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korn,7: so, what's the complete history of Korn? I'm curious as to how they got together...

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Tuesday, 5 Apr 2005 22:31)

KoRn finally came and gave a concert in Budapest on Sziget Fesztiv√°l!!! (August 13.)
It was pretty good, but there were some problems in the beginning.
If anyone is interested in it I can tell about it and send pics of it. Just write me.

>>By Antichrist   (Tuesday, 30 Aug 2005 22:21)

Antichrist other account>> Too Young To Fall In Love

>>By Too Young To Fall In Love   (Saturday, 15 Oct 2005 19:32)

Does nobody know how Korn got together??

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Sunday, 16 Oct 2005 02:07)

Basically, all the guys grew up together in the same boring place, wich led them to form a band together and hit it big with their own kind of music. Fieldy has made a comment on how he spent his teenage years, wich was simply drinking large amounts of beer and watching other kids fight. What i know for sure, is that Jonathan and Fieldy were always good friends. All of them grew up in Bakersfield, and got to know each other that way, you know, going to the same school and all that.

>>By T.Montana   (Sunday, 6 Nov 2005 21:01)

See You On The Other Side is fucking amazing album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By Too Young To Fall In Love   (Tuesday, 17 Jan 2006 07:54)

Korn are nothing but a heap of shit!! They are the most overated band in history. They have no musically talent and they just suck! Listen to some real music you fools with actual talent!!

>>By skokstar   (Sunday, 22 Jan 2006 16:12)

erm looki your cockend.... fuck you and your opinion.... iron maiden are fuckin overrated... its a proven fact that the majority of people would love to shoot bruce... megadeath are cool...

but korn are cool too.... theyve come along way... they have an original sound come one the deep bass thing you know its fucking cool.

if you dont like em why the hell are you even in here people like to have a friendly debate about bands they like not have some jumped up little fuck ass butting in.... would you fucking like it if we signed into all your forums and started slating what you love... no would you fuck youd get pretty fucking pissed...

they might not be to your taste but that doesnt mean they dont have talent right... no ones telling you you have to listen to em so if you dont like them just dont and it wont bother you anymore...

god theres nothign more immature than people who pick fights like that for fun.... grow up and stop hating everything mate yeah.

pick on some chav not us!!!

>>By spookygoth   (Tuesday, 24 Jan 2006 13:22)

Don't know that much bout Korn.The only times i hear them are at partys. But i do enjoy them, again and again. Only have one song on tape of them.Unfortunately i don't know the name of this piece of 'art'.but he sings something like: '....won't ye get the fuck outa my face? NOOOOOW !? Not really my style, but ithink it's briljant.

>>By Sanvean   (Tuesday, 24 Jan 2006 22:32)

Who the hell is megadeth? Are you talking about that band which is just trying to be an imitation of Metallica? megadeth and especially dave mustaine sucks.

And Korn as the creator of a new sound is one of the most important bands of the music universe. And they've come a long way and after 12 years still doing great job there. If you don't know anything about them just shut the fuck up...

>>By Twista   (Saturday, 3 Jun 2006 18:10)

who are megadeth... wtf! Imitation of metallica.... bullshit! they sound and look nothing like metallica plus the fact they were going before metallica. And hetfield is a fucking cock sucker he sucks live and they have absolutely no respect for the fans when they go see em... last time i saw em they made every1 wait nearly 2 hours before they bothered coming out and they never even fuckin apologised!
and he sounded like he was fuckin yodalling!

Korn fuckin rule they are so original and unique... name me many other bands that cross nursery rhymes and bagpipes with bassy metal.. you wont find many at all and johnny davis is mint. Dont like his new image with the silver teeth guards though.. dont suit him

>>By spookygoth   (Saturday, 3 Jun 2006 21:43)

MMmmmmm korn!

>>By rammstein_6   (Monday, 5 Jun 2006 06:47)

the new album is absolutely fuckin mint. i fuckin love it... and you know what even rocks more... johnny davis has a son called pirate. I love pirates too... awww little pirate Davis,

>>By spookygoth   (Monday, 5 Jun 2006 22:56)

Skokstar... You are one of those basic clowns, that keep coming to forums (like this one), bash the subject and then tell other people what to listen... I got no problem with Iron Maiden nor Megadeth, both bands have done alot in their careers and i got huge respect for them. But who are you to say what to listen and what not? In many peoples minds, Iron Maiden and Megadeth aren't nothing special. I know people who can't take Iron Maiden sireously and can't stand Mustaines voice in Megadeth. You call those bands out in some other place and i'm sure, there will be some other knuckleheads telling you to what to listen, 'cause IM and Megadeth are crap in their opinion.

If Korn has something, then it's musical talent. "Musical talent" doesn't mean the band has to have 7 minute complex guitar solos, or 20 minute instrumentals where each player is showing off how good they are. Musical talent comes from emotions, and in many cases those long guitar-solos don't have any true emotion in them. So instead of being the most complex players in the world of music, Korn follows simple, aggressive, mellow and whatnot feelings they can only bring out through music. Many of their songs give to the listener so powerful emotions that not even the most talented guitarists can bring it through their complex work.

Just try to understand, that you are no one to tell other people what to listen. There is always someone who has a problem with others fav. bands, but don't you ever tell anyone what to listen. You are not that special human being.

>>By T.Montana   (Monday, 5 Jun 2006 23:25)

Hahaha damn right, man... personally I don't like Korn that much but to say they have no talent is ridiculous... and telling other people not to enjoy them?! What? That'd be like me saying "Fuck you if you enjoy abusing fans of good music", except that I've got a good reason to do so...

>>By Sk8a H8a   (Tuesday, 6 Jun 2006 17:20)

lol skokstar got slapped with a wet fish there...quality!

>>By spookygoth   (Tuesday, 6 Jun 2006 18:07)

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