Michael Jackson


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he only has one good song i like i forget wut its called tho.... wut the hell is up with ppl lying about micheal jackson melesting a kid? that's all sh*t! but it was pretty dum wut he did.. the kid out the window with a bag on his head..... i still respect him tho

>>By Linkin park Rules   (Monday, 12 Jan 2004 03:05)

Ok all you mj haters gotta stop.MJ is innocent and he is the most talented BLACK MAN on this earth

>>By 4everkop   (Monday, 19 Jan 2004 04:39)

I have empathy for MJ and his accussors.Shit ,no one is perfect. Bad times and bad things can happen to all of us.

>>By lying eyes   (Monday, 26 Jan 2004 01:09)

he had some good songs but hes weird now

>>By Jane   (Monday, 26 Jan 2004 03:51)

He did it. Billy Jean is not his girl...Billy Jean is his young boy....take care.

>>By J-Trigga   (Monday, 26 Jan 2004 05:41)

Ok Micheal Jackson is awesome! and the song is accually Billie Jean.

>>By Jane   (Sunday, 1 Feb 2004 01:26)

Michael Jackson gave me a swollen member!

>>By BEN HOLLYWOOD   (Sunday, 1 Feb 2004 01:32)

mj is the worst fucker ever. yo BEN HOLLWOOD u got a swollen merber what u gay mo fo!!!!!!! :-)

>>By chillin_99   (Sunday, 1 Feb 2004 02:30)

Chaaamonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Motherfucker! Hee hee! I'm one bad, dangerous, invincible, off the wall motherfucker chaamon! Hee hee! Who's bad, I'm bad! Thats right! OWW!

>>By BEN HOLLYWOOD   (Sunday, 1 Feb 2004 03:17)

Anybody in a betting mood? Here's the bet: Michael does five years of a fifteen year sentence, during which time his creative output will be exactly what it was the previous five years- none.
And here's another bet: When he is released after serving his sentence for child molestation, he'll do it again. He will diddle children till the day he dies.
Of course Michael got himself into this jam, but I bear the parents of his victims even more malice. If you let your kid spend the weekend at Neverland, that kid should be taken away from you.

>>By Seward3   (Sunday, 1 Feb 2004 18:56)

Damn. It's about the music. He has good music. I'm not sure if he will go to jail. Who knows?

>>By Jane   (Sunday, 1 Feb 2004 23:04)

And Michael grew up with a father who molested him and played real russian roulette with them. With accuall bullets. So don't you think being raised like that may have messed with him? So many celebrites have mental illnesses. He was so hot at that time, that he was never alone. The fame probably went to his head. But I think he is very talented, even if he may have hung a child over a balcony of whatever happend.

>>By Jane   (Sunday, 1 Feb 2004 23:15)

Yeah and his father also told him how ugly he was. So maybe he thought he had to change his image because he wasn't good enough.

>>By Jane   (Monday, 2 Feb 2004 04:37)

I think Michael Jackson is HOT! He knows how to dance and sing . And who could look past that cute little button nose.

>>By Lindsey(The one & only)   (Wednesday, 4 Feb 2004 20:23)

i am goin to make this sweet and short because i hate michael jackson he was so cute when he was young like on jackson 5 but now wut the heck happened to him i also only like the song thriller and played on 13 goin on 30 and i like the dance but all his other work is disgusting and he is disgusting

>>By wldct   (Friday, 14 May 2004 01:31)

As a person he is a freak, as an entertainer he is awesome.

>>By Jane   (Friday, 14 May 2004 01:45)

i wonder if hes going to be making music behind bars

>>By Vavin   (Saturday, 15 May 2004 16:24)

well, I think those that say they hate MJ should not really waste their time in writing about that. write about people that you like and don't just pop up in here to expose your prejudice... I think he is a great person that has done so many things for the music world today. Besides his personal life shouldn't matter to us, everyone is entitled to his her privacy. And by the way I really think he is innocent!

>>By constanta   (Saturday, 12 Jun 2004 20:14)

i think he is extemely talanted and ..hate to say it extremely guilty....you don't pay millions ( as he did the first time)..when you say you're innocent. He needs rehab...unfortunately.pedophiles...usually don't stop......what a waste...coca

>>By coca   (Monday, 14 Jun 2004 02:23)

Is Michael Jackson a wigga?

>>By Drukq User   (Monday, 14 Jun 2004 13:51)

yeah but then again...if my kid claimed to get molested by anybody....i would sure as hell take that guy to court and would not settle for millions of dollars out of court....i would want that guy in jail for life.....so, it kinda makes you think that maybe the parents and the kid lied the whole time just to get money....and if someone claimed that i molested their child i sure as hell would not want to go to court and would just give them whatever they wanted so they could leave me alone.....

>>By odnanref   (Monday, 14 Jun 2004 16:30)

Odnanref is right, besides there are too many things that just don't match. Like for example if the child was molested why did he keep going to Michael's place after that?

>>By constanta   (Monday, 14 Jun 2004 17:10)

i personally believe in the american way...you're innocent until proven guilty....and until there is concrete evidence that proves that michael did something to that kid then i'll believe it...but until then i'll still support him and i'll hope for the best....

>>By odnanref   (Monday, 14 Jun 2004 17:18)

he skares me...he looks and acts like an alien

>>By ***your sweet 666 godess***   (Monday, 14 Jun 2004 19:22)

I wish he didn't get all that plastic surgery crap done to him - He woulda looked so much better if he hadn't.

He is a talented guy and his music's quite cool!

>>By kathy_moose   (Tuesday, 15 Jun 2004 18:13)

Hey 4everkop, way up there, he's not black anymore!

>>By Ut~boarder~girl   (Wednesday, 16 Jun 2004 03:38)

michael jackson rocks. all the allegations are lies, people are just jumping on the band wagon to get money from him. people are so busy greedily taking from him and accusing him, to see and talk about what good he has done for this spit of rock we live on! after all these years he is still the king of pop, i never doubt him! ok, yeah the kid out the window was a bit silly, but i still love him! he's a true legend! ive been a fan since i was 8yrs old, im now 24, and i never get tired of him. only more passionate! :o) ps anyone know the latest on him and the court case? ive not been able to keep up lately, been a hectic few months for me!!

>>By molkos_lover   (Sunday, 14 Nov 2004 12:26)

Michael is a person with good-great heart.
He really care about people.
And hes one of the most talent people who came to this earth.
One of a kind.

>>By Leo Lopes   (Friday, 10 Dec 2004 14:53)

Crazy man trapped in his own fame, hard to feel pity for a man accused of these things.... But does anyone else find Usher disturbingly like mike? I mean who in their right mind models themself on a suspected pedo?

>>By monkeyfeet   (Tuesday, 14 Dec 2004 14:55)

i think usher is alot like michael, he has obviously had his influences in his own way. michael may be a suspected pedo, but he aint been proved guilty so its unfair for people to make personal attacks on him.whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? i took a man to court for something he done to me, but he walked away a free man due to "lack of evidence" so they are gonna have to have some solid, flawless, damning evidence to present against him, and they obviously dont have it, or he would be doing time by now.i believe he pays people off because thats what they are doing it for...money...but i know, the man i took to court, he could have offered me any amount of money and i still would never have dropped the charges because i wanted justice, not cash.all the money in the world cant take away the pain and emotional scars left by another human being.

>>By molkos_lover   (Friday, 17 Dec 2004 16:41)

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