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All I'll say is that slipknot is pretty fucking good, and mushroom head are pretty fucking terrible. Even if mushroom head started before slipknot and they started the whole mask-wearing-shit, their music isn't as good as slipknot's. end of story.

>>By MR. Mister   (Wednesday, 19 Feb 2003 20:18)

for the people who said they wear masks so they don't have to sign autographs your fucking dumb. what about the people that paint there faces like icp,mudvayne(used to),and other bands like that. you cant tell what a person looks like when they have facepaint on so its the same thing with the masks so just shut the fuck up cuz i think slipknot rules. and to answer a guestion by Yoda Yazzie Joey plays the drums. and there first official cd came out in 99 but there self released cd Mate,Feed,Kill,Repeat came out in 95 fucking dumbass

>>By Jay Tee Eff   (Friday, 28 Feb 2003 23:59)

slipknot rules so fuck all you dumbasses and just cuz they wear masks doesnt mean they dont wanna sign autographs its just cuz they want to. its the same thing for bands that paint they faces you cant tell what they look like underneath the makeup. and for the guy whos mad because now mudvayne wears alien masks and covers their face well dumbass they already did when they wore facepaint so guit bitchin about dumbshit

>>By Jay Tee Eff   (Saturday, 1 Mar 2003 00:08)

now i am not the biggest fan but i am related to him so i am becoming a big fan man

>>By slipknot fan   (Monday, 10 Mar 2003 21:35)

you shouldn't tell people how to feel about music its there for them to experience on their own.

>>By mexican bob   (Friday, 14 Mar 2003 14:48)

Well just so u mother fukers no slipknot is a phatt band and we are proud to have all u maggots and victims and our fans! We r (sic) and no the fuck 1 and say that we arent {phatt} coz that would be just a mother fukin lie! I admit we have fun but we r serious and the only reason we do this is 4 our fukin fans out there! And so I come to my own self conclusion! If u dont like it fuck off wot the fuk r u doin on our sites? And dont fukin diss us! We always find out and we will come afta u in ur sleep.....thats if u do?

>>By Joey Jordison   (Sunday, 16 Mar 2003 02:32)

Okay, this is kind of pissing me off. The Mushroomhead / Slipknot fighting. I favor them both equally. So, please stop bickering. Anyway, the reason I adore Slipknot is because they're so friggin' bam! Right in your face. They're a huge inspiration for me and my band, Bastards of Tomorrow.

>>By NuclearKiss   (Thursday, 20 Mar 2003 19:48)

I think Slipknot fuckin rules, but you fuckers are way to over protective.

>>By murderdoll   (Saturday, 22 Mar 2003 04:22)

its certain that slipknot rulez and the best band........!! Mushroomhead is not bad but they are not Slipknot's type... their music are different and you can't compare...... Sid's mask and Everyhing End's are the fucking ass kickers..!!! Any other question??!!

>>By steamroller   (Wednesday, 2 Apr 2003 14:45)

Slipknot Rulus, I Hope Corey is keep up with Stonesour and desame to Slipknot

>>By MuDrObIn   (Wednesday, 2 Apr 2003 22:35)

Corey, Here is Robin Again I hope the new album is f@cking great
I have seen jou a time ago in the 013 in Tilburg , it was on one the best consert ever, Do jou listen to Mudvayne, So jah what is jour favorite song?

>>By Robin Punselie   (Wednesday, 2 Apr 2003 22:41)

I hope you not got hurt on that show in tilburg because it was a fucking marroonhouse jou know and I listen to MuDvAyNe but all the songs are so great even Monolith
Try to stay our fan Robin, We love you.

>>By Corey 666 Taylor   (Wednesday, 2 Apr 2003 22:45)

I respect all music, and i dont put people down for what they listen to. But, if you wanna hear real "metal", try some Pantera, Metallica, Sevendust....etc..

And the whole screaming thing.......i admit, it sounds cool, but they should mix more singing in with it. Only song i ever heard with singing was "Wait and Bleed". And anybody can scream like that. You can learn how to do it by just sitting around and, making noises that come from the back of your throat. It is hard to describe how its done, but if you ever have some free time, you should try to figure it out. Once you do figure it out, you will see that it is not really that great of a talent, and that anybody cn do it.   (Sunday, 6 Apr 2003 09:34)

Jesus fucking Christ, you all sound like a bunch of fucking 70yr olds waiting in line at the bank.SHUT THE FUCK UP AND FUCKING LISTEN.
-Most of you don't even know what the fuck you are talking about damn it.So if you havent heard the older songs by Slipknot you can just SHUT YOUR FUCKING FACE.
Now that we are clear, we can talk like fucking people.
1st thing, DON'T FUCKING COMPARE SLIPKNOT TO MUSHROOMHEAD.They are both very good bands with their own unique style of playing.
if you don't understand what the fuck he's singing,listen to something else, Stone Sour, pherhaps--YOU FUCKING RETARDS ITS THE SAME FUCKING GUY,CAN YOU UNDERSTAND HIM NOW?Is Slipknot too loud for you or you dont like it?THEN LISTEN TO SOMETHING ELSE AND DONT COMPLAIN.
4th thing-Regarding side-projects, If some of the members of Slipknot are gonna work on a side-project, they shouldn't slow down the rest of the band.Pick a band and stick with it damn it.Is it the extra-money? OF COURSE IT FUCKING IS. COREY TAYLOR AND THE OTHER SIDE-PROJECT MEMBERS OF SLIPKNOT ARE FUCKING PRICKS...yes, it hurts to insult one of my favorite hurts alot BUT THEY SHOULD GROW THE FUCK UP AND REALISE WHAT THEY ARE BECOMMING.( I CALL IT THE FRED DURST EFFECT,WHEN A BAND OR MEMBERS OF A BAND GO CHEAP ON THIER FANS.BANDS LIKE LINKIN PARK HAVE FALLEN INTO THIS EFFECT,RE-MIXING OLD ALBUMS AND RE-RELEASING IT FOR EXTRA CASH.

-Thats my 14 cents...........SHAWN CRAHAN (#6) FUCKING RULES.

>>By the skinthinner   (Tuesday, 8 Apr 2003 22:12)

It seems as if my posts have a silencing effect upon the LIMP BIZKIT fans, maybe I actually got through to them.

Check it out at:

Please take this into concideration.
If you are gonna debate with the fans of Limp Bizkit PLEASE have your facts straight and have legitimate reasons for your opinon. Just saying "SLIPKNOT RULES FRED DURST SUCKS MONKEY BALLS" is not a legitimate reason.

REMEMBER: You want to make THEM look stupid not us,the Slipknot fans.So be sure to know what you are talking about and always be prepared to defend your opinions with legitimate reasons and actual facts.

Thank You for reading this.

>>By the skinthinner   (Thursday, 10 Apr 2003 23:34)

The WWF meets jock metal. A bunch of fat white trash dudes from the midwest dressed up like clowns with masks and jumpsuits on, who actually take themselves seriously while looking this way and think they're the fuckin saviors of rock n' roll or some shit. These guys have too many people in the band. It's kinda like the ska version of death metal.

>>By Dresden   (Tuesday, 15 Apr 2003 22:56)

This post refers to Desden.

ok now, i have read your post and i am a little confused. First of all, what the fuck do you mean when you say the WWF meets jock metal?What do you mean by that? Like, proove your reasoning to why you think this.

and about having 'too many members in the band'.....where the fuck does it state in the "Band Bible" that there is an alotted amount of members allowed in a band? So fucking what if there are 9 members in Slipknot? They all combine to make kick ass music (with or without those fucking side-project faggots)

About thier image, what the hells wrong with the way they dress? Why the fuck would you care about how they dress? You are missing the reason to why they wear what they wear.
The reason,based on facts, is that the members of Slipknot dress the way they do so they can have a life outside of the band. How the fuck would you feel if you were an idol to millions of fans around the world and you were trying to take a shit in the public washroom, being photograped when you step out and have some asshole ask you for an autograph when you are washing your hands? Like, that would really suck ass.

>>By the skinthinner   (Thursday, 17 Apr 2003 08:35)

First, my name is Dresden, not Desden, that letter is an "R." Learn to read.

I thought my WWF metaphor was pretty self-explanatory, but I'll spell it out for all you dorks that think "the knot" invented nu-metal in 1999.

* 9 idiots running around in costumes and masks. Not only do they dress up like wrestlers, they pretend that they're legitimate musicians while doing so.

* Their fanbase consists of midwestern trailerpark communites and those in the lower IQ backet. Scariest of all, these people actually believe that this is a legitimate band and make up excuses for all of this band's gimmicks. (case in point)

I've got as more if you want, but I'm sure you're head is already spinning from all that reading.

9 members is ridiculous, a band only needs as many members as instruments. They have 9 members for the same reason the ripped off Mr. Bungle's mask idea... It's a gimmick. This way they're somehow different than all the other shitty rap-metal bands the copied.

If they really did wear the masks so they couldn't be identified on the streets, why did they decide later to take them off? and why was there such a hype when they announced they'd be wearing new masks at Ozzfest a few years ago? Also, why wouldn't you want to be acknowledged for your work if you honestly thought it was good? Maybe it's because like porn stars, or proffessional wrestlers, they're embarrased about what they do and they don't want people to know their true identities.

>>By Dresden   (Friday, 18 Apr 2003 00:16)

alright you people are fucking dumb, i get tired of hearing you people bitch about shit that is just stupid. why do you shit faces think that corey,jim(Stone Sour), and joey(murderdolls) are gay because they are in side projects. thats just the dumbest thing ever. And in fact they were in those bands before they were in Slipknot you stupid fuckers, way back in 95, so all they did was reform their old bands so shut the fuck up about shit thats stupid. and 9 people are not too many people to be in a band, and for the person that said there should only be enought members for instruments, than bands that have 5 people in the band have to many members or even with 4. maybe every band should only have 3 members with a singer who plays guitar,bass, or drums , and 2 other people to play the other instruments. because any more than that would be 2 much, and if you think what i just said is dumb than now you know how dumb it is to bitch about slipknot having 9 members. and by the way their not the only band with a lot of members because kid rocks band has 7 members and guns n roses new band has 8, so just shut the fuck up about how many members a band has

>>By jay tee eff   (Monday, 21 Apr 2003 01:28)

Not another semi-literate person justifying "the knot"... Where do I start? It makes plenty sense to have a band with 2 guitars, because you have a rythm and a lead guitarist. It makes no musical or logistical sense to have more than one bassist or drummer, because these are rythm/bass instruments, having more than one makes things too bottom-heavy and muddy sounding. A person with even the slightest knowledge in sound engineering or music theory could tell you that, and unless you're brainwashed to think it sounds "kewl," it doesn't sound good to the human ear because of the bottom heaviness of it. This has to do with the frequency range that humans hear.... ok, enough with the science lesson.

The original Guns N Roses had 5, then later 6 members...... they we're amazing.
The new GNR has 8...... they suck, and don't deserve to have the same name.
* However, you'll notice that they still have only 1 drummer and 1 bass player, the
multiple instruments are treble (higher pitched) which still sticks to what I said.

Kid Rock and his white-trash band are almost as shitty as "the knot", but again, still probably have only 1 drummer and 1 bass player, I proud to say I don't know, and I don't want to even waste my time finding out.

As for the side-projects.... Just when Slipknot seemed to go away long enough for everybody to let their guard down, a Slipknot side project band totally broadsides us with crap music that actually eclipses Slipknot in crappiness. Apparently these guys figured out they could be more irritating if they branched out and formed a plethora of shitty bands.

>>By Dresden   (Monday, 21 Apr 2003 02:03)

actually if you want to get technical Kid Rock's band doesnt have an official bass player, either there keyboard player plays it on keyboard or Kid Rock himself plays it on almost all the songs on there Cocky cd, and theres a lot of bands that have more than one percussion instrument played on a cd, pm5k originally had 2 drummers before they fired Jordan Cohen(other drummer) and hired Mike Tempesta(M.33) to play guitar Soulfly has every one of their members play percussion and there a 4 piece so thats one more than slipknot in terms of percussion. The same with Sepultura. So who gives a crap how many drummers they have(technically only one-Joey, the other 2 play various percussion instruments, many banging on beer kegs) and have the time Joey is the only one playing anyway because the others are too busy fighting or throwing each other around so just shut the fuck up

>>By Jay Tee Eff   (Tuesday, 22 Apr 2003 18:47)

All the bands you just mentioned suck hard.

Is it really neccessary to have a guy in the band playing beer kegs? If the other two masked idiots are just "fighting or throwing each other around " what is the point of having them in the band? This is exactly why I said these guys have too many members, if they have members that don't really even do or play anything, why have them in the band?

>>By Dresden   (Tuesday, 22 Apr 2003 22:37)

I don't know how old this board is but the shit I just read was pretty fuckin lame, DRESDEN. What would you know of music? The knots instrument arrangement is perfect by all means. Ever watched a drum circle before? I'm sure you haven't but to fill you in it's anywhere from 10 to 50 people beating on all sorts of drums and percussion instruments playing in rhythm with each other and it sounds absolutely entrancing. So there go's your theory about having more then one drummer together at one time. and the same goes for any other arrangement. I shouldn't even be replying to your stupid ass comments because you don't deserve the attention but I feel like ragging on someone and that person just turns out to be you.

I bet you're one of those really technical wannabe smart people huh? Pretending as if you have a large base of knowledge. LAME. Maybe you're one of those assholes who grew up in a trailer park. You sound like a fuckin little baby whining because the world doesnt revolve around you. By the way try listening to music with an open mind you stupid fuck, it might help.

>>By Priest   (Saturday, 26 Apr 2003 16:41)

I hope im not the only one here who likes SlipKnoT and Mushroomhead. Oh, and, I alos listen to Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Decide, Cannibal Corspe and the like. Eh, oh well, but you shouldn't be so close-minded and ignorant as to bash someones opinion. People will hate bands that you may liek (applying to everyone) oh well, tough shit, deal with it. And jeeze, I really hope im not the only SlipKnoT fan that isnt a total fucktard.

>>By anti-Government   (Sunday, 27 Apr 2003 20:50)

I personnaly don't like Slipknot but have no problem in other ppl likeing em. Mushroomhead is great and slipknot dont do it for u then try listening to them. Whats the use in trying to change ppls opinion on what music they like. Music has the largest variety of different tastes in anything really. What I would like to say, is all of you 12 year olds who think slipknot is the best thing ever and think your the coolest ppl ever cos u think u listen to the hardestcore band around, think again cos they aint it. Listen to Black metal or Death Metal then.

>>By Tom   (Monday, 28 Apr 2003 00:41)

Hahaha, that post made me laugh.

Yes, I know what a drum circle is. Again, a good try but no. First, it's all rythm, there are no other instruments or vocals, if there were, that's when the rythm would sound way to bottom heavy and drown the out. Second, there are so many percussionists because of the accoustic (volume) purposes (the drums usually aren't mic'd); i.e. the more drums, the louder the sound.

Also, if not listening to a gimmicky, unoriginal, made for MTV and corporate radio band like "the knot" makes me closed minded, you're obviously confused. I listen to large variety of good music. Most of the artists I listen to aren't widely known because unoriginal, crap-corporate bands like Slipknot get shoved down the throats of the mindless and musically retarded, instead of creative and innovative bands. I've always thought it was lame when people start rambling off all the bands they like, but I'd be to do it if you need me too.

I am "one of those really technical wannabe smart people" using my "large base of knowledge" to save the children of the world from bullshit rock bands, it's a just cause.

>>By Dresden......The Return   (Tuesday, 29 Apr 2003 02:13)

Aii OK I got some shit to spill out here . . .
First, slipknot is great. I was reading up at the top of the page, by . . skinthinner I think it was in reply to dresden or whoever . . . GOD DAMN IT PEOPLE. Why bitch and complain about slipknot? If you dont like them, DONT LISTEN TO THEM. And they are NOT rap metal, and really not nu metal either . . . Mushroom head is aight too, and they may have been out first, I'm not to say. But FUCK you guys, leave 'em be! Whats so bad about the masks? It was so no body would recognize them. and maybe they took them off becuase they want to NOW? Who's to say, not you thats for sure. And no, they are NOT gay for being in a side project .. It's not really even a SIDE PROJECT, stone sour was started way before slipknot joined up. See, read your shit here. Corey taylor got sick of being in stone sour and tryed out for the singing position for SliPKnoT and got it, then stone sour kinda went down hill until recently. Who gives a shit? They are all right, I dont see you making music like they do.
And to this dresden fuck head, you callin me a midwesten trailerpark person in the lower IQ backet? Fuck you. I am not a lower class shit head with no schooling. I happen to have a 90% average, and am well off. Yea, fuck you. They make music, and its good. We like it if you dont, get the hell outta here! And who gives one flying FUCK if they have 9 members? Does it REALLY matter all that much? Ahhh why is there so much hating going on. . . It's sad, really. BUT . . . for shits sake people, if you dont like it, whatever, you dont need to go 'saving the children from the bullshit rock bands', or people from slipknot, dresden you fuck head. I cant stand people like you.
I've had enough.
Slipknot is good, they dont have to many members, and who cares if they jump around the stage or bang on beer kegs? Gaah
Anyways, you all have your comments, I have my own and who is the fucker who said they wanted to rape joey jordison? Thats just weird. You need therapy.
Thanks for trying to save me dresden, but I dont need to be saved. I've found my peace, so fuck you

>>By sanJ   (Saturday, 10 May 2003 07:45)

Too late. We've already discussed that "custom percussion" = occasionally banging on beer kegs, but usually just 'rastlin' with eachother on stage. And "sampling" = turntables; therefore making "the knot" rap-metal.

So, yes.... Slipknot has too many members, is rap-metal, and still sucks.

Also.... just because you post something 4 times, doesn't make you more believable, it makes you look like retarded.

>>By Dresden   (Wednesday, 21 May 2003 03:46)

Well, I think Slipknot and Mushroomheads are the same,but I agree Mushroomheads has weird names like Pig Benis,you switch the P with the B, Shit....... Big Penis............

>>By [shh!]$lipknot   (Tuesday, 27 May 2003 10:59)

I talked to Corey today, and Slipknot made up a song about you Dresden ( See how nice they are!) Its Start like this Dresden=Shit ,Dresden=Shit,Dresden=Shit,Dresden=Shit and ends like this FUCK YOU!

Yesterday I talked to Tom of Blink-182, and he made up a song just for you, its starts "I
not like you guys, Dresden have sex with guys.

>>By [shh]f@n@tic   (Wednesday, 28 May 2003 00:43)

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