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Tidby is sooooooooooooooooo right. I too have bought Karm. The second you hear it, you think . . . wow Enigma fans. Then . . . 'no no. It's different yet woooowww!" Try it!

>>By Conjar   (Sunday, 15 Jun 2003 03:49)

Enigma's Michael Cretu is from Germany. Try to imagine the artistic fusion of Pink Floyd and Enigma.... that would be spiritual meltdown for me. At night when I was going through some terrible times in my life I would leave in the middle of the night and play Enigma on my CD player in the car. A black european (in my case Audi) slicing through the night at or near triple digit speeds playing Enigma, that is what I call "Zenfahren" (Zen-driving). It eased the pain so much.

>>By Johann Wentzel   (Friday, 20 Jun 2003 07:10)

Enigma are excellent and I agree with Tidby Delerium are almost as good

>>By Dov   (Friday, 27 Jun 2003 11:43)

I love Enigma! I've been listening since the late 90's and I would have to say, I really hope they continue on.... Anybody listen to dead can dance? they're awesome too... I'm looking for more music like Enigma, any ideas? Anybody else like tht for the brain?

>>By Kenster   (Thursday, 3 Jul 2003 05:34)

" I bought "Enigma One" 3 times, two borrowed and never return, one dissapear. Probably stolen. I bought "Enigma cross of changes" twice, all borrowed never return. I bought "Le roi..." trice, two borrowed never return, one is with me. I bought LSD twice, one was stolen, one is with me. Now my question, do you think I am the only person in our place who likes it? I think all of my neighbors, all my friends and everybody actually lilkes it...they just don't know how to have it by their own sweat. There is no doubt everybody likes Enigma. I have been following this band since their evolution in music world. I am a big fan of Michael Cretu and company."
Everybody shall listen and follow for it is written.

>>By charlietuballa   (Wednesday, 16 Jul 2003 10:03)

If you listen intently, you will hear it!
If you watch closely, you will see it!
If you grip firmly, you will but only touch it!
But why wouldn't you recognize it?

Enigma is the other name for the soul, that which man seeks, yet cannot he make it show itself. I still remember the first time I saw 'Sadeness part I' on TV. This was something new for me - the music, the vocals (done by a Gregorian choir), the sexy meditative lines spoken by who I think is Michael's wife now, the video were unlike anything I'd heard or seen before. The very first glimpse at it made my heart and soul cry and laugh at the same time. It was in essence the feeling very similar to what I experienced later when I first heard Enya, Adiemus, Deep Forest, Era, Delerium, Maire Brennan - an intense spiritual feeling... a kind of rebirth of love for nature and mankind (as imperfect as it was and still even more is).

'MCMXC A.D.' still remains my most favourite Enigma album. When the first single of the next album ("The Cross of Changes") appeared after a few years' pause, I was extremely happy for I knew then that the magic and mystery of Enigma was going to last. Before that, I had thought they were lost to me forever, as I couldn't find the first album anywhere, and there was no sign of them on any TV station, apart from the occasional airing of 'Sadeness'. And then, as luck would have it, I stumbled upon their cassette in a music shop and immediately bought it... My dream came true... A few days later, the video 'Return to Innocence' appeared, and I was swept off my feet...

The second album was great... yet the soothing quality of Enigma music was at some places lost due to the use of electric guitars... It doesn't mean to say that the songs weren't good... Their music developed to include some African and Indian elements, which was a great step... The third album 'Le Roi...' only made a further extension of the above mentioned elements. It's the 'cross-over' album, which was good and had some really stunning tunes, but offered little new... The album was the cross-over to 'The Screen Behind The Mirror', their fourth album which is quite amazing. The use of 'Carmina Burana' (my favourite) was magnificent... The feeling was very similar to the one created by the first album (they call these two albums 'twin albums'). Yet, the music on 'The Screen...' is far more mature... However, the first one still remains truly the one I opt for due to the fact that it's the most consistent one.

Sometimes, they play remixes of Enigma's songs on different radio stations in Serbia and I'm upset that I can't find the remix albums anywhere... You can get some mp3's off the net... but that's not it... they're cut and you can't tell in which order they should be played or whether you have all of them... so don't bother!

I want to thank Enigma for being there and creating an element of mystery greatly needed in our lives... The name of the group says it all... speak no further!


>>By Srdjan   (Friday, 18 Jul 2003 03:04)

it's a strange, wonderful music

>>By silvergreenelena   (Saturday, 26 Jul 2003 11:10)

Indeed it is. Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! is rather a good album.

>>By Obfuscated   (Tuesday, 28 Sep 2004 00:34)

I love Enigma very much. The most beautiful album I think is the third one "Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi," that took of about 4 years of hard work, when in project were more than 10 people. But now I think Enigma is losing it's great position, because there is olny Michael Cretu who still wants Enigma to be alive. From 5 album Enigma has less songs and singles... and I don't know what to expect from Enigma another time. I think they have to create a bigger group and work for some years to create something new and interesting.

Anyways thank you very much that you exist!

>>By Sabellicus   (Saturday, 25 Nov 2006 04:42)

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