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the subhumans are one of the realest bands period,theres no fashion, just being themselves is great,fuck fashion!great music will never die!!!! i wish good luck to citizen fish in the future and wish that they would come to corpus christi,texas!!!!!!!!!!

>>By frank   (Sunday, 17 Nov 2002 03:05)

I am one of the fortunate few who can say that they were at the last subhumans show ever played. i have been a subhumans fan for about 7 years now and eversince i got ep-lp i was fucking hooked by the lip. these guys are fucking awesome definitly a great band tainted now with the name citizen fish. a lot of people that i know think that they saounbd the same but i think that htey just don't have their fury and anger like when they were still the suibhumans... great music never dies, only those that choose to turn their backs on it. R.I.P.

>>By MISANTHROPIC   (Wednesday, 20 Nov 2002 01:46)

the subhumans are soo fuckin good. the day the country died is the shit

>>By askdfljs;dlkfsjdgfasd   (Wednesday, 4 Dec 2002 20:26)

All I have to say about the SUBHUMANS is that they are one of the most realist punk bands out there.

>>By REVOLUTIONIST27   (Monday, 9 Dec 2002 22:22)

The Subhumans kick ass!!!!!!! My older brother bought the Day the Country died a year ago and I've been hooked ever since!!! The Subhumans are just kick ass punk band. Angry, Political, and music you can mosh to whenever you want!!!!! By a c.d. of theirs. They are awsome!!!!!!

>>By Cameron   (Monday, 23 Dec 2002 17:28)

Ive been into the Subhumans for about half my life & I can never get tired of them!!! They have some of the greatest lyrics Ive ever heard!The first c.d. I heard by them was WORLDS APART & remains to be my favorite!They would have to be a really great, put together band and still going on strong with Citizen Fish, after of course Culture Shock!But yeah the subhumans are a really awsome band!!!!

>>By Filter   (Sunday, 12 Jan 2003 03:42)

Subhumans are a really great band. They kick ass. The best CD is EP-LP. The Subhumans are do a very good job!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>By Scooter   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 21:29)

the subhumans are one of the best punk bands there is unlike these other punk bands who claim their so punk because of the way they dress. Subhumans have really good lyrics and bass notes.

>>By Subhuman   (Monday, 10 Feb 2003 06:42)

Bah. Subhumans are seminal because of their messages that are further driven home to engage the listener affectively (that's a big word for feelings) with true punk rock and roll; it ain't this Matchbox 182 crap we are force fed today.   (Thursday, 20 Feb 2003 04:07)

Why do all the albums on the left have 90's dates? Subhumans was 80's.   (Thursday, 20 Feb 2003 04:08)

the SUBHUMANS are the best band out there! im goin to see them april 14th at the cotton club! i cant wait! i've been hooked ever since i heard them!!!

>>By meg   (Monday, 17 Mar 2003 00:31)

Subhumans are one of the best fucking bands out there and im glad they got back to play a gig around the los angeles area ive been waiting for a few years but now im actually gonna see them. this is one of the bands that I think really made a change in this suppresive fucked up world

>>By joseph serrano   (Monday, 17 Mar 2003 20:55)

the subhumans are genious. they're like the pink floyd of punk in the sense that the songs are always weaving in and out of different beats and melodies even in a two minute song. they're my favorite band by far. my favorite album is probably time flies/ rats, but its a tough choice.

>>By inner city invasion   (Tuesday, 18 Mar 2003 22:55)

Wicked good band!

>>By "Andrew"   (Tuesday, 25 Mar 2003 20:17)

Can't Wait for the show at showcase It's Gonna KIck ASS SUB HUM ANS fucken Rule

>>By Bubba   (Wednesday, 26 Mar 2003 18:00)

The subhumans are the best fuckin' punk band too bad they burnt out PUNKS NOT DEAD THOUGH!

>>By Xombie   (Saturday, 29 Mar 2003 23:51)

very good very good .........grand band they r .....yes

>>By unknownsoldier   (Sunday, 30 Mar 2003 07:44)


>>By jessica   (Friday, 4 Apr 2003 22:10)



>>By VEGA$   (Thursday, 10 Apr 2003 03:19)

The SUBHUMANS are one of the greatest bands ever! They put on a great show Thursday night i went to their show at the Trocadero in Philadelphia, IT WAS AMAZING! Thier pit was awesome too. They are such a great band, nothing more to say.

>>By Matt   (Saturday, 19 Apr 2003 21:43)

Subhumans are one of the greatest punk bands of all time. They are right up there with the Ramones, The Adicts, The Casualties ,and The Sex pistols. From their very fast paced songs like Joe Public to their slow morbid song Susan. Subhumans always do great with their work. They will always have a spot sewn on my vest, right next to the studs & spikes.

>>By the Don   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 00:01)

Subhumans play April 26, 2003 at the metro. The show costs $10, All ages
21, if you want to drink. The are also playing with The Tossers and The Evils.

>>By the Don   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 00:03)


SubHumans suck really bad. There music dosent feature sounds of chainsaws, howler monkeys or breaking glass. Thats what makes a good band good. That and songs.

>>By Ike   (Tuesday, 29 Apr 2003 06:46)


>>By SPITS   (Tuesday, 27 May 2003 18:56)

you americans are arseholes!

>>By kev   (Tuesday, 27 May 2003 19:28)

you should really listen to yourselves you sound like raving childern who just saw N'SYNC in person
"Justin Timberlake is SOOOOO HOT." See what i mean? I guess if thats your age group thats cool, but I've never met a nine year old that likes subhumans, they do play an awesome show though- saw em in minneapolis on the 29th of april 2003. Waited 8 years for that show. Dick looks like a withering old man, but he knows what he's doing-at least for a few more years, then he's senile. If you're just now getting into them check out citizen fish and culture shock(culture shock is an acquired taste). The lyrics are as strong and relevant today as they were when they were written, especially citizen fish because they may well have been written yesterday.

>>By peter   (Monday, 9 Jun 2003 10:32)

The subhumans are fuckin great , thats all i have to say

>>By teresa   (Tuesday, 10 Jun 2003 20:24)

the subhumans are awesome. amazing lyrics and music. they have a lot of good stuff to say. good politics. i saw them in april in boston. amazing that even though dick is getting older he stil has the energy. it was a great show. citizen fish are awesome too. peace

>>By Gabby   (Sunday, 15 Jun 2003 20:30)

First off, I feel that most of the people who have written about this band must have the IQ of an eggplant for lack of simple spelling, showing no such thing as productive criticism, and every review's simple message of "Woooo! The Subhumans are fuckin' great! Wooo! I saw them become old and decrepit and become the image of the human being that they have preached against since the bands fruition! Wooo!" If you don't mind me saying, there should be an age limit on certain types of music. Once I hit thirty-five or forty, I'm just gonna stay home or at least not be on the fucking stage.
Secondly, all of you must consider yourselves to hold at least a small appreciative level of enthusiasm for punk rock. Wether it be because you heard some played on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater or feel like you need to listen to what Avril Lavigne looks like or you bought a Joe Strummer R.I.P. shirt and didn't know who he was so you downloaded some of his music and labeled yourself a punk, I wouldn't consider ninety-nine percent of you to be punk at all. You seem to have no cognitive respect for the ideals that the music was based on in the first place.
Thirdly, some of you need to do your homework and check out a band that Subhumans got their sound and ideals from. The band was by the name of Crass and came out with their political views at the very beginning of punk. They preceded Subhumans by ten years and were ten times stronger in their view and what they said and played ten times better. Do yourself a favor and them a listen before you consider another Subhumans purchase. Now this is not to say that Subhumans are bad in any way shape or form, but Crass came before them and were far better so think about that.
work on your spelling,
A Concerned Citizen

>>By A Concerned Citizen   (Wednesday, 18 Jun 2003 09:38)

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