Deltron 3030


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look if you dig any fast beat rap with tight mixing and fly beats DL the funky homosapian yo shit.

>>By Triple D   (Friday, 8 Nov 2002 18:07)

Del's rhymes are way too phat. It's not gangsta which is a nice change from all the commercial bullshit out now

>>By Timmy J   (Monday, 11 Nov 2002 16:44)

i like the deltron album, but del can't compete with kool keith.

>>By gk_k   (Tuesday, 12 Nov 2002 06:28)

3030 is probably the illest hip hop album ever made...ever.

>>By LunchboX   (Wednesday, 13 Nov 2002 02:41)

Deltron 3030 will send anybody through the Del-Time-Continuum into a future of madness and pure chaos.
Incredible tunes combined with awesome lyrics fuse into music never before experienced by mere mortals.

Del is a visionary-lyricist not a rapper/hip-hop artist.


>>By Cleofis Randolph   (Wednesday, 20 Nov 2002 21:53)

Del the Funky Homosapien or Deltron-z, 3030, whatever the hell you wanna call him, is the dopest MC alive. Rhymes about crazy funny shit. 3030 is an alright ablumn, but Both Sides of the Brain is the best CD in the fucking world, if you don't think so, "you're fake as fuck", thats to all you puritans and brown nosers.

>>By Flip Styles   (Friday, 22 Nov 2002 04:36)

reread the previous comment, and consider how fucking stupid it sounds. "if you don't agree you're fake." what do you know??
the strength of the deltron album is automator, he's a great producer. deltron3030 sounds really great. del's a better-than-average rapper with a monotonous voice and shaky cadence. give credit where it's due - to AUTOMATOR.

>>By gk_k   (Sunday, 24 Nov 2002 17:55)

Deltron 3030 is one hell of a CD, with it's crazy lyrics on how you can rhyme word that would never make sense in the first place which makes this CD unique. Also with it's phat beats which pulls off for the songs.

>>By Fungus Anonymous   (Wednesday, 27 Nov 2002 21:08)

I like Delie. He is nice. The future sounds funny. I wish everyone in the whole wide world would listen to Del and be happy. Del is smart too. He uses big words- they make my mind tingle. Say nice things about Del, he's our friend.

>>By rosie posie   (Monday, 9 Dec 2002 23:33)

Hell yeah Del is the shit...he trips me out.

>>By JDMSil80DRFTR   (Thursday, 19 Dec 2002 10:01)

this album is so f-in good, everybody should make thier albums like this, the beats are amazing and del's rhymes are so ill.

>>By downwithcommericalism   (Friday, 20 Dec 2002 18:38)

Deltron 3030 is so hella dope he got all the dope beat wit all da tyte flow man he dope chek out all his stuff cds and stuff and u will b amaized
aight peace
matt casillas

>>By Matt Casillas   (Friday, 20 Dec 2002 20:17)

I dont have much to say except Deltron 3030 is my favorite damn CD ever. Its the best thing since Both Sides of the Brain. Hey Automator, check it!

>>By Super Human Technician   (Friday, 3 Jan 2003 00:55)

Yo he is fly to the diggity dy. He is the ultra super max sweetness in yo faceness. Check it, word out, off the hook. Music is his word, and his words make music. If Deltron were any Phat-doper, I'd have cavities from listening to his music. Yo homedogs, I'm not making much sense, but his music makes me lose my conciousness and fall into his planet.

>>By Super-Duper Human Automated Technician   (Tuesday, 7 Jan 2003 23:47)

Deltron 3030 is phat do'... now, listenin' to commercial shit is a crime for me... gangsta this gangsta that , Im from the block blablabla...Dmx & Jarule can seat on the corner until' they find a flow as tight as Deltron's..
DJ Ho$tyL D

>>By DJ Ho$tYL D...dori0n   (Thursday, 9 Jan 2003 21:37)

what? how did i get here? I don't like this music at all, and if "delfron 3030" is what I think it is, I don't want to hear it.

anyone who listens to this garbage should be tied to a chair and beaten with a hammer.

>>By Neurosurgeon   (Saturday, 11 Jan 2003 03:05)

is it just me or would anyone else kill to see deltron 3030 and cannibal ox at the same show???

>>By whoregasm   (Saturday, 11 Jan 2003 22:31)

shit 3030 makes me trip balls listening to there asses when im high, they have some of the phatest beats i have heard in a while. peace

>>By fatfat   (Sunday, 12 Jan 2003 20:36)

Neurosurgeon sucks ass! How can anyone hate Deltron? The guy's a mad psyientist, intillectual professor, i can't even describe what he is! For once, someone rapping about something other than blunts and hoes

>>By jman   (Monday, 13 Jan 2003 22:42)

oh shit digger! my ass is on fire i cannot believe how fantabulous 3030 is my god it makes tina and ike sound like flaming poos!
increase the peace
and increase your grey matter cause one day it may matter

>>By whiteninja   (Tuesday, 14 Jan 2003 02:06)

Deltron 3030 has the best beats, the best rhymes, and best songs, my fav cd i got. Go buy it peeps!

>>By bboy budey   (Tuesday, 14 Jan 2003 22:20)

Peeps? Alright ass hole. Calm down with that stupid talk. In normal speech it's............ go kop that muthafuckin album!

>>By Timmy J   (Wednesday, 15 Jan 2003 15:02)

deltron is the shit. hhis rhymes are better than any mainstream bitches. automator and kid koala are also the shit

>>By johker   (Sunday, 19 Jan 2003 21:25)


>>By PRES "MFTKLAN"   (Tuesday, 21 Jan 2003 19:02)

yo dawg.... whats up? your so fuckin tight..... i got deltronz 3030, all of del the funky homosapian cd's, and hieros 3rd eye vision....i can't wait until the new del and hieros new cd comes out..... i saw del on the calicom tour in portland Or..... he was sick but he still tore up the mic like a vilian!!!! HOLLA!!!!!!!

>>By ptowntrashtalker   (Saturday, 25 Jan 2003 04:14)

Deltrons the man, without him there would be no such things as life talks with jmac.

>>By Double P   (Sunday, 26 Jan 2003 22:47)

yo, so good. DELTRON 3030 I like!
can I get txts somewhere?

>>By mAREK   (Monday, 27 Jan 2003 00:13)

i really like tribe called quest and deltron fuckin jams. im new to the scene though. help me out - whats some other cool shit to listen too?

>>By Jeff D.   (Tuesday, 28 Jan 2003 00:41)

Deltron 3030 is the best Hip-Hop Album I have ever heard. Also, Handsome Boy Modelinng School is so fucking good! Hella. Dan The Automator is killer, and add Prince Paul and Del. Fuck..

>>By ºprof. {çræk}pûppêt º   (Thursday, 30 Jan 2003 21:14)

yo i jus red dis shit and while eading it i realized how much cooler del is than i already knew go buy a del cd

>>By tucker olsen   (Monday, 3 Feb 2003 03:10)

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