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i love michael jackson nobody knows how much i love him im only fourteen i have always liked michael but as soon as i hit my teens and was and still is going through adolesense i just turn to him i have never spoken to him never seen him face to face ,if i am down i get back up again through his music .I personally agree with mjj its just that far to many people are ignorant its been going on for years and years oh michael turned himself white, michael bought the elephant bones ,michael sleeps in an oxygen chamber and the list goes on, my fellow black friends get affended by him for having surgery on his nose because he didn't llike his black african nose given by god but once again its just ignorance im proud of mjj for doing what he does best with courage and dignity without being affected nor trumitized by the media .I think fans of michael jackson are very very lucky because once you are seduced by the power of his music anyone whos anyone cant get to you at the moment thats how im surving through my teen years thats an importance in his music he gives you something no other band or artist can give you .I have always said i was a fan of michael jackson out loud with confidence thats when people in my school began to realise you no she isnt ashmed .As my confidence rose to the next level i began to dance i always danced to his music i could do the moonwalk when i ten but i began to take things seriously after i was awarded an award l for excellents in dance i then began practicing it came to me so easily the way he moved i think its just a blessing i then entered for local talent shows i have come first place to many times i am always asked to dance at lunch break there have been riots in school just to watch me dance and sing my classroom was always a full house i would get in trouble sometimes forstarting riots when all i did was dance and sing but to be honest i loved it everthing just being able to be mjj for 15 minutes and experincing the thrill and adrenalin he gets that made me very happy but what really shocked me was that people wanted to borrow my mjj cds and videos im was willing to copy cds for anyone who was intreasted i go to a performing arts school but as i get older i want to step out of the shade and into the sunlight ithink that no one really really understands him i think that he is a great farther and i know just by the look on his face when he talkes about his children that he loves them dearly i think he should take a timeout with his children and fill the critera of a farther he has always desired i wish him the best xxxxxxxxxxxxxx rebecca 14 london

>>By rebecca   (Monday, 21 Jul 2003 13:35)

Look at it this way... michael is a great guy. he has sponsered to many charitys and still he gets hated. He has probably helped millions of childredn worldwide, but all u care about is his appearence! he can dance and sing and things so you should respect him. He has a great body and damn he is such a great singer. Although i agree he is ugly hje has help so many people! he is a great laugher and hes a lover not a figher!

>>By Marioman   (Monday, 21 Jul 2003 18:33)


>>By TJ   (Monday, 21 Jul 2003 19:25)

I CANT belive how JUGEMENTAL PEOPLE are about michael

>>By nmnm   (Monday, 21 Jul 2003 19:27)

Jacko is a star, no doubt. He can sing, no doubt. He can dance, no doubt.

I just can't help feeling that he is so lonely, so sad, and so insecure. Why Mike?
You have the right to change your appearence, even by surgery, but why should you?
you are beautiful the way you are, you are talented, and people loves you and repect you
for your works, your music, and the good things you do for other people.

If you think people will like you more cos of your (changed) look, think again.

>>By darth V   (Wednesday, 23 Jul 2003 08:33)

wow rebecca you are only 14 but by the sounds of it you sound alot older i cant believe such a young girl can feel so much passion i know that you are going to go far michael jackson is also one of my biggest inspartion in life

>>By annoynemous   (Friday, 25 Jul 2003 12:54)

his lyrics are amzing cos thay have no bad language! GO MICHAEL

>>By Marioman   (Friday, 25 Jul 2003 20:43)

yo mj is one of the best ppl in the world i love you and always will oyaa yer a great dancer2

>>By jack_is_hot3   (Saturday, 16 Aug 2003 04:43)

09/12/56 <----------------------------crubbumber mahadagumbner is comming.

>>By the skinthinner   (Saturday, 16 Aug 2003 19:58)

Michael Jackson is extremely talented no doubt. He can dance like no other. Yes he is a very weird individual. He's probably a pedophile too. None of that can ever take away from his music though. He will have to live the rest of his life knowing that he permenantly fucked up his face with all that plastic surgery, so in a way I do feel sorry for him. Hell I still wish I could dance like that though.

>>By MightyAfroWhitey   (Sunday, 17 Aug 2003 21:42)

i absolutely love u Michael and think that the press are jealous. All these alegations are a load of rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to get a life and stop ruining yours. Your the best thing thats happened in the music world and they know it. i love ur music they have so much feeling and love in them. keep doing what u do best. your fans will help u through the bad times and share the good. all my lovexxxxxxxxxxxx

>>By jenni_jewel   (Thursday, 20 Nov 2003 11:38)

There are the 8 wonders of the world then theres the king of pop Michael Jackson.Who is Michael Jackson? The god of pop music. Michael is a perfectionist so thats what makes all his songs perfect thats why i dont have a favorite song of him cuz i love them all on the same level. Like Rebecca im 14 years old and when im feeling down i turn on michael jacksons History volume 2 preferrably.But I would like to say Mj is innocent and should not be judged by the tabloids.Who are they to judge.Who are they to say how MJ should never or should get another plastic surgery.And if he did it is his bizness.But theres one thing I would love to do b4 I die is sing a song with Michael Jackson.is Mj guilty of the recent child molestation charges? Im sure we can all say this with a firm NO!!! they just try to bring hi m down with everything he does.And he is so misunderstood he is kind he gives the most money to charities EAT that You Damn tabloids....Holla IM out....

>>By 4everkop   (Friday, 5 Dec 2003 20:08)

OMG! You are so stuck in your world about him you cant even see the truth behind the matter. Well you are only 14 and haven't even grown into an adult yet so I guess I can see why. But for some of the rest for God's sakes open your eyes. Anyone who has a interveiw about them and straight out says there peter pan themselves obviously has some emotional damage. He was raised in a unfit envoriment being beat and molested which he flat out said. Anyone with those kinds of thing happing to them is not going to have some sort of emotional problems. Thats plainly seen that yes he has a few problems. He is obessed with the whole idea of childhood which therefore he still thinks of himself as a kid. I have no doubt in my mind that I'm sure he has touched a few kids that have been in his room at night. You people are to blind to see the truth in the matter. In fact I'm sure you also mixed the whole thing on a kid coming forth and explaining what Michael's naked body to the tee. I wonder how he would know what michael looked like. They know that for a fact. So it's only a matter of time before he gets convicted and I only hope he does.

>>By MissTrix   (Tuesday, 9 Dec 2003 19:38)

I had to post this again cause I didn't check the last one to well for errors.

OMG! You are so stuck in your world about him you cant even see the truth behind the whole matter. Well you are only 14 and haven't even grown into an adlut yet so I guess I can see why. But for some of the rest of you for God's sakes open your eyes. Anyone who had a interveiw about themselves and comes right out and says they are Peter Pan themselves well, obviously has some emotional damage. He was raised in a unfit envoriment being beat and molested which he flat out said. Anyone with those kinds of things happening to them is for sure going to have some emotional problems. Especially when it's happening to him as a child. That's plainly seen that he has a few problems. He obessed with the whole idea of childhood. Therefore still thinking he is a child himself. I have no doubt in my mind that I'm sure he has touched a few kids that have been in his room. You people are just to blind to see the truth. In fact I'm sure you also missed the whole thing on a kid coming forth and talking about what Michael's naked body looked like to a tee I might add. He was right about everything. Well gee I wonder how you knew all that. It's only a matter of time before he gets convicted and I only hope he does.

>>By MissTrix   (Tuesday, 9 Dec 2003 19:49)

miss trix pleez .Its people like you that make this world suck.You have no idea on how he makes me feel.If I am sad he cheers me up and thats all i care about.and if he is guilty i am not gonna like him any less.And YOU ARE TOO BLIND TO SEE THE TRUTH.Im very sure he has emotional damage and he has done many mistakes but for you to talk about him in a negative way makes u sound dumb.You would sound alot smarter if u just didnt say anything at all We all have hopes and dreams.

>>By 4everkop   (Tuesday, 9 Dec 2003 20:39)

Lol funny that you say Im dumb cause I voice my opinion on the matter. If you knew me at all you would find me to be very smart. I never said he couldn't be a very nice person. There is no doubt in my mind that he is nice and sweet. But with his emotional damage just that sweetness could be the very thing he uses on the kids. You dont have to be a hateful mean person to do something of the sort. And because I know about emotional damage and head cases cause Im into psychology and the effects on things. I find it very funny as well because I say the truth in the matter it makes me sound dumb. Right if the whole world went on to agree on everything and never spoke out. What would that make them? Well as equally dumb. And sorry to say but actually I'm a very caring person and reglious. But just cause someone is famous doesn't mean you have to look up to them. Maybe the music makes you feel better but the person himself is a whole different thing. And for you to not think less of someone found gulity of touching a child in that way well your just as sick. So move on.

>>By MissTrix   (Wednesday, 10 Dec 2003 04:57)

Once again your only 14 so talk to me about a serious conversation when you hit at least 20. Your mind will change so much you can actually think more into something. You know deep thought.

>>By MissTrix   (Wednesday, 10 Dec 2003 04:59)

Well, Aside from Michael's obvious troubles with the law at the moment, He was still the King back in the 80's and a lot of his loyal fans think he still is to this day. I must pay respects to Mike simply because I grew up on his music. I liked the stuff from the Jackson 5 Days but I really didn't take notice until the "Offf The Wall" album was released. Boy, We didn't know we had it coming and then came Thriller....Nuff said...The rest is history.

One of the greatest of all time....It's just sad what has happened to him and his character as an artist.

>>By visuals   (Wednesday, 10 Dec 2003 05:05)

He generally seems a bit... Uhhmm... Well, he needs to come back down to earth. Everything is fine and dandy in Michael land, but a lot of the things he does is not generally acceptable by society, and that's why he gets in trouble with the law etc.

He was accused of messing with children at least three times now... By the second time, he really should just stop having child visitors to protect himself. Really.

Don't get me wrong though. Good singer and stage performer. I like his music.

>>By RandomCynic   (Wednesday, 17 Dec 2003 00:14)

It is almost beyond all comprehension to me and millions of others how completely out of touch with true concrete reality so many young people are. For every one young person who is aware of sociopolitical condtions, media manipulation, and basic ideas of productive and destructive behavior, there seems to be a hundred who have little or no idea. So many of you give every impression of having been zombiefiedby the near constant onrush of media and advertising directed to and at you. TURN OFF THE TV! TV MANIPULATES YOUR MIND AND DUMBS YOU DOWN! Need proof, just look at basic scores in schools across the country in the last 25 years since sanctions and bans in advertising towards children have been lifted ot tossed out. The United States was first in science and math scores in the 1950's among industrialized nations. Now, the country lags far back in the mid 20's. Just to read how many of you are lost in this make believe world of Jacko is frightening! Do you all go to church, or have any spiritual faith, or have any true parental guidance? To compare or align this mammon serving psycho with the likes of God or Christ or any other deity of great spiritual importance and value is nothing less than idol worship or insanity!

>>By exile103   (Saturday, 27 Dec 2003 05:04)

I don't say what I do just to be mean or hurtful. I, too, have had musicians who mean a great deal to me and whom I turn to at times of trouble or despair. However, these are figures of great wisdom and character. They are adults and completely accepting of that FACT, whereas Jackson cannot accept it. Kids, anyone who still thinks of themselves as a peter pan figure at 45 has mental problems. Besides, his lyrics are childish and simplistic. Kid Rock could write those songs. His dancing seems to have died 15 years ago. Now all he does is that same dumb spin, throw his arms out, AND GRAB HIS CROTCH! Is that something you all like to see? Do you even know what he is doing that for? How is some manchild who is supposed to be such a role model for kids grabbing at his dick supposed to be good? Also, Jacko is a black man, even though he hates the idea of it. He acts as if he hates the very idea of being black and wants to change from a black man to a white boy. I am even more disgusted by this, and I should think that all black people would be, too. He insults his very race! And if you still don't think jacko has problems and has molested at least one little boy, then why did that boy know what his genitalia looked like? That doesn't happen by accident! He told the police and when they strip searched jacko they saw that his private parts were just like the boy described, with distinct characteristics. It's probably the only part of him that's still black. And if he's such a great father, then why doesn't he have a mother there to help raise them? He got custody of them and then cut her out of their lives. Whether you want to believe it or not, children need a mother, probably more than a father. although jackson acts like a woman half the time, he isn't one. As a parent, there is no way in hell I'd let my kids within 100 feet of this person. He might wanna dangle them over a balcony like he did his own baby. Explain that insane act to me?

>>By exile103   (Saturday, 27 Dec 2003 05:16)

It's hard to seperate the art from the artist. Should we?

>>By Seward3   (Saturday, 27 Dec 2003 06:02)

wow..is thur ne1 here that dosnt like him? i think hes a freak who molests lil boys...is he black or white...i duno u cant tell what he is...a guy or a chick...all i know is that hes a freak...i know im being judgemental but thats my opinion...ne1 actually agree w/ me? omg..how can u guys like that thing? hes scary...my lil' sis saw him on tv once and shes only 4 and she was like ewww wut is that? hes scary... shes actaully scared of him...and how can the parents of those kids he molests let him do that...obviously they dont care about their kids as much as money or w/e...well...all u mj fans out thur try some music like portishead...i perfect circle...pink floyd...hendrix...the doors... and my FAVORITE....THE WHITE STRIPES! now they kick @$$ oyes...ight im out l8a -me

>>By lil_shorty452   (Saturday, 27 Dec 2003 15:53)

I hope he is convicted THIS TIME! If you support him, you support child molestation.

>>By mikey mike   (Saturday, 27 Dec 2003 22:48)

But everyone knows, well at least OJ knows, if you've got money, you'll walk. I say put him in generl population at San Quinton and let him be the victim for a change.

>>By mikey mike   (Saturday, 27 Dec 2003 22:51)

Ok, so on one hand we have a talented artist, and on the other we have none other then a real live freak!!!!!!! Lets see what hand ways out the other???? hmm let me think about that,(DUHH!) do you want to support a Freak by buying his cds and watching him on t.v. so he can make billions and millions of dollars, so he can walk out of jail with not so much as community service, and go out and do that to another innocent child?Its somthing I hope people give alote of thought to.

>>By Kimmy   (Sunday, 28 Dec 2003 01:10)

I doubt I would have bought anything by him anyway.

>>By Jack_is_hot_12   (Sunday, 28 Dec 2003 01:18)

Anyone who dangles a defensless 8 month old child out a window is in my mind a cowardly freak. I don't see him hanging from a fourth story window for publicity the coward. He puts the baby out. And anyone who says "I'd rather slit my wrists that hurt a child" has obvious mental problems. Think about it. From a psychological standpoint a normal person would say somthing like "I would rather be poor and homeless than hurt a child...not SLIT HIS WRISTS! He definitely has problems.

>>By noname1   (Sunday, 28 Dec 2003 05:21)

He may have money but for one thing if you didnt hear he has some big money problems for all crap he's been buying. And for his little wonderland. He can't even pay some of it off. And lets's face it he isn't bringing in the money like he used to. But they said he has some money problems as it is. So if he is convicted well I'm sure even with his money he will have trouble getting out of this one. He's doomed losing a lot of his stuff. And career.

FLY away peter pan jackson. You only asked for what is coming to you.

>>By MissTrix   (Tuesday, 30 Dec 2003 22:44)

Micheal Jackson is a positive influence for boys around the world. And especially for those who want to be performers. He showed determination when his other brothers didn't.
It is time for people to stop talking about micheal's face. He knows how he looks and can't do anything about it, so leave him alone. Every since the first change ya'll have been complainin and pressuring him to just do more.
And the person that commented that he should get a new life, you have problems, because the world of music would have not been any good without him.
Micheal, keep doin yo thang. If you read this, pleaaaaase email me at blwtheblue@yahoo.com. I am 17 and I have some good ideas about stuff.

>>By blwtheblue   (Friday, 9 Jan 2004 17:33)

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