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nas is considred my favorite rapper because he talk about that real street shit everbody is tired of that bling shit nas would take yo ass to the streets with his lyrics thats why i like him because he rap about real life i have nothing to say about these other fack ass rappers

>>By Terrance Hall   (Tuesday, 12 Nov 2002 16:00)

If Nas can come with some real hard-hittin ish on the new god son album i would consider him the best rapper ever. At the moment that title is probably Jay-z's because of his variety. Nas is more than capable of taking the title. H e's a good man.

>>By styler from london   (Friday, 15 Nov 2002 15:42)

Nas is a very good mc and I think the new album is gonna rock, but not like Illmatic ;) But to say he's the greatest ever, na, that's not working, not yet anyways. 2pac is still the greatest!

>>By represent   (Friday, 15 Nov 2002 20:22)

Nas still goin and flowin. His latest stillmatic, rest one of the best disses on another emcee. But Jay got a little somethin for him on Blueprint2 on the song blueprint2. But any one who knows the game, knows that Nas holds the crown over Jay. Nas still nasty.Nas is you readin this, let them know!

>>By NewsiC   (Sunday, 17 Nov 2002 19:45)

I sincerely hate the on going discussions as far as the Nas and Gay-Z beef goes, or any other beef that involves Esco. I'm gonna say this one last time for all intelligent people reading this right now, " Nas Is the greatest Rapper Ever." there isn't even a rapper that compares. Think about it, like much like all rappers, he of course has an influencer, whom is Rakim, for many reasons; some examples being his vivid and clear story-telling ability, and his talent to be very descriptive in what he writes, and much like Rakim he lacks metaphor as a literary device, but copmpensates it in symbolisim. Metaphors, as i like to say "is for the pre-mature stage of rap, they're cool when only used clevery or extremely complex, but metaphors is pretty much the stuff you here from those Bull shit, ass mix-tape rappers, who only talk about the typical shit moving keys and bustin' guns, when on the flip side they sound like a bunch of fuckin' children, with enfactuations of unneccesary violence. Nas has by far surpassed the lyrical ability of that of Rakim, I'm not disrespectin' Rakim by any means, but people have the tendency to misconstrue an innovator for the best rapper ever. If that's the case you may as well consider him the best rapper forever, no matter who comes out, because are too stuck on the time he came out , much like 2pac and biggie. How can Big possibly be the best when he only had an unfortunate rap career of only 3 yrs. My condolences go out they really do, but he was no where near the best. And Pac had a vast amount of material, as we all know the man seems do still pump ou tmore when supposidly "deceased" than alive.He wasn't lyrical, he may have been the best as far as experessionism goes, b/c he had true emotion. But, Nas has proved he can way worse damage with the song "One Mic" :(track 7 on stillmatic) emotion, which i personally consider the most prolific and maybe best song created known to man. Nas constanly hits people with the unexpected as far as creativity, with songs like "rewind" and "I gave you power", as to where he describes himself as a Desert Eagle. Now to conclude this editorial I've compiled, you know i coulndn't finish without having to mention the Homo himself, known as Jay-Z. Are people fuckin' kiddin' me, puttin' that fuckin' wanksta against my man, how he the king Of New York, when he not even the best in Brooklyn, AZ, would rip that ni99a to shreds, if ever given the ample opportunity. Jay-Z is the Justin' Timberlake of rap, ni99a is straight pop. Think about it, when Nas burned Jay with Ether in winter 2001, Nas gave his advesary a lil' advice, which is one of the beauties of the art of war, is that i quote " the only way jay can even begin to see me he must come with science." And what happens ladies and Gents, Jay attempts to use Science but fails pathetically. For 1 Jay has by far lost the battle before it could even begin again b/c how the fuck you gonna take your opponents advice, you supposed to come with some even hotter shit, not listen to your enemy. Nas son-d that ni99a 4 real. Only descent work jay put out was Reasonable Doubt, and I have Reasonable Doubt that he can do it again. That battle was the worse last year no challenge, a real battle would be Cannibus vs. Eminem, or Royce Da 5''9 v

>>By Enemy Of The State   (Monday, 25 Nov 2002 17:44)

i like nas cause knows what hes talkin about he dont talk about none of that made up shit

>>By LIL monster   (Tuesday, 26 Nov 2002 02:27)

I respect nas allot, his new track is quality! hes better than jay-z coz he doesent release fruit cake singles

>>By Anstee   (Thursday, 12 Dec 2002 14:08)

i've been listenin to nas for awhile now...maybe...5 years, since i was 11, since nastradomus
i've got one question: what's up with the god's son thing?
i'm way christian, and it's a little offensive, i mean nas is totally sick, but i don't get it. does nasir mean god's son?

>>By angel   (Sunday, 15 Dec 2002 07:09)

nas is better than Pac and Biggie.Why?
When he came out with Illmatic who at that time they called him a god.
But when Pac came out there was no mention of that.
Rakim laid the Blueprint of lyrical intelligence in hiphop.
For any hiphop fan you have to acknowledge that.
and who did they compared him with.
So would you please stop being so selfish and arrogant to push away the truth.
nas was and is the best MC at the moment

>>By ngubu   (Wednesday, 18 Dec 2002 22:30)

Nas is my favorite rapper because he talks about stuff that talks about were he comes from. He talks about the street and how it is in New York where he comes from. All his song got off the hook lyrics and some hot ass beats like the song Zone Out from off his album Nasir Jones God's Son.

>>By Slo   (Thursday, 19 Dec 2002 14:50)

Nas gets lyrical ratings cause hes the only nigger that can spit about life, with a flow dat man cant hate. He is a MASTERMIND lyrically.He just dont get the right respect cause he's REAL. He dont care about material shit, he keeps it real unlike his commercial enemies who chat shit on there tunes cause they aint or never will have the lyrical ability like nas which is y he is "the last real nigger alive"

>>By CASHOE TG manz   (Thursday, 19 Dec 2002 16:21)

Nas gets ratings cause he spits about issues in da black mans life in a way dat nobody can hate. He is Real and don't care about material shit as oppose to da rival MCs chatting shit cause they aint got the talent like him.He is a soldier that will always be influencial to up and coming niggers .


>>By jackah TG   (Thursday, 19 Dec 2002 16:30)

Zup Nizzles!!!nasty Nas is da man of the year..his new album is da album of the year..with Eminem he breakes barriers like shit..Nas is God's Son..Fuck Jay-Z niggaz!!

Love to Nas

Peace from Sweden

>>By Snoopy   (Thursday, 19 Dec 2002 23:17)

I mean he talks about thew real things about the streets not about bitches and rimz and stuff..hes tha man love Nas!!   (Thursday, 19 Dec 2002 23:18)

ok right away nas is a far better lyricist then Jay-Z, his music has emotion feeling and thoughts, Jay-Z basically takes a week out of his life to write a new record. but when u start talking about the best rappers of all time, dont mention biggie, who was cool but had wack simple lyrics, dont mention pac, or any 90's rapper, public enemy have and still are the shi*t over 20 years later, they had the deepest lyrics and nobody can ever touch those

>>By n   (Saturday, 21 Dec 2002 02:32)

Nasir is mine for any of ya bitches tha don't know that shit on the real. Why you tink my ass got round all cause of that nigga. So for any of these bitches whothink they can have my nigga. you better stop listen to ya ma and her fairy tales cause he mine. Cause I'm a female wit a whole lot class.I reach in my bag and pass you the fifth.

>>By cuttiewittharoundbotty   (Sunday, 22 Dec 2002 03:47)

fuck tupac and biggie. BIG L and NAS WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST RAPPERS OF ALL TIME . EVen in the future , beacause i know that in 30 years from now rap is going to be huge and alot of fucking dope mceez will come out spitting bunch of whack ass shit about hoes and money and al that fucking nonsense. hip hop needs to stay raw, ghetto, and intelligent. FUCK EVERY RAPPER OUT THERE

BIG L AND NAS hold that shit down.

>>By djseemz   (Sunday, 22 Dec 2002 19:41)

Mad people be hating on my man but is all coo. He;s betta then all the rappers out there he got the lyrics and the knowledge. He speaks the truth not about the bling bling and about hoes and shyt . My man can Flow!! Holla at ya girl aight

>>By NAS's Wifey   (Wednesday, 1 Jan 2003 02:18)

I really think you better then Jay-z only because you spit real shit and he rap about hoes and money ILove you

>>By Big Moe   (Tuesday, 7 Jan 2003 01:09)

nas iz da man of da year ur da real N.Y.C playa nigga i luv nas cuz wat eve he sayes iz 4real keep on goin nigga dont stop   (Tuesday, 7 Jan 2003 05:25)

Lyrically can't no one of the so called top rappers touch Nas. AZ, Nas, Rakim, Big L, ll cool J, Krs One are the hottest, but Nas is at the top of that list. And far as the jigga shit "its over!" That nigga is completely wack rapping about that same shit. That nigga need to just "THROW IN THE GOD DAMN TOWEL!" And why is camron talking shit, don't he know he is an amateur in beef with a grown man! I am a true fan of hip-hop for 20+ years. if you want that real shit, with a mixture of science, and with a dab of street knowledge, i recommend the complete NAS collection. oh ya i strongly suggest THE LOST TAPES, that shit is hot for real. PEACE

>>By Hawk   (Wednesday, 8 Jan 2003 09:46)

That nigga is stupid talking about he is better than 2pac and biggie that bitch got to be crazy or he on some drugs are something stupid ass nigga You aint better than jayz nigga so shut the fuck up bitch and stop crying.hatter

>>By Hoochie   (Thursday, 9 Jan 2003 17:16)

nas is the real I respect that man fuck jay-z bitch made ass nigga..To many marks like him walking the street ..he is a bitch and real niggas know that shit fuck Jay-GAY-HOMO_z.. mark!!!!!

>>By pennyu   (Wednesday, 15 Jan 2003 03:51)

God, i cant believe you "home boys" are still dwelling on that "real street gangsta" B.S. THIS IS over played and a half G of blow, not the good columbian, that crap NAS use to buy in the "gettho". Ill be honest with you guys, i like hip hop for the beats, i know everybody says that.....basically all the hip hop cdz that i have are the 2nd editions with NO FU$K*G LYRICS on it. THERE IS NO RAP STARS THAT IS for real........remember "dont be fooled by the cocks that NAS sucks, he's still he's still NOT a nigga from tha block, y'all use to suck a little now y'all suck a lot, no matter how much money you have y'always forget were you come from!"

>>By Moustaffa   (Sunday, 19 Jan 2003 18:39)

fukkin lil dumb ass trix , get it write niggaz nas WAS, and still is a 2PAC biter.... FUKKIN LIL PUNKS RUNNIN THERE MOUTH , AINT EVEN GOTTA CLUE , when tupac was shot 5 times... yes nas fans WAS .... nas was claimin the same shit ( FUKKIN BULLSHIT) now... nas wants to be the same as 2pac ... look at this thuglife thing 4 instance ,2pac was the realest rapper out there... nas may b tellin the truth bout his adventures but he still cant compare to tupac. As 4 saying that nas is and was lyrically the best... this i agree with) every rapper has strenghs and weaknesses ,pac had more strenghs than nas.... so therfor... TUPAC was the best not NAS.... dumb mutherfukkers tupac4life BABY THUGLIFE , deathrow, WESTSIDE ,,, realest mutherfukker ever ni99a bow down....

>>By tupac4life   (Monday, 20 Jan 2003 22:30)

Nas is still , and will always kick knowledge even on his worst. To me he still is, 2pac was juss dumb with Mike ass Tyson kind mentallity , but he still comes 2nd to the king Nas.Can someone even compare The Lost Tapes to any rap album . I contemplate the monster aids, from george bush kills me .

>>By Ill   (Monday, 27 Jan 2003 20:09)

what im hearin is that nas is the anti christ or some thing.. saw on dis web site if u wanna know the web site send me an email at until then think about it ... i dont think he is but just look at the facts

>>By produkt   (Tuesday, 28 Jan 2003 22:50)

nas is the best / better than jay z and the rest/ he must have been blessd/ havin that much skill nearly not quite conquers the west/ cuz u know my g tupac is here he is alive/ he sends east coast rap a vive/ and new york streets beats is what he thrives/ and he'd steal both jay z and nas's wives

>>By gimic   (Tuesday, 28 Jan 2003 22:55)

Yo Nas is and will always be one of the best rappers out there.But Tupac and Biggie are #1. I feel like Nas is the only real nigga out there rapping now-He aint rapping about all the shit that other niggas are rapping about like the money the cars the hoes and the bling bling

>>By Lucious latin mami   (Thursday, 30 Jan 2003 06:19)

i am nas fan,i like his music more then all the mc in this mothafuck

>>By pat   (Thursday, 30 Jan 2003 15:47)

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