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I cannot understand why every one who claims to be a metal head gives opeth such praise. They (opeth) are not brutal, they are not even original, and they are surely sell-outs. They do not deserve such praise. I expect to hear them on the radio any day now.

It seems that the first thing anyone says about opeth is "but the production is so good". Big fucking deal. The reality about metal is, production doesn't matter, it is all about atmosphere. I mean come on. Listen to the (Godly) Darkthrone albums. The production on (all of) them would send any opeth fan into a fit, but the atmosphere is totally there. When you listen to any of the big acts, it is the atmosphere that draws you in. For instance, while listening to an album like, Tomb of the Mutilated, you can actually see in your mind, corpses wreaking havoc, or an insane killer commiting gruesome acts. Throw in Deicide's (excellant) "Once upon the Cross" and you feel as if you are watching jesus being ripped off of the cross and stomped on.

These days I am so sick of "metalheads" who are nothing but production snobs. If production is all that matters then why not pick-up the new Fleetwood Mac album, or the new Mariah Carrey.

Metal is not for snobs. I (unfortunatly) work in a record store, and what used to be a common bond (metal) is now a joke. I see so many fucking wimps come into the store and Head either right for the opeth section, or right for the slipknot section. And if anyone else asks me if I'm into "death-prog" i will fucking freak out. There is no such thing as "Death-Prog" simply a term for opeth fans so they feel as if opeth is still cult. Soon you won't even need to buy the albums, you can simply record them off of the radio.

Readers out there may think (whatever they want) I am clueless, because I am not into opeth. If you think that, you are wrong. I have been into death and black metal for almost 13 years. do not give opeth such credit, when there are bands out there who will never compromise for popularity sake like: Incantation, Immolation, Satanic Warmaster, Nargaroth, BloodHammer, and countless others.

The only place true metal lives, is the underground, but if you like so many blind sheep, insist on listening to the flavor of the month, then go ahead to wal-mart or wherever opeth is being sold and grab all the radio friendly, sell-out shit you can, because next month the trend will change and you will be left out in the cold wondering what bandwagon to jump on next.

Hail True Death,
Hail The Blackest Metal,
Hail Trend Cremation.

>>By HellVomits   (Thursday, 12 Jun 2003 18:21)

Their debut album "Orchid" is my favotite....it's fucking Heavy-black-gothic metal to the gore.....these guys are kicking asses...no other band has done it in while....Opeth might be an influence on a a lot of future bands thats for sure...i hove they don't turn like Metallica did..... ha ha ha ha

>>By Dissected   (Saturday, 19 Jul 2003 08:03)

yo wat the fuck r u talking about Opeth not bein "true" metal?! Opeth is one of the greatest bands in the world. People who listen to Opeth do not listen to them because of the production of the albums, they listen becuase everything Opeth does is pure genious. Melodic, heavy, and beautiful. You have to be a fucking idiot to think that Opeth fans are posers. And how the fuck are they sellouts?!

>>By DTGuitarX   (Sunday, 20 Jul 2003 08:11)

For HellVomits

To suggest that Opeth is sellouts is just completly outrageous. If you knew anytthing about the band (which u obvoiusly donĀ“t). Then u would have known that Opeth does whatever they wish to on each album. Meaning they are as far from sell-outs as a band can get.

Opeth knew that some fans would hate the Deliverence/ Damnation thing, but they did it anyway. Also they made both albums, but they are only proffiting for one!. Meaning they are not in it for the money, meaning the are not sell-outs (Do u even know the meaning of the word).

>>By Weak_Minded   (Thursday, 24 Jul 2003 02:33)

Oh yeah and Hellvomits

To even be able to listen to the true "Underground" metal you have long hair, wear all black close, wear black make-up around your eyes, and drink blood instead of whine right? (oh almost forgot set churches on fire and praise the devil every chance u have). Yes then you are a "true" black metal listner and wothy of even listening to this BRUTAL music!!!.

I sincerly hate these steriotypes thinking they are the only ones who deserves to listen to the more "extreme" metal like they have a patent on it or something. Face it if Opeth is on the radio instead Darkthrone then there can be two reasons for this.

1. Opeth is more known.


2. Opeth is a better band period.

And finally u should know better than to slag bands that actually loves the music and care less about the money. And go lookup sell-out will ya?

>>By Weak_Minded   (Thursday, 24 Jul 2003 02:49)

I am just a spectator
An advocate documenting the loss
Fluttering with conceit
This doesn't concern me yet

>>By Machine_of_Undertow   (Thursday, 29 Apr 2004 21:09)

to comment on what weak_minded DTGuitar X said, you are a stupid fuck Hell Vomits. Yeah i'm sure whatever death metal bands your talking about do portray walking about corpses very good, in fact that's almost the only imagery one gets when listening to any pure black and death metal. I do listen to some, but very few death metal bands and no black metal, cause who the fuck wants to worship satan it's totally fucking stupid, if there is a devil i'm sure he'll have fun with your soul in the end. But to Opeth, screw you for say they're untalented and unoriginal, i've seen them live and i've got to say that Michael (the lead guitarist and vocalist) is the most bad ass composer of our time. SO screw your constantly drilling death vocals and metal riffs. Opeth has some of these qualities but they only account for like 1% of their overall music.

>>By Machine_of_Undertow   (Thursday, 29 Apr 2004 21:19)

There is failure inside
this test i can't persist
drawn back by the enigma
no criterias demanded here
Deadly patterns made my wreath
Prosperous in your ways
Pale ghost in the corner
Pouring a caress on your shoulder

>>By Machine_of_Undertow   (Wednesday, 5 May 2004 05:28)

I'm not entering this discussion to debate or argue or compare...I simply want to make a statement about the single greatest group of musicians ever to walk this earth:

Opeth are a phenomenon. Listening to their music can only be described as a spiritual, inivgorating, life-changing perhaps even religious experience. If I died tomorrow, Opeth would be played as my coffin gets lowered into the ground. They made me the person I am today, and one day they'll undo me. Opeth aren't good. They're not cool, dope, phat, tight, sweet, awesome, and they don't rock, own kick ass or rule. They're beyond mere words. They are Opeth.

shit that sounded preachy. sorry yall, im pretty fucked...

>>By Stinkfist   (Wednesday, 2 Jun 2004 04:03)

for the peolpe who doesn't know it yet, the singer of opeth has another band called "porcupine tree". it^s more progressive rock style, but they are great too.

>>By guz   (Thursday, 3 Jun 2004 18:01)

Opeth are simply amazing. I can't understand why they don't rule the world.

>>By Undertone   (Tuesday, 29 Jun 2004 16:58)

Does nobody care about Opeth? Am I all alone in this world?

>>By Trenounde   (Monday, 12 Jul 2004 16:51)

i care about opeth (:Trenounde

>>By theli#1   (Tuesday, 13 Jul 2004 04:06)

Well I like Opeth and didn't think any other bands could make the same kinda impact they did on me. I listened to Porcupine Tree and Nile and they had huge impacts similar to the ones delivered by Opeth. Those bands aren't underground at all but are extremely talented. Please please please check them out. Nile really is something out of this world ^_^!

>>By DreamingofUr   (Tuesday, 13 Jul 2004 07:20)

Nile is fuckin awsome in their darkened shrines all the way

>>By theli#1   (Tuesday, 13 Jul 2004 16:54)

Opeth is amazing. They do so much, so perfectly. When I first heard them, well to be honest it took me a little while to get over the screamy parts, but I soon realised that it was somewhat naive of me.. Now I love it. Opeth simply would be missing a part of itself if those parts were to be changed... I'm yet to find another band quite like Opeth, they are in their own category. Muscially, they are very talented, and that is the understatement of the century. I'm not great at descibing muscial greatness, so all I can say is how this music makes me feel. It makes me feel alive. It's a total eargasm. I just listened to Blackwater park. *lights cigarette*
On a more serious note, Gosh they are just amazing. If you don't like them then that's fine, but I think you're missing out.. As I said before, they do so much, each song is like a novel. Opeth are beautiful, dark, fast, and slow.. and many more things.. and they bring it together wonderfully... I've been writing music for a little while now, and if there's one thing i find really difficult, it's bringing different music together to form one... Opeth doesn't just do that, they do it damn well.

>>By WaitInTheFire   (Sunday, 18 Jul 2004 13:21)

The sad thing is that people who like lighter music won't give Opeth a chance because of those heavy vocals (as you mentioned), and those into heavy music often won't like them because of the lighter side to their music. But when you open your mind and ears, you hear just how well-written and well-performed their songs are, and how the mixture of styles create a unique sound. Opeth are inspired, and inspiring.

>>By Drukq User   (Sunday, 18 Jul 2004 16:40)

Opeth is 1 of my favourite bands, Still life is an amazing album! I Think anyone who is into metal and a kind of softer side to metal should try this band out!!

>>By cruel_portrait   (Friday, 20 Aug 2004 01:50)

Anyone who professes to like music should listen to Opeth.

>>By Trenounde   (Thursday, 2 Sep 2004 14:08)

Does anyone have any info about Opeth's british tour?

>>By Obfuscated   (Monday, 14 Feb 2005 12:31)

anyone know if opeth is coming to Canada anytime soon?

>>By MetalBladeRecords   (Monday, 14 Feb 2005 19:15)

They have a U.S tour with Devildriver quite soon.
Does anybody have any information on their next album?

>>By Obfuscated   (Friday, 1 Apr 2005 16:53)

opeth are almost done recording their new album....they're going on tour in the states starting june,,,,i'm seeing them July 10th in Tulsa

>>By Machine_of_Undertow   (Wednesday, 20 Apr 2005 17:55)

Whoever said Porcupine Tree is another Mikael Akerfeldt band is a retard. Porcupine Tree is headed by Steven Wilson, the guy who produced the last few Opeth albums and contributed ocassionally with guest vocals and keyboard.

I used to be an Opeth fanboy too, y'know? Now, I'm not saying I dislike the band... but what I'm seeing on this site is utter and complete fanboy worship stupidness. I really don't know what's worse, the overgesturing and "grimness" of the "tr00 kvlt" metalheads or the literary blowjobs being dispensed left and right by the fanboys.

>>By golgotha85   (Wednesday, 20 Apr 2005 19:36)

umm yeah Porcupine Tree is nothing like Opeth.....Wilson's lyrics kinda suck at times, but I like the structure of his songs....pretty psychadellic

>>By Machine_of_Undertow   (Wednesday, 20 Apr 2005 21:24)

You'd probably appreciate Wilson's lyrics more if you were from England...
Porcupine Tree do have some similarities to Opeth, but obviously Opeths lyrical content is darker and their music is generally much heavier.

Any idea what Opeth's next album is going to be called?

>>By Obfuscated   (Wednesday, 20 Apr 2005 21:57)

haven't the slightest clue, much like STill Life, BlackWater Park, and other Opeth album's...it'll be named after some old prog band.

>>By Machine_of_Undertow   (Friday, 22 Apr 2005 00:27)

i have heard one opeth song so far and it was pure heaven.
finally i can hear something that my mind doesnt have to say ohhh this is metal ohh this rock ohhhh this is whatever like who cares.
any way i loved it. and for all you people who say that some opeth songs are not metal enough or whatever the fuck you say just remember this all you metal heads who say opeth is too soft,,,, I think all the boys that write the screaming stuff would write the best love songs.... because they have the most to hide. The guys that are in the most pain are usually the ones with the biggest hearts...i dont want to say fuck,,but fuck putting bands into genres look who gives if they are a band who is suppose to be metal,,,,,,,,the only song that ive heard by them " hope leaves",,is soft and i dont care because it connect with me. and hey i was wondering who the fuck listens to one genre of music anyone.....lol

>>By evening_guy   (Thursday, 23 Jun 2005 13:35)

ive heard alot more opeth since my first comment omg GHOST REVERIES, STILL LIFE, BLACKWATER PARK i love love love everything so far

ghost reveries is so eerie and powerful , the feelings and the atmosphere generated from this album might give you shivers down your back!

>>By evening_guy   (Thursday, 9 Feb 2006 11:39)

Drowning in nihilism- until something comes along to give you a soul- Yes Opeth as a band are absolutely amazing but like many comments before, it is the emotion and spirituality which gives new meaning to life, Opeth has harnassed some of the cosmic force which all our souls were born from and chosen to play it for anyone who will listen. I dont think they know what they've done. If philosophy had a band i think Opeth would be it... Again as people have mentioned, Opeth will be playing at my funeral but also at my wedding (harvest)

>>By intangible_atonement   (Monday, 30 Oct 2006 06:58)

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