something extraordinary; something possessing power to express higher ideals rather than the endless list of mediocre music which is marketed with perfection. But not only is mediocrity accepted but expected because we're bombarded with this thoughless stuff and a lot of us are used to this and are satisfied, so the need to listen to real Music is never presented as long as we're entertained. But music is not a mere source of entertainment; and it doesn't mean that its not music if you can't tap your foot or bop your head to but rather it should be powerful enough to evoke imagination and act as an aid in understanding yourself and the world around you. The music of Tool is crafted in such maticulous fashion that helps Tool to acend over rest of their contemporaries. They do not pressure themselves to put out an album every other year, or follow a perticular sound which constitutes their sound which is rare these days. Tool has made me very methodical and overanalytical when it comes to music always weighing music in the essence in which i love Tool; its hard sometimes but the result is the best music has to offer. I don't want all the music i listen to sound like Tool but it Must represent higher ideals and have no boundries or parameters to dictate them. I have applied this formula to discover some great bands who i'll be listening to for a while....
I am delighted and feel priveleged to have the patience to explore the depths of Tool's devine sound. So keep an open mind and embrace the random. And just like how we're perticular about what we feed on, we need to be extra perticular about the Music we feed our precious three pound muscle because it is always hungry, and we only think about how to keep our body fed from neck down. In this case junk is bad for body and mind....Music may be a Tool for us to evolve......

>>By Stelleto   (Thursday, 17 Jul 2003 13:44)

Stelleto....that was an excellent write up on your opinion of Tool.

>>By Incompl...   (Monday, 21 Jul 2003 19:27)

Tool, Tool, Tool.....where should I start? I began listening to Tool quite a while ago, and I think it quite possibly could have been the most enlightening and exhillerating experiance I could have ever endured. I understand that the band certainly isn't for everyone, and likewise people take all diferent types of perspectives as far as Maynard's lyrics go. Sadly some people don't seem to share my extremely high and respectful opinion of this band, which is perfectly alright. but this isn't their time, it's mine.
Sinse I have gotten into Tool my perspective on life has changed a lot. I've become a much more spiritual and energetic person. Seeing them was practically a religious experiance for almost everyone there, they are spectacular live.
I grew up in a very musically oriented family and I have a wide range of musical tastes. I never really took on a favorite band sinse I loved so many, but Tool soon surpassed them all in every way imaginable. everytime I listen to them it feels like the first time. Its like great sex, over and over.
The most wonderful thing I have ever aquired was a Salival DVD set signed by all the members! the second most wonderful thing was a 500 page book compiled by my boyfriend on EVERYTHING about Tool. The band, the history, the music, the lyrics, the albums, the meanings, tons of pictures, there was even a guide to fisting!
All and all I would have to give nothing but infanite priase to the band that single-handedly changed my entire life.

Those are my thoughts on Tool ^_^

>>By MuffinQueen   (Thursday, 24 Jul 2003 09:47)

I heard sober for the first time in 92' or 93'. My first thought was "Dam this song is none like I ever heard before!" After I heard the song I found out what artist made it. I then immediately bought the cassette. After one time of listening to the whole cassette I was hooked. I got every one of their cd's and even some bootleg stuff. I never missed a concert that came within a 4 hour driving distance. They are truly the greatest ever.
My impression of TOOL is that they are musical geniuses and they put lyrics on their cd's that other bands didnt have the balls to do or wish they would of put it.
You can tell the lyrics are straight from intelligence, reason, the heart, logic, and opinion. Their show is very intelligently put together and choreographed beautifully. They may not even choreo graph their stuff. They are that good to do it on a whem. They are a very intelligent band and thier music does not die. That is why they will be around longer than Aerosmith and The Stones. Oh yeah, they will even go longer than The Great Ozzy Ozborne! I only wish I would be able to meet the band and give them their props personally. I cant wait for their next masterpiece. Good luck fellas! Peace!

>>By Philly C.   (Thursday, 24 Jul 2003 21:48)

Hey i just wanted to say I wrote a lot of shit in here but it didnt get psoted.....but to sum it all up I was saying that people that hate tool or say that they arent creative are total idiots and have no vision.

>>By the_meister   (Tuesday, 26 Aug 2003 21:42)

In todays musical scene...feeding tool to the society is like giving a filet minon to a person thats been living on ramen soup....sometimes the difference is so great that they cant even person what makes the steak so good until theyve had a few bites...i nkow thats not the greatest analogy..but in other words its like tasting a real beer after drinking coors light all your know some ever met a person who didnt like a good beer because it was too to full of flavor in other words....i see that pretty people that like the weak version of things for some wierd reason...

>>By the_meister   (Tuesday, 26 Aug 2003 21:48)

Some people just have such a thick wall of stupidity around their takes a while for things to sink through.....kind of like tools music.....some people with music credentials even would put down tool music like for the dumbest ass theyre not technical....or their is so what their not.....every song has a different atmosphere....and if your complaing about the lack of technicallity in the songs tool makes....your just plain probably cant comprehend the level of technical effort that is put into the sounds they make...mabe adam jones dont play 100 notes a minute and maynard to yell evey second...thats because adam can make something totally out of this world with only 3, 4 or even just one note....thats something most players cant do....and i gaurantee that noone can touch the metaphores of maynards lyrics.....late

>>By the_meister   (Tuesday, 26 Aug 2003 21:53)

ive noticed that the more i listen to them, the more i like them, for most of last year, they were about all i listended to, now that i've stopped listening to them so much, they arn't as captivating... still the best songriters around today

>>By himynamesearl   (Wednesday, 27 Aug 2003 22:26)

Tool are legends,
if only i could get to one of danney carreys drum classes (yes he actually holds drum tuition courses) but alas, i sadly live in New Zealand, but that doesnt stop me from being an avid fan, and hopefully never will

Tool on.

>>By DeusExMachina   (Thursday, 18 Sep 2003 10:21)

global internet government is

>>By charles webster baer   (Thursday, 18 Sep 2003 13:56)

I anm confused,

I was quite sure I wrote a long and serious comment on the intelligence theory posted earlier in this board and now I come back and I see totally nothing.. have I been erased because my opinions didnt meet yours...
Not very intelligent nor tolerant...
Hope someone can tell me why my post has been erased....

"What's the use of your tolerance, when you can't tolerate intolerance...?"

>>By Campking   (Friday, 19 Sep 2003 18:02)

After reading all 5 pages of text, I am left with nothing to do but laugh. It is something I shall call a "Tool war". People either suicidely (fideistically) defended Tool by saying that they are the greatest just because. Or people defending them with many examples of why they are the best around (apologetics). Then on the other side of the front we have the people that claim that Tool sucks because of many idiotic reasons (i.e. repetitiveness, selling out, advocating drugs......) and the occasional member (LittleFallOfRain) who can coherently explain why they feel about the band the way that they do. If I had to take a side, I would have to reason with the Tool fans..(notice that every time I use Tool, it is capitalized....and by the way I am the comma king). Indeed I feel that most of the pro-fans on this forum encompass the way that I feel about the band. To me, (I express TO ME) Tool is certainly the greatest musical group that I have ever heard....That includes classical music, celtic, brass, blues, modern rock, alternative, and anything else that I have been exposed to. Granted, I have heard and fell in love with many "original" (which by the way is sort of an impossibility as everything is derived from and aspires to be part of the perfect form...plato's theories on forms...) bands such as dream theater, weezer, cream, pink floyd, nofx.........I feel that the band that has captivated and entranced me the most is...Tool. Honestly, I don't care if some people think it idiotic for others, myself included, to place the members of Tool on a plane higher than anything else in music, or sometimes in factions of life. It may be pathetic, but so what, that's how I choose to evaluate their music and my life. I approach a different wavelength of my own consciousnes when I listen to their music...that's what they do to me, and that is why I love their music. They move me. I'm sure that others can relate.... In conclusion, I want to say that whether other people like their music or not, they have changed my outlook on many things and have helped me to look introspectively at my own soul and personality. So thank you Maynard for your deep, haunting and ethereal voice that has for me shed light on what capabilites and range the human voice has. And thank you Tool as a whole for touching my life that even still I'm left with incredibly deep emotions after listening to one of your cd's that I have probably heard a thousand times. Thank you.

By the way, I didn't want to do this but I have to.....The people that say that Tool are a bunch of sell-outs......They self-admittedly say they are on the cd "aenema" #7.....I doubt you have probably heard it since you obviously just blindly accuse someone of the very crime your favorite band (whoever it may be......michael bolton is my guess but who am I to judge....) is guilty of. "I sold out long before you ever even heard my name".....Every band that signs a contract and sells their music to the masses submits themselves to the will of the buyer (record label, you, me, everyone). Moral is, if you've heard it on cd or radio they are a sell-out. Tool as far as I know is the first band that actually admits this and publishes it. As far as the drug issue goes, I don't know a single song that advocates the usage of drugs. Maybe just possibly I can't interpret their songs as well as I thought I could (fat chance) but I don't know of a single one that states drugs and many other dangerous forms of life(abuse being a major motif in their music)are the fact many warn of the danger of such habits such as "H", "prison sex" and even A Perfect Circle's newest album "Thirteenth Step" is a statement of the finality of recovery. Granted, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but please people if you have something bad to say about this incredible band, either keep it to yourself or at least rationalize your thoughts without nonsensical word usage like "tool fuckin sucks blah blabbity blah blah blah"

So as some may see this as an act of contradiction or temporary immaturity.........TOOL KICKS FUCKIN' ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

>>By roninbushido73   (Saturday, 20 Sep 2003 06:47)

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