Michael Jackson


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i love mj! what has it to do with us how he lives, what he looks like or how old he thinks he is etc etc... i think its a load of shit tho when he says hes had noplastic surgery to change his skin colour... did he say that? and whats with that song "it donst matter if you're black or white!" LOL fuck off
o well his musics still good and thats all that matters and i seriously believe he just has sleepovers with these kis and nothin else!

>>By Beth88   (Friday, 17 Dec 2004 16:54)

well said beth88! :o)

>>By molkos_lover   (Saturday, 18 Dec 2004 16:22)

He sucks!!!! He melests kids in his retarded "Netherland Ranck". He's freaking distgusting and needs phychiatric (sorry if I spelled that wrong) help. But I do like his OLD music.

>>By Regulation_Hottie   (Sunday, 19 Dec 2004 04:08)

Never been a fan of Michael Jackson, and i think i'll never be one. I do like the old stuff untill
the release of 'Thriller', but that's about it really. But ya know........, i think MJ is just a(nother)
victim of mediapenetration. The media need to sell news. It's their job to sell news. And if there is not any then the're capable enough to think of something to come up with something
that the world would love to hear. I think that's how it started. How would it be, getting caught by jerkin off in the bathroom and the next day whole town seem to know about it ?
And to get back on one of the first accusions of childabuse: i red in the papers the father of the 'victim' claimed a couple o' millions for compensation ! How can money be an aid to mental welfare of a child ? To my concearn it was more like a moneychase. But then again: how can we rely on the media ? They too need to earn a living.

>>By Sanvean   (Sunday, 19 Dec 2004 12:50)

He's an artist that musically has given us lots of good tunes and performances. He became very famous and wealthy. You can blame him for that and for nothing else. If he hadn't been so good, then how comes he became so successful? Now that he has fallen in "disgrace" it's easy to accuse him ( even though he has not yet been found guilty of any charge ) I doubt he is the monster that some people want you to think he is. I think that when the first implications were made several years ago, he just didn't want bad publicity or a scandal that could seriously damage his brilliant career and although innocent, he naively accepted to pay a large sum of money to the boy's family. Big mistake. He's now become the target of lots of people that want to suck all his money away, inventing all kind of nasty stories about him. I will always consider him innocent unless proven the contrary and nothing will change the admiration I feel for him as a talented musician.

>>By RYKKO   (Sunday, 19 Dec 2004 23:23)

rubbish is he a victim. Mediapenetration? its penetration of a different kind thats got him in this mess. Seriously, if I'd been accused of these things I certainly would NOT pay people off to try and make it go away I'd fight it out and clear my name, the Jordy pay off was possibly the stupidest thing for an "innocent" man to do. If he didnt do it he has nothing to fear from due process of law so why start throwing cash around? guilt, in my opinion.

>>By monkeyfeet   (Friday, 24 Dec 2004 16:33)

do you people know its slander to falsely accuse someone of something. to say they have done something without solid evidence, or without them being OFFICIALLY proved guilty. some people will do anything to get away form the public eye, and he can afford to meet the demands of these people. who dont want an easy life. when your tired, and sick of the world. you need to stop your slander and wait for him to go down!

>>By molkos_lover   (Wednesday, 12 Jan 2005 20:59)

umm rapist

>>By RaNcId_StAr   (Thursday, 13 Jan 2005 03:01)

mj can just as easily turn round to you and sue you for slander!

>>By molkos_lover   (Thursday, 13 Jan 2005 17:19)

not just slander...defamation of character!! so careful what you curse...it might just come back to bite you in the ass!

>>By molkos_lover   (Monday, 17 Jan 2005 21:15)

Really? how can he sue for the repitition of information already printed and discussed in the world media? and how many law suits do you think the kiddy fiddler will have to take out to "clear" his name? As for the idea that he is naive, he may well be, but to pay off accusations like those screams guilt over naivity every time. Why not just scream cover up from the mountain tops? Besides, if I'm wrong I'll appologise in person. While we ice skate in hell.

>>By monkeyfeet   (Tuesday, 18 Jan 2005 13:30)

your acusing him of something he has not been proved guilty of in a court of law...there for it is slanderous! he will never be able to clear his name because people are such tabloid junkies and believe everything they read in the paper and see on the tv. i think people are more naive if they believe everything released by the media. the media are out to make money too, so is everyone else! and what they do is obviously how they make the big dollar come flooding in! people want his money, and they know how to get it from him. you can piss and moan about him paying people off, and how that says guilty, because he is "just trying to clear hs name" but how can someone take money as a settlement for that kind of behaviour? doesnt that say the people who claim to be the "victims" are wrong because they will settle for money? no amount of money can bring justice to these acts of "kiddie fiddlin" as we seem to call it. if someone touched my boy id not sleep til they were behind bars! money wouldnt do. money is not justice! so who are we to say who is wrong...the payer or the payee? both as bad as one another there! but that dont make jacko "wacko"!

>>By molkos_lover   (Tuesday, 18 Jan 2005 23:07)

So your saying that every little thing the media has said that puts MJ down aren't true? How would they have gotten that live taping of MJ hanging a little kid out of window? Did they pay him to do it? I don't think he would want to have so many false accusations on his hands. I think that they're real. He molests little kids, and don't start waving around that slander thing, there have been false accusations on people before and people accuse them, but we never hear of those people getting sewed.

*cough rapist cough cough*

>>By Urbane   (Tuesday, 18 Jan 2005 23:21)

Don't try to think in terms of guilt or innocence. It's just 'dangerous' to believe èverything the media says. Be aware that they present stories on a lucrative way, that very often a story is brought the way we 'prefer' to hear. If a 17-year old would say to MJ : 'Hé you, dirty slimeball !' and he'd response with :'Piss off, leave me alone.', then the next day probably the headline in the paper will bring :'MICHAEL JACKSON HUMILIATES A CHILD'.
It's just one side of the story, but enough for the world to jump on his neck. It is true, but not the truth, 'cause the way the news is brought could make us believe he hates children. This one-side of the truth will end up in a lie at the end.
If we unconditional believe everything the media says then one day they might control this way of thinking, w.o.w. : the way wè think
But this is a Michael Jackson page, isn't it ? 'One day in your life' is my fave of him. It's a very old one but i like the song. He was a kid back then. Did he write the song himself ?

>>By Sanvean   (Wednesday, 19 Jan 2005 06:14)

yeah the baby/window thing is true but that has nothing to do with accusations of child abuse. and if he had "raped" a child theyd have been able to prove it within hours of a child coming forward and hed be doing time by now. so you can cancel that one out! if he is guilty then justice will come and kick his ass! if he aint guilty then hopefully justice will bite in the right direction. until then, why dont people just lay off him.
one day in your life is a great song! i also like "gone to soon"...the song about ryan white, the boy with aids years ago. his new stuff aint as good as the old stuff, but i still listen to it all :o)

>>By molkos_lover   (Wednesday, 19 Jan 2005 10:45)

molkos_lover - well said! gone too soon is a classic! one of my faves too. mj should be left alone, justice will put everything to rights and money does not solve cases like child molesting.
i have to say that billie jean is my all time fave tune from the great man!

>>By once_more_with_feeling   (Wednesday, 19 Jan 2005 20:07)

ah billie jean...damn right! me and my sis were walking through town one sat night and heard it blasting out a pub, so we went in, danced to it, then left! quality tune! :o) oh, and thanks once_more, glad to see someone else with a more open mind!

>>By molkos_lover   (Wednesday, 19 Jan 2005 20:20)

I was going to leave it but to say I am not open minded because I dont believe in mj is insulting. Correct, money does not solve cases such as this, which is why mj is back up in court, he tried to buy his way out and failed. I feel that those who blindly shout about the media and how they are to blame are the truly closed minded amongst us.

>>By monkeyfeet   (Sunday, 23 Jan 2005 13:45)

i didnt say your were narrow minded or whatever,and im sorry if you think that was aimed at you. all im saying is people are just so quick to come to their own conclusions, when seriously, if you think about it, know jack shit, so why not just wait and see what happens, and critisize when its all over. until then he should justy be left to deal with things the best way he can. any other human being would have really fallen apart at having so many court cases against them. people have taken him to court for other reason than child abuse. he might be guilty he might be innocent, but people on the outside...which i think you will find is definately all of us, should just leave it out til the end. no one here is gonna change anything so there is no point bitching at each other. some think he is guilty, some think he is innocent, but to be honest its all a matter of opinion to us outsiders!

>>By molkos_lover   (Sunday, 23 Jan 2005 16:35)

I think Michael is an extremely talented young man, and I am a fan of his. When I was younger I was a HUGE fan, but my tastes changed a lot as I got older. I personally don't believe any of the allegations and rumours about him, though I agree he has gotten a bit strange in the past several years.
I believe this is largely due to the abuse he suffered from his father as a child, and the media. Fame can do strange things to people.
Still, Michael is a performer-- his job is to entertain people through music and dancing, nothing more. In a perfect world it shouldn't matter what colour is skin is now as opposed to what it used to be (that was undoubtedly due to vitiligo-- if you don't believe it, look it up online), any surgery he had (regardless of his intent), or anything else for that matter.

>>By Abraxas   (Monday, 24 Jan 2005 00:08)

well said abraxas...hats off to you! :o)

>>By molkos_lover   (Tuesday, 25 Jan 2005 10:32)

it seems to me ,michael has a problem seeing reality ,the way the rest of us do. It is never acceptable for a grown man to have other people's children sleep over in the same bed. He must have enough space to provide them their own room if he wanted to. They are not his own kids' friends staying over, they don't seem to come in to the equation. He obviously relates to children and doesn't know where to draw the line , he also offers the perfect incentive for children to want to go and stay. These all reflect the things a paedophile would do . He has cameras situated not far from his bedroom to see who is coming.... does that not seem strange. 10 years ago when he was first accused, his sister latoyah , spoke on tv, saying she thought he had done it . not long after that he married lisa marie presley. If this was an ordinairy man in your street, would you let your child sleep in his bed? no matter how talented someone is ,they do not have the right to take advantage of innocent children.

>>By scarletnikki   (Wednesday, 26 Jan 2005 14:56)

yeah i kinda have to agree with what your saying there. but i still think people should leave him alone til the courts decide.

>>By molkos_lover   (Thursday, 27 Jan 2005 10:36)

the trial is going to be reenacted and televised from today.

>>By scarletnikki   (Monday, 31 Jan 2005 12:36)

so who saw the web cast? how can you vindicate sleeping in the same bed as a child that is not your own? After some thought I must say that I do agree everyone has the right to a fair trial, however, even if we all shut up and let the courts decide can his accusors afford the same legal representation? do they have the same profile and therefore fan base to support them? No, they have people calling them money grabbing gold diggers. I do belive they may have been misguided in their relationship with Jackson but they are not the first to start throwing mud. If anyone needs a fair trial it is the CHILD in the centre of this not some supposedly "misunderstood" multimillionaire.

>>By monkeyfeet   (Monday, 31 Jan 2005 18:06)

i find it interesting that michael jackson seems to be a pariah in the eyes of most americans. . .

and it's people who live outside of the borders of the states who still admire him and his music. . .

nothing wrong with that. . .it's just an observation. . .*wink, wink*

>>By drowninginflame   (Monday, 31 Jan 2005 19:17)

I think he's completley lost the plot. This guys a degenerate. He's hid behid this character he has become over the years. Hiding the faces of his children to disguise the real world that is out there, the one that MADE him. Without this reality that has betrayed him in whatever ways, he would have been a nothing and ironically will become. But hey, thats just an opinion i guess. Just a shame that he was the best thing to become of motown. Some people just aren't made to live under the spot light!!!

>>By scorpio_scouse   (Tuesday, 1 Feb 2005 12:09)

can anyone say child molester

>>By theli#1   (Thursday, 3 Feb 2005 14:57)

apparantly you can! ^^

the courts will show the truth!

>>By once_more_with_feeling   (Monday, 7 Feb 2005 20:32)

lmfao...well said once_more!! i can say it too....but that dont brand anyone anything! hey i can also say....SUPERSTAR! :o)

>>By molkos_lover   (Tuesday, 8 Feb 2005 16:34)

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