Dashboard Confessional


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first of all, Chris Carrabba = sexy.

dashboard confessional may be emo, but it's good emo. i think i'd classify them as one of my favorite bands.

any person in the world could relate to at least one of their songs. they're about love, heartbreak, and deception. there's a dashboard song out there for all of us.

mine, i would say is "living in your letters". yeah, theres something there.

>>By abeyancex3   (Tuesday, 11 Nov 2003 23:43)

I like carve your heart out yourself, bitter pill, uh... as lovers go, for you to notice me, and some other ones... Dashboard is good!

>>By Kittie5644   (Wednesday, 26 Nov 2003 17:21)

carve your heart out yourself, bitter pill, best deceptions, ways to die trying, uhh...hands down, sharp hint of new tears, etc etc.

>>By punk_child_8713   (Friday, 5 Dec 2003 03:58)

i like the song i heard but i dont know what it is...where can i hear somemore of there stuf??

>>By evil_queen   (Monday, 8 Dec 2003 02:48)

umm...you COULD download it...or be a good little girl and buy the CD! ^_^

>>By punk_child_8713   (Sunday, 21 Dec 2003 05:04)

IT might've been Hands Down... that's what everyone is hearing since he's gettin his stuff on the radio a little more. It's a good song, no doubt, but I prefer the acoustic stuff on him. His Unplugged CD is brilliant. I suggest getting it if you haven't. At first, all the people cheering the the background and singing with him is a little annoying... but after a while you don't like hearing it any other way.

>>By poachkn   (Wednesday, 31 Dec 2003 09:12)

The song that contains the lyric "I'm scared I'll miss the way we use to talk," is from the song 'Awake' by Dashboard Confessional.

>>By starby   (Saturday, 17 Jan 2004 03:40)

I haven't heard that one...

I really like This Brilliant Dance, Again it goes unnoticed, the best deceptions, hands down, and several ways to die trying.

I liek to repeat that Dash is amazing.

I listened to The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most yesterday after i broke up with my boyfriend and I cried throughout the entire CD. Just thought I shold point it out.


>>By Quinn   (Wednesday, 11 Feb 2004 03:34)

Me as aperson they rox they tell how they fell and thats cool.Their mucis is so great i wish i could listen to it all the time me and my friends Alice always listen to this befour they were really popular and i think we have been here for them, now that me and my firend yet don't talk any more nor see each other we will always remenber these songs that they sang!

>>By Emoeroxsmysox   (Wednesday, 7 Apr 2004 19:39)

come on guys you know that you like this band they are the best i am going to see them the 20th and i got 10th row sets

>>By Emoeroxsmysox   (Friday, 14 May 2004 17:56)

there shouldn't be any goddamn concerts where you sit down. anyway, did you enjoy it?

>>By thom   (Thursday, 3 Jun 2004 23:59)

I've never been to a Dashboard Concert. I've seen the DVD that came with my Dashboard CD though, and it was amazing. Really makes me wanna go to a show.

>>By punk_child_8713   (Friday, 18 Jun 2004 21:33)

hey i just started getting into this band i like the hands down song and i like the song off the spiderman soundtrack i guess thats all i really have to say

>>By sublime035   (Thursday, 8 Jul 2004 20:47)

What song's on the spiderman soundtrack?

>>By punk_child_8713   (Friday, 9 Jul 2004 23:38)

vindicated you probably know that by now tho. I agree that the unpluged album is great and I too thought it was annoying when the crowd was singing but after a couple times through you get used to it. the song hands down means alot to me. It reminds me of someone i used to know.

>>By sublime035   (Monday, 2 Aug 2004 06:55)

vindicated is a rllllly good song!

>>By Chrissy_Hockeyluver   (Monday, 9 Aug 2004 04:46)

Indeed. Chris' voice sounds different though. Maybe it's just me...

>>By punk_child_8713   (Wednesday, 11 Aug 2004 22:18)


This was one of the best things that i ever did and man it was awesome and i can't wait till they come again. I love all of their songs man and chris is awesome too man he looks better in person (well what of hom that i saw) no matter what i will always like them i have all their cds and all their dvds man they all kick ass. well write ejsy you think about that. peace

>>By Emoeroxsmysox   (Friday, 13 Aug 2004 02:43)

has anyone heard about anything new comin out? that would be cool if they are comin out with a new cd. It sux cause im always late on the pick up so when im like hey i like this band they already came and gone on tour and i have to wait 4ever just to see them. I never listen to the radio or watch t.v so i just find bands on the computer which is more fun anyway cause you can be like hey have you heard of this band and everyones like no then you like start a new thing and thats always fun although i hate it when people do stuff just cause other people do it anyway i got way off subject so talk to you guys later

>>By sublime035   (Friday, 13 Aug 2004 07:47)

hey guyz, if you have some pictures of dashboard especially cris
please please send it to kabaquita@yahoo.com cause their my favorite
and they sucksss!!!!!

>>By kigwa   (Saturday, 25 Sep 2004 14:42)

okay kigwa! if you say you love the band, you could AT LEAST spell it right... !

>>By daveydave329   (Sunday, 26 Sep 2004 03:50)

it's just a letter "s" daveydave329 whats the matter?????????
or does it matter?????? what's the big deal of the letter "s" that i mistyped?????? hmmmmmm......

>>By kigwa   (Tuesday, 28 Sep 2004 13:49)

Dashboard confessional
kick ass man i will love them forever. They are so cool and i will always love them and never let them go.

>>By Emoeroxsmysox   (Wednesday, 29 Sep 2004 21:19)

man i really hate the people that do that they are all for the band but they don't even know what how to spell the name of the band. But what- ever you know. well talk any day about dahbordconfessional......no s, well talk to you later.

>>By Emoeroxsmysox   (Sunday, 16 Jan 2005 02:01)


>>By Emoeroxsmysox   (Wednesday, 30 Mar 2005 02:42)

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