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Led Zep's debut album was no doubt extremely influential, but I find it a bit of bore apart from the awesome Babe I'm Gonna Leave You and Dazed and Confused.

>>By spikee   (Tuesday, 19 Oct 2004 02:15)

Led Zeppelin's debut didn't get a whole lot of attention until after they had released their second album. Zeppelin II is what put them on the map, with their first hit single Whole Lotta Love. Then Zeppelin III showed a differnet more acoustic side of Zeppelin. Then this climaxed in the form of Zeppelin IV, which for me is the greatest album of all time.

>>By GetTheLedOut   (Saturday, 23 Oct 2004 05:38)

I Love The song Going to California by Led. Its my favorite of their songs.

>>By PikeaGrl   (Saturday, 23 Oct 2004 21:32)

I mean where are the Led Zeppelins of today?

>>By TheWalruswasPaul (Monday, 11 Oct 2004 03:49)

Well, The Smashing Pumpkins & Rage Against The Machine both split up fairly recently, and A Perfect Circle and Nine Inch Nails are on the verge of releasing their third and fourth albums respectively.

Zeppelin are my third favorite band of all time, just behind Opeth and Tool, and level with Nine Inch Nails. Truly stunning band, and possibly the best set of musicians in history. No rock vocalist, not Jagger, not Yorke, not even Keenan can bring songs to life like Robert Plant, Jimmy Page in my opinion is the second best guitarist of all time after Hendrix, and John Bonham IS the greatest drummer in history.

My favorite Zep songs are 'When The Levee Breaks' and 'Ten Years Gone'.

>>By Stinkfist   (Saturday, 23 Oct 2004 22:43)

I don't think you can compare Zeppelin to several of the other bands you named, at least not yet. Not saying the others aren't good, but you don't know if those other bands will still be household names 30+ years after their creation. Zeppelin is an even bigger name today than they were back in the 70s.

On the note of Nine Inch Nails, from time to time I like to listen to them for extended periods of time, but Reznor's music is very linear. He doesn't spread out in types of rhythms and lyrical ideas. But that's IMO.

>>By GetTheLedOut   (Monday, 1 Nov 2004 19:59)

Thats true. I'm confident Rage Against The Machine will, their lyrical material will be relevant for many years, but the others I'm not sure.

You know something, I've had a lot of people say that to me. No matter how often I hear it though, I can't help but think that they must be listening to another band by mistake. Admittedly, it's difficult to make industrial music varied, as it the music is based around repetition, but Trent has succeeded were almost every other industrial artist has failed. To me, all of his songs (aside from the instrumental songs on The Fragile) sound very different and fresh.

>>By Stinkfist   (Wednesday, 3 Nov 2004 18:03)

Funny how Rage stole the riff from Kashmir- I think to do any song in the style of rAge, it's be necessary to steal another riff. I think I might just do that...

>>By Bitch Fit   (Wednesday, 3 Nov 2004 21:57)

You have a point that it's hard to vary, that's why the best bands don't hold themselves to one specific sub-genre. Industrial is the only type that Reznor works with. And while he does it very well, it's only one type. Zeppelin branched into many many sub-genres of rock, and they even invented one (heavy metal).

>>By GetTheLedOut   (Wednesday, 10 Nov 2004 03:18)

How many riffs and lyrics and melodies did Led Zepplin rip off other people?

>>By spikee   (Wednesday, 10 Nov 2004 03:25)

There's only one Led Zeppelin song that I don't like that much. Four Stix.

>>By Jane   (Thursday, 11 Nov 2004 01:33)

Led Zeppelin incorporated many different musical influences into their music, but they never actually stole anything. The only thing that really comes close to being an exception would be Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, in which parts of their version are like that of another artist, but the song is credited to Bredon, Plant, and Page.

>>By GetTheLedOut   (Sunday, 14 Nov 2004 08:34)

I was thinking if there was to be a greatest hits from Led Zeppelin ( maybe there is already, I dont know ) I would have soo many songs on it. Every Led Zeppelin song is a good song now that I think of it. Im getting a Led Zeppelin shirt, its coming in the mail..w0000t!

>>By Jane   (Monday, 22 Nov 2004 04:26)

There are several "Greatest Hits" type compiliations. There's "Remasters," Early Days & Latter Days," and assorted others. But to enjoy Zeppelin to the fullest, it's best to listen to the albums instead of the compilations, or maybe I'm just too much of a purest.

>>By GetTheLedOut   (Tuesday, 23 Nov 2004 02:23)

I see Robert Plant a hell of a lot in a small village where my dad lives in England...Planty owns a house just up the road and he's always dropping into the local small village bars and occasionally gets up and sings a few songs with whoever may be playing that night!!!!! See even Rock stars like the quiet life!!!!! Unfortunately he's kinda lost his voice but every now and then he still conjours up that majick!!!! Another great English band.....!!!!

>>By Da Blues   (Tuesday, 23 Nov 2004 12:50)

I agree that it is best to listen to their whole albums, otherwise you will miss out on perfection and variation. I saw Robert Plant last year at Hammersmith and he was terrific. His version of fixin to die was supreme as well as some of the old Zep songs. He is very charismatic nowadays and hard to believe his hard rocking personality in the late 60's 70's. Definitely quitened down, but still very sexy. I did not think his voice had suffered, but again that was a year ago, and it may have deteiorated since then I suppose !!!

>>By bundle   (Tuesday, 23 Nov 2004 16:12)

Thats so cool!

>>By Jane   (Thursday, 25 Nov 2004 05:33)

no doubt that they r the best band ever in history! from the beginning of rock & roll to stone age, then to progressive rock. they change the world's music style in just a short time. i couldn't believe how amazing that was.

btw, is there any other good rock & roll band in the 70's to 80's? I've been listening to
"the doors" and "Guns & Roses". the doors is pretty good, but guns is kinda.... yea... any other anyone can recommand me?

>>By PerrySham   (Thursday, 2 Dec 2004 20:24)

There are several good bands from those time periods, but it depends on what you like. If you're into Led Zeppelin, you may want to try Bad Company. While they weren't a gigantic force, they were the understudies of Zeppelin and were the first to sign to Zeppelin's Swansong Label. They don't have the variety of Zeppelin, but they do hard rock very very well. Here are some other bands you might like:

The Eagles
Pink Floyd
Van Halen
The Who
ZZ Top
The Velvet Underground
Eric Clapton
Jeff Beck

>>By GetTheLedOut   (Saturday, 15 Jan 2005 17:16)

Da Blues: Yeah, my dad's friend's dad lives next door to him.

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Saturday, 15 Jan 2005 21:38)

zeppelin rocks i have like all there cds

>>By RaNcId_StAr   (Sunday, 6 Feb 2005 22:10)

This is great music when your drunk at a party and watching the hockey game crank it up full blast

>>By MetalBladeRecords   (Thursday, 10 Feb 2005 16:49)

My friends have been playing Zepplin around me for ages now but I'm only after getting one of their albums now, it must have been released when they were trying to prove that they were a good band and not just riding on their name cause it's got those symbols that each band member had on it but it's digitally remastered so it's got Led Zepplin and the symbols on it and nothing else. I love Stairway to Heaven but don't know what else they have that's any good.
Any suggestions for the not quite uniniatated?

>>By future ruler of the world   (Monday, 14 Mar 2005 17:13)

check out their greatest hits..all of my love, cashmere.(spelling)..moby dick, they really have excellent stuff....

>>By coca   (Monday, 14 Mar 2005 19:45)

Don't go for the compilations, go for the complete albums. If you have IV, which it seems you do, try Physical Graffiti.

>>By GetTheLedOut   (Friday, 25 Mar 2005 07:04)

All their albums are excellent (except for maybe In Through the Out Door) I agree though that physical Graffiti is probably the best way to go after IV (if only for Kashmir and In My Time of Dying) Led Zeppelin III is pretty good too, if you like acoustic stuff, and i like Houses of the Holy as well (the Rain Song is beautiful)

>>By masterofinsanity   (Monday, 25 Apr 2005 12:40)

I went to see robert plant in 1988 at saratoga(new york) he rocked!!!

>>By scarletnikki   (Tuesday, 3 May 2005 12:14)

Here we go again!!!!!!!! yeah Zep were an awesome band....i was influenced by JPJ as i was a bass player for many years and as a singer planty influenced me too....bonham is possibly the best drummer in the world alongside brian downey from thin lizzy, keith moon and neal peart....................i disagree that jimmy page is the best guitarist ever.........his lead playing sucks and he is sloppy..........yeah his acoustic playing is great............but if you wanna hear a real master of guitar, electric, acoustic, slide, steel, harmonica etc etc...listen to a guy named rory gallagher.........he sung too......most of Zep's songs were stolen from the great blues players of the 30's 40's also a lot of the lyrics were stolen too.......they were the biggest thieves of music...you wanna know how many Zep songs arent actually Zep songs, reply and ill tell you...............yes theyre great but not the greatest.............

>>By Da Blues   (Friday, 13 May 2005 01:33)

The amount they "borrowed" from the blues is overestimated. Early on they did borrow a noticeable amount, but by the third album they were doing their own original material. Another think you should know "Da Blues" is blues musicians were imfamous for stealing from other blues musicians, so in the end the whole stealing thing is just the nature of the beast. Zep didn't borrow any more from their influences than did The Rolling Stones, Elvis, The Beatles, or any other of the great artists.


If you think Jimmy is not one of the greatest guitarists, you must not know what a good riff is.

>>By GetTheLedOut   (Saturday, 14 May 2005 15:15)

Great Zeppelin riffs canmainly be attributed to John Paul Jones

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Monday, 16 May 2005 21:43)

Yep JPJ wrote "Black Dog", and a killer riff it is to be sure! But it was Jimmy's baby. The thing I find so amazing about Zep, is that each member had so much talent at a young age. Bonham and Plant were like 19 when the first record was recorded. And today we have such "wonderful" bands like Green Day and Jet....

>>By south Louisiana Red   (Tuesday, 17 May 2005 11:57)

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