David Bowie


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True, it's one of his best. My favourite though is 1. Outside. Has anyone heard it? It's disturbing. But brilliant!

>>By Flagg   (Sunday, 14 Jan 2007 00:38)

From when is Outside? Mid-'90s? I only know Hallo Spaceboy, & will have to seek out the whole thing.

My contenders for the essential Bowie canon would have to be :-
The Man Who Sold The World
Hunky Dory
Ziggy Stardust
Aladdin Sane
Station To Station
Scary Monsters

Many of the others are still shit-hot though.

>>By nonyeb   (Sunday, 14 Jan 2007 02:11)

Yep, '95. Hallo Spaceboy is brilliant and not even the best song on there. It's a concept album about a detective trying to solve a horrific murder.

For me it goes:
Ziggy Stardust
Hunky Dory
Scary Monsters
and after that I'm not sure.

>>By Flagg   (Sunday, 14 Jan 2007 15:26)

Yeah, I think Hunky, Ziggy, Low, & Scary would make the majority of people's list.
'Also-rans' like Space Oddity, Diamond Dogs, etc aren't bad albums by any means.
I wonder what the future holds for the man?

>>By nonyeb   (Sunday, 14 Jan 2007 18:02)

Me too. It's been about four years since Reality. I wish he'd hurry up.

>>By Flagg   (Sunday, 14 Jan 2007 20:20)

Well, he's been a painter/designer, actor, etc, all roles which he can still continue to pursue, but we'd hope that he's not stop writing, performing & recording music too.
Maybe turning 60 now makes him more eligible for a knighthood?!

>>By nonyeb   (Sunday, 14 Jan 2007 21:39)

I'm sure he'll do more albums and tours.
I wonder if he'd want a knighthood. Apparently he turned down an O.B.E. a few years ago.

>>By Flagg   (Sunday, 14 Jan 2007 21:46)

Hmmm, I didn't know about the OBE. Interesting. I wonder why he let that go? It wouldn't suit his image possibly? John Mayall, far less of a style guru, accepted his.
So we may never see Sir David Bowie.

>>By nonyeb   (Sunday, 14 Jan 2007 22:58)

Apparently he said something like ''I don't know what this is but it's not what I've been working for my whole career.''
I didn't know John Mayall had an OBE. I went to see him last year.

>>By Flagg   (Monday, 15 Jan 2007 00:14)

Fair enough. Bowie's entitled to choose his own priorities. I don't suppose he'd much align himself with Mayall, who received his award in 2005, I believe.

>>By nonyeb   (Monday, 15 Jan 2007 03:05)

Interesting take on David Bowie and Philip K Dick

>>By modernman   (Sunday, 6 Jan 2008 16:26)

....and happy birthday (61 today.)

>>By nonyeb   (Tuesday, 8 Jan 2008 23:37)

this seems not so much a discusion about david bowie but a place for random people to show up and say 'hurray for david bowie' and then walk off. like the way only a small percentage of people write anything of value or interest on thier pages. or how gnod doesn't actualy do anything useful.

I am drawn to this site because I am determined that there is some sort of conspiricy going on. flork can't have survived this long and remained so mind twistingly useless without secret funding from bored psycologists.

>>By Starving Artist   (Friday, 11 Jan 2008 13:41)

Well people don't tend to post on discussion boards for artists they don't like, so there's not really any room for debate.

Good luck with uncovering that conspiracy.

>>By Flagg   (Monday, 14 Jan 2008 14:41)

First fell in love with Bowies music back in the 80s. Have listened to most his songs and can not pick just one fav. He is brillant in everything he does. If only more bands today would follow in his footsteps and dare to be as bold and original.

>>By nativehalfling   (Friday, 22 Feb 2008 19:34)

Dude is really versatile and can sing and act. Watch some of his obscure movies sometimes. Continues to evolve. An amazing artist on several levels. Has a distinctive voice "Let's Dance" will live for ever.." ..under the moonlight...the serious moonlight..." Dude rocks! And has good taste in women too!!!

>>By crazyhorse   (Saturday, 26 Apr 2008 10:06)

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