Symphony X


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Man, someone read my mind bout Devin Townsend. Great vocalist, he's Canadian, and he is so unique on keys which makes up for his lack of the sort of skill the Jordan Rudess's of the world possess. He still however wouldnt be my first pick. man so many choices that i may just cheat and pick 2 of some.

Vocals: Russell Allen (of course) or Tom Englund (Evergrey)
Guitar: John Petrucci or Al Di Meola (jazz guitarist)
Bass: Tony Levin (Liquid Tension Experiment)
Keys: Jordan Rudess
Drums: Mike Portnoy or Terry Bozzio (Black Light Syndrome)

>>By Dies_Irae   (Monday, 19 Jul 2004 11:37)

oh yea, and if anyone knows of some bands that are like Symphony X, Liquid Tension Experiment, Dreamtheater, or the like, give me a shout. I'd like to hear them.

>>By Dies_Irae   (Monday, 19 Jul 2004 11:40)

try listening to therion nightwish or possibly tristania

>>By MetalBladeRecords   (Tuesday, 20 Jul 2004 05:55)

aight, ill try them, thanks

>>By Dies_Irae   (Tuesday, 20 Jul 2004 07:40)

hey im going to soon buy my first Symphony X CD and I need some suggestions. I've really only heard a few songs (Accolade II, and King of Terrors) and I loved 'em. Do those 2 songs come on the same CD maybe? thanks

>>By Metro2Lucid   (Saturday, 23 Oct 2004 22:54)

My favourite album by X is Devine Wings of Tragedy. I absolutely love Candelelight Fantasia. Brilliant fucking band. Such talent and power... Great shit.
I wish them all the luck and good things in the world... And hope they come play a show around here sometime.

>>By Abraxas   (Tuesday, 26 Oct 2004 11:57)

The Accolade II and King of Terrors both come on the cd "The Odyssey" which is an absolutely amazing album. That one and "V" are my favorites by them. if you do get The Odyssey, check out the last song on the album, the title track which is 24 minutes of pure brilliance. The cd focusses around the mythological life of Odysseus and his adventures. V focusses on Egyptian mythology. Those two albums are 2 of my favorite cd's that i own and cant wait to hear their new cd coming out next year. theyre in the studio now, im so psyched.

>>By Dies_Irae   (Saturday, 13 Nov 2004 05:37)

hey thanks, i appreciate it

>>By Metro2Lucid   (Thursday, 18 Nov 2004 05:16)

I <3 SX. Can't wait for their new album, I just hope it will be out this year =)

>>By EvilFiek   (Sunday, 13 Aug 2006 23:19)

Reflecting on this their new album was a great disappointment. The best song was the 2 minute intro and after that it was like all the mediocre songs of previous SX albums in succession. Awful, I still saw them in concert this year and they rocked the stage (because you simply can not NOT sing along and headbang furiously when they are playing. Even their newer songs are great live) but unfortunately didn't play any of their "masterpieces" (Divine Wings, The Odyssey, Through The Looking Glass, etc.). I just hope that they will tour Germany again, soon AND that their new album includes another long track.

>>By EvilFiek   (Monday, 13 Oct 2008 12:17)

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