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"I cannot understand why every one who claims to be a metal head gives opeth such praise. They (opeth) are not brutal, they are not even original, and they are surely sell-outs. They do not deserve such praise. I expect to hear them on the radio any day now. "

Eee, when will people realise there's not just one genre to contain metal but many sub genre's.... tsk tsk...

Along with that, why do people feel the need to insult everyone else's taste in music?
If you like something you like 'em. End of.
Well, secretly I bet these slanderous people listen to the likes of Britney. (Okaey maybe not, but I do think they hide secrets about other bands they won't admitt they like).

As for Opeth, they rule! I want to get Orchid next 'cause I've heard it's brilliant but I'm poor :(
So for now I'll settle with Ghost Reveries and Blackwater Park. Along with other random bits of tune-age from the legends which are Opeth.

>>By SweetSerenity   (Sunday, 12 Nov 2006 09:58)

mh.. i love their slow songs. what a beautiful voice..

>>By alibabi   (Sunday, 12 Nov 2006 13:37)

Hey, Orchid is an amazing collection of the bonus tracks, there is actually a piano piece that is played as classical, but retains the deep dark overtones of Opeth's more metal stuff. I have discovered them only recently, couple of years or so, and at first was sure I wouldn't like the harsh metal singing, but really, it became a comfort, like a growling of a friendly beast, can't have a day without it. True music.

>>By Moliere   (Tuesday, 16 Jan 2007 18:55)

I get blown away every time I hear someone say Opeth is not orignall, and Opeth will never be on the radio, and if they are what's the problem? I'm a musician and I want as many people as possible to hear my music. What? YOu have to stay underground to not sell out? to be original? There's no metal band that can have complex riffs such as Opeth, listen to the beginning of Bleak, that shit's like a short complex solo turned into a riff!

>>By Machine_of_Undertow   (Friday, 9 Mar 2007 01:46)

Yeah Opeth Rocks!!!! Seeing their live show is my next plan.

>>By mijin   (Tuesday, 5 Jan 2010 10:13)

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