Avril Lavigne


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I don't know how you can do without getting some seriously depressing thoughts, but if Flork has taught me anything, it's taught me not to judge...

>>By Urbane   (Tuesday, 7 Nov 2006 01:02)

I use to fucking hate Avril the first time she came out with her first record, but strangely, when I hate an artist from the beginning, in the end I end up loving them! I really liked Avril Lavigne's first record, "Let Go", it was more Acoustic/Pop, but her second record, "Under My Skin" has some really amazing songs on there, they're much "darker" than her Let Go album. You can really tell she grew out of the "Pop" scene with this record, her lyrics are driven & she actually has bomb beats for the songs. Now her third record, "The Best Damn Thing" is seriously, The Best Damn Thing! Yeahhh, she got a little to "Bubblegum Pop" on us with her song "Girlfriend" but that song still kicked ass, comes to show she can still make bank with Pop songs like that, but, "The Best Damn Thing" has more of a "Punk/Rock" sound to it, mostly all the songs are NOT Pop sounding like "Girlfriend", songs like "I Can Do Better..." "Runaway" "Contagious" & "Everything Back But You" have more of a Blink-182 kinda feel to them, maybe because Travis Barker played drums for almost half of the songs; shows that at least some one legit like Travis actually liked her songs & decided to play drums for her record, basically, "The Best Damn Thing" is probably one of her best records to date, Avril Lavigne is amazing & I think she always will be, can't wait what other cool shit she'll come up with!


>>By RickyBoyyy   (Sunday, 4 Jan 2009 21:00)

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