Echo And The Bunnymen


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unite indeed !!!!!
i dunno
i think the world of this band & their 'bunny' sound
& to me
it's kinda strange that they haven't reached & touched a wider spectrum of music lovers
especially with the 1980's nostalga fad & the airwaves being
re-graced with bands like The Cure, The Smiths & Joy Division
as well as
Echo & The Bunnymen
you'd sort of assume that their music would have reached a whole generation of new listeners who'd be proud to carry the
"bunnyman" membership card
but who knows
maybe they are lurking out there
loitering in the shadows
humming their favourite (bunnymen) tune

>>By Helmet   (Wednesday, 21 Sep 2005 23:31)

"...loitering in the shadows grinning & humming their favourite (bunnymen) tune"

how'd you know...i thought i was alone

"...All at sea again
And now my hurricanes have brought down this ocean rain
To bathe me again
My ship's a sail
Hear it's tender frame
Screaming from beneath the waves
Screaming from beneath your waves
Screaming from beneath the waves
Screaming from beneath the waves..."

>>By giambotta   (Thursday, 22 Sep 2005 03:40)

No Giambotta, you aren't alone, I'm at least another one, and I think I speak for Helmet when I say he is, as well. But that's not very remarkable, 3 bunnymen fans... It's time to spread the love around! Step out from the shadows, and sing instead of hum! Yeah...

>>By Urbane   (Thursday, 22 Sep 2005 04:06)

absolutely sir...united we sing!!

>>By giambotta   (Friday, 23 Sep 2005 06:27)

Saw Echo and the Bunnymen in 1981 and 1986. Missed the 1988 show that fell on my wedding anniversary. Saw Ian Mccolloch in 1992? and the Echo and the Bunnymen w/o Mccollochin 1992. Mccolloch may have played in Houston two other times in mid-90's. Thought the three Bunnymen shows were great. Mccolloch show was alright. The Bunnymen show w/o Mccolloch was the best show! Very psychedelic. Picked up two CDs with a total of 5 songs at the show. The 5 songs are great! I do not think the Bunnymen have been in Houston in the last thirteen years. Wig out.

>>By headrush77   (Sunday, 9 Oct 2005 08:07)

echo & the bunnymen
are playing tomorrow night at The Fillmore in san francisco
(just accross the bay from me here in oakland)
dammit !!!!!
what booking agent moron comes up with these MONDAY shows
it's a killa on da workin' man
but hey
how often do the b'men come to your town ???
not too often
i guess i'll be draggin'-ass at work on tuesday morning

>>By Helmet   (Monday, 5 Dec 2005 00:38)

Lately, I have been listening to "Reverberation" by the Echo and the Bunnymen without Ian McColloch. An excellent LP just as good as the other Bunnymen LPs, just different. On "Reverberation", the lead vocalist gives the Bunnymen a '60's psychedelic feel to it, while the Bunnymen with Ian's vocals has an '80's psychedelic feel.

>>By headrush77   (Monday, 23 Jan 2006 05:20)

Ocean Rain is a beautiful LP. I'm afraid the others didn't match up.

>>By sloth   (Monday, 23 Jan 2006 10:59)

For some reason Ocean Rain just never appealed to me... But most of the others did. Man, I wish people came to Canada more often. I get so envious hearing about so many people who've seen them live when I haven't.

Anyways, any breaking news on the Bunnymen front?

>>By Urbane   (Saturday, 18 Feb 2006 07:18)

The first few times I listened to "Ocean Rain", I thought it was OK. and Iliked about three songs on the LP. I set it down for about a year. Recently I have been playing it a lot and discovered how great the LP is. When I first acquired it, I guess I was expecting it to be like its early music. Check it out.

>>By headrush77   (Tuesday, 21 Feb 2006 06:32)

I like Ocean Rain a lot. Some of the songs take multilple listenings to get into, but I really like it now. In general this is a really fantastic band that I wish I could've seen live very much.

>>By snoockerdoodle   (Wednesday, 31 May 2006 03:10)

Echo and the Bunnymen are on tour. I saw them live June 18th, 2006 in Houston. I almost missed them. Excellent concert. Sounding better then ever. Always puts on a great concert. I heard all the favorites from their first LP to the last LP.

>>By headrush77   (Tuesday, 27 Jun 2006 04:38)

I almost missed the June 18th show. I only found out about the show about 25 hours before the concert.

>>By headrush77   (Tuesday, 27 Jun 2006 05:46)

echo & the bunnymen
are coming
to a small field just north of where i am
surrounded no doubt by a gang of bagpipers
& fiddlers
for half an hour or so
i just found out yesterday
so i looked up
the tickets for the WHOLE event
are £40
i figure thats a bit too steep
to see a band for half an hour
although it IS meant
to be for the whole
two-day event
but nevermind
i only have crocodiles
so i can't
really say i *deserve* to see them
live at all
as i probably won't have heard
all the songs they play
but still
the chances of a band coming
within 40 miles of me
is pretty unlikely
so it's always good if you
actually like the band
oh well
maybe i'll grab a pair of
& head up a hill
& look down on the stage
& hope i can hear the music as well
mucho annoying...........

>>By Tchock   (Friday, 4 Aug 2006 17:03)

and my son will be in the crowd watching them in the field!

>>By hiflydi   (Saturday, 5 Aug 2006 00:38)

btw i'm in hiding .................

>>By hiflydi   (Saturday, 5 Aug 2006 00:39)

i missed them.... :(:(:(
Damn the Student life.............. :(:(

>>By Tchock   (Saturday, 19 Aug 2006 00:38)

Of course, they never come to Canada.

Too cold, I bet.

>>By Urbane   (Sunday, 20 Aug 2006 02:33)

just got
Ocean Rain
today on CD - with a whole lot of bonus tracks on it
i love the version of villiers terrace which is on it
& i LOVE ocean rain itself
& nocturnal me
& silver..............
& them all really !!!

>>By Tchock   (Sunday, 1 Oct 2006 03:05)

still diggin' the *Bunnymen* vibe ............ :)

>>By Helmet   (Saturday, 3 Nov 2012 19:32)

The Bunneymen played Houston on May 6, 2011, Friday. I was working that evening , so I saw the band in Austin on Saturday. The band played their first Long Plays in their entirety. After a short break, they played their hits. As always they played great!


>>By headrush77   (Wednesday, 5 Dec 2012 17:28)

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