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ASHANTI she sucks shes sucks i hate Ashanti, AALIYAH is the bomb fo sho

>>By fuck ashanti   (Friday, 18 Jul 2003 09:27)

Aaliyah your name said it all an angel proud to live to be who you were
never a fake u were always so pretty and u will always be with us cause ur one of our favorite singers and i cant belive ur gone it crushed my heart when i heard it on the news the whole world was crying!!!!!! it was soo sad and we all miss u we luv u girl bye see u when we get there.

>>By Amber/ kym/ kyle   (Monday, 21 Jul 2003 21:29)

i have the unavailable mix on video & i love the live performance of "More than a woman" & "Try Again" & the live performance with DaBrat & Kris Kross was cool;, I like the music videos "4 pg Letter" & "Got to Give It Up". And her last MTV2 interview was simple & laid back. We will let the music live on.

>>By star   (Sunday, 19 Oct 2003 19:35)

aaliyah has it all: the voice, the talent, the ability to act and connect with ppl. there is no way ashanti can come anywhere close to this girl.

>>By eatengold   (Monday, 29 Mar 2004 10:58)

she was a great actress in queen of the damned and a nice person she will be missed

>>By therion   (Monday, 29 Mar 2004 15:36)

i miss her already...

>>By eatengold   (Wednesday, 31 Mar 2004 09:40)

me to sniff sniff

>>By *Vovin*   (Thursday, 1 Apr 2004 17:45)

wat sup erbody u all kno that aaliyah ia #1 and she will always be #1. we all kno that 4sho and who ever u r "sexyleapard" hell no ashanti sux she cant dance or sing aaliyah iz #1 and wat iz that i heard u say that aaliyah is stuck up hell no u better check urself bout that ashanit iz stuck up her and her wanna be crew "murda inc " sux they clam 2 be gangster but they wanster u kno that and plus aaliyah iz # 1 4 ever and have u ever see ashanti sideburn man those r hairyass sideburn LOLOLOLOL so all us kno that alliyah#1 and i always have been an aalyah fan since day 1 so i dont kno what u F u trippin bout and man no better not talk bout aaliyah no more she da shit and man she so beautiful and ashanti man us U.G.L.Y 4sho man i mean she thick she can sing how come she got reject so many tymes but when aaliyah got itr on da spot huh. so erbody kno AALIYAH # 1 aaliyah rip 1979-2001

>>By curve   (Sunday, 18 Apr 2004 14:47)

aaliayh u rock and u da shit 4 real

>>By curve   (Sunday, 18 Apr 2004 14:59)

im not an aaliyah fan at all but i was bored and thought i'd say that its a very sad thing for her to die and that i feel for all her fans, family and friends. its sad how so many amazing people seem to die (jimi hendrix, kurt cobain) she's in a better place now though :)

>>By idontknowdotcom23   (Sunday, 18 Apr 2004 16:54)

wat sup erbody again 4 all ya talking shit bout aaliyah u all jus hating on her cuzz she da bomb and u guys need 2 jus quit becuz no one can be like her not " Ashanti,Beyonce,Mya Brandy ,Monica and all da other ppl" so u all need 2 jus quit i been a fan of hers ever since she can out in 1995 that when i was 8 a long tyme ago and i am still her # 1 fan and i read all thiz bullshit how aaliyah iz a bitch and she fake who ever wrote that u jus fuckin hateing on Aaliyah becuz she got something and u dont 4 real so u need 2 quit. and thiz is a place where u write bout her not talk shit ight my out Aaliyah R.I.P. 1/16/1979-8/25/2001 "Aaliyah jus dust off all them haters" ight PcCe out ppl

>>By curve   (Tuesday, 20 Apr 2004 10:49)

all yea 1 more thing 2 the person who said that ur glad aaliyah dead well guess wat i hope u die slowly and burn 2 u jus hateing on r BabyGurl Aaliyah RIP luv u 4 real till the day i died

>>By curve   (Tuesday, 20 Apr 2004 11:10)

to you have to talk like a gangbanger ?

>>By Vavin   (Thursday, 22 Apr 2004 02:33)

Aaliyah did not deserve to die in that plane crash. the pilot flying the plane had no business being a pilot. Also, she has told that the plane was overloaded. I'm sure the plane would have crashed without that stuff because of that pilot. But maybe she would survived if she mailed that stuff home. Maybe it wouldn't have crashed so badly

>>By suchalady1   (Saturday, 11 Sep 2004 10:35)

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