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I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE This music! Its soooooo beautiful. Just wondering what country 'Enigma' is from? PLEASE tell me!

>>By Ems   (Sunday, 29 Dec 2002 01:50)

Hi do you now where i can download the indian music by Enigma and all music by Enigma if you know please tell me my e-mail is killer_222@mail.bg Please I Loooveeee That Music   (Saturday, 4 Jan 2003 15:31)

so nice music ..i love it so much ..but now i start like other nearly semilar to enigma maybe better

>>By klisa   (Monday, 6 Jan 2003 00:06)


>>By NIJIN ENIGMA   (Monday, 6 Jan 2003 05:10)

i can not say i love it ..becuse it is much more than love..this music is somthing like praiers..
i beleive such kind of heavnly music is by inspiration of god....

>>By hero   (Friday, 10 Jan 2003 16:01)

I LOVE YOU ILL KILL YOU -the best ever for me ,3 years ago i tried to commit suicide ,no im not a fruitcake,i didnt killed myself cause of this song !Keep up the good work Cretu !!!!!!!

>>By Marco   (Wednesday, 15 Jan 2003 18:42)

enigma open your mind to things that you make stronger .
I love the music and it's the best music for your real feelings deep in your heart. ENIGMA 5 IS COMING SOON

>>By jurrian   (Monday, 27 Jan 2003 22:58)

i just can`t talk about enigma it`s really more than i can talk ,it`s my spirit and my life,it`s sush a heavenly music walk into my blood and my vains,it give me power to think to live.so i can`t say i love enigma but really there`s something much more than that, in me, to describe how i feel about it.ENIGMA!!!!!ADORE YOU.

>>By oldmoon   (Thursday, 30 Jan 2003 09:26)

Mea Culpa!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enigma-fntastic music

>>By Brooklyn   (Tuesday, 11 Feb 2003 15:43)

i am always lending my ENIGMA out, i try to make people understand, i say lisson without prejudice, most of them dont get it , why?. it is all

>>By britestar   (Sunday, 16 Feb 2003 22:35)

yes i know listen not lisson!

>>By britestar   (Sunday, 16 Feb 2003 22:37)

killer who wants download,, try winMX, enigma is available there

>>By britestar   (Sunday, 16 Feb 2003 22:39)

enigma also have there own radio station on the net, find it its worth it.

>>By britestar   (Sunday, 16 Feb 2003 22:40)

Smell your skin, feel your breath
you on my side i couldn't resist.
i hope i'll understand someday...
what is the meaning of this crazy game
it is real and pure
If there is no pain the rules are the same
I'm with you just lead me.
I'm ready to play
Don't be scared and have no fear
I will show you what it means

this is what the enigma is

>>By Nandu   (Tuesday, 11 Mar 2003 07:34)

I love the enigms

>>By Qasim   (Sunday, 16 Mar 2003 04:00)

Iam very happy to sent this smalle letter . Becuse I can not tell us how I love you specilly MICHEAL CRUTU the men behind off ENIIIIIIGMA .

Ilove you ENIGMA ( I can stnd-up and join to us forever)
goodbye my looooooooove.

>>By ZEBAR YOUCEF   (Tuesday, 18 Mar 2003 15:46)


>>By youyou   (Tuesday, 18 Mar 2003 15:56)

I love enigma it helps me to concentrate and meditate...b.t.w. Enigma is from Germany,right?

>>By Aquarius   (Sunday, 30 Mar 2003 12:49)

Enigma has been something so ethereal for me, it is so idolatrous, so soothing, it is passionate and devoting. Enigma has inspired my writing, my fantasies, it is sensual. I adore Enigma, I've never seen them, I don't know how they look, but I can just imagine. Enigma, greetings and blessings, you have touched the most vulnerable part of me, sentiments, emotions and you have revolutionized the sounds of music, lust. don't ever vanish!!!!!

>>By gypsy   (Tuesday, 1 Apr 2003 22:07)

This is the music I've been search all my life, but I've never got it all! Its
so hard, because some of the CDs they never make it again. I'm still
looking for the singles "principles of the lust" "rivers of belive".but there
is no place that I can find it. I've been search on the web many years,
but there's no place that I can buy it. even no place have the sample
single remix music on the web! I don't know why?   (Tuesday, 8 Apr 2003 06:50)

Number 1

>>By Thundercloud   (Sunday, 13 Apr 2003 02:17)

I simply adore Engima's music. I am 51 years old and when I listen to Enigma I feel 51 years YOUNG. Enigma has filled my heart with hope for my senior years on this earth. Enigma has calmed my fears and strenghthed my soul, opened my heart and taken me to a whole other place I never knew existed.

Enigma is a gift to Earth from the Universe.

>>By BIGENGIMAFAN   (Wednesday, 23 Apr 2003 01:54)

What magnificence has been brought to this humble world! Our creative-impovershed souls have been touched by this fountain-spring of emotional and musical beauty. Every sound is a drop of life, nourishment and light in a dark world fraught with grief and destruction. Thank you for this wonderful gift!

>>By Koontah   (Friday, 25 Apr 2003 19:37)

i have travelled to egypt and cambodia photographing the temples whilst listening to enigma...believe me, the eyes of truth are always watching, you.

>>By chris.   (Saturday, 26 Apr 2003 20:46)

I wish... one day... to meet a man... that I will love even more than I love this music...

(to "gypsy" - I agree)

>>By EVE   (Wednesday, 7 May 2003 05:15)

helo³ everybody!!!
I love enigma's music soooooo much!!!!!!!!
gravity of love is my faworite song
and ... no all enigma's songs are my faworite!!!!
I don't know how I heve lived before I heard this music!!!
I'm sory i don't speak english well. I'm from Poland :P
kissssses for all

>>By szyszka   (Friday, 30 May 2003 19:05)

To all of you Enigma Lovers.. help me find.. a song of theirs.. that is slow.. and lots of voices that sing.. it.. mostly like a chant.. very smooth and mellow.. I don't know what Album it came from.. but. it is the most beautiful and soothing.. music.. I've ever heard.. I'd love to be able to purchase it.. or get the mp3 .. but. .don't the name.. please help???

>>By Leah   (Sunday, 1 Jun 2003 02:14)

I found it.. don't worry.. it's Prism of Life.. you get a chance listen to it.. it's absolutely awesome!! Love all the music.. of Enigma.. but. this one. touches my heart..and soul..

>>By Leah   (Sunday, 1 Jun 2003 05:07)

dear enigma,

i like your music and i dont know why you dont show your face   (Wednesday, 4 Jun 2003 20:25)

If you guys like Enigma, you should try out some Delerium. Their Karma CD is amazing, and its the same style as Enigma.

>>By Tidby   (Sunday, 8 Jun 2003 22:08)

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