Echo And The Bunnymen


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you mean to tell me no bunnymen here!

>>By giambotta   (Sunday, 4 Jul 2004 07:31)

i'm a bunnyman !!!

love their unique sound

>>By Helmet   (Sunday, 4 Jul 2004 17:09)

rock on Helmet...Happy 4th!!! have you ever seen them...Ian is fabulous

>>By giambotta   (Monday, 5 Jul 2004 02:45)

Saw them in Liverpool about 200 years ago.They were ace obviously.

>>By mikeyboy   (Thursday, 8 Jul 2004 19:24)

saw them 3 times in Chicago...of course with their lastest album Evergreen, i believe. my fav was when Ian preformed his own rendition of a James Brown song. was it his lips...his hair...the smoke machine...oh Ian.

>>By giambotta   (Friday, 9 Jul 2004 07:09)

they suck what a stupid name for a band

>>By theli#1   (Wednesday, 14 Jul 2004 00:07)

oh dear................
how tragic < theli#1 >

of course it's an anagram for
< #1lithe >
which is actually the shorthand version
of his more popular appellation
(well, at least amongst the ontario
sodomite community)
< #1litheboy >

how sad & yet laughable
that an avid MALE reader of anne rice
(& tom cruise swooner i suspect)
should attempt to construct a
9-word music critique

and if you love the turgid ramblings of anne rice
may i suggest that you indulge in some
danielle steele
or anything in the
'harlequin romance' stable

>>By Helmet   (Wednesday, 14 Jul 2004 01:50)

You know theli#1, I wouldn't know why you would spend such negative energy on a band you nothing of. Is it necessary for your ignorgance?

>>By giambotta   (Wednesday, 14 Jul 2004 05:29)

who says i know nothing of them giambotta is it possible that its your own ignorance surfacing when you make comments like that

>>By theli#1   (Wednesday, 14 Jul 2004 19:06)

it takes a moron like Helmet to make comments like that i would be surprised if he ever read a book in his life i guess the works of anne rice were to complex for his narrow and small brain and i suspect the only homosexual sodomite community exists in the states but we all know the only thing to come out of oakland is queer milkmen like him

>>By theli#1   (Wednesday, 14 Jul 2004 19:17)

your such an ass. you would have to make a homophobic remark to appear as though your better than him. you have nothing to offer this page. or any page of this matter.

>>By giambotta   (Wednesday, 14 Jul 2004 19:50)

you forget he mad the remark first asshole why dont you read that is if you can

>>By theli#1   (Thursday, 15 Jul 2004 00:15)


< #1litheboy >
you took the bait
(hook, line & sinker)
and you've made my day !!!

and aren't you an insightful devil...............

#1. "i would be surprised if he ever read a book in his life"
well duh
i'm a proud, gun-toting, junk food eatin', gas guzzlin',
lazy lard-ass that believes books are too time
consuming and intellectually challenging.
what excuse is there for READING
when i'm getting 70 channels on my cable TV

#2. "i suspect the only homosexual sodomite community
exists in the states"
you are sherlock holmes incarnate !!!
with brilliant reasoning such as that
pearl of wisdom you should really consider
detective work as a vocation and outlet
for your infallible powers of deduction

#3. "we all know the only thing to come out of oakland
is queer milkmen like him"
Oakland, Califonia baby !!!
it's rampant with
(say it loud.....say it proud)
& also outta
Oakland, California.........
Huey Newton & The Black Panthers
Sonny Barger & the Oakland Chapter
of the Hells Angels
Jack London
(i think he wrote those wordy things called 'books'
of course i couldn't be too sure as
< #1litheboy >
has correctly indicated
i've never read a book in my life)

< #1litheboy >
i eagerly await your next witty missive !!!!!

although i'm fully understanding of the fact that
dreamingly imagining
in my 'queer milkman' uniform
will result in a marathon masturbation binge
an erstwhile reply
may be
tardy in the offing.

>>By Helmet   (Thursday, 15 Jul 2004 01:18)

Oh Bravo...Bravo Helmet...I couldn't help but let out some girlish are wonderful indeed. And to you my little lewd dissrespectful you are a scream!

>>By giambotta   (Thursday, 15 Jul 2004 07:52)

yeah you wish i was imagining you in a mikman uniform helmet you fudgepacking fruit

"well at least among the ontario sodomite community" where was your reasoning when you made that comment helmet it seems you are the "shelock holmes incarnate" to put it in your own words there was no deductive reasoning behinfd your comments either you asshole

Bravo you are the spalding grey of crap helmet

giambotta you are a fucking bitch

>>By theli#1   (Thursday, 15 Jul 2004 22:34)

calm down you little shit...just close up and go away...isn't there some hate site you can visit.

now you're just upset cause you've been bitch slapped

>>By giambotta   (Friday, 16 Jul 2004 00:17)

hooray !!!
i'm the spalding grey of crap !!!

i've yearned for that accolade for ages
finally the title is mine !!!

upon reading the above with it's atrocious spelling and
woebegone syntax it became painfully obvious to me
(& all other readers i suspect)
that you were frantically typing with one hand
leaving the 'master' hand to attend to the buisness
of self-gratification whilst visions of 'queer milkmen'
(& m-man Helmet in particular) in starched white uniforms &
'bulging packages' danced through your head

"giambotta you are a fucking bitch"
obviously typed
during the throws of a limp climax

me thinks you should get out more often & learn words
that pack more of a wallop and are more demeaning than "fudgepacker" & "asshole"

those may be gross insults in canada
but here in the
U.S of A.
we consider such phrases quaint and well......canadian

< #1litheboy >
does this scenario sound familar ???

couped up in your darkened bedroom for days on end
your mother
standing outside your locked door
"what's going on in there ?
what's all that thrashing about
the periodic shouting out of 'Helmet' !!!???
keep it down in there
your father and i are trying to watch
'The All Canadian Grab-Ass Variety Hour'
on the telly"

and what's with your profile ?
how come you no longer profess adulation to the works of
anne rice ???

oh yeah
by the way
i like...................

echo & the bunnymen !!!

>>By Helmet   (Friday, 16 Jul 2004 00:58)

whats that helmet you jerk off your dad while fudgepacking your brother im sorry i was to busy to read all of your sick fantasies i suggest you get some help

hey Giambotta why would i visit a hate site when i got a dumb bitch like you right here i think i will open shop and stay here a while besides im not done with that asshole Helmet yet anyways

>>By theli#1   (Friday, 16 Jul 2004 01:36)

you just don't get it...

i honestly can't wait to read Helmets responses...

"giambotta you are a fucking bitch"
obviously typed
during the throws of a limp climax

what more do i need to say. i'm done

>>By giambotta   (Friday, 16 Jul 2004 02:02)

Born under Mars
With Jupiter rising
Fallen from stars
That lit my horizon

I'll never understand
why you thought I would
need to be reassured
and be understood
When I always knew
that your bad's my good
and I was ready be

another bunnymen over here...

>>By giambotta   (Friday, 16 Jul 2004 02:07)

your an ugly bitch Giambotta

>>By theli#1   (Friday, 16 Jul 2004 02:59)

me thinks someones mommy
forgot to give
her problem child
his meds

you're really getting quite wound-up
aren't you
< #1litheboy > ???

i mean to say
to scream an obscenity via e-mail
to a woman
(& i find Ms. G kinda easy on the eye)
takes a
"special" kind of steely resolve
best reserved for semi-literate teenagers
sexually conflicted bed-wetters with low self-esteem

>>By Helmet   (Friday, 16 Jul 2004 04:16)

Helmet you are my Milkman hero...marvelous...

>>By giambotta   (Friday, 16 Jul 2004 04:42)

hey Ms. G

me likee being a milkman
who ALWAYS delivers

just like my hero
"Reid Fleming ~ Worlds Toughest Milkman"
who (& i know < #1litheboy > will be devestated)
is not queer
an alcoholic
womanizing milkman
with a piss-poor attitude
& non-existant work ethic

i wanna be just like him !!!

>>By Helmet   (Friday, 16 Jul 2004 04:59) kinda man. i think you've started a Milkman fan club. now i'm interested in him.

>>By giambotta   (Friday, 16 Jul 2004 05:06)

wow what a role model you set your standards reall high didnt you helmet you can grow up to be illiterate alcoholic and womanizing thoes arent desireable qualities to have i cant believe you would be proud of having a reputation like that it would be embarrassing if anything

i guess it must be your low self esteem to have a hero like that but in the future i will avoid saying anything to harsh to you i wouldnt want you to commit suicide in your fragile state of self worth

>>By theli#1   (Friday, 16 Jul 2004 05:54)

oh are incorrigible.

>>By giambotta   (Friday, 16 Jul 2004 08:32)




NAME: < #1lithboy >
ADDRESS: a dress ?!!!
i get to wear one ?!!!
do i get to choose ?!!!
a flowery frock would be fab !!!
AGE: squirted out 19 years ago
but the "white coats"
say i comprehend & interact as a 12 year old
SEX: F...........NO !!! M........ummmmm
uhhhhh i'm F trapped in a (slender) M body

DESIRED: slurpee machine attendent

EMPLOYER: Ram-Rod Male Movie Productions

HELD: Fluffer

FOR LEAVING: Disrupted filming too often by giggling
loudly on the set during 'takes' whilst
thinking of the word "fudgepacker"

DESIRED: minimum wage is what i'm used to

ABOUT YOURSELF: i really want to sing Judy Garland
songs in a one woman ...dammit !
i mean man niteclub act
i dunno want else to say.........
oh yeah !!!
i love the overwrought feminine
prose of Anne Rice !!!



>>By Helmet   (Saturday, 17 Jul 2004 01:40)

Helmet I thought it was inconceivable to out do yourself...I was surely mistaken...your wit is remarkable...and deliciously wicked!!!!

>>By giambotta   (Saturday, 17 Jul 2004 05:15)

< #1litheboy >
where are youuuuuuuu ???

"...i think i will open shop and stay here a while besides i'm not done with that asshole Helmet yet anyways "

i'm still here
what about you ?
had enough ?

i miss your daily postings
which are classic displays of ignorance, retardation & frustration

here's the deal
hopefully you've learned something from this

#1. if you want to post an incendiary comment on a discussion page then be ready for some ridicule & scorn and when it comes your way handle it like a MAN and articulate your viewpoint with something approaching coherent thought.
don't act like some two-bit crybaby impotently screaming

#2. don't fuck with Helmet
(or giambotta )

if you've got any sense
you'll read this
have a(nother) good sob
& move on

>>By Helmet   (Tuesday, 20 Jul 2004 00:30)

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