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Some skin-"crass were nothing but hippies that lived on a collective and TALKED about change but never did any actual action to get it."

Yeha dude your a moron they did alot like they helped jailed anarchist none as "persons unknown" get out. And what the hell have you done to change things other then post on some message board?????

>>By I_Hate_Hitler   (Saturday, 10 Jan 2004 17:14)

Alright i was reading half of the reviews and for all the people who named crass as one of your favorite far as i am concern you are some of the smartest people i know....whoever thought crass sucked why don't you go buy all of their cd's and take a listin. you posers if you don't like steve ignorant's voice (or joy divere and eve libertine) go read their fuckin lyrics all 3 singers were incredibly smart to preech and brethe anarchy. I love Crass and you should like them too you posers out there only like the ramones because their a fuckin trend you bitches listin to emo but claim your punk because you have a ramones album.. bitch joey ramone don't like posers and nither do i! P.S. have you ever noticed out all the punk bands that came out in the 70's the misfits and crass never really get reconized when it comes to old school punk?

>>By punkasfuck   (Monday, 19 Jan 2004 06:45)

Anarchy,Peace,Love and Unity
I was wondering,how old are ya people and what are your plans in life?does anybody have any good ideas...

>>By LiveForChange   (Saturday, 7 Feb 2004 04:17)

umm..i'm still in high school..but my plans involve contributing to the world in any way that I can and helping people as much as possible. humyn rights activism..

>>By Gabby   (Wednesday, 11 Feb 2004 03:15)

Well...Crass is a Fucking Great Band...A Fucking Great Anarchist Band I would hate to call 'em a Punk Band

Whats the whole deal on the "Poser" issue??? I don't know no one who at one time was a "Poser" themselve 'cause no one wakes up one morning and majically is "Punk". The whole punk is dead shit is crap 'cause it's running strong and its nowhere near dead.

Opposing opinions or Ideas E-mail me:

>>By IvanBooze   (Wednesday, 11 Feb 2004 06:10)

Correction *** I don't know no one who at one time was not a "Poser" themself***

>>By IvanBooze   (Wednesday, 11 Feb 2004 06:13)

anyway,what happend with members of crass?are they still anarchists?

>>By LiveForChange   (Wednesday, 10 Mar 2004 01:15)

forget about my question...i know now

>>By LiveForChange   (Tuesday, 16 Mar 2004 22:10)

Crass, well they made punk into a anarchist movement. And if any of you punks try to make a skin like crass, it wont happen.....skins are agiast what crass stands for. Its anarchy vs. nationlist, it wont help at all. sayin crass are a bunch of hippies is just weird, cause then you would be callin almost every punk a hippie, also isnt SD the same one who said punk will live as long as blink 182 is around.

I listen to oi! more than punk, but i dont have my head up my ass like these oi whores do. a trad skin is another retarded white dood trying to look scary and shit, and yea punk is dead, kids with there rancid and punkcore tees on. just trash.

And how the fuck are you a poser if you listen to crass? wtf? is crass the new blink 182?

>>By Oiveoleces   (Monday, 26 Apr 2004 08:55)

Gabby are you from arround portland?

I don't consider myself a punk and neither did Crass think themselves as punks.
Crass was and is amazing. Someday I want to go to visit DIAL HOUSE(its in England though); the house they own it is an open house people can come and go. They do everything in thier power to change the system. You sould read up on crass before you talk shit about them: band/CRASS/biog.html (remove the space between sothern/ and band I had to put in a space to post)

Gabby don't get angry there is no need it works against the points you are trying to make. I'm glad you posted those points though and anyone else who understands what crass was really about.

Crass is one of the most respected bands in the anarcho-punk community(for lack of a better word) conflict especially respected them just look at their record sleeves most say something about Crass, they also wrote a song dedicated to crass called CRASS.

>>By Pol   (Thursday, 6 May 2004 06:16)

Crass if fuckin horrible. They arent working class theyre a bunch of lazy hippies who were living on a hippie convent until they decided to exploit punk to get theyre message across. What the hell happened to music being about music not the message. Wattie was right. And if that was really wattie from the exploited you guys kick ass. Hippies out of punk.

>>By bullshitcrass   (Friday, 5 Nov 2004 04:31)

Who fuckin' cares! One talks about peace and anotherone about anarchy, why should or why
should not, is it about music or the message, 'bout punk or is it about someting else ?
I must admit I'm not a hundred percent devoted anarchist Crassfan. Also like Moby, Abba, U2 and Clannad. 've been judged several times for not beïng a real punk or anarchist 'cause of these preferences. But I love Crass and I believe there's more to discover within anarchy that can make earth a more bearable place to live on, and that can not be achieved by kicking hippies out of punk. I believe a punk lives his own life and let himself not be told how to lead it. But he also doesn't care how others lead thèir lives, their
opinions and lifestyles. Real anarchy lives inside. I can taste it in the music of Crass.
And uhhh, mister bullshitcrass, if you wanna listen to music that really ís all about music and
nothing else but thát, I recommend Mozart or Vivaldi. Really, these too kick ass !

>>By Sanvean   (Sunday, 5 Dec 2004 13:17)

It's a rather interesting argument, or mess thereof that pops up on music forums. These endless battles of punk aint fuckin dead, and punk is dead. Who Cares? Punk, the beat, hippie love. They're ideals. Yea the members of crass might have been anarchist, socialist, whatever. If you dig the ideal, great, if you dont, there are a few things you can do. One, you can just stay quiet instead of wasting your time here. Or two, you can pose an argument worth debating. I've really yet to hear decent commentary concerning crass. I could offer mine, except crass is rarely on my playlist. Sanvean, you have some of it right but off with the classical. You cant rock out to Chopin damnit. Or maybe you can, i'm definitly sitting out on it.

All it comes down to anyway is that you have to be yourself man. You've got to learn who, what and why about everything, be it literate or musical, You've got to dig the world, youve got to find your little happy place. wooooosah muthafuckers.

Peace, Mute.

>>By Bink   (Sunday, 5 Dec 2004 19:18)


>>By nOel_x3   (Monday, 6 Dec 2004 04:06)

'Haha...', echoed like a dying wind through the alleys, and reveal source of nature with peaceful sound.....Nah, let's get it straight to the point. Always been quite fascinated by this band named 'Crass'. Yet by listening to their music and reading their theories and statements i always presumed the people behind the 'music' would be oppressive, rebellian and somehow somewhere unconscious i thought they'd be ruthless anarchists. I listen to them for about twenty years now and never had the slightest idea of how they really would be like for real. Now recently someone at Flork said to me she'd contacted Gee Vaucher of the 'band' (after all they're much more than that) and surprisingly they seem to be just very nice people. No problem if they were not, don't misunderstand me. It's more like a confirm that they really know what they're talking about. They don't just get their kicks on having a statement, no, they really live it (if this is correct english). Thanks Veryberry !

>>By Sanvean   (Sunday, 17 Sep 2006 22:19)

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